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  1. Extremely sorry for the long wait. In any case, here is the verdict, after a lot of consideration and log diving: Considering the circumstances around the incident in the round, it seemed to be justified and within rules, however I understand the before mentioned sentiment by someone whose post had been deleted here. I do urge @tomkiel to be careful with this sort of behaviour in the future because this is very close to the line of where it is not okay. Locking and archiving in 24 hours unless someone has more to say.
  2. As a note, I'll be taking this. Expect more soon.
  3. It's very easy to tell why this had to wait so long to get reviewed and approved and, since I recall the original doc, I know this has been cut down a lot and this is still so obscenely huge and filled with barely any important detail to actual on-station RP(outside of redefining glorsh-- into something that barely matters to on-station characters now) that I genuinely can't justify getting out of bed for this when I saw this went on the wiki outside of doing it to give feedback. I liked Glorsh being evil. I liked it being a very dark and important point in Skrell history that on-station characters could actually even be a part of. It actually mattered to characters because the whole damn Orion Spur knows how horrible that time period was. Now it does not have this impact. Not to mention that it was just boring and hard to read, as Matt had already said. I liked the previous history much more than this, even if it wasn't perfect either.
  4. Hello! I'm really sorry for the long wait but we're back with a verdict. We have deemed this warning invalid, as your intentions were indeed quite clear, considering by this point multiple fights between the mercs and the antagonists had already occurred. Not to mention that the shoot on sight order was announced as your team had arrived to the station, as well. In addition and to clarify, your team leader actually never distinguished the cultists and the skeletons as they claim they did in LOOC, and if they did, it was eaten by logs. There was simply a blanket order to shoot hostiles and that was it. The warning will be removed. Closing and archiving in 24 hours.
  5. That's fair. I like the idea of the vision cone though I also agree that the current implementation is rather lacking, but reading through the thread and seeing how miyazaki plans to improve it I'm very positive about the project.
  6. Could you elaborate why you think it's not fitting and difficult to work with?
  7. You're very nice to work with on writing OOC-ly and also a wonderful RP partner. I'd like to see how you do on a trial
  8. @Coalf As a note, the thread being named "No more medical" did mislead a few people, me included.
  9. That's my issue. You either change the whole thing or don't rename the jobs. What they will be doing will have very little to do with research, and I find it very hard to justify the reflavouring towards science in that case. Saying we could bring genetics and virology back doesn't mean anything unless we get a coder to actually make these two things fun and interesting in the game. And that's gonna be a pretty hefty task, in my opinion.
  10. A very big agree with Stev here. Not only we would be changing the theme, soul and intent of the department, but the proposal simply outlines name changes. If you want them to be scientists and do medical research, you should at least add something for them to actually research. Change the department as a whole. That being said, I also don't really agree with some of the "pro's" of the proposal either. I do not see anything corporate about them being scientists? What about it is tying us closer to the setting? And, part of the appeal of playing medical is this image of a doctor. In fact, it's one of the biggest reasons for me playing the department. I don't think this is a good way of resolving these "constant debates"(which are, to my memory, not constant at all and only happen on the few occasions medical gets big changes). If people want to argue for realism, they may do so-- though, they should remember that it is mostly in vain because as far as I know, our goal is not realism at all.
  11. Sorry for the wait. I've been thinking for a while about this and I've decided to give you the chance to play on the server again. However, I hope it is very obvious that any further rule-breaking will mean that there's no coming back next time.
  12. To further clarify. It is the psychologist alt-title being removed/changed to be an alt-title of chaplain instead of psychiatrist, not the entire job. The psychologist is, in fact, not a medical doctor, and thus it seems rather strange to put them in a medical setting when in fact all they can do is various forms of therapy. And focusing on the therapy aspect of the job, to me, seems rather unfitting(although not completely out of place) for a research and mining station which is not meant to house people for very long periods of time.
  13. If you disagree with the reasoning, yes. That should be a staff complaint.
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