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  1. I have to echo matt for most points. I really don't trust you to be in any staff position for some time; you made a lot of excuses for your behavior over and over and none of them were very good. I'd like to see a longer period of demonstrating that you're not all talk in your "What's different this time" section. It's easy enough to behave for a month or two, but that's not necessarily a change of character. Honestly it seems like you're just back here because another server left a foul taste in your mouth. Fair enough reason for coming back, not really a good enough one to show your change of behavior, especially when it comes to becoming staff. TLDR; seems a bit premature. Stay awhile and I'll revisit my thoughts for the future.
  2. My only interaction with Judge was the very round of his death. Honestly he seemed totally real until he got those drugs in him, which then devolved into LRP screaming in all caps, after refusing to hand pills over to the person they were intended to go to. It felt like you just wanted an excuse to be OOC "funny haha drugs." Your explanation here about his drug addiction was not seen by me in-round. Literally all cargo saw was you zoom in, scream in caps about needing drugs, and zooming away. The IR fallout from this round is going to be hilarious, though. Too bad none of them listed any good witnesses. My only takeaway here for you is if you're going to portray something like addiction, stay away from the all caps silliness. I would have loved to actually have seen any part of your 5th-7th paragraphs portrayed in a way that didn't make me assume you were a baldie. Your writing here shows you know how to do good characters; bring it into rounds more.
  3. Remember that all change is bad. Petition to ban evil dev man.

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      muh ss13 culture

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      If it inconveniences me in the slightest, I don’t want it and clearly it’s a bad change

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      petitions are just popularity contests, no -1 bad suggestion make a feedback thread

  4. There were plans for it before I fell into an inactivity slump. So right now the future of my work on ling is up in the air. What I will say is that yes, something along these lines was intended; ling right now is very limited by the linear nature of their progression and powers, and this idea (closer to "egglike growths" than the limb thing) was intended to be one of several ways to combat that. The first part of the ling overhaul (PR is still up I just need to get it up to date with the last 2 months and hit some requested changes) sets a good framework for this by implementing the local hivemind. So even if I end up burning out on ling stuff, a dev or contributor will have a good base to work on for this. I stand by it being a good idea, as it provides several unique avenues to pursue for both the ling and its victims (Who may have a chance to re-enter the game as a horrorthing or something similar).
  5. PR https://github.com/Aurorastation/Aurora.3/pull/9103 Title. Why: Player rats are a nuisance. Why didn't I fully remove mechanics: If admins want to make player rats for whatever reason they can still do so. If devs prefer, mechanics can go, too. Easy enough. Discuss.
  6. Well, these have been in for about a month now, and the feedback has been great. Thank you to all of those who have complimented the new system, it means a lot to me. This thread will be moved to completed projects. Any bugs should be reported via git, any suggestions should utilize the suggestions subforum, and any thanks should be psychically delivered directly to my brain. Happy tripping.
  7. This is an incredibly rude and downright incorrect thing to say. In the last six or so months, the following changes to various antags have been performed: Ninja got updated to include a secondary ninja Borer got a total overhaul and was introduced as a gamemode Renegade got a total overhaul and was introduced as a gamemode Multiple improvements were done to cult, wizard, and rev Traitor keeps getting new uplink stuff to improve gimmicks, as well as a number of bugfixes and overall improvements to the gear I'm overhauling changeling as my trial project Countless bugfixess relating to antags and their powers have been performed As the posts before yours demonstrate, I am going to be undertaking an overhaul of the objectives system for antags which will help players with ideas and allow them to become more comfortable with their role, likely asking the community to submit ideas and participate in this change, with the overall goal of increasing antag quality and overall enjoyment for everyone. If there's something else you'd like to see, suggestions are always open, and I know you know how to use DM/git. If you don't see an improvement over how antag types were a year or more ago, you probably need to try opening your eyes. Everything we do involving antags is either 1) an idea we think is cool, 2) in response to a problem with it, or, mostly commonly, 3) a combination of both. Drafting was a response to a problem. Is it perfect? No. Is it better than what we had? It seems to be so far. Do we intend to take feedback into account and improve it? Well, re-read the thread; clearly we see where things can be improved. I'm honestly very surprised and pretty disappointed to see this coming from you.
  8. Well, keep your eyes open. I may very well be asking for ideas in the nearish future for this. The idea would be to move away from simple "objectives" and migrate towards bigger ideas. Anybody can come up with "Kill X", "Steal Y", "Suck X blood", "Raid vault." What I'd be looking to add is ideas more along "Here is a goal to shoot for" or "This problem exists, fix it" or "You are X, thrust into Y situation. Figure it out." Something to give someone a creative push. There wouldn't be checking for completion or anything. Just three ideas someone can use as an outline for antagging in a way that isn't boring. Sometimes you just have such paralysis about being an unexpected antag, you can't think of an idea on the spot. Even for non-drafted antags, it might help people come up with better gimmicks than "Steal captain's spare, go EVA forever." If anything it is worth a shot. It could very well be nixed, but I will probably move forward with redoing and implementing something like this despite that risk. But that will be for another thread.
  9. Yeah, exactly. "Completion" is a thought for the old system. The way I'm conceptualizing it is that it would present you a handful of suggestions for objectives or other ideas that could help give a push for people who need help coming up with something, with a disclaimer that you're free to ignore them if you have your own ideas.
  10. The objectives idea would need a pretty big overhaul in terms of what they offer, but it's not impossible to make them fit our community's RP standards. I feel that replacing them with suggestions/ideas for creating a round story would go far. I've already had others reach out to me about helping rewrite them to better fit our environment. It could be an interesting idea to have people submit ideas for objectives/ideas and go through them to make a new aurora-unique list. I'd be willing to undertake a good portion of the writing myself and go through community submissions to modernize objectives, if that's an idea the dev team feels would work.
  11. This wouldn't be a bad idea to help people get used to it or help people put on the spot. It could do with some updating, but I can see this as a good idea. Maybe even suggesting some gimmick ideas, too. Also we can definitely do with more detailed help menus for the antag types.
  12. I've not noticed the drop in antag quality that I was expecting when drafting was implemented. I was extremely skeptical. I still think it's too early to tell definitively one way or the other. But, I've noticed that on average we have the same players creating the same bad/lazy/uninspired stories as antags that they were doing before, and it's not the new/drafted players doing anything particularly egregious besides sloppier gimmicks as they get used to mechanics or come up with an idea on the spot. I still don't know how to feel about drafting, but I don't think it's responsible for poor quality antags. It seems mostly unchanged to me, save for we now have more varied gamemodes. Sometimes drafting still seems to fail, tho, which is weird.
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      Good meme, comrade.

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      Suns Bless the North my group of four to five people and nobody else, comrade.

  14. Well, I did witness a your RD attempt to protect her staff and exosuits against several heavily armed intruders, who were not really even threatening you or them, and just looking for the exosuits. You did this by attempting to use a KA to firefight with them. I feel like this falls in line with the more recent comments that you have issues with antags. I feel like especially a skrell should know better than to pick fights they cannot win, so do be careful there, as well. I understand staff likely spoke to you about this incident and the round was extremely hectic for a trial, but you really do need to not try to go hero mode to such a ridiculous level. Your RP is good and even great; I was your golem friend that got spaced by telescience nonsense, and we had a fun time. However, command is much more than just being good at RP. I hope to see you improve yourself, but I cannot give you my support at this time. Regardless, good luck.
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