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  1. Lupo is an incredible roleplayer, and this is an excellent app that showcases a lot of aspects of Unathi culture: martial prowess, the contact war, honor, feudalism, religion... You definitely understand what you're gunning for here with this app, and I like the character. He feels very well-rounded as a person. Big +1
  2. my dad who works at byond says you're bad and people complain to him about you and he's gonna delete your account!!!!!!

    1. Alberyk


      Who is your daddy and what does he do?

  3. A good, hard working lad. Bringing the first carp kill to his boss (My HoP that shift) was such an incredible moment, as was asking for a character witness for his investigation rather than the offered raise. He's a pleasant and generous person to work with, and feels like a character with depth behind him. I feel like I want to get to know the character better, which is always a great sign.
  4. Well, kryostro. You've come a ways. You opened up a feedback thread for Shane. You listened. You improved. And you did it well. Shane's still goofy but not LRP anymore. You struck that balance. You seem very serious about this; the effort in this app is obvious. I don't think I know Topaz, but they seem well-received. Asked me months ago and I would have laughed at this thread. Now? I support a trial, and wish you the best of luck on it. +1
  5. I meant specifically in the fabricator area. I don't see one in the latest post, unless there's one hidden.
  6. God. Please. If ANY mapping change NEEDS to be done at robotics, it's this. It's simple. It frees up space. And there's usually two roboticists most shifts. Love it. Could maybe use a vent in it, too.
  7. While I did propose a flag to indicate the organ was removed, I am still highly in favor of the outright removal of appendicitis. If there are no surgeons, you suffer and die. If I wanted RNG to kill me with abysmally low odds, I'd play fire emblem. Now, we COULD do a lot of things to improve this. We could make a flag. We could make it a character select option. We could make it so the "event" only happens when medbay has a surgeon. We could make it less lethal. We could reduce the odds further. But at this point, I ask why we would make so many edits to save this random happening. What is lost by its removal? Some people may like it, but many people also do not. Personal preference aside, I don't see why we should do so much to keep an RNG happening that rarely adds things to rounds, and has a good chance of removing someone from it. So my support is still with the PR as presented.
  8. No- All tajara are bad

