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  1. My +1 still remains a +1. Tyranny has shown a good game as a CMO and it's been very nice to have them as a command member in the rounds I've played. The HoP hasn't seen much light but the very little interaction we've had was pleasant, as well.
  2. Hi. I'm here on Mog's behalf, helping him. I hope he receives a fair treatment despite how the first draft of the complaint came out. I won't really say much since this is his complaint. Everything after this is his words, not mine: Hey. Seeing how unpolished and rude my first post was, made pretty much five to ten minutes after the round, I'm going to just sum up all my arguments here in this post. 1. The ban reason does not apply, and simply doesn't reflect what was said in the ahelp or what happened. I never, as is quoted in the ban, said, "I was pissed and wanted the round to end.". This is untrue because the round was already ending, the shuttle having been called. My motive was just to rant on a command communication console, having lost my job already anyway. See 2 for my details. 2. Maybe I didn't roleplay out the escalation out well, but it was valid escalation, I did not lethally attack or hold the CMO at gunpoint, I just accosted them for their ID so I could attempt to rant at a command communication console, having been so wronged and angered by previous events and conflict in the round. (Me losing my job, the crew being happy I lost my job, us being boarded, the crew encouraging the boarders, having my face used as a battering ram by the boarders, getting shot by the boarders, having the boarders leave; from my perspective scot-free.) 3. I don't do this? Nursie condescends me by saying I'm 'back at my shenanigans' but none of my warnings/notes describe situations similar to this. I know I act like a shitter time to time, read my warnings to see, but i'm not /a shitter/. I don't play just for shitter shenanigans, and I hope even my notes make that obvious. This is also my first time going through and reacting to this situation this way, breaking down. 4. The winding took any of the 'wind' out of the situation. Even if the Ahelp ended with me being unwinded, the CMO had full time to prepare themself and come way to close to my position with the help of said wind. These kinds of unneeded windings break any natural flow the game has. 5. Yes, I've been very rude, and I'm willing to accept any punishments that come from that.
  3. Okay. I don't think my point is being understood, and after a bit of my own thinking I see that it's weak anyway. Let's drop this, again, sorry.
  4. Yeah. I found that out right after I posted. Really sorry about that. I still genuinely have no idea why does Lin go along with it every single time--this stands more as a question now than a critique of anything.
  5. Right. As someone who's been playing security quite a lot lately, especially with Lin as HoS, I've got a piece to say. Not only do I agree with Matt on absolutely every point he made, but I also can argue your points, Natcula. There were at least 3 rounds where Lin Dyslioth got turned into a vampire by Veetek Kalna last week, each time, somehow, loyalty implant refuses to work and instead Lin allows her friend to just bite her and the rest of the crew. I'm not even talking about how boring it is to see the same thing happen every round, but I just wonder how does that happen every single time with the same people. That wiz round, no. Did she turn you into stone? Yes, in retaliation. Did that really allow for a massive validhunt that ensued? Absolutely not. We were being chased and were announced shoot on sight when we only retaliated in response to security's actions. One of the wizard's followers wasn't even an antag and didn't even do anything. I'm not even going to talk about how Lin will jump at any opportunity to get the tranq out. It's just a big shutdown for any antag. Enough about antags, though. I don't play them myself to really know how it feels to be on that side when Lin is the shift's HoS. I do have quite a lot to say about Lin as a security officer, though. Let's start off with that you do not coordinate with security. I genuinely want to call it a lie, but can't since Lin does actually give orders or updates on occasion. And no, that's actually genuinely an issue only with Lin. All other commanders talk way more with their team, they actually feel like the leader of security. Lin doesn't. She's just there, doing her own thing. There are many officers who can say that they do not respect Lin Dyslioth as their leader. I have not heard the same about other HoS characters. Hasam May'Dar-Al-Kandari, my Zhan-Khazan officer, always gets ignored on comms by Dyslioth whenever he requests orders or clarifications. Very rarely do I actually feel like I get acknowledged. Hasam's interactions with Lin are limited to briefing rooms and after-round shenanigans, for the most part. She seems confused by Tajaran names sometimes, from what I've seen. If that and some other minor things I picked up from RP are indications of Lin disliking Tajara, then please, don't just ignore the character. I'd rather have people insult him or act condescending towards him. It's an actual interaction and not nothing.
  6. Cnaym is a good guy. He helped me a lot when I just started playing, eased me into the atmosphere. We don't interact much IC anymore but I know he's a great guy OOC, and really cares about the community and helping the new players. He'd genuinely make a great mod. Go get 'em.
