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  1. Yeah, Haydizzy has been killing it with their trial. Lots of rounds played and all of them well. Solo, extended, secret, canon events... Yeah, he's able to handle what the game can throw at him, and he knows how to be a command presence without being overbearing. As Menown said, they know how to delegate. They've always been an excellent roleplayer and a fine person, so I'm not surprised he's been doing very well so far. Hearty +1, nice job.
  2. I don't mind the nuke being present. But removal is an okay option. I still think it should be available for over 25 TC so they have to really commit to it if they want it that badly. Max one, of course. And only available for purchase if on their ship. Would be kinda bogus for them to just pop one in anywhere.
  3. This is in. If this is still not enough for the weaker drinks, the only thing left is to increase their strength. I'll leave this thread open for more feedback.
  4. So here are my thoughts. Cuffing right now causes items to drop from the cuffee's hands. When the ling items (sword/shield) are "dropped", they revert back to normal arms. This is tested and confirmed working. Forming an arm blade or shield causes cuffs to break. Intended and working. The shield disappears when the ling is unconscious, but not the blade. More on this later. So with this information, we look at the rationale presented by both sides. Mechanically, changing this or not is more or less irrelevant. Why? Because if you can be cuffed, as it is currently, you can break back out as soon as you're conscious and able to. And if it WAS changed to where you could not be cuffed, not much would change, either. After all, those cuffs you put on the ling would last only until they were conscious and felt like breaking back out. Of course you would still want to cuff them, at least for the first time, as knowing that they can break back out before they demonstrate it is metagaming. As for the "it's cheese that you can cuff a thrashing arm" argument, I have to disagree. If you're being grabbed aggressively (prereq for cuffing), you're restrained by the person; you're no longer thrashing. So with the mechanical difference being very minute at best, we look to the argument of "Is this silly?" And I find myself agreeing with Garn; the arms simply aren't arm-shaped anymore. Cuffs would slide off a blade, no matter how thin or thick we headcanon the weapon to be. The shield, too, presumably turns the wrist and hand into a large surface (Even the shield description indicates a pattern of fingers), so you'd realistically have to cuff further up the arm. And since we assume you need enough "arm" to swing the blade, you can probably cuff further up the arm there, too. So the change I will be looking into implementing is more or less as presented in the suggestion: Normal cuffs, IMO, should not be able to secure a ling who has a shield or blade out. However, zipties, tape, and cable cuffs I will still allow to work, as those are more elastic and presume you are applying cuffs to the bits that you can actually reach. I will also probably change the arm blade to retract when the user goes unconscious, to make cuffing them when fully disabled by pain and damage an easier venture. If they went through the work of disabling a ling, they should be able to cuff them. And I don't have a problem with this, as cuffs are no longer a round-ender for ling. Either item or form (lesser or horror) allows you freedom. I do not know when I will do this change or if this will be the final implementation, but this is my thought on the matter as of right now.
  5. Echoing Shen and Schwann. "Not enough to do" is a non-argument. As well, we shouldn't be encouraging characters with no weaknesses in their job duties. It's a wide field in-game. If there's confusion in what titles can do what (Which I have seen), then the better solution in my eyes is to better define the alt titles. Or, split the slots. That's fine, too. There is enough material there to maintain a distinction between duties. Everything else I feel has been nicely summed up by the two posters before me.
  6. you don't need a story-level gimmick to make a fun round. 

    "But people will complain, doxx"

    Yeah they do if you sneeze wrong, too. play your game. 

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    2. Carver


      It feels difficult to immerse in the role without some form of backstory or gimmick for it, I've found.

    3. Doxxmedearly


      I prefer having them too when I antag but to require it of others is why we have people afraid to do anything

    4. Carver


      More justifying why I personally use that reasoning to not play antag (which may or may not be shared by others), rather than justifying those who insist others have one.

