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  1. sayonara, hope you move on to better things
  2. Myself and @Pratepresidenten will be taking this. @Dekser please provide your side of the story!
  3. Approved. This is a very original idea and we have no qualms with the application. Happy birthday, Olivia.
  4. @Pratepresidenten and myself will be taking this. @CarsonEagle , tell us your side of the story, please.
  5. Hey, This is very cool and I just wanted to say that. At first glance one might think that all you're doing is engaging with the very basic concepts in IPC lore, but one does not need to look beyond those to make something very interesting, and fun to explore. I, personally, explored a synthetic that just obtained its freedom back when I applied, and despite that difference I feel like you and I were going for the same thing. I'm really looking forward on how you do this in-game where you will end up. Hell, in fact, I feel like coming out of the woods just to RP my synthetic again. So if it wasn't clear enough for anybody: +1
  6. stimky

    1. BoryaTheSlayer


      let the sleeping gods lie

  7. You have several temporary bans and three permabans on your record. Even if I accept your apology, I can not really unban you and let you go back, as that would just defeat the point of permabans, considering this is your third one. You have broken the rules and our trust enough times for me to tell you that I don't think you will ever be allowed to play again.
  8. They'll be made as long as I'll have to. Current position works fine for reasons I've stated twice now. No, I just legitimately didn't understand what you were saying. I'm not trying to be rude, I read it 10 times and still didn't get it. It was a legitimate "What?", but I didn't expand on it because I was just so dumbfounded. Okay? It doesn't fix everything else you suggested though.
  9. Science may have 3 jobs, but they have several alt-titles for just the scientist. It's done because you can't be a professional at everything. Same applies here- except here in medical we actually got rid of all the alt-titles that distributed the responsibilities TOO MUCH, and have reached the balance we currently have. And no, if you ARE a scientist, then you do have a PhD in whatever it is you specialize in. This is also a redundant argument as you're using an example of two departments that suit your narrative, when we can look at security and see 4 whopping jobs all with their responsibilities distributed around in a way that each role relies on the other role to do their job. Just like medical. And security works fine. Yes, it also happened in medical and we got rid of all those alt-titles. The other departments are fine after those changes, and so is medical. What? All in all, I feel like this just boils down to "Change it so they can do everything!!!" Which is not something I really like, because, once again, I like teamplay, and I like when we need multiple people for some situations. Giving all the power to a single role will create even more situations where people will just do everything themselves, not letting anybody else in the department have fun and do their job as well.
  10. I can hardly see this as an argument for anything at all. How are they totally fine? How can the same be said of other departments? I don't get it, what are your examples? A lot of things have alternative ways of treatment. Organ damage can be fixed with peridaxon, even if it takes slower, for example. As for things that do absolutely require surgery, some of them don't need a specialized surgeon. Bone repair can be done by physicians, if need be.
  11. We already cut down on all the alternative roles that had brought a lot of confusion previously. It's already been standardized and I don't see a point in going even further. Besides, not being able to do everything makes you rely on the co-workers in your department, provides possibility for teamplay and in general makes the department more dynamic.
  12. While the custom item is quite creative, me and Prate do have some questions. 1. Why would Hearse expose their jaw like that? Personally, I find it a little bit strange that of all things a shell would do is expose their face, of all things. I get that it's Hearse's way to use their freedom of expression, but I'd like to know if there's further reasoning to this. 2. It's a little bit iffy to implement this, considering its an alteration of Hearse's (synth)skin rather than something they would actually wear. While making it unremovable seems like a reasonable way to implement that, I still think making it a piece of clothing mechanically is still not the best way for something like this to be implemented. Maybe we could try and find a way to implement this as body markings together?
  13. Hard agree. Not only did the conclusions the character made were out of nowhere and far out of proportion for somebody who is a research director, but they also kept constantly berating a different head of staff for how they were running their department. Not only did the marine not actually hurt anyone(in fact they even provided medical aid), but there were other, more pressing issues going on at the time that needed the attention of security much more than a single marine taking pictures. Besides, what are they gonna do with those pictures? I would understand the concern if they were breaking into high-security areas, which is something security should've watched out for, but the situation just became complete chaos because 2 members of command were just completely antagonizing the Head of Security for he decided to deal with the security situation.
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