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Company of Heroes anyone?

Guest Bokaza

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Does anyone here play CoH1 or CoH2?

I play this game a lot with my brothers and online friends. Wehrmacht is my favorite faction because I like how versatile the units are and, well, because germans. There is nothing like crushing american and soviet troops under the tracks of your own Panzer IVs.

Has anyone played this game? If so, what's your favorite faction and unit? Most hated map?

(P.S. - Americans suck, they just have OP Wolverines and shitload of cheap ass infantry)

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You haven't played the second one?

If you haven't, you should. CoH2 is by far the better game gameplay wise. Unlike in CoH, you don't have to be a supercomputer to micro most of your troops. It's been streamlined very well.

Also, my favorite mod is the Great War mod. Once I played it with friends in multiplayer 4v4 with 30 minutes peace time to entrench ourselves. After two hours of trying to win the damn game, we called it a day. In the end, the french hamlet looked like the surfice of the moon and we had 500 units lost for each player. Kind of a game to remember.

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I used to play CoH2, it was really fun, one of my favourite games actually. But once I had finished the missions, I tried Skirmishes, and I just couldn't win any battle whatsoever, always ended with me being pushed back to my HQ and having to turtle before being finally steamrolled.

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I prefer the original /because/ it's less streamlined. It has a much better campaign in my mind as well.

Well, I agree on the compaign bit, but streamlined controls are needed for PvP, which is where CoH2 shines, imo.

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Maybe we should play either CoH1 or CoH2. Mods are fine, if anyone is up for it. I currently have a tiny group of Aurorans that I play CoH2 with, as well as my siblings.

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