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Player Complaint: Jackboot

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BYOND Key: Nikolai the beast

Player Byond Key: Jackboot

Reason for complaint:

Shorthand, abuse of position, disregard of SOP, threatening actions using that mafia thing, leaving a player in a cell for fifteen minutes without a headset, the only roleplay in that time being him wandering by and insulting Rai, while also assaulting Rai by flashing her repeatedly.

Edit: Reason why is because Rai made a passing statement in Siik about Houssam supposedly having a big cock. Previous encounters that shift involved him saying that you can't speak different languages on comms, then arresting Rai, saying she had two warnings when she said one thing in Siik and then stopped, making a comment about a unathi having a nice butt in an attempt to get a reaction from said Unathi.

My real complaint isnt the IC actions, but the disregard for his actual post and breaking rules. I know your not suppose to just arrest people because your the HOP and security is SSD, unless the person is an actual threat. If this had any actual validity, then I'd not have cared. Hell, if he had just left me with my headset and did nothing in that fifteen minutes, I'd have just been slightly rustled, would have went back to the rest of the cats and went WHAT A ASSHOLE and continued our RP.

But he then shoved me in the back cell without a headset, leaving me without any actual means to RP by use of game mechanic (As, obviously, you can only see about fifty feet around you IC, so I had no ways to convey anything to anyone. He then spend the next fifteen minutes, occasionally wandering by to insult Rai or flash her. Which, you know, straight up against the rules to abuse someone cause you ICLY feel like it.

I cannot fucking stand this. I cannot. Mostly because Rai isn't one to be treated like this, and I have no IC way to handle this without being banned. And obviously, at round end, it all means fuck all anyway.

Oh, to point out the best part, he implied this was because Rai hadn't apologized, when Rai apologized twice, saying "She has no interrrest in fighting with, Kin" and then sodding apologizing again. I imagine this means he was too busy writing his own text to notice the text around him, which I can understand, but I then restated this fact a third time, to no apparent answer, except a vague threat about finding where I live, and breaking me knee's or something (I may be mixing that with something else I heard that shift)



He spent two minutes wandering just out of view and into view, pretending to do things.

Rai Amari shouts, "Oi!"

Rai Amari says, "You dipshit."

Rai Amari huffs

Rai Amari says, "Fuck em."

Houssam Jawdat ignores her.

Rai Amari says, "You do know."

Rai Amari says, "That."

Rai Amari says, "You brrroke the fucking."

Rai Amari says, "Law..."

Houssam Jawdat mutters something about spare lights.

Rai Amari says, "You know."

Rai Amari says, "Stealing."

Rai Amari says, "Herrr headset."

Rai Amari says, "Is against the basics of fucking prrrotocol."

Houssam Jawdat says, "There's no securrrity onboarrrd."

Houssam Jawdat says, "Sorrrry."

Rai Amari says, "Because if something happens, you've fucked herrr."

Houssam Jawdat says, "No IAA eitherrr."

Houssam Jawdat says, "Crrry about it."

Rai Amari rolls her eyes.

Houssam Jawdat says, "Boohoo."

Rai Amari says, "She'll fucking kill him."

Rai Amari leans against the wall, huffing

Houssam Jawdat says, "You just thrrreatened to murrrderrr a head of staff."

Rai Amari says, "Houssam."

Rai Amari says, "Lets make this clearrr."

Rai Amari says, "Yourrr a bitch."

Houssam Jawdat says, "Hmm."

Houssam Jawdat says, "Sorrrry."

At this moment, Rai was flashes several times, judging from the amount of time I spent on the floor

Rai Amari says, "And she's got few nerrrves forrr you."

Houssam Jawdat says, "Didn't hearrr you."

Rai Amari sniffs and stands up

Houssam Jawdat asks, "Could you speak up?"

Rai Amari says, "Oh, call yourrr gangbangerrrs, then."

