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Diona pod change


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So according to the Wiki specifically in the "reproduction" section it is stated that <>

Aka a Diona pod once planted will not die unless attacked or eaten, but in-game the pods seem to die quite easily even whet meeting all conditions.

So i propose a change either to the wiki in form of a lore that explains why the seeds we get on the station sucks, something like <> or something similar.


We change the code so a Diona pod can basically not die unless attacked (so gardener can remove them with their hatchet)

Another thing that bugs me, but might only be a bug is that ALL nymphs that do not get player inhabited die, witch i understand since it's the only way to get seeds, but i feel like it should be a 60% mortality rate and a 40% chance of it becoming an NPC (It will also make it easier to become a gestalt if one of us split to save our lives, or a nymph gets inhabited by a player and wants to become a gestalt.)

It's up to [mention]SleepyWolf[/mention] and his slaves.

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