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  1. Tfw only in one section. Smh. Congrats to everyone, we had a good year and let us remember these names that have made this year so fun
  2. Good luck and hope you come back stronger than ever.
  3. They can get bags from the containers they have normally.
  4. I'm sorry that I came off as rude, @ordinal. I suppose I should've expected it since I had to out the disclaimer out first, but I really did not wish to be a dick about it. I simply lack the words to put it another way.
  5. This is gonna sound incredibly rude, but. Your issues are your issues. If you can't take something, don't play it. Just because you have issues with it, doesn't mean others do. So, simply do as you already do. Cryo or just avoid those roundtypes if you can't deal with them.
  6. -1 you're supposed to be a human wtf
  7. BoryaTheSlayer

    TCFL Promo

    Canon: Canon Event Type: TCFL Visit Event Scale: Medium Assigned Admin: Alberyk OOC Event Description : TCFL will come on station and interact with the crew, try to recruit them and do demonstrations. Who knows about it : Anyone would know. Host/participants : BoryaTheSlayer. Participants TBA, there will be a lot. Notes : These events are repeatable.
  8. I resonate with this. How about the sound has a very limited range? Like, 1-2 tiles.
  9. I do not really plan to post any further unless the handling staff members ask me to. As I stated, they took their words back, and what ensued after was really your initiation, as the topic of that conversation ended right there. I do not deny that Aimless is not at fault for what happened in discord, but it is also a rather big obfuscation of facts to fail to mention this sudden shift of the conversation in question. It may not be about the strike in discord, but you still mentioned this incident in the complaint, hence me posting here and providing context.
  10. Hi! Not handling this complaint but as the staff involved I guess I'll post and explain the situation from another perspective. I will refrain from giving my own judgement here and let the handling staff do the judging. So upon getting the 0th law Aimless ahelps, saying they're confused by it. Now, let's see the law itself: While I personally see some ways of playing around this law, that was not the case for Aimless. They were very confused and uncomfortable being put on the spot like that as a non-antag, and didn't want to be the spotlight for whatever gimmick you had in mind(It would probably be for the best for you to clarify what you had in mind for the round, by the way). Not quite true, actually. As has been clarified to you when you were present for the conversation in the general discord, they were talking about another player who has expressed grievances in a rather unelegant manner to Aimless in OOC. They assumed it was whoever hacked them, but upon being corrected, took their words back in your address. What happened after was the fault of both parties keeping up the argument which had to be either moved here or to dm's, but neither of you did, for which you both received strikes.
  11. Hi! I'm glad to see that the discussion picked up and I must say that I agree with a lot of what has been said here. A definite yes by me. Sounds much better imo. The alt title would be EP/Trauma Physician,in cames the change goes through, and if that is the case, something like Critical Care Physician. Yes on the slots thing but no on the nurse practicioner alt title. If anything, we can increase intern/resident slots to 3, considering residents can act as nurses. Also 2 surgeons as per Roostercat's comment above.
  12. While I very much see the appeal in them being mechanical, I think borers being organic is a large part of their identity as it is right now, and I must say that I enjoy them in their current state immensely. I don't really see why would we need to change them so heavily just for the sprites.
  13. I understand not wanting to be forced into the role of a host, but can I hear some reasons as to why you wouldn't want to? As it stands right now, you can still just courtly apologize and tell them you'll cryo. Also, borers have a very certain method of acquiring a host, so frankly, round-start or five minutes, I don't really see that big of a difference. If you don't like borers, don't play it.
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