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  1. I can't speak to the story, but Tailson's one of the RPers I look up to as a role model, both IC and OOC. He's a delightful lad who puts effort into the things he does, engages players new and old, and is familiar with the lore. I don't think there's anyone here who doesn't know and appreciate Harmony. He'll be an excellent example to any other player with an interest in the species. Hearty +1
  2. The best way I can describe RPing with or seeing your characters is tiring. You toe the line a lot between what's acceptable IC and OOC behavior and what's not. While I know you're saying Nick isn't your head of staff for this app, it's still important to bring up how people experience RP with the character you're most infamous for (One that, frankly, I would be happy to never see on the manifest again). And from what I've seen from you, I don't believe that at this point in time you're capable of creating a character that would be a decent head of staff. I get a strong vibe of wanting to always be in the spotlight from you, as well as self-antagging behavior disguised under "Oh he's just an asshole." Very rarely do I get the sense that you care about driving the round for the people around you, rather than just caring about your own amusement. You're also a poor example of someone with acceptable OOC conduct. I like to believe in people. But your behavior, IC and OOC, your characters, and how you play, gives me no confidence at this time. I'd love to be wrong, but it's not a reputation you're going to undo quickly. I would need to see earnest, consistent, and marked improvement in your IC and OOC behavior over a period of months, if not a year, before I would consider you fit for a head of staff trial. -1
  3. I have to say I've been pleasantly surprised by Paradox's handling of my ahelps during his trial. While in my eyes you still have a lot of past behavior to correct, so far you seem to be sticking to your word. Pretty glad and maybe a little proud to see that. I'm not against you becoming a mod due to what you've shown so far.
  4. Either solution is fine, but we need one of them. Janicarts are one thing. It's funny and has happened to me plenty. Pushing material crates and roller beds, however, is another. This is why I feel good ol' beeps should stop pushing objects. Either pass through or stop.
  5. I witness you leaving rounds early frequently, which happens, but it's not something command should be in the habit of doing. I think my biggest hesitation here is that you play antag endlessly. It's at the point where I have to try extremely hard not to see one of your characters and go "I wonder what kind of antag they are this round." Part of me wonders if you want this just to have additional gimmicks, but I'll give you the benefit of the doubt on this. And while your antag play may not be ban-worthy anymore, it's uninspired and doesn't, from my experience, really add positively to the round. I'll echo the other sentiments that say you toe the line often. Your OOC conduct remains questionable and abrasive in most instances. Far too much salt. In the end, I don't think I trust you to perform the duties OOC that Command needs to fill. A -1 from me, I'm afraid.
  6. What King is referencing is exactly the type of thing I mentioned in your first app. That doesn't appear to have changed whatsoever. Command is about delegating tasks and finding ways to make the round enjoyable for others, as you have that power at your disposal. It is not about being in the spotlight or being a super doctor. You have serious powergaming issues that need to be curbed before I feel that you've earned a trial. It's disingenuous to assume we have not played with or witnessed his play before making our feedback. I may not play as much as I used to but I am still around. I'm not making these comments lightly. It's the admins decision in the end. I've provided my feedback. I hope to see continuing improvement.
  7. As a side note for newbie miners, here's a lazy counting method while we await a potential rework: Alt + Click the tile the stacks are on to bring it up in the "turf" tab in the upper-right. All full stacks are fifty (Unless someone messed with the stacking default), so multiply the number of stacks by fifty. It's way less laggy than right clicking. Examine the stacking machine console. Jot down the numbers BEFORE forcing an incomplete stack out. After writing them down, force the stacks out. Still a pain in the ass but it's a decent way to get around byond slowing you down. CTs can use this method, too, since they have access. It'd be a time saver to automate this paperwork. Would be cool as EoR stats, as Flam said.
  8. I still don't feel as you've done much improvement since your first app, which was just earlier this month. Perhaps you're making strides I haven't noticed, but I still think you have improvements to make before a trial from the play that I have noticed. I maintain my -1 for now.
