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The Aurora Reader: A Library and Literary Blog

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The Aurora Reader

Library and Literary Happenings aboard the NSS Aurora


Welcome to The Aurora Reader! This is a collective blog ran by the various librarians aboard the NSS Aurora. Here you’ll find announcements, book recommendations, and events relating to the library or literature in general. We invite you to join us in the library when shifts are slow, or when you just feel like you need to read!

Library Services:

  • Book Binding and Uploading: Wrote something that you want to publish? We’ll happily turn it into a book and give it a permanent home in the external archive!
  • Writing Help and Tutoring: Need creative advice? Or maybe you just want to brush up on writing in Ceti Basic? We’re here to help!
  • Copying: The copy machine is available for public use.
  • Quiet and Privacy: We have plenty of sitting room and tables available! Hold a meeting, a tabletop game, or just sit and relax!
  • Chargers: The charger is available for public use.
  • Laptop Ordering: We have a laptop vendor located on the south wall of the library.
  • And, of course, books! If you don’t like what’s on the shelves, check out the public computer to view our full archive. Hundreds of books, right at your fingertips! Not sure what to look for? We can give you some recommendations.


Ongoing Events

Aurora Poetry Jam (Hosted by W. Steele) [Concluded]

Cross-Cultural Literary Series: Letters from Home (Hosted by W. Steele) [TEMP. CANCELLED]


Posted by Wynter Steele, 10:43AM

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Aurora Poetry Jam!


Looking for a chance to flex your creativity? Want to show off your non-work side? Interested in trying something new? Then the Aurora Poetry Jam is for you!

Take some time and write an original poem- any format, any length, any subject- and submit it to Librarian Wynter Steele. All poems will be published in a compilation volume, with a permanent place in the NSS Aurora’s library!

Submission Guidelines

  • Work must be your own original piece
  • Submit to Librarian Wynter Steele by 4/30/2460
  • If you wish to be published anonymously, please note that on your submission
  • There is no maximum or minimum word requirement
  • You may submit up to two separate works
  • Please follow NanoTrasen Company Guidelines- Do not use this to slander crewmates, for example. Your submission will be submitted directly to security in these instances.
  • While your work may be “adult” in subject, please refrain from submitting overly graphic or explicit poems
  • Have fun!


Electronic submissions may be sent via the NSS Aurora Public Uplink by sending a message to: Doxxmedearly

Questions? Need some creative help? Feel free to contact Wynter Steele in the library or via PDA!

Posted by Wynter Steele 11:07AM

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Hello everyone! There is less than a week until the end of the first Aurora Poetry Jam! You still have plenty of time to submit your poems. I’d like to offer a few reminders as we approach the deadline:


  • Poems may be submitted via the NSS Aurora Uplink by sending it to: Doxxmedearly. If you don’t see me on shift, this is a great way to make sure you get to participate!
  • You can publish your works anonymously, if that makes you comfortable.
  • If you’re still feeling creative after submitting your first poem, remember that you can submit another!
  • If language or writing is a barrier, please feel free to dictate your poem into a universal recorder! I will be available with a recorder if this is the method you would prefer.
  • Don’t forget to title your work!
  • This is a collaboration, not a contest: A majority of our submissions are from first-time poets, so you’re not alone! Don’t worry about skill; poetry is first and foremost about expression.
  • Still uninspired? I will be stocking poetry, songs, and rhymes in the fiction, adult, and religion sections of the library. Great writers use references, so please take advantage of this!
  • I am always here to help if you need! I’ll gladly come to your department if you’re too busy or understaffed to step away.


And thank you everyone for your submissions so far! These poems are excellent and I’m glad you decided to share them with the crew. I hope you’ll continue to write!

Look for the final publication at the beginning of next month, and keep an eye out for details on our next literary event, which will be posted some time next week!

-Wynter Steele

Posted by Wynter Steele 11:15AM

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NSS Aurora Poetry Jam: What’s Next?


Thank you to everyone who participated in the Aurora Poetry Jam! It was a huge success thanks to you- we received an incredible 30 entries this month! Trust me when I say I know it isn’t easy to publish your work; baring your creativity, your thoughts, and your feelings for all to see is an act of courage. Most of you haven’t written before this humble call for poetry, but I hope that you will all continue to do so. And to the readers who did not participate, I hope this volume will inspire you to take a chance, to tap into a side of you that you may not know is there, and experience the joy of seeing a creative piece from beginning to end, and putting it out there for everyone to enjoy.

