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  1. Dunno if anybody still reads my stuff but I've left. Feel free to message me on this website if you would like to contact me. Doubt people would want to.

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      will miss you, very cool person

    4. Rosetango


      Discord is Rosetango#9810. Please add me if you'd like.

      Frankly, the community was toxic towards me. Not naming names, but constant harrassment, salt, and anger towards me and from me has had a negative effect on my mental health. For lack of better terms, I was addicted to this server. 

      But feeling as if I wasn't liked by a majority, especially by people who could influence the round, it affected me, and I noticed. Honestly, I felt like staff and people in positions of power were working against me and metagrudging me, almost all the time. And I decided that it wasn't healthy for me.

      Also, I played Mali Soun, the security cadet/officer. I noticed how she was treated versus my other characters.

      Anyway, that's why I left. I probably won't come back. Thank you to those who did give me good memories. To those who hated or disliked me, that's cool too. I don't have any ill will towards you. Other than I hope that you realize what you're doing and change your ways.

  2. Needs more vivid colors, like what Lancer did.
  3. I think everybody above has already explained how this is not adding to the game. I'd like to ask a question to you, though. How is this adding to the game, in your opinion?
  4. -1 because I disagree with this idea. I agree with just about everything Cnaym has said. And I hope this gets taken to heart, and not tried again later, only to be swept into a PR under the rug and snuck in. I'm fairly sick of developers making a thing and being like "this will go in now." But beyond that, I'll say my two cents. Station Engineer is someone who has not specialized into any specific field in the context of the game. If anything, Station Technician is a better implementation than removal of Station Engineer outright. This removal adds nothing to roleplay, mechanics, or anything else other than a nitpicking of what an Engineer actually is, and frankly, I agree with Cnaym. That the time being spent on the removal of a job title could be better spent on other things like the massive bug fixing and improvements that Wildkins has done in his short time here, or thoroughly testing a PR before it goes in to prevent massive proliferation of bugs. But this is just my hot take.
  5. Please don't lie. I was never offered a chance between conversion or sharding. I knew I was likely going to be converted, and disliked the way the cult was going. So I specifically asked you to put me in cryogenics storage, not kill me. You decided to sacrifice me anyway. I think you knew what the sacrifice rune did, and used it to powergame in a way that wouldn't prolong your own in game life as to assist with narrative, and powergamed in a way specifically to win. You actually also did technically gank me, as I was walking towards the armory/entrance, said "Sorry, I lied" (???), stun talismaned me and that's when I expressed my desire to be cryo'ed instead of being forced a part of a murderbone party. Reflecting back on this, what you did is borderline gank, and I am honestly angry at myself for not ahelping that.
  6. I'll probably say my piece on this later, but I'll say this. Sacrifice runes are not used for the Nar'sie summon, nor are they even required. Once you have 8 or 9 cultists, you can summon Nar'sie.
  7. Reporting Personnel: Samara Watson Job Title of Reporting Personnel: Station Engineer Game ID: b3r-aFUv Personnel Involved: (Name, Job Title: Offender/Witness/Other) - Simon Lacroix, Scientist, Offender - Ayleen Pryce, Atmos Tech, Witness - Mother, AI, Witness - Nigel Silva, Research Director, Witness - Samara Watson, Station Engineer, Witness Time of Incident: Near shift end Real Time: 12:47 AM CST, 9/27/2019 (at time of writing) Location of Incident: Science Department Nature of Incident: [X] - Workplace Hazard [ ] - Accident/Injury [ ] - Destruction of Property [ ] - Neglect of Duty [ ] - Harassment [ ] - Assault [X] - Misconduct [X] - Other: I have no idea how to word this other than a terroristic threat. I think that not only did he break NT Regulations, he broke Tau Ceti law. Overview of the Incident: They created a mixture of some sort that was capable of melting plasteel reinforced walls, and then released this chemical into the telescience chambers, in which it began melting through the walls. When I came into investigate, he went into the second chamber and started a second fire, which was even hotter than the first. The first fire was around 20,000 Kelvin, and the second fire was around 50,000 Kelvin. He later stated over comms that there was no threat to safety and that he would do it again next shift, which to me, seems like a threat of terrorism. In the communication logs, it was termed a "star", for lack of a better term. Did you report it to a Head of Department or IAA? If so, who?: It was reported over communications. Actions taken: I have no idea. Additional Notes:
  8. Honestly, I feel that the QM, given our large playerbase and how big cargo can get, could be given command status again... but, that's least preferable. The only other alternative would be giving QM somewhat Command authority, only over the cargo department, and all decisions can easily be overruled by HoP if necessary. ISD could, would, and should respect QM's orders to assist them in demoting their own staff (Cargo techs, Miners). Basically command authority but it's only restricted to the cargo department and is actually enforced, it's overseen by HoP as it always would be.
  9. Khaled never roleplays with me... I say hi, and he never says hi back.... I thought he wanted me to be his.. his waifu...! 😭
  10. Smoke's miner has gone off on my QM, calling her a bitch and accusing her of micromanaging when all she did was ask roll call and when people don't answer, she'd literally say over supply comms that if they don't check in, she's reporting them missing to ISD. On top of that, she simply reminded miners to turn on their sensors, set up GPS, and asked that all platinum and a single full stack of phoron (50 sheets) be set aside for sending to central. He went off on her for thirty fucking minutes and evaded security when I told ISD and had others confirm that he was verbally abusing my QM. I don't think an Ex-Sol Navy Recon SPEC OPs would behave like this, nor does something like that even realistically exist.
  11. We do? I don't think so, but if an admin can weigh in on this that'd be great. If the time lock already exists, then I guess what I'm asking for next is an increase in the time.
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