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VIP Borgification

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Canon: Canon

Event Type: Inconspicuous shipment

Event Scale: Medium

Assigned Admin: Alberyk

OOC Event Description : The NTCC Odin has scheduled a high-priority secure package transfer for 'processing' aboard the NSS Aurora, with no given explanation or details. Upon its arrival, it was discovered to be Zune Carmichael, an SLF collaborator whose participation in a previous event led to their scheduled cyborgification on board. Her final hour was to be spent on the same facility she would meet her fate with C/Tpr escort (Amelia). It was made clear to the crew for the most part what would occur, and upon this, SLF collaborators on board attempted to halt the process of cyborgification. Failing to find an opening in the security surrounding Zune Carmichael, the only operative able to make a move ended up being Vesper, who planted a welder bomb outside of the robotics bay. The detonation was massively delayed and did not pierce the hull of the lab, failing to stop the operation from taking place. Soon after, Zune Carmichael met her end and Vesper was deduced to be the bomber by security.

Briefly after, a Hunter-Killer boarded the station as a sole distraction for security. Coming too late, its objective was changed, and it moved to the brig to secure revealed assets, namely Vesper. A security team led by Head of Security Joseph Lock successfully shot and missed the Hunter-Killer with an ion rifle, destroying Vesper's chassis behind it instantaneously during their escape. A chase occurred, and the Hunter-Killer managed to secure Vesper and return them to its vessel at Yellow Dock. The vessel soon escaped the Icarus defense net undetected.

Vesper's positronic has been marked as missing by Republic of Biesel authorities.

Zune Carmichael has been borgified, now residing in the unit Z.26.

Who knows about it : Anybody can know of what occurred in this event.

Host/participants : kyres1, BoryaTheSlayer (Vesper), Bath Salts Addict (C/Tpr Amelia), Satinsprist666 (Zune Carmichael)

Notes : This is related to the event seen here, https://forums.aurorastation.org/calendar/event/37-slf-evac/

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Vesper tried when nobody else would dare.

See you, space cowgirl...

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坏警察 Kill Em All 2461
I am SLF
410,757,864,530 DEAD FASCISTS

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