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pAI Personalities

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Regarding a pAI personality.. I understand they are given more freedom in interpreting their directives/'laws' (As the case is for pKATANA's programming), and can be designed to have more of a personality than other synthetic/AI systems. My question here is.. How much freedom does a pAI have in interpretation? In its personality?

If a pAI's owner dies, is put into cryo, or is otherwise indisposed for an indeterminate amount of time, can that pAI still function under a 'default lawset' so to speak, or under directives/instructions it was given prior to its owner becoming unavailable?

If the pAI is never actually bound to someone, only activate, does it still have to consider that person its master?

These are things I've already gone into answering with pKATANA's 'programming', but I'm curious as to how much freedom a pAI would have without the extent the KATANA program has gone for their little experiment.

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