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  1. the masterful addition of the Edit to hide the fact this is a supreme shitpost outdoes anything i've ever created.
  2. This isn't really a directable thing, and I can't think of any ways it could be used to generate RP. You can't weaponize this against an individual except in VERY rare cases, and even then, it'd just deal a minor bit of damage, making it a HIGHLY situational combat-starter with a very easy way to just do wanton violence without any real tradeoff for it. -1, unless there's some way I haven't considered that these will produce RP.
  3. I like the idea of having mechanically recognizable accents, but this is a very limiting way of doing it. A 'Solarian Accent' is an incredibly broad thing- as you've recognized. My Eridanian character knows Sol Common as his first language since that's the primary spoken language in Eridani, yet this would make him mechanically sound identical to someone who's lived in the Philippines their whole life. Even if you do segment the accents, there's no feasible way you could segment them far enough. My characters have distinct accents highlighting their history WITHIN Earth (because it's, despite being ruled by a OWG, still vastly different from place to place). Should an Australian accent be the same as a Malaysian one? Plus, everyone who's old enough to have been alive before the invent of TCB will all have Solarian accents, even if they've lived in Biesel since it's conception. What about the fact that my accent will invariably change from the places I've been? I don't know if there's ANYONE in our galaxy who learned Tradeband before Sol Common or TCB, and if there was, that's the kind of thing that should be explored ICly, rather than given away immediately by the mechanics. How would these accents be represented? A different font? Actual mechanical differences? The fact that Aliens struggle with TCB is used to highlight their alien nature, and I don't like the idea of cutting away that difference. Why only Basic? I'd think that Basic would be the LEAST likely to have an accent- what with how it was DESIGNED to be easily spoken and not have any complex sounds aliens could not speak. There's a way to do this, but I just don't feel like this is it. Sorry :^(
  4. Although I mimic the opinion that more reference items aren't a good idea, adding more layers to skill-based gameplay is always good. Personally, I'd prefer the skin to be more futuristic looking, but I suppose that's a matter of taste. Although, please don't add the trick emote option. That makes this too referential for my taste, and encourages a specific character mindset for using a specific weapon (encouraging them to play as a showoff rather than a smooth operator, neither of which should be encouraged more than the other). +1
  5. Yes, I do think that having too many mechanics will hurt the game if those mechanics don't have a reason to be there. It creates a very strict mold of what an offworlder is mechanically, without having strong enough grounds for their existence. The genetic thing doesn't make tonnes of sense, but can be excused - I just don't see what roleplay opportunities adding mechanical support for this will provide. It will also create a really staunch divide with this kind of mechanical bifurcating, where characters will be either 'a normal human' or 'a spacer human'. In exchange for creating more spacer characters (which, I do not know if this is a desirable result, which I'll touch on in a minute), and having a bit more mechanical support for them, it will be harder to individually nuance your characters. I think that making something mechanically 'special' without it being vitally important detracts from peoples attempts to justify and build upon the characters they're creating. Currently, anyone who creates a spacer character has to put in a bit of work to it, and create something truly individual and their own. By adding an option for it, all someone has to do is click the button and say they're a Spacer. I don't say that in an attempt to oversimplify character creation, but I don't think this will improve characters, or help create better ones - quite the opposite. Are all frontiersman offworlders? Most? Half? What reason do they have to come to Tau Ceti if it'd create so many issues for them? I understand that individuals might, but not a high enough amount to justify the number we'd almost undoubtedly see if they were unwhitelisted. I want to see more characters touching on interesting concepts from our lore, but the way to go about that isn't throwing in more mechanics for it. That doesn't generate anything but artificial engagement, where we see more surface-level characters representing parts of the lore without really exploring it. I have no doubt Sleepy's character will be wonderful and stellar. She's great at making characters. But she can already make whatever character she wants to make within the human subfactions without having to be backed up by a RIGsuit.