Houssam Jawdat says, "Houssam does not have gangbangerrrs."

Rai Amari rolls her eyes

Rai Amari says, "And she didn't spend two yearrrs as a thief."

Houssam Jawdat says, "Good."

Houssam Jawdat says, "Nanotrrrasen doesn't employ crrriminals."

Rai Amari says, "You do rrrealize."

Houssam Jawdat says, "Orrr trrrash. But they seem to have rrreverrrsed this policy."

Rai Amari says, "They have been openly noted hirrring warrr criminals."

Rai Amari shakes her head.

Houssam Jawdat says, "Houssam rrrealizes nothing of yourrr stupid fucking insights."

Houssam Jawdat says, "You arrre filth and full of yourrrrself."

Rai Amari says, "You also just brrroke so many laws that she will need to actually take action."

Houssam Jawdat says, "He is glad you had yourrrr dick snipped off, hopefully you shoved it up yourrr own asshole afterwarrrds."

Repeated said action, and walked off.

He wandered into view, earmuffs on and a voice recorder on hand.


Houssam Jawdat points to his earmuffs.

Rai Amari says, "You wanna talk morrre stupid."

Houssam Jawdat smiles.

Rai Amari says, "Yes, you just flashed herrr and abused herr."

Rai Amari says, "Thrrreatened herrr and then attempted to use herrr as some idiot."

Houssam Jawdat mrowls, "Can't hear you. What a wonderful life. Now, Houssam is going to print all your records and do some interesting things with them."


Normally i'd say fuck it, and move along, as I always do in these situations, but this was fucking ridiculously high amounts of power abuse, and it's baffling that i'm getting mafia threats. Mind you, I know I play a character who has spent two years stealing in her teens and has a vague knowledge of the syndicate, but fuck me, that's silly, and even if IC action occurs during this shift, which I can tell it won't he will most likely ignore it and act like nothing happened. And Neither of us is allowed to kill each other.

And yeah, I'm salty. I don't like my RP getting ruined by cat mafia man because he feels like abusing his status as HOP to physically and verbally abuse another character for fifteen minutes, and I have no actual IC way to counter it without getting banned.

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Guest Marlon Phoenix

I got adminclearance for everything that I did.

Here's what happened:

I walked into the bar. Rai immediately asks Houssam about the size of his dick. Houssam is unamused, asks her to stop. Rai does not stop. Houssam tells her to stop, very seriously now, she does not, and continues talking about his dick. Houssam loses his patience, and decides to throw what weight he can at her for now; filing this in a report for Internal Affairs. She's still a huge fucking smart-ass, so he leaves to cool down, knowing her apologies mean jack because she continues to make snarky comments and have that shit eating grin of hers, so Houssam doesn't believe a word of it. He wants a real apology.

He contacts RD three times, silence. Hails security three times, silence. Since he's steaming, and he's the only Head, I ahelp about being able to brig you because you just sexually harrassed Houssam, and get clearance. Houssam moves to brig and twice tells you to move to the brig, which you refuse. So I walk to the bar, and tell you a third time. You say that because there is no Head and no security, you can do whatever the fuck you want.

So I table'd you and threw the cuffs on, and left you in a cell for the duration of your sentence (15 minutes - 5 for harrassment, 10 for resisting), taking your headset when you told Nasir to "do the thing". Then you bitch at me in LOOC that I'm breaking SOP, that I can't do this, that I can't do that. You also irritate him IC, so yes, he flashes Rai because he can, each time after she said something else 2edgy5me trying to be a bad-ass. There were TWO flashes, one after the initial comment calling him a bitch, the second right before he left. Brig mounted flashes put you down longer than regular flashes, I believe. Regardless, that's IC abuse, deal with it IC. Which I actually did by making an incident report rather than a character complaint every time Rai does something ridiculous. Come to think of it, isn't sitting around talking about cocks and asking people for cock sizes something that isn't realistic for a workplace? Maybe I should file a character complaint, since it's breaking ERP rules???

