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Doorspiral: Dwarf Fortress Succession Game

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The queen is dead, long live the queen! In the year of 249, after a long and peaceful rule lasting 140 years, queen Ezum Sinewportals has died from old age, leaving behind a grieving kingdom of The White Theater and 10 living children. The corpse of the late queen was barely cold when the eldest, Nish Roundedrings, seized control of the kingdom. Already the wheels of war creak, as the queen, both ambitious and old, seeks to break the long period of stagnation and reignite the era of conquests. To the north and south of Beak of Glory, the mountains where the kingdom is located, lie the goblin kingdoms of The Eerie Evil and The Noiseless Horror, eternal enemies of all Dwarfkind. To the east, is less ancient but equally hated elf kingdom of The Fern of Hides. All of them have grown beyond tolerance in the last centuries. However, before first strike is given, passive expansion is needed, a new fortress, to prove The Momentous Domain of winds that the Dwarf Kingdom of The White Theater is not ready to rust and die under the knifear overpopulation. For this task, a perfect location is chosen. Where the western end of the Beak meets the Cloudy Swamps, The Dutiful Blazes sits with its stacks of smoke and ash, an ancient volcano of massive proportions. Its glittery skin and flesh, the lush green feet and the fiery blood will fuel the wars to come. A group of seven, named The Cold Sky-Light, are sent forth to lay foundations of Doorspiral, the new fortress.


  • Dowload the lazy newb pack HERE: http://www.bay12forums.com/smf/index.php?topic=126076.0
  • New players welcome. Once all players have played, the rotation restarts.
  • 1 ingame year (early spring- early spring) /1 irl week (from confirmation that you've started your turn to 7 days later) turns.
  • You can request turn extensions.
  • If you don't respond in a reasonable time you may be skipped and put at the end of the list.
  • Progress posts (IC diaries, OOC reports) are not necessary but are welcome.
  • When you are done with your turn, compress the save (zip, rar, etc.) which should be locted in program dir/data/save/, put it a file sharing site of your chosing and post the link here.
  • You are free to use tilesets, with all advanced set to game default. However, if problems arise, please be ready to provide which tileset you used along with all advanced options. The reasons are that saves need to be converted if tilesets change across files, it's done simply by changing the tileset to the wanted one while the save is in the game dir.


Turn order:

current, finished, skipped

  • Bokaza
  • VikingPingvin
  • Fire and Glory
  • Pegasus

More players welcome.

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Correspondence of Bokaza Pillarhoisted, 15th of Granite, arrival report

The royal rockologists weren't lying, the Dutiful is a sight to behold. The cliffs surrounding the obsidian pillar fall sharply down into the swamp and glitter with colorful deposits of gems, ore and rare stone. Although it is cold and snowy, the dense forest growing out of the wet clay tells us we shall have no shortage of food or timber. All seven of us arrived here safely along with our flock of sheep and cattle. I've already ordered digging to start at the bottom of the mountain. We must make ourselves comfortable before the cold gets us. Luckly, the magma heats the deep stone and we expect our dwellings to be comfortably warm even without dwarfmade heating. Building of magmaduct and forges will have to wait for summer, when additional, more mechanical dwarves are expected to arrive and help with that aspect of the construction, basic structure;

Dormatory, Meeting Hall and farms will have to take precedence.

As per our agreement, I will continue to lead the fort until year's end as official overseer and expedition leader, when a dwarf of your choosing will be select as my replacement. In the meanwhile, I will focus on record keeping and managing our stocks in detail. As they say, beginnings a delicate time. If our tools start disappearing and booze dries out we will be in much trouble until autumn, when the caravan expected to arrive. Take care.

P.S. I have attached a rough sketch of the swamp level and a copy of our initial stocks.