  7. Bruh. BRUUUUUUUUUUUUH. I was hesitant at first, okay? Before the trial. But even then I wanted to give Spider a chance. Armstrong is a good character. Spider improved, both IC and OOC. The trial so far really shows that. I played my officer under Jesse as HoS. It was an amazing experience after a pretty shitty day of spessmen. +1 dude, you deserve this.
  8. nienna you know i love your art pls you're a treasure keep doing this pls vesper art thanks
  9. Good question. Rahaat, being a PRA fella, wouldn't have anything against humans and probably even like them-- so nothing to say here. But Unathi, Vaurca and the synthetic IPC's? Not sure, besides probably being curious about how IPCs work. His backstory essentialy ends right before he starts working on Aurora, so I would hope to have him develop these opinions in-game! Obviously he'd be a bit lost, confused or maybe even racist at times when interacting with them, but he'd try and keep an open mind to them considering he is planning to stay in Tau Ceti for a while.
  10. BYOND Key: BoryaTheSlayer Character Names: Lucy Thompson Vesper Sevix Akila Jaethia ED-1S-0N Species you are applying to play: Tajara What color do you plan on making your first alien character: Brown(kochiba Hharar) Have you read our lore section's page on this species?: Sure did, along with the additional pages on Tajaran lore. Please provide well articulated answers to the following questions in a paragraph format. One paragraph minimum per question. Why do you wish to play this specific race: Hoo boy. So their history is basically russian history but with cats? Sign me up. On a more serious note, I do really like their history and the culture, heavily-influenced by Russia. It makes them so familiar, yet still so distinct and alien at the same time. And there's so much to explore by playing a Tajara, not just when interacting with other species, but other Tajara as well, considering how diverse their backgrounds are. And I really like the ideas that I have for my Tajara characters--not just the one I'm applying with, but the others that I will make afterwards. Identify what makes role-playing this species different than role-playing a Human: There are many, many different things about Tajara. From biology and physiology to all the socio-cultural aspects. We could go on for ages, so I'll try to be prompt: Not only Tajarans are vastly different in terms of their anatomy(fur, clawed digits, feline eyes, sharp teeth) and their evolutionary history as predators, but in all the other ways, too. Having come onto the galactic stage only recently, they are still only learning of the other species. Their culture is conservative and family-oriented, they have their own religions that are still being followed by most Tajara(even though they are turning away from religion in PRA), there are three political factions on Adhomai, and all of them are obviously different--The communist RPA, the rebellious ALA, and the monarchist NKA. I could write the whole Tajara wiki page here, but I think I'll write the most important thing here: that, the Tajara history, in fact, resembles humanity's. Now, hear me out--obviously, the Tajara lore is inspired by the history of Russia, but that does not mean that it doesn't show that the alien species out there, could possibly actually resemble the humanity-- in the socio-cultural aspect, specifically. Obviously, the humans are more advanced than the Tajara, but I believe that it creates a unique perspective on it all. Playing as someone who is the least advanced of all species(at least the moment, since Tajara are rapidly developing) makes for a very different mindset for your character--regardless if they're a scientist who knows as much as their, per say, human colleague, or a simple zhan-khazan miner who is, likely, dumber(sorry for the crude vocabulary) than their human colleague. Besides, on the topic of humanity-- they influenced, and still influence, the Tajara quite heavily. Not only is money being poured into Adhomai, but the culture, as well. For example, the greaser fashion that is now popular amongst the Tajara. Character Name: Rahaat Ikram-Almas Please provide a short backstory for this character Born on the 9th June 2442 into a poor Hharar family of farmers, Rahaat lived in a small and insignificant rural town west of B'urr. His parents, who had been peasants prior to the first revolution, held their child in ignorance of how the People's Republic of Adhomai came to be--only occassionaly telling the tales of the abusive nobles. Rahaat knew little of wonders of technology or pleasures of life, spending most of his childhood happily helping his parents with the farm. He lived in blissful ignorance, however, his parents knew that living from one harvest to another, never sure of how the next winter will go, is not good for the growing child. It was then decided, when he was 7, that he would live with his aunt and uncle, in B'urr, studying in a school, and living in the safety of a developed city. Feeling lost, far away from his parents, the new environment overwhelmed Rahaat--ultimately leaving his mind vulnerable the propaganda. His uncle, who had been part of the revolution, filled the young impressionable Rahaat's mind with the ideals of the revolution, preaching against the nobility and promoting equality. The calamity that came to be, when he was 9 years old, after the assassination of Rhagrrhuzau Hadii, plunged Rahaat further into his confusion--the only thing guiding him on his path are his willingness to learn and his newfound loyalty to the PRA. The town that he was born in, where his parents lived, was now in ALA territory, and as much as he wanted to come see