Regardless, suck it up. You decided to piss off a Command staff member who actually exhausted every other legal means of punishing you for your sexual harrassment. You don't get to be a special "I'm so cool" snowflake just because there isn't any security on, and because I interrupted your 15 minute chat about dicks and how much Rai enjoys riding Unathi cock and how much Unathi love doggy style and how they turn toasty warm to keep their semen active - this conversation I had to leave earlier because it was fucking disgusting.

This is not the first time Rai has been ridiculous - I recall the round where she was making stupid comments on the public intercom to Ops who had taken hostages, and almost got them killed, despite the HoS, Captain, and myself telling her to knock it off.

I told you multiple times in IC and OOC that your actions have consequences. You need to learn to either tone down your character or deal with the fact that she has no influence or allies that lets her get away with being such a poopmuncher.


I didn't threaten you with the mafia, jesus christ people need to stop pulling that card every time Houssam isn't nice to them. Houssam said he was going to do interesting things with her records. That doesn't mean "I'm going to break your knees while you sleep." It means "I'm going to show these to people who would find them interesting, maybe IAA or someone unsavoury. How would you know who?"

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Yeah, eh. You really don't pay attention. I asked once, then stopped. Everyone else made their comment, you acted like a overly hostile cat man, and I apologized. Twice. I wish I had kept a log of me saying things while you entirely ignored them. Cause it was kinda obvious you weren't reading the posts at all, when Rai said she apologizes, Kim, and you continued on with your mrowling.

And moreover, you said "I will find where you live, blah blah blah". I doubt IAA would be giving away Rais address. That was so clearly referencing the Jawdat family that everyone present made a comment about it. It was so apparent that we discussed the concept of a crime family and compared it to the syndicate.

Housman straight up sat in front of the glass, mocking Rai, and insulting her life choices. You spent half the shift implying she had no pride, and just shit that would set off most of my strict characters. . And when she attempted to diffuse this entire situation by apologizing, you ignored her and made some

Vague threat about finding where she lived.

Unsurprisingly,it's not what a head should do. You don't get to play a head and just do what you please.

you didn't even keep to your own jobs rule, man.

You misused your role because you were angry. Was I aware you were going to do all that, even slightly, I'd have actually resisted, but I had hoped you were going to do something besides shove me in a cell and mock me.

If what you did that round would get you fired, you don't do it. See, if I had my way, Rai would have jumped you five minutes later, shoved you in a locker after shoving sleep toxin in your butt, and thrown you into space.

But she'd get fired for doing that. So she called CC and tried to get help. Because she was afraid you were going to kill her. Or abuse her again. But she wasn't going to risk her job and entire life just to get rid of the person who she saw as a viable threat.

I don't care what your excuse is, if your character does shit like that they get fired. There's no actual way that round can be even slightly canon while your HOP, because there's no way Rai wouldn't pursue this to the ends of her means. Which means the entire round has no value, except now I'll be twitchy because I might end up in jail again if you decide to stop caring about the rules because Rai made a gag about you having a big dick. Which is why I bothered posting this, because that isn't what heads do.

And I'd suggest not attempting to cross counter my complaint by bringing up Rai's actions, specifically during another round where the character in question was purposely antagonizing Rai into speaking. And she knew was lying out their butt, so she was attempting to keep them busy while security handled them. And it worked. Sort of. I ain't gonna fall for that. I'll counter your counter. The point of this is that you did shit your not meant to, which if was kept IC would involve the loss of his job, at the least. At the most, Rai'd be taking legal action, had she any love of the legal system. At the least, I'd like you to note that you did shit that wasn't correct, in both OOC and IC.

Yeah, I know, dumb fucking request. To any human being who doesn't RP I'd sound like a looney. Meh.

Also, yeah,those flashes are more potent, I now recall. Which is odd because they also have a longer range then an actual flash.

