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  1. JACK ACTION NEWS! is back. Thanks for reading.  And, for the 100th time... No, my character is not named "Jack Action."

  2. Paxton was one of my cargo techs the first round I came back to Aurora after about a year away and played QM again (Jack Edwardson). Next thing I know, it's a couple of weeks later, Paxton is in a TANK courtesy of the wish-giver, nearly running over Miranda Trasen, being photographed by me for JACK ACTION NEWS! Great character, he's so full of enthusiasm.
  3. Extendong. Before @Azande does it this time... pinging CCIAA @Xelnagahunter
  4. MASSIVE CORRUPTION! SCIENCE ARMS THE STATION! ”Energy Guns … Bombs … Anything That Will Cause Havoc!” ”Sec Ain’t Playing Nice So We Won’t” 12:06 - NSS AURORA - J. Edwardson Scientist Aaron Otes contacted me unsolicitedly via PDA earlier this morning. He was offering me weapons. Playing along, I met with him in Science, where he revealed to me a massive scheme to attempt to arm the crew. ”I ain’t telling you this but legend has it you can get science weapons if you’re quiet about it.” -PDA message from Scientist Aaron Otes Sec ain’t playing nice so we won’t,” Mr. Otes explained. I asked Mr. Otes what he was providing to others aboard. Force gloves, (kinetic accelerators)… stuff like that,” Otes replied. He added that a couple of individuals already had been provided force gloves. When I mentioned that Kinetic Accelerators did not do much damage in an atmosphere, he said ”KA's with the right attachments are still pretty powerful." I asked Mr. Otes what he was in it for. Profit? Otes said it wasn’t about profit. ”I don't care I just want more work for the sec," he said. I asked if others had approached him or vice versa. Otes explained he had reached out to them, much like he had done with me. To see how far Mr. Otes would go, I asked him to provide me with his best force gloves and the most lethal gun he had. He immediately provided me with a pair of basic force gloves, free of charge, and then said he could teleport me the gun when it was ready. I asked Otes “But ... what if somebody gets hurt?" He replied ”It ain’t me (then)… they stole it.” Right before I left, Otes said something eerie. ”I’m trying to make something better… energy guns… bombs… anything that can cause havoc.” It’s a good thing he decided to reach out to a reporter in that case. Not just any reporter, either. He reached out to JACK ACTION NEWS! After a draft of this story was provided to Detective Bigby Farkas, the long arm of the law reached out to Mr. Otes for further comment. JACK ACTION NEWS! is back! Got a tip? Contact Jack over comms or via messenger! Rooting out incompetence where it exists, and shining the light for all to see! JACK ACTION NEWS! is there!
  5. I agree with this. Otherwise it is just a "work" vest or "utility" vest. The bright colors are valuable to have. Identifying a medic or engineer at a distance, for example. My journo wears a white one and the color pops against his civvies. The muted colors wouldn't work/make sense for him. I would support a resprite with closeable hazard vests with the existing eye-popping colors though. And would be fine with keeping the muted color sprites as a supplement to them.
  6. A JACK ACTION NEWS! INVESTIGATION: WARDEN CORRUPT! Orders Uzi from Cargo - QM Approved! Cargo Tech Strung up After He Sought to Expose Scam! "I bought a machine pistol without any ammunition to see if it would fit in my holster," Warden Lakeisha Allard stated unconvincingly as one of many excuses. 16:06 - NSS AURORA - J. Edwardson Earlier today, a source inside security tipped me off about an illicit order made by Warden Lakeisha Allard. "Warden was looking to buy serious heat earlier. Full autos... Saturday night special shit," they told me. They had no idea why the Warden would have a need for this item. As a non-patrolling officer, tasked with the efficient functioning of the brig and armory, she had any number of non-lethal and, should the situation require of it, lethal, weaponry to do her job. Instead, she made a purchase from Cargo. A mini-Uzi with a total cost of more than 2000 credits! The purchase order has been attached to this message as proof of the Warden's illicit act. All purchase orders existing at the time of the weapon's recovery were reviewed. Please note that Warden Allard's order was made on Code Green. Lethals may not be possessed by Security, much less used. At the time I received the tip, I asked the Captain for comment on the purchase of illicit weaponry from cargo by the Warden. The Captain replied: "If that is the case, then it has not been brought to my attention. I will inquire with Commander Lock, but I do imagine that he has the situation well in hand, or else will shortly. I have the utmost confidence in our station's Security staff." I was about to go to Cargo to inquire further... when cargo came to me. A scared cargo tech by the name of Luther Davis sent me a PDA message that he had discovered something and he needed to see me personally. I had originally promised Mr. Davis a candid conversation using him anonymously as background in my investigation. However, I am now publishing his comments here for reasons that I believe they are exculpatory of his prior illegal act of breaking into the Warden's order. (I should note here that this does not excuse subsequent illegal conduct by Mr. Davis, however his state of mind should be considered - he was highly paranoid due to discovering the scope of what he had discovered by breaking into the crate.) Mr. Davis came in wearing a gas mask. I asked him if there was an atmos issue in the area, and I began recording. "No, just to protect my face coming here... I have evidence that the cargo manager is dealing illegal firearms." Then Mr. Davis placed a mini-Uzi on my desk. Mr. Davis admitted that he had broken into a crate in cargo, one ordered by the Warden, and discovered the mini-Uzi. Taking the mini-Uzi, he