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  1. If you disagree with the reasoning, yes. That should be a staff complaint.
  2. You had accumulated a lot of administrative action. You received within a span of 2 months alone a warning(for EORG) and two temporary bans(one for going off on a tangent in OOC and being disrespectful, the other one for EORG). I can't simply look past the pattern of rule-breaking behaviour just because the other administrative actions were not directly tied to the situation at hand: when an individual is repeatedly breaking multiple rules, that means punishment will be harsher.
  3. These are not pertaining to your OOC behaviour, however, as I have said right before that sentence you have quoted: To explain why the things that are not pertaining to your OOC behaviour are relevant, in my own words:
  4. There would have been no permaban if this was your first punishment regarding your behaviour. We have around 3 notes about your OOC behaviour, a warning, and a temporary ban. That is solely about the OOC behaviour. In addition to these, you had also been noted, warned and banned for: EORG, joke names(way too many times), and other similar chucklefucking. What happened here was the straw that broke the camel's back; and thus, a permaban was applied. While I appreciate that you're willing to learn from your mistake, you seem to have forgotten about the other things you have done prior to this. I'm glad that Aurora means a lot for you: but, 2 weeks of a permaban after all that has happened is simply not enough. And, even though I say this, this doesn't mean you will never join Aurora again. Try again sometime later. But now is just not the time.
  5. Hello. It has only been two weeks since I have applied this ban. For clarity: the reason of the ban is history of toxic behaviour(aka being a dick, which is a violation of rule 1) and complaining in OOC. I also recommend you look through what you wrote and think whether you did actually learn from your mistakes or not.
  6. I would like to see how you fare in your trial. You deserve at the very least that much.
  7. Good points, and sounds about right. Would really love to see how their cultures clash especially. Would love to see you on the team so we can work on that
  8. Finally. Something me and Geeves wanted to do sometime ago but never got around to it. RIP Geeves. 😭 How exactly do you envision the skrell, humans and unathi on Ouerea influence each other, culturally? I'm not looking for you to write out the whole thing right here but rather interested in what kind of ideas you have in mind for this. Do you see Hephaestus playing a large role in the additions to Ouerea? That is a concept I very much enjoy and wish explored myself in various human cultures of our setting. Linguistic intricacies are often very closely tied to the culture, geography and other such factors that influence the lives of various peoples, and it's the one way to actually tastefully explore linguistic differences between everyone-- because, let's be honest, most of the time the language mechanics in the game are used to just shittalk the ones who don't speak said language. So a big plus on this from me. Anyways, +1 bro
  9. How would you change adrenaline? @MattAtlas
  10. Looks cute. Gauze and ointment lool MUCH better than what we have. Finally decided to add defibs?
  11. Hello. Sorry for the long wait. Both me and Flamingo have been rather busy this week. In any case, I am going to address the points here. 1) Considering there were spiders and an unknown threat on the station, and how understaffed he was, that seems fine, even though I'd personally question why you need both the tranq and the rifle, but that is rather arbitrary in the scope of this complaint. 2) As was noted previously, there was only a cadet and an officer by this point. And the officer was watching the cameras for the most part, coordinating. With all that said, we have concluded that Xander hasn't done anything wrong here. Anything unrelated to this incident should be posted in a separate complaint thread. Will lock and archive in 24 hours unless there is anything else to add.
  12. Hello. Myself and @Flamingo will be taking this. Give us time to sift through the logs. We'll ask some questions as well.
  13. To preface: I'm a EU timezone player here who actually enjoys extended. So for the last few months or so, after I wake up, get my breakfast, do my morning routine, I (albeit rarely lately) log onto the server to see how the round goes and potentially join it myself. What I usually see is extended. Which is fine! As I said, I enjoy extended. But then you notice it's about 10 or so people on the manifest. "Oh bummer, that's not a lot of people. I would rather play on high-pop or at least have a round be driven by an antag. Guess I'll wait for the next round." And I wait. And then it's extended again! With basically almost the same people! You may or may not agree with me, but lowpop extended is, in my opinion, some of the worst things to experience on Aurora. And as I said, for the last few months or so, this is almost the only experience I have been getting. While a few people here say that if people don't want a certain roundtype they just won't vote for it, I can't really get behind that simply for the sheer fact that I don't want these gamemodes, yet it's all I get in the time of the day that I can/prefer to dedicate to SS13.
  14. Rats don't really contribute much, if you want to observe the round you can already do so as a ghost, and i don't really see what kind of RP they provide anyway other than you having to use mousetraps when they steal food from the kitchen(which gets old very quickly). So that's a yes from me.
  15. Those look nice. I don't really see the difference between that sweater sprite and the one we currently have, though? Edit: Just spotted the difference. Minimal, but still looks nice
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