them, he was not allowed to. The first year after the second revolution he had not went to school. Afterwards, however, the lessons resumed-- with the propaganda of the government present much more than it was before. It should be noted that, even though Rahaat was always eager to learn, the subpar quality of education he had available and his own intellectual abilities had left him an underwhelming student. This made Rahaat sad, but when he was 15 and the conscription law was enacted, he knew that he could still be useful to the people as a soldier. And so, when he turned 18, it was his time to do his part. Serving in the 788th Republican Artillery Brigade, Rahaat had never seen the enemy with his own eyes in the short time he had served. It had left him lost and confused, as he has been before--and questions started to rise in his mind. On one day as they were advancing on the western front, he had seen the result of the destruction he has caused-- a small village in the ALA territory was caught in the artillery bombing the day before. This had shaken Rahaat's belief in what he was doing. Nearing the end of his short-lived military career, he had turned 19-- it was on this day that his life had taken a sudden turn. In the deep of the night, the camp that his squadron has set up was raided by a small ALA force. Jumping up suddenly as he heard the shots, immediately reaching for his weapon-- he feels a shot in his lower back, causing him to fall back on the ground. It was his squadmate that fired on him from the surprise. After the ALA forces were fended off, And Rahaat was taken care of-- they begged him to not let the superiors know what happened, and instead tell that it was the enemy that fired on him. With bitterness and regret, he accepted. Rahaat was honourably discharged with a single medal for the campaign that he had served in. The shot of his squadmate resulted in Rahaat's nerve damage in the tail-- because of which he lets it hang loose, and his Siik'tajr imperfect. Being left with the feeling of betrayal and dissapointment, shortly after being discharged, he had sought to leave Adhomai and find a home elsewhere--somewhere far from the war that caused him so much pain, both physical and emotional. With the service benefits the government has provided him with, he had found a small appartment on Biesel to live in, and started studying in the Craterport University of Natural Sciences. Of course, he could not live solely on the support-- and found a job with NanoTrasen, on board the Aurora station, as a lab assistant, to learn and to aid him in paying for his humble living and education. What do you like about this character? Rahaat is a naive, young and eager to learn, but his life had not been kind to him. The life on Adhomai is harsh, but his had been even more so--in the end feeling betrayed by his own people and still looking to find out his parents' fate. I want to play Rahaat to see him grow into what he can become, and to see what the people around him will teach about the life outside of Adhomai-- or maybe even on Adhomai, should he meet and befriend the Tajara from the other factions. It is both my way to learn more about science, a department that I have not played much, and a way to start off playing Tajara. His backstory maybe a bit cliche-y, but I like how it shapes Rahaat as a character and gives him reasons for what he does and plans to do. How would you rate your role-playing ability? As I said in my other app, I do not like to rate myself, and will instead simply say what I think what my strong and weak sides are. Well, first of all--I'd say I'm a pretty experienced RP-er and I have plenty of experience making characters, and working with the lore to make them fit in, be believable but still be themselves, and not the stereotypes. I can write! But, I'm still relatively new around here, and I have yet to learn about quite a lot of the lore of the Aurora universe. And I'm a slow typer so the round-based nature of SS13 really hurts the quality of my RP sometimes. Notes: Phew. Finally it's done. Thank you to all the beautiful people who have helped me write this thing because, quite frankly, I'd probably never finish this app without the help of some people. That is all! pls accept me thanks
  11. Let me tell you one thing-- it's that Tyranny is a great person and roleplayer. It's always fun to interact with them, both IC and OOC. I love 'em, and Alice White as a character. But-- I got a but, Tyranny. Are you sure Alice would fit as a CMO? I'm not throwing a jab here, but I'm just not sure--since it seems you have made some changes to her very lately that I may have missed. But, then again, we do have some other controversial CMO's cough cough, so again-- this is in no way a criticism. I think Tyranny deserves to be in command, so I'm giving him this fat +1
  12. ALRIGHT, so. Love Sim. Sim's great. And so is his application. I like the backstory, and how closely it is connected to the Skrell, which seems to me like a cool idea. Also I just wanna see more trees and I think Sim is a good RP-er so pls accept him All in all, +1!
  13. Easy +1. My biomechanical engineer always joins Thea for tea, and it all seemed like great fun. I did not know, however, how important it was to the character until reading this post. It is a fairly simple item, but I see that it shows a bit of Thea's personality, tells a little story. Honestly, I love it when characters have something like this-- not exactly a memento, but rather an item that can tell something about its owner. Not everything about the character has to be found out through words, sometimes you just have to look!
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