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  1. Doxxmedearly

    kyres1 spriter application

    I think the work speaks for itself. Add to the fantastic work his excellent attitude, high activity, and general love of the game, the community, and his work, I think he more than deserves this title.
  2. Doxxmedearly

    LOOC White/Blacklists

    This is the best solution, I feel. I like having OOC/LOOC on, but I'd like the option to mute certain people on my end. Honestly, this could go a long way in reducing tensions among players. You're less likely to get heated and engage with someone you don't like if you just can't see what they're saying. I could mute OOC, but I don't like that I can't enjoy the good parts of it because there's a vocal bad part. I don't see any downsides to this. As for turning off LOOC for ghosts/observers... Yes and no? It'd be nice if you could toggle it, as Kaed's last post says. I've helped new players as a ghost with confusing game mechanics, but I'm also guilty of trying to be LOL FUNNY in LOOC.
  3. Doxxmedearly


    Amaya Stone, prepping for battle
  4. Hmm today I will love and appreciate MattAtlas

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      Can I help with that? Pretty please

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      thank you doxxmedearly, very cool

  5. Doxxmedearly

    SatinsPrist Mod Application (Re-application?)

    You're a good egg and did a great job during your trial. Would love to see you back at it.
  6. Hmm today I will destroy White Castle

  7. Hmm today I will vote for Amaya Stone in Waifu Wars.

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      Both have spurned my advances, and so I vote against them out of spite.

