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  1. They look so out of place. Hard pass. Thanks for showing us the in-game for reference.
  2. Mmm... These really aren't an improvement. The broken ones in particular are pretty bad; they don't look destroyed, they look like they tipped over and cracked a little. And the shadow being cast makes it look... odd. Like it's not broken at all. And there's a lot more than the canisters that doesn't look great: The space heater is a really dull black box. Don't like that the PAPs look like canisters, either. Suuuuper weird. Like our current ones aren't great by any means but having them by a copy+paste canister with a fan isn't a great direction. Scrubbers are pretty nice tho. Overall note really into this, with like the exception of scrubbers and siphons.
  3. This combination would be pretty good IMO. It's the captain's spare- it should still BE in the captain's office somewhere.
  4. That's what I do, if I want something labeled. Put it in the description. "The tag reads John Doe." "The initials JD are engraved in the zippo."
  5. Yeah okay more common than I thought. I'm with the party of "Make it a default rule, allow ahelp exceptions."
  6. RP's pretty solid on Genevieve. Don't really care much for your warden, though. You antag play isn't super inspired and makes me a little uneasy; I feel you're a little trigger-happy. But you seem to do fine when dealing with other antags. If your OOC attitude is vouched for, I don't see any glaring reasons to deny you a trial to see if you can handle command responsibilities. Do your best to branch out of your characters' comfort zones and interact with new people. Lately I only seem to see Genevieve around the same one or two people. But that can be pure chance; still, very little is more annoying than a head of staff who only hangs around one or two people all shift, and it's been a problem here before. Good luck. edit: Altering my feedback. Had a lot of poor play from Genevieve in a very recent round. Lots of just bursting out at command, constant double-guessing, a fair bit of trigger-happiness, and there was a lot of information presented that she didn't pay attention to. It was a high-stress round and there was a lot of times where it was okay, but for the most part it was like, just throwing plain insults and passive aggressiveness at command. Very pushy, and I definitely got some validy vibes from it. You're going to need to curb a lot of that if you want to succeed as command. Not going to -1 just yet, but it left a poor taste in my mouth and makes me seriously doubt your ability to handle the flow of a round.
  7. Bold to assume Tajara deserve anything more than scorn. Yeah this should be easy.
  8. Prate and Resi pretty much nailed it. Being aware but helpless is better than being asleep and helpless. Also the PR doesn't seem to fix anything about it. It's still something people can gank with, just lets the victim scream "help maint."
  9. My experience has been the same as most others here; Joon is an engineer I enjoy seeing when I play CE, and he does well. I've seen him teaching apprentices things, which is a great sign. But your OOC attitude needs some dialing back regarding salt. Also agree with what Geeves said about CEs. We don't need superhuman know-everything-about-everything heads. Mine has never touched a tesla or non-phoron SM setup. Heads of staff manage and delegate more than they get their hands dirty, so make sure you're comfortable with both communication and sharing the spotlight. You do need to know enough to make the right calls; Is the situation beyond saving? What does your team need supply-wise to function? What tasks are priority? Does your maint tech actually know the thing they claim to know, or is what they want to do beyond them/too dangerous? Can you diagnose common problems with power? Let your team handle the specialized work, and give them a chance to shine. Nothing worse than a CE who insists on doing everything. You've got the round on your shoulders as command. I think a trial would be good to see how you handle the leadership aspect of it. Good luck.
  10. The fountain pens are super neat. I'm just a liiiittle concerned about them being mandatory starts in the listed PDAs, because of their font (Segoe Script for anyone who wants to look). What if your character isn't a fancy-pantsy writing type? Is it a headache to allow a PDA option for regular pens as an alternate choice? That tiny concern aside, looks great. A+
  11. We do have code for domestic slimes, so if you could make one unique, it would also be a good choice. And a cute one. Maybe not a top hat, but something that makes it just a bit unique.
  12. Great answers IMO. Love the justification for number three, and looking forward to seeing that come out in game. Also keep in mind that there will be plenty of synthetics, people with prosthetics, and non-Sk'akh Unathi around, so think about how Sreznai would view and interact with them. Note that while Sk'akh is gender-neutral, mostly they are referred to as the Great Spirit, or Three of One. Goddess is used by those from Dominia.
  13. Idea's good, but the sprite could use some work IMO. Would be nice for an RD to have an actual department pet that can be taken around like Ian, Columbo, etc.
  14. Best AI and Stationbound play from Tailson, bar none. The man understands lawed synths inside and out. +1 for that alone. Question for you, though: What do you feel are some key differences between playing an IPC and playing a lawed robot?
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