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Ace Unban Request

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BYOND Key: Ace_Ciprioni or Danky_McPotts

Total Ban Length: forever

Banning staff member's Key: Leore

Reason of Ban: Griefing

Reason for Appeal: This ban is quite old, at the time several months ago I had just started playing space station and had never played any servers previous, NSS Aurora was one of the first servers I played on and I got banned for DMing because I thought thats how the game was supposed to be played, Now months later I completely understand the game what RPing is and now understand why I was banned, which was infact a proper ban, but I am no longer a noob and would like to find a hard RP server to enjoy, I have heard many good things from my friend about aurora and I would like to play here. I do apologise for the grief that I had caused and I can assure you It will never happen again, if BYOND had some sort of tutorial I would have learned all this sooner. If you do not wish to lift my ban I can completely understand why the ban was a just ban. I would just like to ask out of the kindness of your hearts you give me a chance to actually play the server and show you that I am not actually a Griefer and did just make a noobie mistake as a beginner player.

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