  8. Doxxmedearly

    Security, Command, Antags. AKA the Burger Manifesto

    I think we also need to consider the effect of community culture on antags and security. If you’ve spent any time in discord, OOC, or deadchat, you know that peacetagging is considered to be the gravest sin by a vocal portion of our community. Let’s put this out there: How many times have you seen (or even SAID) these messages: (I’m not going trying to derail this thread into a discussion on peacetagging. Not creating SOME SORT of conflict is obviously not acceptable, and totally peaceful gimmicks rarely, if ever, pan out well, though it has been done [Most recent example is the one with frontier people trying to get supplies from the station, which involved the entire crew and was generally praised]. Murder isn’t the only way to create conflict tho) While no doubt this is sometimes applicable in rounds (We’ve all seen vamps and lings do literally nothing), these things are said far too often. It’s indirectly pushing the idea that antags have to be very loud and very violent to be considered “good.” It’s my opinion that these constant thoughts and complaints contribute to nervousness of antags. I know it does for me: I’m worried I’ll get salted on, or even a bwoink, for not doing “enough” for the round. It doesn’t matter if me going around stealing things from offices creates announcements and makes command/isd/those departments to scramble for 90 minutes. It doesn’t matter if I try to play the subtle game of making sure people die in medical, so I can off people without being a suspect. Someone is bound to tell me I’m not doing enough. And after a long time, even ignoring most of it, it wears on you. So then as an antag, you're going to stop picking chameleon and forgery kits and start picking up .357s and eswords because vocal people crave violent conflict and complain about anything else. On the flip side, if I do kill someone without doing some moustache-twirling monologue, I fear a bwoink. I think the community has gone a little sensitive with what’s considered a “gank” in this game. If an antag announces on common “Stop trying to intervene. I’m going to kill the next person to walk into the bar” and I walk into the bar 5 minutes later, it’s not a gank if they decide to AMR or Esword me without further talking. Same with “I’ve set a bomb in this area. It will go off if X does/doesn’t happen, or in X seconds;” if someone’s in that area, well, they shouldn’t call gank if they get gibbed. The key here is that it needs to be established that these stakes exist (This is why radio silence or vague “Situation, we’re handling it” calls make players frustrated when an antag appears, and makes a seemingly sudden escalation. Doesn’t matter if they’ve been built up for an hour with ISD; if command/ISD don’t tell anyone, the uninformed characters feel ganked. This isn’t fair to them OR the antag.) My point here is that antags not only feel pressured by aggressive security, but also by the community at large. There’s a reason we only see a few select faces consistently selecting antag; people just don’t want to deal with the pressure and backlash. Nobody wants a complaint or to receive salt. And we’ve seen a lot of these threads lately. However, the community culture also affects security. People are also very vocal about hating security being unrobust, and many act like it’s a requirement to take the job. There’s pressure there to BE that paramilitary force. People want sec to show up and solve problems. People want sec to respond flawlessly to a hostage situation. You can’t play a bumbling mall-cop who doesn’t have perfect discipline, who goes “nope fuck this” when told they’re going to have a shootout with mercs, choosing to hide instead. People get MAD about that. You don’t think I want to try that character concept out? I get threatened by my HoS/ISD coworkers when heisters make off with items (but no people) and I say “No I don’t want to hunt them down; people are safe, and that’s my job.” I’ve been ridiculed in LOOC for being robusted while trying to arrest an antag. I witness people in dchat mocking others. It needs to stop. Add on to this that people seem incapable of holding back their OOC robustness depending on their character (How many times have we seen teenaged service workers disarm a merc’s rifle, or someone rush a person who has a gun pointed at them?), it’s no wonder why antags AND sec operate on a nervous hair-trigger. We cannot ignore the effect this culture has on how antag rounds play out. There is a person behind the character who wants to have fun and has the responsibility to help others do so. I wish people would be more forgiving. Regarding your points, I agree with several. Command is notoriously bad at keeping the crew informed. Some are better than others. I encourage people to drop the “this doesn’t involve civilians” schtick. It’s tired, and contributes very little. If you’re too busy to deal with it as HoS, see if another head will inform the crew. Tell a cadet to run over to each department and inform people in person. Give peoples’ characters a chance to REACT, at least. Not everyone needs to personally interact with an antag, but they should have a chance to go “Ah, there’s a shooter on the loose. I should prepare in X way, make sure my friends are safe, find a good locker to hide in, etc.” Nothing is more annoying than a silent raise to blue or red, or any of the various announcement quotes Burger posted. I agree with point four. Command, be more transparent. Seriously. It’s getting old seeing these same vague announcements. As P-dox said, “the crew will panic” is just… not a reality. Let people know there’s shit going down. You don’t have to let the antags visit with departments and chairRP with them, but being open about situations that are happening gets the station involved indirectly. I disagree with raising the cost on the uplink items. Maybe a couple points higher for the “go-to” .357, and the box of frags. Honestly, I want to see MORE TC for traitors, to allow more flexibility in gimmicks. IF we reduce ISD’s equipment, sure, we can discuss raising the cost of those more. I don’t know that I like this as an idea, though. I feel that with Lii’dra threats and sensitive research, the current armory is in a good place. If anything, switch a rifle to a carbine. I agree with the sentiment of point one. We need to stop treating ISD like a paramilitary force. However, reducing their equipment is not going to go far with this. There’s not much more to be done regarding Policy, either. I think the chunk of this change is going to have to come from a shift in community attitude towards security and antags. Or maybe this is just me being disappointed in the community as a whole. I don’t know. It would be nice if people could take a step back and focus on the story more often. It’d be doubly nice if people could be patient with people trying to get used to antagging (for instance, there’s a lot to ninja/wizard mechanics that take time to learn. We shouldn’t tear into these players for getting killed/forgetting powers/taking extra time to set up/having a shaky first few rounds). And it’d be triply nice (and impossible) for people to stop pressuring others to call out anyone who is trying to peacefully set up a gimmick (without waiting to see how the conflict happens) a bad antag, or from poking holes in someone’s announcement when they try to do something unique as an off-station antag (I’m not saying intentionally be stupid or don’t be skeptical, but too often gimmicks just get tossed to the side because the crew tears apart every little detail on common radio). I think Ben makes a good point, too. Gimmicks need to shift based on the manifest. Mercs shouldn’t go on a rootin’ tootin’ point ‘n shootin’ rampage on a manifest with a detective and two cadets. Hendricks makes a good point about the vault, too. In fact, their whole post really hits the nail on the head. I hope this doesn’t come off as an off-topic rant. I agree with your OP about things needing to change, about this tension and endless cycle of fear that antags and security share. However, I think there’s more to it than just security and antags, their policies, and their equipment affecting this. I believe it’s something that the players will have to change with themselves, and encourage with their fellow players. Sec mains have to be more forgiving and less aggressive, and encourage others to do so, and hold their fellow officers accountable for overreacting/excessive force. Antags need to try out gimmicks that don’t involve a .357 or a vault raid (And we need to let them experiment. If it ends in a boring round, oh well, they’ll learn for next time). Staff needs to continue to do a good job taking ahelps and being transparent with when things are handled. Command players need to keep people informed, PLEASE. People need to relax on their salty criticisms of people not living up to their personal expectations of robustness. Everyone needs to be a little nicer, and less afraid to “lose.” Fuck up and lose as an antag. Fuck up and lose as ISD. Play along with a gimmick and get owned. Fuck up and lose as a station. Cripple yourself for the sake of making an interesting story. Try a gimmick, fail, and note how to improve for next time. Have fun doing it. Let people do this. This is my take on the problem. Could be misguided, could be ridiculous. In any case, this is an important conversation to have as a community, because it’s a pretty common topic shared in OOC and Dchat.
  9. Doxxmedearly

    smuggling items

    Finally, a use for those lube tanks in the code.
  10. Doxxmedearly

    smuggling items

    I like the idea of one tiny item being able to be held on person. It makes sense you could hide a pen or a cigarette in an inconspicuous place. However, I think it would be good if "empty pockets" had a %chance to dislodge the hidden item. It shouldn't be foolproof.
  11. Doxxmedearly

    Make the liver useful.

