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  1. I didn't ask for the pros and cons to be summarized briefly; there is good discussion in the previous thread that would be tiring to repeat here, which was why I linked it. I've already stated my opinion in the other thread and it goes unchanged after a month. Nothing here changes my mind, either.
  2. There is a suggestion thread on this already posted just a month ago. Lots of discussion already present there, though it seems to have died down. It does discuss the pros and cons of other communication as well as voices of concern about being cut off from people, which echo the valid concerns nicemoreoften is raising.
  3. Cookie synthesizer and hugging module? If we have bots that can make cookies on demand there will be no reason to use the pray verb anymore, putting admins out of a job.
  4. I do like the idea of the borg that Delta posted, although it's a bit memey as-is. The idea is a good base to work on, though. edit: This is also a very good point. A good borg should not move to a staffed department, but many still do regardless.
  5. There are several players I trust to play secborgs well. I will miss the good moments with secORB and being a reliable tool for sec as Moth. It's sad to take away potential for good borg moments like these as sec. There are good borgs, so I'm kinda disappointed with the blanket statements that they're all shit or terrible validhunters. That's rude to people who do well with the role. But I recognize that there are five times as many validborgs out there, with no RP, who are ruining rounds. I'm not against their removal, as the points presented by chada are pretty solid. I won't argue that the good rp we get is worth the shit rp we endure, as the balance is heavily to the latter. It's not a bad idea.
  6. hmm today I will witness the strength of metacliques

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      Alb stop stalking me I don't want your ice cream help maint

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      faysal claims anotherrr victim

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      push me to the edge

  7. VT's done an excellent job as lore writer. She also cares a lot about the team she works with (Like her previous skrell deputies). I agree she can be a bit abrasive when frustrated, but overall I don't think her attitude is much worse than a number of staff on the various teams throughout the server. I feel her writing is top-notch, her dedication to lore is strong, and she could do great things for our lore. I do miss you as skrell dev, though. +1 from me.
  8. Did something happen in medical when I was gone for a few months? Has its usage become common? Tricordrazine was a quick way to get the "medical mains" to laugh you out of medbay. 3/3/3/6 is great on paper but in practice it's uncommon to need to treat more than two injury types at once, and 3 damage a tick isn't going to be helping a critical patient more than a specialized medication will. Dex+ fixes all suffocation with even a 2u pill. Keloderm basically erases burn damage in seconds. Dylovene works better on toxins and is freely available. Bicaridine is a better choice for critical brute damage, which is a common one. Tricord is great for small injuries, triage, and when you don't have a chemist. It's more useful than medical purists say, but it's not overpowered at all.
  9. These are wonderful. I'd be interested in your commissions/rates. Do you have a site or preferred contact method? Forum PM?
  10. I can say with 100% confidence that there's not a single person on this server who is more dedicated to making Aurora the best it can be. Kyres puts incredible work in his writing, his planning, his teamwork, his spriting, his ideas and suggestions, and his RP. Kyres cares about this server and the community more than anyone I've met, and puts the work in to match. Giving him such a position would be nothing but great for everyone here and our lore in general. I seriously cannot praise this man's work and attitude enough.
  11. Stunbaton is an ungabunga instawin (except against sharks) crutch like flash used to be. Switch on, prod twice, congrats you won. I'd agree the taser/pepperspray could stand to be a little better if winbaton is removed from the starting loadout. Removing flash as a win button was a boon for the server. Sec had to adapt to having to actually work a little harder. I was maining sec at the time and it was great- I had incentive to use other tools, and learn how to operate the atrocious combat system. I'd like to see this get a trial run at least. I could only see this being an improvement.
  12. hmm today I will wonder if I'm out of touch?

    No... it's the players who have headcanons are wrong

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      No. It's Aurora and it's community that's wrong.

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      2676db.jpg.26d309134a555b290854c022c4de79fd.jpgNo. It's me that's wrong.

  13. 7.9) When bwoinked about how your character knows how to use a stealth suit, claim you were only testing it/showing it to prove it's dangerous/were told how to use it by the antag Always remember that you are NOT a security member but actually part of a well-trained paramilitary force. Never show fear or hesitation, and berate any officer who does, both IC and in LOOC/Dchat. You're a bootlicker IRL so make sure to represent that in your character, otherwise it might be hard to fulfill your power fantasy. Sharks are the enemy You can recognize things like stealth suits, because obviously as a security member entrusted with the station, you can identify all antagonist equipment. Peaceful gimmicks are bad gimmicks, and a ss13 sin of the highest order. Remember: only violence is fun, and anyone who disagrees is clearly wrong. Make sure to verbally abuse these awful antags in ooc/dchat whenever you can, relentlessly, even when you're not playing. Find a reason to engage them as sec (see 7.5). The antags are doing it wrong if they don't have the most interaction with security above other departments. SS13 is a combat simulator first and roleplaying platform second. If the antags attempt to use an announcement, your keen security senses can pick apart every flaw in it. They shouldn't be using it if it isn't airtight and foolproof; leniency is weakness! Be sure to scream your observations out on common. Bother command until they fax mommy central. If they don't, they're clearly a traitor, and must be killed. If you don't follow this guide, prepare to be roasted in OOC. Remember that security is a mindless force, and your character is simply an avatar of that, instead of a character. If you can't robust the antags to crew expectations, or elect to hide and show fear instead of responding to calls, you're shitsec and deserve the player complaint you're about to receive. You definitely have the training in whatever skill you need at the time to chase the antags. Using lathes? Hacking lathes? Disarming bombs? You know it. Never ever leave a cuffed suspect alone! Always be dragging them in a square. Baton them when they criticize you.
  14. I hope I'm misunderstanding this point - the point of the trial is to see if you're fit for the position and able to conduct yourself in a manner befitting staff, not to see if the players can handle your abrasive nature. All I'll say is I hope you improve yourself and your conduct, especially in OOC channels. I don't have confidence that you can do so timely, but I hope I'm wrong as I have been before. If the staff team wishes to grant you a trial, then good luck. But I do not believe you deserve this chance until after you've changed your behavior.
  15. This is my major concern with this app. You fire back often and hard. You also do your own fair bit of instigating in OOC and Dchat. We all are guilty of this, but I'm going to give you feedback similar to what I told Paradox: You are one of the more consistently abrasive and perhaps toxic people I've seen, and one among several names that led to me quitting the discord channels and my original mute on OOC. I had some faith in him to improve, but I can't say I feel the same for you at this time. You are very critical, and don't choose your words carefully, especially when it comes to antags trying new gimmicks and the like. You're not a great representative of this community, and I feel like that's a bad quality for a mod. I don't know that I can trust you when you say this: Or that you're able to remain level-headed and impartial, based on past and current behavior. I would love to be wrong, of course, and I'd like to see you chill out a lot. But right now I can't support this app for trial. I don't think you, at this time, would make a good moderator. A -1 from me, I'm afraid.
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