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  1. You get the worst rounds as HoS and I feel really bad for you. But you don't lose hope and persevere. While I haven't seen you much, I can still say that I'm in support of your application and would love to see you in command.
  2. After so much pressure from this community, I have finally decided to get a PFP on the forums.

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  3. Then I don't understand. Are you saying shitters will use cloning for what is essentially immortality so they have an excuse to do LRP things? That's a problem with people's behaviour, then, not the mechanic. A person who bashed their head in with a crowbar while drunk just to avoid arrest is not believable behaviour, and therefore a violation of the rules As other people have pointed out, it's not even that people get cloned during the round that often because noone plays psychiatrist. Not to mention that if your character got cloned, it produces a dilemma of "Are you still you?", which can produce incredibly interesting RP. And people who actually care about RP give their characters some sort of mental trauma after being cloned(which makes a lot of sense if you get told that you got cloned).
  4. NT would not clone a cook who set himself on fire. Suicide is auto-DNC.
  5. Considering a lot of people here have expressed their issue with the representatives being breeders, and after seeing the points that people have made, I'm inclined to agree that this could be a very cool way of going about it. That being said, though, I'd rather not see people's characters get yeeted because of this because the RP with all the vaurca reps is very fun.
  6. Sorry for dissapearing for a while. I have been sick and as such haven't really been looking much at forums. Thank you for your question! Let me preface it: The planets of the Outer Rim are usually harsh, and are largely unexplored. Very few people actually live there, especially permanently. It is often visited by the travelling Techno-Conglomerate/Scarab ships, and the occassional raiders, scavengers and daring adventurers. The large aspect of living in the Outer Rim is roaming, as it is very hard to stay in one place. It is, in essence, the sandbox part of the Frontier Alliance--which I will touch upon later in this post. That being said, though, let's take a look at how someone who has lived most of their life in Outer Rim would go about to moving to Tau Ceti. I will not look into how the TC and Scarab people go about moving to Tau Ceti as it is explained on the wiki, but instead I would show how I see a scavenger abandoning their lifestyle in favour of a far more stable life, in a far more civilized and safer area of space that is Tau Ceti. If they wanted to turn over a new leaf and begin an honest life in Tau Ceti, they would probably first try to find work with the Megacorps(and in this specific case, NT) within the Frontier Alliance territory, and after some time, be transferred to work in Tau Ceti. After having made their way to Tau Ceti, they would most likely find themselves fit in the less savoury spots of Mendell City--such as Jie District, or perhaps the Imperial Plaza. Throughout these experiences, they would most likely have to try their best to not get in trouble with the law, especially after not having to care for such for so long in the lonely place that is the Outer Rim. I'll be honest, I found it really hard to answer your question because I feel I did not express what I wanted to do with the proposed categorization. After having read through the region category section again in a week, I find it quite lacking and I have not expressed my vision well enough--which leads us to It's part of why I wanted to do this categorization of planets and regions of the Frontier Alliance. I do not want to take away the sandbox aspect of the Frontier. However, we can make the Frontier Alliance detailed, while leaving some largely unexplored areas for those who wish to make head-canon planets, cultures, etc. Besides, The Frontier Alliance is one of the biggest places for immigrants to flock to, and we still have all of that Frontier outside the Alliance! Adding details to the Frontier Alliance can limit the open-endedness of it, yes, but through some work it can be largely avoided while making complete sense--which is what I want to do first, as it would let me, and the other devs, work with the Frontier Alliance and involve it more in the events of our great Auroraverse, while not being afraid of stepping on the toes of some people's headcanon.
  7. bro best player bro..... Goret is a good friend, mod, and roleplayer, and he's a valuable member of our community. I really want to see how he does in his trial.
  8. noone can defeat me

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  9. What Zundy said. I can't wait to go out camping with Muhawir as Hasam. 😊
  10. As much as I love the items and want to see them in-game and actually used because of how much it fits Muhawir, this very same question came to my mind immediately upon seeing this, as well. Edit: went to check PM's, but I'm still not sure if the two-hour naps really explain why you wouldn't use the dorms instead. That being said, I still support this, I'd just like to see you explain this.
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