  9. That could be the shift we're seeing, and if that's how people enjoy their free time on spacegame, then power to them. There's a problem with enforcing this, IMO. You cannot stop me from making unique characters who want to play in the "hugbox" or whatever term we're using on the internet these days. I can get a whitelist, prove I know the lore, and make a unique character within the confines of that lore who has their own personal reasons for not being xenophobic, or spitting on guwan, or w/e, and still be playing a character who is realistic within the lore. And because you can't stop this on an individual level, there's not much to be done if a majority of players ALSO want to play that way and make such characters. It's just how the community shifts as old guard leave and fresh new faces log in. I agree that this is a problem, but it's nothing that you can enforce as lore staff. On the other hand, I've been on the receiving end of nonstop irritating criticism for playing "hugbox" characters, like a guwan who wasn't a total asshole, as one example, It got to the point where I had to stop playing them. I'm with you in that the community can be an extremely irritating mob of "critiques" that aren't much more than personal gripes and insults, and I would love to see that stop. I enjoy seeing rude characters, and I enjoy seeing kind characters. It's pretty upsetting that people can't experiment or have freedom to play certain characters due to this. Should people be free to make discriminatory/inflammatory/xenophobic characters without backlash? Yes, absolutely! But I also think it's not a problem that people want to play friendly characters. Being friendly and accepting does not make a character bad any more than being xenophobic makes a character interesting. The problem is when that spills into OOC, or when metacliques start mobbing a person, for making the choice to play someone less than totally friendly. I think this is a bit of an overexaggeration? Mostly the use of "everyone" and saying that they're not following lore. My human not hating vaurca isn't me not following lore. My unathi who keeps his distaste for synthetics inside to keep up appearances at his job as a command member isn't ignoring lore. I'm sorry if you want to play a character who experiences discrimination (like vaurca) and aren't getting it (I empathize), but people are free to make xenophiles. edit I like this. There's a lot of subtle xenophobic plays that I've seen people do.
  10. We could argue that a paper report is better for on-station personnel to check productivity. There's reason for it to be there, though I admit I see nothing wrong with the idea of pretending one was automatically filed with central. Though on-site managers are usually the ones expected to gather productivity crunch numbers and submit them to corporate, so I can see a use in having the station collect and file yields. JB's last idea isn't a bad one, either. The stacking machine counts and organizes the product. Why not have a button that just says "Print Report" and have a yield completed that just needs names and a signature?
  11. Will he have a romance arc with Moth? He's one of the characters I like seeing around. I haven't done too much in medical to talk more about him but I think you do a really solid job being an example of excellent RP. I've seen him be tired and frazzled and afraid- things that are deceptively hard to RP. He strikes me as a character I'd like to spend my rounds around.
  12. Since these seem to be the trending thing right now. I'm not as active as I once was. Most of my old characters are gone (Sunny, Xichi, Hadiyya) as I try a fresh start with Aurora. I'm interested in my synth play, and how people view it. Moth is my stationbound. It enjoys lights and calls roboticists mom. Leviathan is my G2 Engineer, a non-free positronic on loan from Eridani, known for their TACTICAL COOLING SKIRT. All feedback is appreciated as I try to improve. Thanks.
  13. Echoing this. Ryder was a headache to deal with in medical back when you started here with him. I don't know if you've improved since, but seeing Ryder was enough to make me want to stop playing as a co-chemist, and playing my EMT while Ryder was around was a headache because he was always THERE in treatment. I find myself agreeing with Cactus and Ornias here, so I'm not going to repeat their points beyond what I already mentioned. I've noticed much of the same as them and it's pretty consistent. You can improve a lot, but until you do, I can't say I'd like to see you handle any sort of command role. -1
  14. Long overdue in my opinion. Wholeheartedly agree. It's very easy to miss.
  15. I've always liked nursie and the decisions she's made, though I haven't interacted with her much personally. I'd like to see her on trial again; she's done well in the past, and seems willing to work on the issues with herself that she recognizes. Though if such things aren't worked on, then I suppose I don't think she'd have the proper demeanor to be staff. A trial period would be good to see if she's dedicated to the role and to changing herself for the better. +1
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