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  1. Imagine making a big deal out of a meme. Oh look it's happening. I like the sprites, I like the idea. Hope this gets merged.
  2. You're chill from what I've seen so that's already a very good thing. I'll say more when I see you in action as command.
  3. You know I love you Wiggle, but this is pretty minimal. At least to me. It's your choice to take that criticism in or not, but, I have questions regardless. What are Yevgeniy's(also fix his name in the 'character name' line) views on religion? Raskariim, specifically? W-what is he? M'sai? Hharar? All in all, this isn't a bad app, it just lacks a lot of detail and it genuinely tells me nothing about Yevgeniy nor anything much about Adhomai.
  4. Big agree and I genuinely thought this was a rule already for some reason. And despite geeves' arguments, I can see an exception being allowed under some circumstances and within certain context.
  5. Now, before y'all forget about this thread forever like a nightmare, how about we actually add AT LEAST small blurbs about the alt-titles on the wiki page for Station Engineer, specifying required qualifications and education? I think that'd be a far better implementation than adding an outright new title and also removing something already existing.
  6. Stop

    1. Scheveningen


      I will never relent.

    2. Mofo1995


      What are we stopping?

    3. BoryaTheSlayer


      Your tyrannical rule, comrade.

  7. This is extremely barebones and if you won't fix it it's likely to be denied by the Dionae lore team. The formatting is... strange in some places, and the backstory is not even two paragraphs long.
  8. To reiterate. Lamar has been REMOVED quite a while ago.
  9. This actually makes sense and I'm quite okay with this. But naturally, I don't think we need a separate page for just cryo pods and how they work. This can be instead added in-game as a message when you get out of a cryo pod.
  10. I still don't see why this needs to be a separate thing, in addition to me having the same concerns as VT voiced back when she was in the seat that I now hold. Personally, I would combine these elements into FIB, and finally make that goddamn FIB page on the wiki. Waiting for @Pegasus's input.
  11. I think the RD needs a big albino rat, cuz y'know, lab rats, and all......
  12. Yet another one joins the shell bartender gang. Welcome. On a serious note, this is a really good application, and I enjoy Crimson's backstory. While it might not be the most original concept ever, you pulled it off great and I'll even play my shells again to see Crimson in-game. And I would love to see what other IPC's you can make because, as you mention, there is so much variety with them, the possibilities are countless. +1
  13. Reporting Personnel: Krastan Kortanovich Job Title of Reporting Personnel: Security Officer Game ID: b39-cQVs Personnel Involved: Krastan Kortanovich, Security Officer(Victim) Za'Akaiz'Nez Zora??? Security Officer(Witness) Alex Starrrrrl, Cargo Technician(Offender) Secondary Witnesses: - Ohishi, Head of Security: was attacked by STarrl and also observed the processing - Soren Nygard??? Warden: was doing the processing and also apparently attacked by Starll Time of Incident: Real Time: 21:30--23:30 PM GMT+3 Location of Incident: NSS Aurora Nature of Incident: [ ] - Workplace Hazard [ X ] - Accident/Injury [ ] - Destruction of Property [ ] - Neglect of Duty [ X ] - Harassment [ X ] - Assault [ X ] - Misconduct [ ] - Other _____ (Place an x in the box that applies. If other, replace line and specify.) Overview of the Incident: So this one gets called to the bar on the reports of that cargo tech breaking into the backroom, reported by the corporate liaison whose name this one forgot, so he goes there, right, no cargo tech, goes to cargo, cargo tech runs, this one pursues into maint, the cargo tech Starrl is nowhere to be found, at this point he's searching together with the vaurca whose name is like Nezz??? or something??? Whatever, we search for the cargo tech together, and this one opens a locker and the dude just starts batonning this one, to which he responded with firing his taser gun and cuffing the cargo tech. After that this one was pretty busy, but the cargo tech got processed and all, and also assaulted the robot who was the commander that shift, Ohishi he thinks, and also the warden Soren Nyhez or something??? Were apparently attacked by the guy while he was in the brig, we ended up giving him HuT for all the things he did while he was in the brig Did you report it to a Head of Department or IAA? If so, who?: Commander was involved and aware Actions taken: We were taking action for all the things he did but he just kept making things worse and he wants to let central know Additional Notes: ((It was a hectic autotraitor round but I'm pretty sure antags were not involved.))
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