Screens (large)



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Correspondence of Bokaza Pillarhoisted, 1st of Limestone, mid-year report

The work at the fortress has progressed well these last six months. The engineer you sent us, Skull, has proved his weight in fish. With her help we have have successfully completed the water cistern, the entry gate, and laid foundations for the magmaduct. The water cistern has been filled with lake water using a water pump, which I have heard was quite advanced. The pump was not only able only grind down turtles, eals, fish and insects that lived in the lake, but also remove all of the filthy mud, making the water clean and health. I hope we never need it. The drawbridge gate has been built directly at the entrance to the fortress and the floor around the lever colored blue for future generations. Only thing left is to break through to the volcano so we can fill the magmaduct. Our miner, Voltage, drew the short straw. In a month, he will be the one tasked with breaking the wall and then (attempt) running back up from the magmaduct. The six other dwarves, aside from one Udib, an accomplished metalcrafter, have shown to have almost no notable skills and will be put to good use doing manual labor. Reyn and Balkara have become skilled craftsdwarves in stone and wood respectively and are producing furniture of great quality.

The other half year's plans involve starting armor and weapons production and preparing for the caravan's arrival this autumn, maybe setting up the military as well, but I would rather leave such matters to ones more skilled at them. An idea of using mercenaries to fill our military was brought to me, which was not at all a bad idea. However, before we can attract them we need to provide them with fully stocked and furnished Inn, along with rooms for each of the future visitors. I will attempt to resolve those issues by season's end. Then winter comes, which should involve least activity on my part.

With this report I send few more diagrams of our fortress.








Crafts level:




Entrance, with a barracks and trade depot:



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Correspondence of Bokaza Pillarhoisted, 1st of Granite, end of term report

With the turn of the year my term as the overseer of Doorspiral and the Cold Sky-Light is at an end. I will be replaced by whomever the capital deems worthy of the role and will remain the bookkeeper, broker and administrator of the fortress for an indefinite length of time.I imagine I imagine I should give my report for the last half a year regardless of the end of my appointment.[

Last half a year was moderately eventful. We've completed the first layer of the magmaduct with no casualties. The miner survived. For his brave attempt we've promised to name the newly established Inn with a name of his chosing, however, since that didn't happen, we are still to chose a proper name. The magmaduct itself is reinforced with a pair of iron floodgates, hopefully, they will hold against any fiery pests that decide to try and get into the fortress. The forges are now running at full capacity and steel production has started. I have taken the liberty of ordering ore and sand via our honorable liaison, the types of which we cannot find in or under the Dutiful. Future overseers will hopefully uphold my decision and buy it.

Speaking of ore, a survey has been done of the surface rocks. We have found ample deposits of tetrahedrite, native copper, galena, gold, sphalerite and limonite. Along with that, large deposits of different gemsones and large, but sadly not endless supply of marble. Digging deeper into the ground may result in new ores being discovered.

The crafting in the fortress has been kept at the minimum, as to attract least attention from prying eyes. Ten full sets of bronze armor along with a decent batch of weapons to arm our militia (which still hasn't been formed due to lack of capable dwarfpower). The jewel-cutter has been working day and night on the gems we have mined and a our mason Reyn, one of the seven, has made his masterwork Ethramritas or "The Ripe Owl" in the common tongue. A good omen, if I may say, that the first artifact represents an owl. It is a door made of tetrahedrite with delicate and masterful decorations of leather and stone.

This is everything of note that I can remember. It should suffice.


Save: http://www25.zippyshare.com/v/ZceOUaXo/file.html

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Couldn't finish my year fully because stuff happening.

I can't really write good summaries like Bokaza, but i can give a short one of what I did:

- Skull and Viking died due to werezebra, they are put to eternal rest in the burial chambers.

- Said werezebra was beaten to death and exhibitioned at the entrance

- No one turned, but I set up a basic Hospital near the tavern.

- Started building an archery tower by the entrance, didn't finish it.

- Built an archery range near entrance, where the militia training is.

- Started farming plump helmets, 300+ drinks in stock for around 50 dwarves.

- Traded ores and produced some steel and iron.

- A mayor was elected, he has a nice little place for himself next to Bokaza's office.

Here is the save:


Edit: Make sure to use 'convert savegames' in LNP launcher as i was using the default LNP tileset.

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Scratchings and thoughts of Fires Wealthglazed, 5th of Timber.

After the unfortunate death of Pingvin, I've finally been elected to oversee the rest of this year and the next, this is going to be a busy time.


I've taken stock of the fortress and have taken note of some problems and projects and made plans for them.