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If I might chime in my thoughts here: It sounds to me like this is an IC issue. Jackboot had staff approval. He took your headset, but didn't leave you completely devoid of RP since he stayed (as the mocking is conflict in which you showed that you were actively engaged in). Coupled with this, you tried to play cool kid cat, and lost? If he didn't want to accep your apology, then it's because you seemed insincere to him because if being flashed several times resulted in Rai not realizing sooner that insults = flash (which has to be a very painful experience if you've ever felt pain in your eyes), then he has no reason to want it; resulting in Houssam ignoring or not having her apology.

Edit: Furthermore, you state that you didn't expect Houssam would do any of this. Next time you try playing edgy person that thinks they can get away with anything because there's no security, you should think twice because heads of staff can detain and brig you for breaking regulations. I mean, Rai resorted to sexual harassment in the workplace. That's a lawsuit waiting to happen, but Jackboot dealt with it in a way more beneficial for NT. Every bad action has a consequence; it's part of being an adult.

As a closing note to my post, I think you should take into account how your character feels about things. Nobody is allowed to do what they want because lolnosecurity because tell me why an employer would permit an adult in the workplace if that adult needs a security force present in order to be responsible. Your character would proooobay be afraid of being fired post shift. You kept trying to be cool and badass, Jackboot stopped you, didn't want to leave you completely alone, and created RP for you by staying with you during the fifteen minutes sentence. I'm not seeing the OOC issue.

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I could write a two page response about how that's not correct, or how Rai wasn't being edgy, she was upset and if you even have the same definition of edgy, or that this is the same shit I arrested at least seven HOP for before, and innumerable security officers. Or how Rai would be at most pay docked for a bawdy joke, but you imply Houssam would somehow go unfired after verbally and physically attacking someone they had arrested without any actual right.

I could point out that admins are wary to involve themselves in these situations because they are iffy and no one wants to make waves, and I understand that entirely, and that it wasn't staff wide known I was being arrested, because my headset was taken, and It was even less widely known that I was going to be left in a cell to be abused.

Instead. I'll say this.

Please, actually look at this objectively for a moment. I know it's technically impossible to do so, but try.

Party A is Chaplain. Party B is HOP. Party A Offends Party B. Party B threatens Party A. Party A apologize. Party B later arrests person for what Party A said, while no Security was present. Party B is verbally abused, and then physically via flash. Party A is unable to call for help or do anything for the next twelve minutes.

I have removed every piece of bias I can, or at leat tried to. Tell me he wouldn't be fired when he hit CC and party A requested assistance from CC.

It's not WHAT he did. It's the fact that he broke the rules, and got no reprocussion because the round isn't canon when shuttle hits CC.

That's. It. I don't care that he did it. I don't care that he made a vague reference to the Jawdat, and yes you clearly did because what else would that be. What I care about is the rules. In any other situation, I'd have told Jackboot that the Shoving my cock up my ass after it was cut off thing was harsh, and a good line, and continued being upset. But it's against the rules. And the HOS in me fucking hates that.

Yeah, I was angry. And it's obvious why. Because you don't get to do that and act like your not going to be arrested. It's mind blowing.

Of course, I'm going to be called a salty bitch tackle, because Its me and I have the approval rating of Stephen Harper. I dont even give a bugger. I don't like people doing what they want and getting defended for it. It's the shit that makes me glad I'm not on Apollo anymore. Cause I had to get into straight up gunfights with HOP's when they did this stuff.

EDIT; Because I am a salty bitch tackle, Ill point out your implying Rai was on some grand reign of terror. She was sitting with two other people joking about and tellig stories. She'd have stopped doing that, and she did, when urged by a security member or head. I don't know what you think happened, but this wasn't even over comms. This was sitting at a bar table attempting to make people laugh, because Rai feels like she needs

To make people laugh.

And yes, I am a salty bitch tackle.

