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Event details

Canonity: Noncanon

Event Type: Parasitic Aliens

Event Scale: Large

Assigned Admin: Yonnimer

OOC Event Description : A strange creature is encountered on the NSS Aurora, it is probably harmless.

Who knows about it :No one

Host/participants : Volunteers required. Volunteers may Inquire with hosting admin/dev Bygonehero

Notes : 

Nothing in this round is canon. 

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   8 of 9 members found this review helpful 8 / 9 members

I would genuinely rather we stop running this event and politely forget xenomorphs ever existed. Every. Single. Xenomorph event is the same exact formula. Sit in your department for 2 hours, barricading the place. Fear RP. Go home after the admin-sent team kills everything that has a carapace. Nobody ever has fun in these except engineers and Security, as well as whoever got to be part of the admin-sent team. Xenomorphs are, as well, dated code that nobody is interested in maintaining. Please stop running these.

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   5 of 6 members found this review helpful 5 / 6 members

Note, I am not evaluating this on my personal enjoyment or enjoyment of anyone else, I am confident people had a fun time in it and enjoyed it, I will judge it objectively as the event itself.

It was a Xeno round, a completely boring, forgettable and samey xeno round, the fact these are classified as events is frankly, a joke.
There was no real effort put into the event itself, a random shuttle bangs into the station and xenos run out, that was it. Due to the fact, the xenos were compromised of last-minute volunteers, the xenos didn't have any script or anything to go off of besides "be xenos", this resulted in basically anyone who wasn't near security/cargo/engineering to hide in their forts was doomed.
Legion was called instead of ERT, not sure why, I guess it was explained to the command characters?

I seriously struggle to rate this event, there was not much of an event at all. Honestly, there would be no difference if a xenoarch found a random xeno egg in an extended round to this. None of this was really an "Event", it was just a rare gamemode.

So tl;dr one star, it was another generic xeno round with a barebones IC justification and no real flavor or creative spin to it, ending with a legion summon so the dead upset ghosts stop being AS upset. The only real comment I saw on it from staff was from Yonni that "The expectation was that a lot of people get facehugged roundstart and the survivors RP", but honestly I could just play cult and get the same result.
But in cult the people who are trying to kill me, actually talk to me.

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   4 of 5 members found this review helpful 4 / 5 members

Paradox has stated everything I would have said. Xenomorphs suffer from the same formula problem. They are a mob that was never made for HRP. They cannot even engage in RP, only the Queen can.

You sit in a barricaded place for two hours and wait for: death, or to be saved. It's the same base formula. If xenomorphs were to receive a massive overhaul, like CM scale overhaul, then maybe we could implement them but that level of an overhaul is literally impossible with our current dev team.

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