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Zac Prowess

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BYOND Key: BakaGaijin

Player Byond Key: Jediflamaster, character's name is Zac Prowess

Reason for complaint: The round in question had a Janitor named Boris Lombardi, who was hitting on my character, Samantha Mason, in a rather uncomfortable way, telling her that he watches her while she sleeps and that she could not "refuse her love", and he did this in front of Mr. Avery Dawkins and Mrs. Kimberly Dawkins. Samantha, being completely disgusted and freaked out, threw the drunken man out of the bar. Que in Zac Prowess, a CSI, who was pissed at Samantha when the Janitor came in the second time, claiming she damaged the man's liver. Samantha shoved the CSI away, and went back to socializing with other patrons. Later, the Janitor came back the third time after his injunction, where my character called for security to detain, while she was dragging the man out of the bar again. Prowess wanders over and said, "Don't fucking do that shit," to which Samantha insulted him. Whatever, things broke up, and I myself had to AFK. I went to the dorms to rest. When I came back 15 to 20 minutes later, I found myself bounded up with a straight jacket and gagged, assuming things that the CSI took out of the insanity ward. I know he was probably upset for the exchange that we have, but I was SSD in the dorms, and he took the liberties to bound and gag because I called him a stupid fucking gumshoe. He also tried to have the Janitor press charges on me to take me to brig even though he was not a security officer.

In short, Prowess took the liberty to mess with an SSD player who was in the dorms just to get back at someone for calling him a bad name.

Approximate Date/Time: The 10th of January, 2015, about 2:45 EST

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Zac and boris are good friends, and your character had Boris go through a serious surgery (it deals a fuckton of damage when you beat someone with a metal arm, it turns out), had him expelled from the bar, consequently had him spend most of the shift in the brig for passing through the bar on his way to medbay. He later on was stuffed in a straightjacket and locked in the ward. That's why Zac gave you the same treatment Boris got.

The issue was quickly resolved OOCly, resulting in Zac coming back there setting Samantha free, and samantha giving him a bionic arm gut punch. Luckily no surgery was needed that time.

I suppose I should have contacted admins before making zac avenge his friend, I tried to weasel out by telling Pump it was just a prank which was a lie.

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1.) I punched Zac in the face, not the abdomen.

2.) It would take a shit tonne of punching to hurt someone's internal organ. He was drunk off his arse, which caused his liver to be fucked up.

3.) I was not the cause of Boris getting straightjacketed. Boris was the cause of Boris getting straightjacketed. Boris had done creepy shit after being asked multiple times not to be creepy, constantly was breaking a CAPTAIN stamped indictment which barred him from the bar.

4.) You lied to a moderator saying it was a prank. You should never lie to staff.

5.) You are not allowed to piss with AFK or SSD characters. You were not an antag. You self-antagged. Your response clearly shows are not mature enough to play security.

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So I spoke to you in game when the incident was ahelped. I'm dissapointed that you lied rather then telling the truth upfront. You pretty much broke two rules which was messing with SSD/AFK players and lying to Staff. When I was speaking with you, I gave you a chance thinking you wouldn't make this mistake again. However now that you've admitted you lied, I'm inclined to lean towards action being taken.

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5.) You are not allowed to piss with AFK or SSD characters. You were not an antag. You self-antagged. Your response clearly shows are not mature enough to play security.


By those standards, you self antagged yourself, punching people with a bionic arm made of solid metal.

There's a difference between self-antagging, and conflict RP.

Conflict RP is the nice date, with a lot of build up to it beforehand, and justification for it to escalate.

Self-Antagging is just taking someone out because you felt like being an asshole.

Point is, punching someone with a bionic arm because they persistently try to hit on you, violating numerous injunctions from the captain themself, yeah....I'm going to hit you.

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"By those standards" is the key phrase.


No. Even 'by those standards'. Breaking server rules and doing something highly illegal and abusing your power is not the same as roughing someone up for harassing you. And breaking a signed injunction keeping them away. The 'bionic arm' exaggeration doesn't factor in. What they did was a reasonable IC response. What you did was an absurd escalation from an IC and OOC standpoint, both.

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Realistically, waking up bound and gagged, in some unknown place, especially after an apparent stalker tried hitting on you, would be absolutely terrifying, highly illegal, and possibly traumatizing. It's an order of magnitude worse than punching someone in the face. Realistically, it is a big, big deal.

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