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  1. Doxxmedearly

    bigass sprite rework

    I have to echo the sentiments about the bureaucracy sprites. The bins are very odd, and while the pens are nice, they're... huge. The lighter/watch/cleanbot look really nice. I've also enjoyed the grinder sprite. You do good work, but some things seems like they don't fit.
  2. I would also like to vouch for Melodic. She's a very passionate and friendly person, and was one of the players who really inspired me to keep coming back when I was new here. She has always, always been open to criticism and seeks to improve herself, as her past whitelist apps have shown. It may be a rough start as she gets used to the motions, but I think she can handle it. +1
  3. Doxxmedearly

    Clearer policies on DNC situations

    Ah, now that clarifies it. Though I don't think reminding other departments that the decision lies with medical is restricting any characters rights to say what they want. They can say what they want and maybe that influences medical's opinion. Maybe not. And while they can make demands, they carry no real weight. This isn't a restriction, it's a reminder. I do firmly agree that medical should not HAVE to clone anyone if they don't want to and it's reasonable. The wiki clarification on DNC would be a nice addition, I think.
  4. Doxxmedearly

    Clearer policies on DNC situations

    Strange ruling, as I didn't think crimes prevented cloning. Maybe I'm mistaken.
  5. Doxxmedearly

    Clearer policies on DNC situations

    Then these situations should be ahelped as well. They should know their jobs as much as security is expected to know their own. At the very least, one should know that ISD has no command over what medical does. I think a wiki clarification regarding making people DNC couldn't hurt, especially to help those who are newer players or newish to medical. There's nothing on there regarding it except for suicide from what I could see looking at the doctor job guide and medical guide. Something along the lines of "Breaking Regulations is not grounds for a DNC, and no department outside of medical cannot demand that a body not be cloned. A CMO or Captain can establish a DNC order with sufficient cause. The person must still be cloned if able, and handed to ISD custody after they are stable." Though worded, you know, better. Not a regulation or directive, but a clarification under cloning guides.
  6. Doxxmedearly

    Clearer policies on DNC situations

    As Jackboot said, officers can tell medical not to clone someone until they're blue in the face, but they have zero authority to tell medical what to do. The only possible say security should have is informing medical if a death was a suicide, which could halt it until medical confirms it. I don't feel that the HoS should have that right at all. If someone is a threat, the can be monitored by an officer during the cloning process and then taken into custody/questioning after the proper treatment. There should be paperwork that a CMO/Captain can fill out to document and explain why they're placing a DNC on a body. If it's questionable, they can fax it to central for a ruling.
  7. Doxxmedearly

    [1 dismissal] Add Instruments to loadout

    While I'm sure I could do a PR for better soundfonts to make it less audibly annoying, Dronz and Skull bring up the main issue with this- it's hell on performance (no pun intended). Until that gets fixed (which is probably never), this is a poor idea.
  8. Definitely a solid RPer, though your activity has been somewhat spotty. Not that that really matters for a species whitelist. Would like to see Melodic around more, and I vouch for their RP abilities. +1 from me.
  9. Hocka's a great person, a terrific RPer, and has so far been a shining example to other Vaurca and Skrell players with the whitelists he already has. Can't see this being any different. Solid +1.
  10. Hmm today I will pick up my gf from the airport and enjoy a nice week with her. See you all after!

    1. Synnono


      Happy couple time!

    2. GreenBoi


      having a gf and a stable relationship past friendship with someone<

  11. Doxxmedearly

    Medical Supervised Living Center (And Physical Traumas)

    No chemical testing area, sad Doxx Really though, it's a great redesign. Might see the sublevel used.
  12. Doxxmedearly

    Vamp bite tweaks (o no!)

    My first time as a vamp victim, I resisted out due to lack of knowledge. I knew the idea behind it but I figured "Well even if I hit resist it shouldn't do anything, right?" Well, an awkward bwoink later, and I know better. Would be nice to just remove the resist, but the OP suggestion is also a good one. The squishy sound could probably be replaced with another sound that isn't so comical, but I don't think it matters.
  13. Doxxmedearly

    [1 dismissal] Hold Security/Command To Antag Standards

    I think these two quotes are a great summary of some common problems. Half the time an announcement is made, there's a storm over common or departmental radios of people picking apart every tiny little detail, to try to unravel the legitimacy of said announcement without ever giving it a chance to progress. Leeway has to be given on both sides. Should you be expected to act like a total idiot to give every possible chance to antags who don't even try to be believable (as arrow said)? No, of course not. On the other side, should you expect the antag's announcement and story to be 100% watertight, with no flaws? Also no. That's just not going to happen. Leeway is the name of the game here. Command, maybe allow them to walk around while you fax central instead of keeping them cooped up (Or maybe don't fax central. Heresy). Antags, maybe don't load up on totally obvious weapons and gear if you're going to pose as an inspector or liaison. There needs to be concessions from both sides, as well as minimum standards of reasonable and realistic action. It's a balance. (At the same time, I understand why antags WANT to load up on all that stuff. 1) It's cool and 2) There's always that worry that security is going to shut you down and arm up, or ERT is going to come and erase you. But trust has to start somewhere.) But as people have stated, this doesn't seem like a cut and dry thing to be able to enforce. I think this is a discussion the community needs to have, but as an official policy with actual enforcement? I don't think there's much we can change here. Arrow's point about interaction generation is a good one. I don't feel that there's a good way to implement this policy without it feeling kinda forced.
  14. Doxxmedearly

    Money Sprite Overhaul + Additional Features

    Looking good. Sprites are nice, making the slot machines more accessible is great, and random penny generation is a fun little feature. Question, though: Does money still stack? As in, if I have 43 credits, will there be a stack of money containing 2 20-credit bills, a 2-credit coin, and a 1-credit coin? Are coins and bills separate? It looks like they still stack given the picture in github but I just want to be sure. edit: Okay, just took a peek at the "rude responses" bits in the code and honestly? Pretty memey. Not great.
  15. Doxxmedearly

    [Binned] A small, but important mining buff.

    Yeah, thinking on it more, I have to agree with Arrow. Even the RD shouldn't get supply comms.