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Character Feedback - Jack Tanner, MD

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Hello everyone, I recently started a new primary character as Jack Tanner,

an MD Psychiatrist. I would greatly appreciate any feedback you have about Dr. Tanner.

Also, if you would like to schedule an IC appointment with Dr. Tanner, feel free to leave you character name and I will look out for them on the manifest and PDA them with an opportunity to do a "annual assessment."

Typical meetings take 15-30 minutes gametime, depending on the topic. I can also provide you upon request with medical record notes to append to your character via the setup screen.

However, my primary interest here is your feedback. I play another Jack on station and Tanner is an older, wiser and more compassionate Jack. I hope you've enjoyed your interactions with him as much as I have loved playing the character. It's such a bummer when the psych slot is taken as I literally don't play Tanner as anything else.

Thanks in advance!

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I've gotten to know Tanner a bit, what with playing Ellie. He's intense. She used to like him quite a bit, it felt like he challenged her a good amount. But she's seen him push other people (Yuri Daruski, that 11 year old wizard girl though that's not canon) WAAAAAAY too far. So. That's where she is, she doesn't want to see him anymore.

As a player, though, I enjoy him. He's like B. F. Skinner in space.

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I feared as much about Ellie, who by the way I really like as a character! Sometimes I'm fumbling around trying to find words or figure out what will advance the RP more or thinking up some gimmick that will be something out of the norm but when it's done I just end up thinking "why the hell did you just do that, Jack?"

I felt so bad that I was keeping you out there with Yuri while I crept along at a snail's pace so came up with a harebrained idea to involve you. Didn't work out for me in terms of clinically, but I do think it ended up as an opportunity for you and Yuri to RP. The wizard girl was sort of a mixed bag. I really wanted to figure out how to advance the plot because the player literally said in LOOC that I was the worst paych for the job, so I was trying to figure out how to move things along, so I was being more suspicious than I would normally be and pressed further than I might otherwise. Probably would have been better had everyone just kept it IC to begin with.

Maybe Ellie would want to have it out with Tanner about her concerns. I have greatly enjoyed our interactions so far.

Thanks for the feedback!

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