  9. Reporting Personnel: Moxie Maksell Job Title of Reporting Personnel: Mechatronic Engineer (Hephaestus) Game ID: b3b-dDDb Personnel Involved: - Za’Akaix’Crono Zo’ra, Security Officer (Brutish Offender) - Ka’Akaix’Voa C’thur, Scientist (Offender’s Accomplice) - Dr. Angela Ulery, Research Director (Witness) Time of Incident: Unknown Real Time: Around 1945 CST 9/11/19 Location of Incident: Robotics Lab, Brig Nature of Incident: [ ] - Workplace Hazard [ ] - Accident/Injury [ ] - Destruction of Property [ X ] - Neglect of Duty [ X ] - Harassment [ X ] - Assault [ ] - Misconduct [ ] - Other _____ Overview of the Incident: After the drill had taken place (Which I participated in and did not become space dust), I moved my exosuit down to the robotics lab, and searched for an experimental monkey to bring to medical, so they could test their upgraded operation table (Which was my last given task given by the respectable Director Ulery prior to the drill). The vaurca Voa had the monkey, and showed up to my lab with the brutish offender, who said nothing as we three moved the monkey to medical (Which they denied, as they were already using the operating table on a patient; capital work!) So we move back to the robotics lobby, and the red-carapaced offender asks me to come closer. Well, I hop out of my exosuit, and am immediately grabbed by the collar by this brute! He demands to know why I think firing weapons on his “cousin” is ideal; preposterous, as I never named out any cousin of his during any comments in my shift! I only made general statements regarding services vaurca could provide to science, and specifically stated that I would never use a vaurca crewmember in an experiment without the director's express approval. I had manufactured no weapons, nor had I planned to, nor did I ever directly address this Voa with any sort of threat. Well, the brute shakes me while gripping me by my collar while telling me to watch my tongue (And I warrant would have done worse, if not for the kind Director being a witness), then proceeds to arrest me; no warrant shown! He claims he was a direct witness to threats, but I say that is impossible, as there were none, and this was the very first time I had witnessed him! Even when the director says to let me go, he holds firm to my collar! He handcuffs me and drags me to the brig (I do not resist, given how afraid I was for my very life), where all my personal effects are removed and he proceeds to take my ID and charge me- without telling me what my charges even are! Now, I am no officer, but I am certain that is required! Did I mention this time in the brig is happening directly when the transfer shuttle is being called? It was! He then wordlessly drags me, shoves me in a cell, and brings my personal effects to an unmarked locker outside of my cell, near the processing cubes. Why, any officer, or maybe even a janitor, could have grabbed it! That’s NT equipment that could have been misplaced or stolen! And when my timer is up, why, he is nowhere to be found! I could have been stuck in security while the transfer shuttle came, if it weren’t for the presence of an AI which opened the door. And while I was in the brig, an atmospheric technician had apparently climbed into my aforementioned mech, which I did not have time to lock in my haste to jump out and see what security could have needed of me (I feared they had urgent need of me, with the way it was quietly stalking me during my trip to and from medical). I believe the offender directly contributed to this! In all, I was wildly mistreated, arrested due to the officer's personal whims, not to a broken regulation, and feared for my very life during this exchange. I want my charge stricken, and this defective vaurca fixed or replaced. And the vaurca Voa, who took my general comments as personal threats, directly contributed to my false arrest. I would never receive such horrific treatment on a Hephaestus installation, I promise you that! Did you report it to a Head of Department or IAA? If so, who?: The esteemed Dr. Angela Ulery, Research Director, directly witnessed most of these transgressions. Actions taken: The respectable director was aware but no action could be taken due to transfer and expert handling of the aforementioned exosuit issue. Additional Notes: This is why we don’t favor the use of Vaurca employees back home in Eridani!
  10. I'm not even sure why this warrants a feedback thread. It's annoying, it's immersion-breaking, and medical has plenty to do in most rounds anyway. The other option would be a persistent flag that indicates a character had the removal, thereby preventing repeat operations. This seems like a much simpler solution, since I don't think random appendicitis is adding much to anyone's roleplay. Big +1
  11. This was my immediate gut reaction to the app. Sleepy, you do good work, but you have a habit of disappearing. The last thing dionae need is a dev who will go dark after two months. Can you promise you'll stick around this time, or will this be a repeat?
  12. Well this appears to be the equivalent of using a .50cal on a synthetic rabbit.
  13. Alrighty. As long as that kind of stuff is considered powergaming, then this is a good clarification addition for IC operations.
  14. Great answers, great RP, great player. No doubt you'd do well with a whitelist and understand Unathi enough to play one on station. Also I can't believe you made me enjoy a character with Hatsune Miku flavortext. What even. Hearty +1
  15. I would like some clarification here on "Work Order" and "Standard Operation" I assume standard operation means code green? Is work order specific and separate from a regular order? When I read this initially, I assumed work order was akin to telling a department to make something for you. Such as a QM fulfilling orders, a chemist with chems, science with equipment, engineering with department upgrades, etc. As in, you can no longer force these departments to do these things for you because you're a head of staff. Which I agree with. But where do other requests fall under "work order?" Is asking sec to arrest someone, engineering to fix something, or a janitor to clean something a "work order" or just a regular order? Because these are things that should not be denied no matter what head of staff is asking. Yes, in theory, a head of staff should be charged with i214 whenever they attempt to order another department around, such as the QM issue. In practice... what officer is going to arrest their head of security when he's providing them with ammunition? Security officers barely police their own officers in my experience. I would like to see, as schev said, more enforcement of this reg, and more watching whitelistees for this kind of stuff. But if you're careful with this and what constitutes "work order," it could be a fine addition. You will have to be very careful with wording, because there are plenty of petty people who will cross their arms and refuse any head order, which is just going to be a huge mess. And if you do mean any order, well, then I'm going to have to side with the 'wtf" opinions in the thread. It seems like it would be less messy to just make something specific to the QM, IMO.
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