So then, what’s next for the Aurora Poetry Jam? Firstly, I will be arranging and publishing the poems in a single volume to be stored permanently in our archives. The official title of this volume will be “Sound,” named after one of the entries. Not only will this be stocked on our shelves, but for the first few days (at least), I’ll be bringing extra copies around for each department to enjoy. A free copy will be made available for participants to take home, if they wish (Steele Publishing, based in Mendell City, has volunteered to cover the cost of printing as a thank-you for such a massive literary contribution).

I’ve also received several questions about whether or not there would be a verbal reading of these poems; while not originally planned, the interest in this seems higher than I anticipated. Therefore, I will be holding readings across several days and several shifts (In order to give everyone a chance to participate); please keep an ear out for the announcement! These will either be held in the holodeck (if available), the bar, or the library. Participation is voluntary, of course. Step up and read your poem, or come by to hear them performed! And if you saw a poem that you particularly enjoyed (but did not write), you’re free to come up and read it, as well.

Once again, thank you everyone for making the first NSS Aurora Poetry Jam a tremendous success! Keep an eye out this week for the details of our next literary event, “Letters from Home.”

Posted by Wynter Steele 9:27am

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Cross-Cultural Literary Series: “Letters from Home”


The NSS Aurora is staffed by people from all backgrounds and places. From Eridani to Sol, from Moghes to Adhomai, from Hiveships to the Frontier, we work side-by-side with individuals all across the known universe. And while our library is stocked with many hundreds of books, we lack the diversity of stories that we ought to have given our multicultural crew.

We’re asking for your help to remedy this! Help fill the library with the stories you think should be told! Tell us about your home, your culture, or your past, and share it with your friends and coworkers aboard the Aurora!

Examples of what we’re looking for:

  • Culture-specific stories
  • Folklore, legends, and myths
  • Traditional and Religious stories
  • Poetry and Song
  • Personal stories and journal entries
  • Stories in native languages
  • Historical retellings
  • Biographies


Submission Guidelines:

  • All submissions should follow the theme
  • Maximum length limited to one sheet of paper
  • Does NOT need to be written in Basic
  • No subject matter limitations
  • Does not need to be original work (If not, please provide the original source for credit)
  • Maximum 3 submissions per person
  • You may dictate your stories into a recorder and turn in the transcript, if you prefer.
  • Do not submit overly graphic or explicit stories


Submissions must be turned in to librarian Wynter Steele by 05/31/2060. If you are unable to deliver your work by hand, the librarian will happily pick it up at your department. You may also submit your stories via the NSS Aurora Public Uplink (“Forums”). After all submissions are received, the stories will be bound into a compilation volume (Or multiple, depending on the amount of submissions), with a permanent place in the library archive!

Need help writing? Please visit librarian Steele for assistance! Pens, paper, and a quiet space are available in the library.

Posted by Wynter Steele 12:27pm

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Notice of Temporary Event Cancellation + Library Updates



Hello, everyone. I am sad to bring you this post, as it is mainly due to my actions (or lack thereof).

Letters from Home:

With the month almost halfway over and only one submission to speak of, I'm shelving this literary event until a later time. It was a risk to put such an involved event in for this month, as I was aware I would be participating in fewer shifts due to personal business. As well, I had even more time taken off for bereavement due to the unexpected passing of two close friends. This resulted in being unavailable for the help and promotion needed to encourage participation in such an involved literary project.

If you have a submission, please hold on to it! The event is not permanently ending, but rather will be scheduled for a timeframe where it can receive the attention it needs (Tentatively 7/2460 or 8/2460). I apologize for my lack of proper foresight, and will make sure this experience assists me in better planning these events. Feel free to use this time to plan out your work or refine your stories!

Library Updates:

  • Our adult section has expanded! Lovers of WetSkrell may wish to check out our new subscription to BadKitty! We're also working on securing a subscription to Scales 'n Stuff, so keep an eye out!
  • In honor of the late Mother Irmguard Matrella, I would like to remind everyone that she wrote a book detailing her order, titled "The Abbey of Eternal Tolerance." We also have an anonymously-submitted memorial prayer published in her honor, titled "A Prayer for the Mother of the Aurora"
  • Librarian's Corner: "Blue" is my latest poem, written for a dear friend who passed far before her time. Published under the name "Snow."
  • New in Religion: Intro. to Holy Liturgy of God and the Moroz Holy Tribunal and Tenants of the Akhanzi Order


Posted by Wynter Steele, 4:11pm

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