  7. It is not a bug, even if it seems silly. I think it was something that was not really thought about. With the changes made to ling over the last year or two, there was never any change intended for blades to STOP handcuffing, but to be able to break cuffs. If the design was to stop handcuffing altogether, this would be a bug. I may see about making this change, though I am following the feedback presented by others. However, ling can also escape cuffs by going lesser form, can they not?
  8. Some quick thoughts: 750 health is still too ridiculously high. 15 damage ranged projectiles are fine. Carp do that much damage with a bite, so I have no problems with that. 30 brute melee is... okay? Depends on other factors, like how easy they are to escape. It should be okay if it's in the 20-30 range. In fact, there's already code in place to semi-randomize damage from a lower and upper limit. Speed should be very slow to encourage disengaging. Perhaps slower than you've proposed. Grace period in the same way of bears is plenty. Anything that warns people getting close is a bad idea and gives them time to skidaddle is good. 12 is still a high upper max, IMO. I'd go closer to half that. It is possible to have them spawn as part of a biological migration event, as well. Having them spawn far away as you plan to is a good idea. Rewards can be tweaked. The sprites are incredible. Overall, I see what you're going for, and as a base concept, I'm into it. More variety is good. The fact that it's not aggressive and gives warning is good; it makes it so it's optional to engage it. But some numbers need tweaking from what's been presented. What do you view their default wandering behavior to be? Do they eat ore? Break rocks? Attack dwellers and carp? Have you thought of any lore pitch to give for them?
  9. https://github.com/Aurorastation/Aurora.3/pull/9438
  10. The confusion between jargon and eridani both being federations barely strikes me as an argument. Trade Zone sounds more like a geographic area than it does a corporate-run government. I agree that "Corporate Federation" can be improved, if human lore lads feel it's necessary, though I'd personally opt for something like "Corporate Union" (or similar), which sounds a bit more like a governing body than "Trade Zone." But I really don't feel it's in dire need of a change. The current name is better than the suggested IMO.
  11. I really don't mind that spears have fallen out of disuse. It was pretty annoying to see everyone just know how to do it. But that's more of a player issue and an issue of crafting being braindead easy. That said, the numbers you're presenting aren't terrible. I wouldn't mind seeing your PR go through but I also wouldn't mind keeping it how it is. The reasons you're giving for the change aren't very convincing, so I'll wait to see how feedback goes. Your point on downsides is pretty weak as things are right now; they don't break easily and making a new one is trivial. You can't store one in your backpack but you can store the materials to make fifty more, and it takes literal seconds. If crafting them was more difficult and/or they broke super easily (one or two hits), I'd see the merit of bring them up just a tad more.
  12. It is less than twenty, and just about half of those are mental meds that haven't been used outside of prescriptions since brainmed did away with traumas. Most will probably get reworked. The three pain meds are close enough in name that they're easy to recognize. Ipecac and Imidazoline's new forms are pretty obvious. Most of the common core meds are totally unchanged. There will be some adaptation by current medical players, but overall it should not be terribly tricky to get used to. Also I believe Geeves has a PR for some chem codexes for easy in-game reference, and the wiki will be there. A small period of uncomfortable adaptation is worth the change IMO.
  13. Here are my suggestions with rationale. I still encourage people to come up with better, but there might be some good ones in this mess. Also, you have Dulox on there twice.
  14. As stated by Skull and Matt, moving away from real-world med names is a positive change overall IMO. I'm pretty sick of this. This PR alone is an example of this given the amount of comments on git (many of which should not have been there in the first place- git is for code comments. It's not a rallying point for people to say they don't like it). That said, I'm with Vis. The proposed names in the original PR feel a bit silly and not separate enough from the real-world versions. I like their proposed ideas much more. Changing the name to something based on existing root words or to something that gives a hint as to what it treats is a great idea.
  15. I'd like to remind everyone to be civil here. The PR itself was already getting heated with comments.
  16. Personally a compromise I'd rather see is just remove LOOC from (non-modmin) ghosts. We don't need the peanut gallery. Otherwise I don't feel like it's a big issue currently.
  17. It would be more consistent across the board to do the former.
  18. I did. Thing was you really NEVER were able to get drunk off of these things. Strength 5 to like 15 is pretty much negligible. If anything it may just be easier to nerf the liver further.
  19. I updated the code to help people get drunk again after brainmed but unfortunately things like beer and grog are too low-strength to balance well. I will see about revisiting it.
  20. I have to echo matt for most points. I really don't trust you to be in any staff position for some time; you made a lot of excuses for your behavior over and over and none of them were very good. I'd like to see a longer period of demonstrating that you're not all talk in your "What's different this time" section. It's easy enough to behave for a month or two, but that's not necessarily a change of character. Honestly it seems like you're just back here because another server left a foul taste in your mouth. Fair enough reason for coming back, not really a good enough one to show your change of behavior, especially when it comes to becoming staff. TLDR; seems a bit premature. Stay awhile and I'll revisit my thoughts for the future.
  21. My only interaction with Judge was the very round of his death. Honestly he seemed totally real until he got those drugs in him, which then devolved into LRP screaming in all caps, after refusing to hand pills over to the person they were intended to go to. It felt like you just wanted an excuse to be OOC "funny haha drugs." Your explanation here about his drug addiction was not seen by me in-round. Literally all cargo saw was you zoom in, scream in caps about needing drugs, and zooming away. The IR fallout from this round is going to be hilarious, though. Too bad none of them listed any good witnesses. My only takeaway here for you is if you're going to portray something like addiction, stay away from the all caps silliness. I would have loved to actually have seen any part of your 5th-7th paragraphs portrayed in a way that didn't make me assume you were a baldie. Your writing here shows you know how to do good characters; bring it into rounds more.
  22. Remember that all change is bad. Petition to ban evil dev man.

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    2. Doxxmedearly


      muh ss13 culture

    3. Haydizzle


      If it inconveniences me in the slightest, I don’t want it and clearly it’s a bad change

    4. JamOfBoy


      petitions are just popularity contests, no -1 bad suggestion make a feedback thread

  23. There were plans for it before I fell into an inactivity slump. So right now the future of my work on ling is up in the air. What I will say is that yes, something along these lines was intended; ling right now is very limited by the linear nature of their progression and powers, and this idea (closer to "egglike growths" than the limb thing) was intended to be one of several ways to combat that. The first part of the ling overhaul (PR is still up I just need to get it up to date with the last 2 months and hit some requested changes) sets a good framework for this by implementing the local hivemind. So even if I end up burning out on ling stuff, a dev or contributor will have a good base to work on for this. I stand by it being a good idea, as it provides several unique avenues to pursue for both the ling and its victims (Who may have a chance to re-enter the game as a horrorthing or something similar).
  24. PR https://github.com/Aurorastation/Aurora.3/pull/9103 Title. Why: Player rats are a nuisance. Why didn't I fully remove mechanics: If admins want to make player rats for whatever reason they can still do so. If devs prefer, mechanics can go, too. Easy enough. Discuss.
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