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  1. Working with Hocka has been a pleasure and Matt and I totally didn't pressure him into making this app. While his technical knowledge isn't as robust as other devs (except me, marble-brain), he possesses the drive to learn and create. He is not afraid to take on larger PRs (such as his makeshift can grenades), nor is he afraid to ask for advice from more experienced devs. He would fit well in a team setting and would only benefit from being able to work closer with the dev team as a whole. His contributions speak for themselves. He's quick to fix any bugs or make any changes that are brou
  2. The evil is defeated


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      The next rats I seek to remove are Solarians

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      I love democracy

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  3. After further discussion with the development team, we've elected to disable players from joining as rats altogether. Assuming the configuration option works, this should be in effect starting on the round after this post.
  4. Not going to happen. There's no RP to improve. I've never wanted to see a reply to one of my threads less than this tidbit right here. Make no mistake, I would prefer the outright removal of them myself and this has not changed. However we are willing to work in a compromise to see if it makes anything better. I suspect it won't but nobody can say we didn't try. Anyway the current thought shared between Ferner and myself is to have pest random events spawn a set number of ghost roles for said pests. Rats is one, maybe lizards, who knows. No respawns. Limited number.
  5. We're revisiting this and considering some alternative options.
  6. jebmars.jpg

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      Jeb deserves better than what is about to be one giant canyon 

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      Voter suppression this Martian election got kinda heated

  7. This thread is 7 months old and has long since been merged. I know you're really excited about your campaign against the suggestions subforum but you don't need to necro a thread. If you wish to revert this go and post a suggestion to do so. edit: Moving to completed projects and locking.
  8. No secret that we don't get along OOC and I don't particularly care for his conduct in it. But IC I can't say I've ever had any complaints about his play or characters. I'm sure he'll do fine as command.
  9. I think the PR is fine as it stands. Putting it under existing laws about protecting property is not a bad idea, though by itself is probably not enough, as I agree with the points Doc has presented. Alternative options would be to couple that with significantly reducing the durability of the remote mech (It's not meant for combat) and disabling its ability to hit mobs (Again, not meant for combat.) However at this point the PR itself works as a solution. These are just other options if the feedback indicates they prefer it not to be removed.
  10. "Oh god why" indeed. You're crazy. Anyway normal bias disclaimer etc. etc. but in short +1 Mostly because I know how she's moderated other RP sites/settings off of SS13 and always felt like she's done a great job. She's a very fair and even-tempered person but her past experience shows to me that she knows when it's time to issue punishments, as much as she would rather avoid them. She pulls her weight on moderation teams and knows how to work as a group. I definitely feel like she's a good fit for the role.
  11. I play mining a lot and agree; we could use more sinks. I'd definitely be happy to implement some of the suggestions we get. A space bike is a pretty cool idea for one. Very good KAs could also be good on those rounds where science isn't around to produce any. But that should be like a 7k+ thing to not step on their toes and make them the primary source still. Fluff things like NT swag might also be on-brand for this sort of thing. Reward yourself by showing your NT pride!
  12. comment under this post when schlorrgo are finally a playable station species so I know when to come back. Thanks.

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      They are a station species, you can come back now

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  13. Carp migrations, blobs, spiders, vendor malfunctions etc. Aren't chaos. They aren't really that amusing. They're predictable and annoying to deal with at best (ie: on extended), and at worst, they interrupt actually chaotic or interesting rounds on secret. Security has plenty to do on extended almost every round; it just happens to not involve shooting things most of the time. The crew is always getting up to nonsense. Same goes for Medical; plenty of people get hurt in a given extended round. The roleplay is there for any department if they're willing to generate it. Random events a
  14. Because they see how hard you try for the title
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