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  1. And 29 liked it as is, which is another almost 30 who aren't in favor of a revert.
  2. Reasons supplied seem pretty solid to me; they're excellent points. I support this.
  3. PR is up. Adrenaline only for rescue. Also allows the gripper to grab a few more things. https://github.com/Aurorastation/Aurora.3/pull/7659
  4. Spoke with matt. Will try to get a PR up tonight for medical borg updates, since I had a few ready to go anyway. Medical module borgs have the capacity for chemistry and empty syringes, so they can get adrenaline easily. Rescue modules cannot do chemistry, so it will be added to their hypos.
  5. Honestly, thank goodness. Traumas are a curse.
  6. Psychiatrists were much more common before traumas were a thing, because it's a RP-heavy role that doesn't need to depend on mechanics. I don't believe we'll see a decrease in psychs due to cloning, but if anyone who plays psych actively wants to share their thoughts, this thread is a good place to do it. I believe traumas are still able to be gained due to brain damage.
  7. That's a hell of a ridiculous leap in what I'm saying and it's pretty clear to me that there's nothing to gain by engaging you any further in this. I've said all I needed to say.
  8. This is a boon for the server. Reduces LOOC/Dchat "OMG CLONE ME / why aren't they cloning me" salt/whining. Fits our new medical system. And who knows, maybe psychs will be seen again, coming back to do RP without having to worry about dealing with post-cloning traumas. Hopefully this will make people be as cautious as you should be ICly.
  9. That's their right (and cargo also exists). This is a roleplaying platform, and sometimes with RP you don't always get what you want. If this prevented you from doing your job at all it would be a different story, but when it comes to getting excess supplies after you've used your (frankly extremely generous) starting stock, you need to put in extra legwork. We need to encourage more inter-department interaction, not make each department totally self-sufficient. No, it won't be old. A cargo character's job is to process orders. Some hydroponicists, security officers, and chefs place an order each round, like clockwork. I see roboticists coming to engineering every round asking for things. This is enjoyable. If you are denied something from a department, or there's nobody in that department... well, tough? Not every round is going to see your wants fulfilled.
  10. This is not an issue. This creates interaction and RP. Leaving your department is good. Running out of supplies now and again and having to make do is good.
  11. You can fabricate autoinjectors and autoinhalers in the autolathe. Would it not be easier to just add pill bottles to the lathe, as well?
  12. Now take a vacation you absolute madman. Well done.
  13. Before traumas, psych was a roleplay-heavy role, who had to make their own fun. Trauma mechanics sort of killed off the fun for many, which is a part of why they aren't around so much. A psych should not depend on cloning for RP and being "useless" mechanically does not mean the role is bad. I promise you will not see much of a change for psychs without cloning, if that is your concern. == Personally I say begone, cloning. It's already hard to kill someone, and if brainmed makes it harder, we probably don't need it. Would love to see people actually suffer consequences for their dangerous actions on a heavy RP server. And would REALLY love for people to stop pulling the "but we can clone them, GOTCHA" on antag rounds.
  14. Frankly I'd love to see job hopping more strictly monitored. I still think it's goofy that heads of staff can come in as a non-head position in their department, but that's not for this thread. It's particularly noticeable in security because the slots are highly contested, but it's not the only place it happens. It just sucks because the type of people who do switch between detective/officer and FT/officer are usually the ones you'll find firing their revolvers or toting around looted guns as detective/FT and clearly they just want to play them as officer slots 5 and 6. It's not just a new player thing; I'd argue that it's more of an old guard problem. It's difficult to ahelp these situations because currently there's a thought that "If you're qualified for investigations/warden, you're qualified for officer." I'd argue that Skull's reasoning is pretty on-point for why that's not a great idea. People are just looking at minimum requirements for jobs and going "Yep I meet those" without considering things like IC training and keeping up-to-date on policy, procedure, etc. And again, while this is most noticeable in security, it's definitely not the only place I'd prefer to see these standards applied.
  15. Here's my detailed thoughts on it. There is a lot of good feedback already, and some of what I have to say will echo it. Corruption Detection Flexibility of Gimmicks/Goals Overall, this is a very interesting take on a cult rework, and one I feel could be a vast improvement of what we have, but it's far from finished in terms of where it needs to be. Reworking an entire gamemode from basically scratch is going to be a huge project, and one that will likely require collaboration from others, test merges, and big changes to the initial pitch (as it is with all large undertakings.)
  16. Slightly modified from the original suggestion, but I think it'll make everyone happy https://github.com/Aurorastation/Aurora.3/pull/7613
  17. One way or the other, you'll be able to name your friends. Fear not.
  18. I've said it in the previous app, but nobody cares more about the server and the people in it than Kyres. From lore to arcs to antag gimmicks, his goal has always been, in my experience, to make things fun for everyone and to encourage people to bring out their creativity. He's approachable, knowledgeable, and friendly. There could not be a more qualified person for this role. I do worry about your stress, though. If you don't think you can handle it, then I encourage you not to apply for your own well-being. You have a habit of working yourself too hard for everyone else's sake. If you do feel like you can, then I think we'd all be better to have you. Looking forward to the questions that pop up and how you'll respond to them.
  19. I will wait until your PR is resolved to handle it, but looking at it, doesn't seem to conflict with renaming most animals in the way that renaming dogs currently functions, which was what my work was based on (Which is as simple as extending the verb to most animals).
  20. On this episode of "Doxx is KingOfThePing's Favorite Person": Already planned for this is a series of animal updates. This was going to be in the first one, along with another feature and some adjustments. Keep an eye out; I may get to it as soon as this weekend. edit: For some reason it's limited to guard dogs in code, which is why it works for pugs and other commandable dogs. I have most of the code written already, pending testing and stuff.
  21. Perhaps it would be best not to call it the blood of Nar-Sie, so a cult can choose a gimmick that isn't revolving around her (But can if they want). I feel like stepping away from Nar-Nar would allow for more flexibility with cult gimmicks. Anything to help it get away from being so same-ish. The item idea itself is fine, though.
  22. It's being worked on. Running into a couple of unforeseen issues but this should be a thing at some point.* *results may vary
  23. Yeah it's a bit weird, like... you don't have the video or audio cues to tell you it's worked. But it does! You'll just have to secure a drinking glass if you want the fancy sprite. 👍
  24. Duke Purple Tea is base tea. It initializes the "tea" reagent and can be used to mix drinks. I've just tested this half a minute ago to make sure. It will not change sprite, though, because it is not in a drinking cup, and doesn't make the bubbling sound. So, Duke Purple Tea, which is in the hot drinks vendor as it should be, can be used to mix tea drinks. Your suggestion is already in place.
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