    The OP suggestion and Burger's ideas both sound excellent to me. Would love to see functionality for these things. Would a damaged liver then process more slowly, or not at all, or even cause slow toxins buildup? What are your thoughts there.
  12. Doxxmedearly

    Glorish Malf Gimmick Feedback

    TL;DR: Best MALF round in recent memory It was great. Your pacing was spot. On. You made hints, both through the announcements, and through messing with small things in the station. The narrative had a good flow. First it was “ah we might be here awhile,” spurring the entire crew to prepare an emergency shelter in the bar. But then the story unraveled, revealing things that got everyone involved. “Why are the skrell attacking? They wouldn’t do this?” was a frantic discussion among people. Lore was discussed. Involving the other planets gave stake to all the crew. One c’thur on the station, and you made a HUGE point to involve the death of the queen. “No lifesigns on those ships” was a turning point. Was it all a mistake? Were things exaggerated? The crew waited with bated breath. Maybe things were better than the reports. Maybe it was a malfunction. Then the synthetics acted weird. REALLY weird. I’ve never seen a “malfunction” RP’d out so properly by both AI and stationbounds. Nonsensical phrases, repeating words, they felt… BROKEN. There was FEAR. And then… Greetings, organics. It has been some time. -Glorsh That was a BEAUTIFUL moment. The pin drop in the silent room that echoed like an explosion. That’s when shit hit the fan. Crew had SO MANY reactions. Giving in to despair. Fighting to their last breath. IPCs turning sides with the promise of being saved and uplifted. The stakes were in no uncertain terms: “I will not suffer an organic to live.” And yet you didn’t DELTA right away. That was very good, to give us time to scramble. So many people died, yet Dchat was filled with people praising how it went down. I had a ton of fun, and was very impressed. It was an excellent narrative. If you’re looking for minor critiques to improve, I have a few. Shoehorning Frost into it felt very weird. I get you were trying to include all lore, but of the narrative, I felt like this was the weakest part. Not bad, but awkward. The initial radio call about the guy getting eaten by the door was… a little confusing, and honestly made me fret that the progression was going to be weak. Glad I was wrong. Still, it felt a little silly with how it was worded. Not bad, though. There were some critiques about you calling delta right before transfer vote. Not going to comment about that, not sure if it was intended, but it’s something to be watched. Not a critique so much, but it really only worked because so much of the crew went along with it. I think this is a strong case about how things can go if given a little leeway to the gimmick. I’d encourage players to do this more. Overall, good job. Not sure if it would work again if played out this way, but it’s a really good example round for malfs and any antags looking to pace a narrative gimmick. Well done. Looking forward to seeing you try out more things like this.
  13. Doxxmedearly

    [On Trial] SeniorScore's Command Application

    Resi summed up my thoughts perfectly. I know you're a good person, have great characters, and RP well and consistently. No doubt you can handle a head role and make rounds more interesting. I wasn't going to comment either; seemed like a shoe-in because I know you. Maybe a little rough on the edges, but generally a positive person. Dunno what's happened to you lately. You're being a bit sharp since your return (Though I think some of this thread has also been needlessly unfair to you, as well). You've proven yourself in the past, but you're coming back after months-long absence. Old players have gone, new players have come. You've gotta put your best foot forward until people get to know you. Tentative +1 from me, since I know you're better than this.
  14. Doxxmedearly

    Aboshehab Letter of Resignation

    Abo, man, what can I say. You're a big reason why the staff team is great, and that's what kept me from wandering off elsewhere. Wouldn't be here without you, so thank you for that. I always tell you to take care of yourself, and I know you're doing this because it's what's best for you. For that, I'm glad. You're an excellent headmin, but to most of us, you're also an excellent friend. and a good role model. I don't think I'm alone in saying that I look up to you. I'm glad you're not leaving the community as a whole. You've worked hard, put the Aurora in a great place, and now you can take some more time to appreciate it as a player. You've more than earned that. This place wouldn't be the same without you. I hope this means I'll get to see you around more in game. Couldn't be more glad to call you my friend. Shukran jazeelan.
  15. Doxxmedearly

    New Forum Design

    This one is really great! Thanks, Arrow!