  • Most of our dwarves myself included have become well adjusted to underground living, unfortunately there is still a need for a lot of us to go outdoors so there is a lot of vomiting going around, which troubles me. To deal with this I've been looking into having a hole made in the top of the mountain that'll go straight down to the tavern. Initial results will be unpleasant but it'll be for the best. Hope it rains soon, the mile long streak of vomit outside probably disconcerts merchants.
  • We only had three dwarves in our military so I recruited the 7 most useless dwarves (bloody fishery workers) in the fortress and put them in there as well, they'll probably catch up eventually.
  • I asked around and apparently no one in the fort has ever forged furniture or equipment in their life, we're gonna have to branch out.
  • The lads are resistant to the idea of taking the livestock out of the tavern, Armok knows what they're doing down there, hopefully they'll come around.
  • The watchtower is an okay idea but we're dwarves, a line of arrow slits installed above the wall seems like a better idea.
  • Merchants are reluctant to roll their wagons over our trapped entrance for some reason, so we're installing another entrance.
  • Going to be instituting some temporary measures to ensure work is done.

And that's everything so far, long live queen Roundrings.

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Scratchings and thoughts of Fires Wealthglazed 10th of Granite.

It's spring now, onto my year as overseer proper. There have been a few complications but we're doing okay so far.

Voltage and Geeves died in a mining accident while sorting out the tavern sun roof, I should have seen it coming honestly. A replacement miner died a fiery death in an accident while we were expanding the magma forges, he will be missed.

The sun roof itself is coming along slowly after that accident, I've shelved it for now while we deal with other mining projects however. Currently on the list is to find new sources of iron for our steel production. Speaking of which, I've been equipping our training military with steel equipment. All we need now are some new helms and breastplates.

Finally got the livestock out of the tavern, put them in a walled off section outside our fortress so they should be relatively safe against predators.

Speaking of which, we are convinced by this point that there are some foul goblins in the surrounding area and that they've killed one of our hunters, we'll root them out eventually.

There's little else of note that has happened. Progress on some...suitable quarters for myself has been coming along. Some elf merchants had the audacity to come here, everything they've brought is useless so, hoping they'll go away soon. The fortress is also packed with performers and mercenaries, some sort of troupe. I'll see if we can get any of the latter to augment our military.

That's all that's happened for now, long live the queen.

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Scratchings and thoughts of Fires Wealthglazed, 1st of Malachite.

Ah, summer, the snow melts and the grass hides the streaks of vomit from view.

Soon after my previous entry we had trouble with an awful creature twisted into some striped horse thing, a werebeast. It was to my surprise that the creature managed to jump over the traps by the fort's gate and so we may have lost a few more civilians than we might have otherwise if I had our military take up a more aggressive stance. We lost three dwarves and a baby to the beast, one was an axe dwarf who died of his injuries, another was a hunter and her baby, and the last was LordBalkara, carpenter. However once it reached them our military squad dealt with the beast quite handily and I am told the steel equipment is performing well, including turning aside a blow which could've been quite terrible indeed.

Things have been generally quiet after that, I am sure any goblin filth that was here previously is long gone by now.

Projects we have been working on are thusly:

[*]Kicking our steel production back into gear. (I was surprised to find that the limestone we needed for iron was inside the fortress walls)

[*]Expanding most parts of the fortress, more bedrooms for our huge influx of immigrants, a larger tavern, two more carpentry and masonry workshops, a longer memorial hall, an additional walled pasture for livestock and so on.

[*]Training all these dogs not to be useless. We've put a bit of bite in a few of them and put them up by the entrance, should be helpful the next time something charges in.

[*]Preparing to introduce the next few waves of dwarves into our military, we have some candidates for a marksdwarf squad and once they are settled I plan to make another frontline squad. The soldiers that have taken permanent residence in our tavern should be suitable to augment both.

That's all that seems noteworthy for now, long live the queen.

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End of year report by Fires Wealthglazed.

And here ends my year and a quarter as overseer of Doorspiral, it perhaps could've gone better but it could've gone a lot worse too.

I formed two new squads soon after my previous report made halfway into the year, a marksdwarf squad filled with ten dwarves with little to no skill at firing crossbows and a second soldier squad occupied primarily by mercenaries and rounded out with conscripts, here we see Bokaza's efforts to attract soldiers come to fruition.

Per tradition, the captains were permitted to name the squads under their command.

Dastot Torchtouched name the marksdwarf squad "The Perfect Arrows". A serviceable name. If everyone in the squad wasn't firing bolts, idiot.

