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  1. Does this not just make scientists who want to experiment with protolathe items dependent on robotics, instead of the other way around? There are better ways to handle RnD dependencies. Moving it to robotics is probably one of the worst ways I can think of. Additionally, you've gone and made the robotics lab cramped again. Nobody likes the minigame. That's evident. Instead of moving it to robotics, we really should just be rid of it. It's gamey and dated. The only thing it does right now is function as a gateway for the absolutely preposterous amount of powergamers present in robotics, which I see as its only redeeming factor. However, I'd rather be rid of it and simply ban those individuals. But this is out of scope. I, too, love and play robotics frequently, and this seems like a terrible change. I do not want to be responsible for knowing research, and I do not feel that it fits with a roboticist's focus. It feels like we're just trying to shove an old system on someone else's shoulders, and if that's not a bandaid fix, I don't know what is. I agree that scientists lose nothing by removing this from their responsibilities, but you're just hamfisting it into a different area of science here. Not a fan. Strong -1
  2. -1 You still have issues with powergaming, communication, and in general playing to win. You've been antag banned several times. If you were to get this whitelist, I don't think you'd hold onto it for very long. I'd like to see improvement on all fronts before a trial. I also have a personal distaste for promoting existing characters, especially since I've only had maybe two memorable interactions with Gough. I've seen you since my first day here almost two years ago and I don't feel like there's been much in the way of improvement. However, if the whitelist team does believe you can handle a trial, then keep in mind the criticisms you receive here, work on improving, and good luck.
  3. "Sec Man Bad" wouldn't be a popular phrase is sec man was ever good.

  4. https://github.com/Aurorastation/Aurora.3/pull/8536 Attempting removal from nanomeds for now. We can take more steps after if it keeps being a problem.
  5. StarV266 is pretty weird as a synth. I can't say I'm terribly confident in your synth play and frankly your answers leave a lot to be desired. Can you expand your answers? I feel like you have the idea that posibrains are "dumber" than organic brains and that's not necessarily true. They act and process information slightly differently from humans. IPCs especially do not need to follow the "cold, robotic, no likes or dislikes" that stationbounds and drones do. You really don't seem to have developed what makes 267 a unique character, stating that they're all like the rest; if you think IPCs are all the same, I don't feel like you quite understand it. It seems like you just want the whitelist to be able to play Star when stationbound slots aren't open. Between your answers and the RP I've witnessed, I really don't feel like you're ready for a synth whitelist. A -1 from me I'm afraid.
  6. I feel like it would. If the issue people have is "soporific is weaponized too much" making it less available would be at least a good first step to try IMO.
  7. Fair enough, I did overlook those circumstances. Removal is out, then. I still stand by it no longer being needed in nanomeds, as there isn't much need for it outside of emergencies, and perhaps having it metabolize a little faster. It seems the temptation to use it is too high for how available it is. Maybe keep an emergency bottle somewhere in a locker or prep area in addition to chem-only. The numb-paralysis option still does not appeal to me as a solution, however.
  8. Having it be a paralyzing agent that leaves you awake seems very strange to me. A more thorough solution might be to rework how drowsiness affects people and make it make someone extremely sluggish, but that is perhaps a lot of work for the purpose of the thread. If having it too readily available is too tempting for players, we could remove them from the nanomeds and have them be chemistry-only. Less people walking around with it on-hand that way. That, or just outright remove it, because prate is correct in that we have neural suppressors now for operating tables. Sopor's main purpose died with that. I feel that it is too strange to have it be something that leaves you awake, but also numb, but also able to speak and hear just fine. That's almost what dextrotoxin does and that's considered a toxin. I think the suggestion of making it filter through a person's body faster makes much more sense. Especially if we also make it less available. I do agree that it is an extremely frustrating thing to do to a person.
  9. You may get your wish. I've decided to rework ling as my dev trial project. A project thread will go up once I have the first PR up. Pray reworking this mess doesn't kill me and ling might just become a fun gamemode instead of a meme. I've definitely taken the suggestions of this thread into consideration for my plans.
  10. My only issue was raised on discord, but bears repeating. Currently the drafted voters does not check the restricted jobs for the gamemode, meaning we once again have head of staff antags. (This is bug will fix) Otherwise, I'm hesitant but optimistic about this. More variation in roundtype is great. More people being antags is good. I'm worried about gimmick quality but honestly for the most part it can't go much lower than it already is.
  11. Agreed. Always be prepared to have to make more than the initial stock for that reason. And that's why it's also fine to take your time and space things out. It's not a race.
  12. Vrow you are an incredible chemist who spoils medical with more meds than they will ever, ever need. Calling this bare minimum is intimidating for new players and I'd like to tell them that not living up to this is totally fine. Medical has a reputation for being extremely irritated if they're not fully and overstocked and this is an excessive standard for people to live up to. The process is cool and good, but the amounts are... so much. I used to be a chemist main and whenever I try to come back to it now, I get berated IC for not living up to these standards and LOOC get asked if I'm new. It's very discouraging, though more to do with medical's general attitude than this guide. This is not a bad guide. At all. This is a great guide and a sorely needed update from our old ones. But what you call the bare minimum is a bit much for newer players. Your mileage may vary but here is what I would like to add: Peridaxon ODs at 10u. The fridge does not have to be stocked with three full bottles no matter what the nurses tell you. A tip would be to make half-bottles if you wanted to allow everyone to carry some on them, and make more as the round demands. KeloDerm should not be functioning as it used to pre-brainmed, as things were shifted around in code to make it so you can't metabolize both of them simultaneously. If it is doing that still, it is a bug. Three bottles of Alkysine is a safety net for a safety net. I've rarely seen more than one bottle used. Though it's pretty easy to make so I guess why not. Inaprovaline is cool to have but don't worry if you don't make it. Don't feel pressured to make enough specialty meds/peridaxon for every doctor/nurse/surgeon on shift. They have legs and can walk to the fridge for non-basics. The most important point OP made should not be overlooked: Find your process, your rhythm, and what works for you, and you'll have a great time playing it. If you are a medical player reading this, stop being rude to chemists who can't or won't follow this standard. Everyone is different. As a newer chemist gets more confident or wants to overachieve, this is a great endgoal to shoot for and the OP is basically the chemist wizard at the time of this guide. But do not feel pressured to start out at this level.
  13. I know that was the intention but the practice is that nobody really touches the viro lab (From my observations) and medical is extremely touchy about not being well-supplied (no surprise you got yelled at, even if you were in the right, but that's a discussion for another topic) so in practice they're really just chemists. I would oppose the removal of the biochem title and would rather see them as chemists who are expected to do, well, biochemistry research. I think the call to remove the title is not inevitable or even likely, but I understand the concern and I may be wrong.
  14. Why would they lose their slot? Pretty much any biochemist that's been played since the job merge has been played as a full chemist. If we want to keep the distinction between pharmacist and biochemist, though, I have a rough idea. We could turn the upstairs area into a biochem lab similar to RnD's chemical lab, where biochems could then RP as a sort of half research role for medical sciences (Which is pretty much what virology was, but with a narrow focus and shitty mechanics). They could conduct medical chemistry specific research, as I know some like to do, (myself included), while still fulfilling medical's needs for medicine. It would be mostly RP for the time being but something better could be built from that foundation, instead of trying to duct-tape the broken-ass and ancient viro system.
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