ran to me. Before I could question him further or suggest that he go to security, a station engineer barged in to check an APC and Mr. Davis nearly ran off. When a security officer also stopped by separately to discuss the ongoing investigation in cargo, Mr. Davis got spooked and he ran off with the mini-Uzi. Those unfortunate moments likely caused Mr. Davis to sacrifice his freedom and turn nearly to suicide. The security officer mentioned that security was on the lookout for a missing machine pistol and I ran to see if I could locate the cargo tech. Before finding him, I found the Captain and let him know that I had a source who had discovered a machine pistol and who was in fear for his life. I explained to the Captain that my source, who I did not identify, wanted to prove the corruption in cargo and security. Before I could say much more, security had already found Mr. Davis. Caged in like an animal, Mr. Davis turned his weapon on the responder, firing blindly in their direction. No one appeared to get hurt, however Mr. Davis was ultimately apprehended after a standoff that included Mr. Davis threatening suicide. Mr. Davis's state of mind was one of a paranoid man not knowing where to turn. He knew a senior official in security made an illicit order. The Quartermaster approved this illicit order and had recently died in an accident, two separate reasons why going to them would have been unproductive. Mr. Davis was not aware of how far the extent of the corruption went. I confronted the Warden in front of the Captain. Her illicit actions started the chain of events ending in the Cargo Tech's near-suicide and arrest. She provided a number of incredible excuses for her crime. THE WARDEN'S EXCUSES Following are a number of excuses, many conflicting, that the Warden provided regarding purchasing a mini-Uzi on Code Green. "I bought a machine pistol without any ammunition to see if it would fit in my holster." "When I saw that it didn't fit [in my holster], I would've returned it." "It was for a personal sidearm." "The chief allowed me to purchase a ballistic sidearm, because I prefer them over beam weapons." At the end of all of this, the Warden committed yet another crime, that of blame-shifting. "Perhaps that scared technician shouldn't have broken into a crate not belonging to him, and have stolen weaponry." It is the stance of JACK ACTION NEWS! that while Cargo Tech Luther Davis was horribly misguided in breaking into the mini-Uzi crate and then subsequently firing blindly on security when he was scared of being imprisoned, this situation would ultimately have been avoided had Warden Lakeisha Allard not committed the initial illegal act of making the purchase of an unnecessary lethal sidearm for personal possession on Code Green, in violation of law and Standard Operating Procedure. No one should be more familiar with the law than a senior member of security. She should be held fully accountable. JACK ACTION NEWS! is back! Got a tip? Contact Jack over comms or via messenger! Rooting out incompetence where it exists, and shining the light for all to see! JACK ACTION NEWS! is there! Attachment Name: Order Invoice #6560 Attachment: Preliminary Invoice #6560 Ordered by: Lakeisha Allard Submitted at: 14:45 Authorized by: Vincent Lemmons (Quartermaster) Approved at: 14:49 Shipped at: 14:53 Order ID: 6560 Tracking Code: 6306 Order Status: Shipped to the Station Payment Status: Unpaid Order Fees: mini uzi: 1725 Crate Fee: 100 Handling Fee: 50 Shuttle Fee: 150
  7. So I just got pinged through e-mail on the necropost. I posted a reply back in 2018 echoing what @Azande said. I've moved on to Bay these days for the away missions and enjoy it but I remember fondly maining psych on Aurora. I might have to come back and see how things have changed since I left and try out the psych mechanics now that the new system probably has been fleshed out a bit.
  8. I've been incredibly impressed by the layers upon layers in Burger's design. He's not afraid of taking a big bite out of the apple and delivering on huge projects in short periods of time. I mean, mental medications and the psych rework was a massive project that one would expect to take much longer than it did for Burger. His outside the box thinking and willingness to challenge assumptions may not be everyone's cup of tea, but it helps keep Aurora fresh and new. +1
  9. I thought they were wood. Would be pretty neat. Wood or metal coatracks +1.
  10. I think it's a nice handicap for non-antags that suit sensors even have a chance to start active in any way. I would in fact be in favor of setting all suit sensors to off at roundstart/spawn. It also prevents antags from having to downgrade sensors to off, which looks suspicious (though it is rare if it is ever noticed by anyone). In short, -1.
  11. Our code is more compatible with tg code than baycode at this point dude. "Not a doctor. Shh." Seriously though, I'll trust your assessment.
  12. By forking the code from Bay, we are essentially porting Bay. I don't quite get the logic of why we shouldn't port another part of the code. Especially because Bay's code is compatible with ours, there would be fewer issues borrowing other pieces from it. I wouldn't call it a "petty" dismissal but basing a dismissal on semantics instead of content value is a little disappointing considering the chasm between devs and the player base that Skull has been looking to address.
  13. See, here's the disconnect: the detective is carrying lethals on green, then. What is your response to that?
  14. This, in its entirety. Detectives are not meant to be first-line responders. Giving them lethals makes them such, regardless of intent. And they will gladly claim their valids and will enjoy the plausible cloak of "I just happened to be there at the time" in ahelps until they are given their rubbers back permanently. +1 to suggestion: strip Dick Tracy of his lethal rounds.
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