Saba Glenwads named his squad of mercenaries "The Rags of Paint" . Scarcely a name that strikes fear into the hearts of our enemy...

Anyway, The Perfect Arrows have acquired a reputation for being notoriously lazy. Only a few of them are taking target practice at a time with the rest of them sitting around in the tavern. It doesn't matter too much as all they need to do is point and shoot but still, I'm hoping my successor whips them into shape.

By this point The Rags of Paint are a serviceable band of soldiers now decked in steel, they still have a few weak links however and thus should be supported by the Guilds of Teaching when they fight. Speaking of which, The Guilds of Teaching are doing very well, after just one year most of them are skillful in the art of fighting, with not one but two werebeasts killed so far without any losses.

I decided to move the trading post outside and surround it with walls so we would have more room inside, theoretically we can now fortify the interior more. Perhaps with a ballista even?

One of our rangers has a touch of the melancholy after he spent days hunched over a crafts workshop babbling about materials to no end, frontier life is not for everyone sadly.

Another one of our miners had himself a fiery death when he attempted to channel out lava to expand our smelters, this time I am sure there was no error in my instructions and he purely brought it on himself. Speaking of death, I've had our memorial hall expanded since it has sadly proven necessary. Straight ahead you have the hallway for the common dwarf who has died in service to our fortress. To the left you have rooms hollowed out to become more significant tombs for some of us, although none of been made in detail yet. And to the right you have a more clustered hall with coffins for any beloved pets that have died. Admittedly it is far too long considering no pets have died yet, but there it is.

I've put a lot of effort in making some temples towards the various gods we follow. The Iron-Temple of Fortifications, dedicated to Etur Ironcobalt, deity of war, fortresses, and valor. And The Stone-Abbey of Mines, dedicated to Tomus Searchwards, the deity of minerals. We also have a half finished temple dedicated to Kovest, the deity of Wealth and Trade.

On the last month of my command we had another twisted werebeast arrive, it shredded two of our hunters and halfway mauled one of our workers before we killed it. I had to have the survivor executed in the Iron-Temple with the ballista inside. I am not proud of that but time was of the essence. I hope to confer with a priest in the future about any ramifications of this.

Casting hindsight on previous events here, it becomes obvious that the hunter that I attributed to being killed by goblins must've actually been crushed under one of our draw bridges that were actively being lifted and lowered at the time. Unfortunate. On a less important note I've also failed to mention in the past that we obtained a large amount of strawberry seeds from human merchants and started growing them outside. It's given us a lot of yields over the months.

And so, a short summary of what has been accomplished while I've been in command here:

  • Dramatically expanded our military from a couple dwarves of middling skill to thirty dwarves clad in steel, with a large amount of competent soldiers.
  • Expanded most of our existing facilities. More bedrooms, larger tavern, more forges, a longer memorial hall and a larger pasture (with new walls).
  • Posted guard dogs around the fort entrance.
  • Constructed a few temples.
  • Farmed some strawberries.

My successor may be interested in reinforcing the fortress entrance, now that the trading post has been moved outside it is ripe for new additions. There is also an unfinished library directly north of the temples and the military is suffering from a bad case of cave adaption, that could potentially be lethal left unchecked.

And that is the end of my report, long live the queen.

P.S. The lever for closing the gate in front of the trade depot is to the right of the one for closing the main gate.


Sketches of the fortress:



The entrance to the fort, walled off pasture to the south, vomit stains in the middle, and strawberries to the north.




The residential area, hospital to the south west, temples to the south, bedrooms to the north, and tavern to the east.



The memorial hall, commoners in the hallway, pets to the right, dwarves of import to the left.



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On an idle note regarding those who have been 'dwarfed':

Bokaza the Bookslav, ReynTheLord the mason, 'Fires' AKA Fire and Glory the metalcrafter, GreenLightBulb the farmer and 'Randal' the Tavernkeeper (literally who) are still alive.

Skull The Estonian Fisherdwarf, Pingvin The Vikingslav, Lord Balkara the carpenter, Voltage the miner and Geeves the miner have all bit the dust.

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I am very sorry, but I don't have time. Someone pick this up. It should work with the newest version I think, allowing you to do cool stuff like raid those elven bastards.

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