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she was upset and if you even have the same definition of edgy


Because a normal person not trying to be a badass goes around insulting people that have the means to hurt very sensitive parts of their body, right?


or that this is the same shit I arrested at least seven HOP for before, and innumerable security officers. Or how Rai would be at most pay docked for a bawdy joke


http://www.nolo.com/legal-encyclopedia/free-books/employee-rights-book/chapter8-2.html This is just for future reference when it comes to sexual harassment (because IC sexual harassment is really common on the server due to the fact that most of us are used to using that kind of language OOC'ly).


but you imply Houssam would somehow go unfired


Please quote me the exact part in my post where I said "Houssam would go unfired". If there was another head of staff or Security, then it was their duty to stop him, and (for a head of staff) to suspend him pending review. IC consequence for his actions.


Please, actually look at this objectively for a moment. I know it's technically impossible to do so, but try.


And this is the part of your post where I'll leave you off on. Disrespect of staff carries a zero tolerance policy (at this point, it's not even the fact that you were disrespecting staff, it's more of that I can tell you would've told this to anyone, and that is not okay, but this is a reminder). I'm here trying to have a polite discussion, and then you come and insult my intelligence. I gave you my thoughts on why it seemed like an IC issue, and you were to use my information/conclusion as to why should be an OOC issue. I tried seeing from your point of view, I really did, but the conclusions I was arriving to was "not an OOC issue". I would be happy to give you my support, but I'm not going to give you my support if you are going to insult me while I'm trying to be perfectly polite. Next time you're angry or "salty", then maybe the best idea isn't to go talk to people because that's how you insult people without wanting to. Try going for a walk, maybe listen to some music, do something to compose yourself before you do something; emotions carry over to actions. Have a nice day.

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That wasn't an insult. I'm sorry it seemed that way. I meant that it's physically impossible to act objectively 100% in a situation, as people don't work that way, not that I was making a jab at you. I recognize that it does look pretty mean. It's a poor habit of mine to speak as if my own meaning is apparent, due to the way I think.

And to point out, you only made comments towards myself. That is why I pointed out that, it's a bit derp because the point wasn't how I, or Houssam acted in RP terms, but that the HOP isn't suppose to be Boss Hoss, chasing down those dirty duke boys. The RP wasn't the point. It was the "Ya shouldn't break rules as the second most powerful person aboard" thing.

But I've also got a point of that Sexual harrasment laws are iffy at best and don't really tend to do what they should, so I wonder what validity they'd even have in 2457. But it's didactic to speak on it.

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When I first read that Houssam flashed Rai, I thought it meant sexually flashing given the topic. Then Jackboot mentioned brig mounted flashes, and it all made sense. I thought it was very out of Houssam's character to sexually flash.

Nik, Houssam did everything he could before he resorted to charging you personally. I've actually had a similar encounter with him where he was being sexually harassed by Katelynn Mcmullen. He resolved it through legal means, though I admit Katelynn was behaving in a very similar fashion to Rai; that is, tryhard badass. Houssam does NOT like sexual harassment. He gets PISSED. In real life, sexual harassment is a BIG thing in the workplace, and any solid grounds for a legitimate sexual harassment accusation is almost a death sentence for your career in that company, and a black mark anywhere else you try to go. In the military, that's the kind of thing people get demoted and in more extreme cases - not much more extreme short of sexual assault/battery - discharged for.

Houssam did the same thing with Katelynn. He filed a complaint, had her arrested by security, and even got CCIA involved. Overall, it was fun. But if there's no security force to brig people, I feel that any head of staff is able to take up the reins of law enforcement where necessary, especially on repeat offenders that don't seem to have any intent on change. After all, heads of staff are able to - and expected to - take up acting captainship temporarily to perform necessary tasks that aren't able to be done otherwise. Heads of staff are able to discipline unruly workers. Houssam seems to be in the right here - save for the flashing. But that's an IC thing.

