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  1. N/A resides not in this physical plane, but in the hearts of the people of the Aurora Community
  2. Both of y'all need better cliques smh maybe N/A can put in a good word for you.
  3. Damn grats to N/A for so many top threes what a beast.
  4. https://github.com/Aurorastation/Aurora.3/pull/8026
  5. A lovely message and reminder to us all. We didn't speak much but I always admired your passion and dedication to the server and your friends here. All the best.
  6. It was probably just an oversight when it was added. Offworlder stuff was all done in large groups so it's not unreasonable that specific things went unnoticed. Hard to think of every situation for testing. Which is why it's great to see bug reports and suggestion threads like this.
  7. Indeed, it is not a bug. I just peeked at the code. Breath masks have a a FLEXIBLEMATERIAL flag which exists specifically to say "this item won't prevent you from eating/drinking." I imagine it was added for the reasons OP posted in the post above. It's reasonable to assume you could move a scarf out of the way while eating/drinking without having to clog it up with a verb. All other scarves have this flag, just was left off the pioneer one. I'll add the flag in a PR later if someone else doesn't get to it first.
  8. There is nothing wrong with miners preferring the KA, or doing a big haul and staying on station. I've played miners who prefer exosuits and drills, and haven't really caught shit for it. I haven't witnessed people trying to force it, either, in my time in supply. But there is a problem with people telling miners it's the "right" or "only" way.
  9. This could be added. Forcing a crate with an explosion or KA could have a chance of breaking/destroying contents. Keeps it good as a "oh shit pop this open at all costs don't tell me the odds" last-ditch effort while curbing the "Yeah let's just order a thing and pop it open, EZ PZ."
  10. Accessible crate hacking like this would certainly be a cool addition. Big Yikes™️ I agree the discussion is important and I think your overall goal is solid. Do I think it'll get people who powergame and validhunt to have a revelation and change their ways? Nope. But I'd like the average player to read it and realize they don't have to go with that flow. It's not easy to deal with people crying/getting angry because you won't powergame/break character for their sake but the more people do it the less ground these offenders will have to stand on. Hopefully, anyway. Somehow I still have my optimism about this.
  11. Removal of the QM seems like an odd take here. I've experienced more quality QMs who keep the department on track more than I've experienced shittery. Whitelist it is... weird, too. It's not command and doesn't have the same responsibilities of it. It's also a great stepping stone for those who are looking to make a command whitelist. As Fresh said; sometimes a role gets shitters. If we removed roles based on shitters, we'd no longer have roles for ISD, assistants, janitors, chefs, chemists.... I'm not sure what QMs you've seen playing James Bond but I feel like this isn't the norm. I've seen shitters but mostly the QMs I've seen over almost two years have been pretty good, especially in the last few months. KA damage to players can be nerfed, and probably should. A lot of issues with "cargonia" are centered around arming up, I agree, but I feel like this is more of a player mindset issue than a department one; engineering has the exact same "An antag was mentioned, fortify" mindset in my experience. This is less of a mechanical issue and more of a player one. Whether it's the desire to win, fear of loss, or excitement at finally getting to use a weapon, I notice that for many, fearRP and reasonable characters go out the window when shit's really hit the fan. Will stopping cargo from ordering guns stop this? Not really. Everyone and their mother apparently learned spearcrafting as a child, so you'll just have the same behavior with different tools. And I know it's HARD to say no when the group's riled up and weapons are distributed and there's the promise of action after command probably told you to stay in your department forever... but you have to try not to get swept up in it and stick to character. Pick up that gun, but if you don't know how to use it, or you're a coward, or you're not comfortable with KILLING A PERSON (Having a weapon and using it are wildly different concepts)... rp that. And if you see bad behavior, even in your department group or IC/OOC friends, you gotta, gotta, gotta ahelp. Things do add up, even if it doesn't seem like you've accomplished anything. You can put up as many barriers as you want but powergaming behavior has to be stopped at the player or else they will always find a way. But I do hear what people are saying here with their experiences; there are plenty of people who get MAD if you don't powergame or break character FOR them. Can't hack the lathe? Urist McOfficer pitches a fit. Won't order weapons as QM? Get badgered ICly and LOOCly by cargo. Say you don't know how to use a RIG or Voidsuit? Frustration. Aren't a master at every single thing as a head? Get told you shouldn't have a WL. I caught a lot of shit in engineering when I questioned people making weapons or fortifying at the first sign of antaggery, and refused every weapon handed to me. My HoP didn't make any friends when I wasn't a cargo militia leader. If you're one of these people who get mad at others for not facilitating your spotlight, do everyone a favor and re-evaluate if HRP is for you. I really don't know if there's a solution to this other than a large player effort to shift the server culture into standing your ground against these people. But I don't hate cargo being able to order weapons. Good players do great RP with it; hold onto a gun for that secure feeling but never using it, the fear of knowing ISD can't help you and that your life is in your hands, the panic of knowing you might be forced to kill someone, etc. And I really don't feel this validy mindset is specific to cargo. Powergamers will powergame and good RPers will make anything fun and reasonable. If I were to suggest mechanical changes to curb this issue, the list would prrrrobably be: -Longer playtime age restrictions on QM -Maybe lock guns behind QM, Head, and AI access. I don't really like it as a concept but I wouldn't hate testing it. -KA damage nerf to people. But, as my .02, I feel like a lot of the issues center around player culture than they do around specific jobs or items.
  12. Print a high-cap cell from your vendor that has ten of them and put it in. It lasts a pretty decent amount of time. I did it all the time as my G2 engineer and rarely had problems. However, I agree that basic cells are pretty useless for them, even as the equivalent of an emergency O2 tank. APC-grade cells would be a better default.
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