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Taina, the issue is that I had made motions to stop this from occurring, because I had no patience for this when I had spent the round watching jackboot do /me about backing up that ass and twerking and random things, and had less patience for someone to break the law to get petty revenge. So it was an event I was trying to stop.

I don't know why people keep reading Rai as trying to be a badass. She's twenty pounds overweight and is all snarls and spittle. The most excersize she has gotten recently was attempting to escape an angry grump slime. She hasn't attacked or caused harm to another player since a Traitor tried to grab her and she smacked him and ran into the morgue. I suppose it's one of those things where you're forced to take everything at face value, since the amount of available stimulus is limited, like what she looks like, her posture, voice, and what not. , but Rai isn't trying to be tough. She's just being angry and makings random insults.

And the issue is that the HOP has no reason to pretend to be a security officer unless they are under physical threat, thus why the HOP isn't Captain #2. That, and the abuse thing, which a head isn't suppose to do without an actual reason. If he had some reason, this was obvious. The concern is that he also is expected to not break IC rules to get revenge. That's the actual problem. People are saying its loose about that, but it's really not. HOP don't get to be King Hippo.

The issue is that a HOP isn't suppose to do this shit, because it's not their job. more so when it's their job.

That's the real issue I have, is because there's no way you'd take these actions ICLY, because you'd be fired. and that's stupid. It's not even something that can be role played, as said, because then Houssam and maybe even Rai would be fired. And that's even worse. I Just want jackboot to note that he shouldn't do that shit if he's a HOP. Hell, probably shouldn't do it a Sec officer ether.

Mind you, this is getting to be one of those things where I can't win. Like fighting the Smelter Demon with a fire broadsword+3. Since I doubt I'll ever get an actual victory here, I'd rather just use a homeward bone and go to the Gutter. Yeah, this stopped making sense thirty words ago.

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I don't think we'll make progress here until you realize that "playing" security officer when there are no security officers is part of his job when there is an unruly worker. Something needs to be done, and he did what he had to do by brigging Rai. You aren't nonpunishable just because there aren't security officers.

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Glad we could get the insult thing sorted. I'll gladly accept your apology. Now, you understand why it seems more like an IC issue, right? I mean, sure, it can still be rule breaking if staff give you permission to do something (like if staff give you permission to detonate a max yield bomb 4 no raisins in medical, then you can assure both you and the admin would suffer consequences for it) within reason, but generally when it's something like this, permission is given if we believe it would create RP; otherwise we would ask them to take a different route (this is talking about the conflict side).

Coupled with that, Tainavaa is right. Heads of staff are primarily issued an energy pistol for self defense (generally at least amateurs in expertise) and a flash. The flash is generally for the same purpose, but the flash allows the head of staff to stop someone in the department when Security is unable to, and then bring them to the brig (which all heads have access to for a reason). If there is no Security, all Sec assets are tasked out with bigger fish to fry or the situation is urgent (such as needing to fire a person refusing to leave), then it's up to a head of staff to stop them. (This to address Jackboots actions at Sec's job.

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A side note here - it's poor form to cite SOP when the station is missing an entire department. The station tends to do very poorly missing a department - engineering being the most obvious when it's missing. Just because security is missing (not that NanoTrasen would realistically plan shifts without at least a few officers on staff) doesn't mean the only response to a crime is to write up a report and wait for someone's name to pop up in the red column, just like when a breach pops up in a critical area with an engineer-less crew, you're not going to wait for them to pop onto the station and fix it. Then again, I always want to call the ERT when we're missing a department and then bitch at the new arrival about how shitty NanoTrasen was to leave us without an engineering/medical/whatever team.

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Reason why is because Rai made a passing statement in Siik about Houssam supposedly having a big cock.


And at this moment, I instantly forgot anything about this being a complaint. You started this issue by being innapropriate and rude ICly, and it was dealt with ICly. Is there any problem with that?

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