  6. You've got to elaborate, I don't understand
  7. Something being a side project doesn't mean it isn't bloat, especially because it'll be immediately prevalent within every round. Even if we want to say it's psuedo-epigentic, we have gravity generators in this universe, even on small shuttles and ships. I struggle to see the existence of many colonies at ALL which wouldn't get access to a grav generator almost immediately. If you want to say "grav generators were only made 45 years ago", does this mean that people from Jupiter/etc. will be afflicted by similar things? I mean, Sol got colonized quite a while ago. This is a dangerous precedent to try to explain. This will not give more character variety. You can already say your character is weak/needs implants/etc. due to living in low gravity, or to make a character from anywhere in the frontier. This really does feel like unnecessary mechanical bloat, that I can't see adding much to roleplay at all. Plus, Garn is right - they should be restricted from most roles which require labour, like engineering and security, or allowed into all of them (and head roles) as a result of their special RIG pack. Why would a captain even be included on that list in the first place? A captain isn't a Head of Security - his duties are managerial, not defensive. Plus, if it's genetic- what about people who were born within Tau Ceti after their parents came from the frontier? Can they not survive infancy? That's pretty substantial, and raises big questions about how a day-to-day life would be different for an Offworlder. I don't like this. Until someone can provide concrete examples of what it would provide (the alien tendencies and opinions of our xeno races, the terrifying mystery of the dionaea, the grotesque tensions caused by Vaurca, the class-dissonance of tajara, etc. etc. etc.), this feels like it'll just be an extra thing cluttering the station.
  8. drago, words can not describne how much I love u. u are always my favorite staff member. alternatively., I will try to code this. i have never coded . i have never eve n looked at code. i once accidentally clicked 'view source code' on a website and had a seizure. but i ' ll try , if this project does not make you Giddy with excitement, Drago. i'l;l do it
  9. Reporting Personnel: Drew Ashby Job Title of Reporting Personnel: NanoTrasen Entertainment Musician/DJ. Game ID: bYR-aQEZ Personnel Involved: (Name, Job Title: Offender/Witness/Other) - Drew Ashby - Willow Harper, Unknown: Offender - Unknown, Bartender: Witness Time of Incident: 2/17/61 Real Time: ~7:30 AM 17/02/2019 Location of Incident: Bar, NSS Aurora Nature of Incident: [ ] - Workplace Hazard [ ] - Accident/Injury [ ] - Destruction of Property [ ] - Neglect of Duty [ x ] - Harassment [ ] - Assault [ ] - Misconduct [ ] - Other _____ (Place an x in the box that applies. If other, replace line and specify.) Overview of the Incident: I was at the bar after my shift. She spit in my fucking beer. Did you report it to a Head of Department or IAA? If so, who?: - Actions taken: - Additional Notes: This is the second fucking report I've had to write about being treated like shit by this stations fucking """staff""", and this one takes the fucking cake. Sort this shit out ASAP
  10. spit in my mouth and call me Aaron . i will write fucking twenty two more advertisements for this if i need to . please add this . or at least something like it that integrates the lore like this . Please
  11. Ornias

    Hair Tugging

    if we have a problem with some hair-styles being ridiculous, we should just remove them. adding a mechanic which only really serves to make fun of people using these hairstyles ain't it, chief. the PR adds the ability to literally rip off someones entire FLB like it's a wig with the most powerful yoink of all time. it adds a 5% chance to instant-aggressive grab someone with long hair. grabbing at someone's hair is (unless I missed something in the PR) objectively better than grabbing them normally. why does the 'waxed' hair count as sorta safe? it's got less hair than shaved or buzzcut. i'm all for adding a larger variety of combat mechanics - especially those which enhance flavour (and stuff like gouging eyes/pulling hair/etc. are SUPER COOL), but this isn't the way to go about them. also, you shouldn't even have a 1% chance to grab someone with a buzzcut/shaved scalp by the hair. let alone a 3% chance to give a brother the quickest shave of all time and turn him into a krillin knockoff during a bar brawl after he insulted Skrell Cart Racing for the umpteenth time
  12. [Common] Michael Sanchez says, "Jesus, my eyes are playing tricks on me." [Common] Michael Sanchez says, "I could swear I just saw someone down here." [Common] Sarah Auryn says, "Yeah lol, that's a ghost." [Common] Sarah Auryn says, "This station is haunted. Lol. Everyone knows that." as much as i like more spooky fluff, people will not take it as seriously as they should. and even if we rules enforce "you can't just know they're ghosts", what do you do when you literally see one keeping their distance from you in clear light? you can't really deny that, especially with bluespace ghosts being pretty much 100% canon (even though, depending on your point of view, it's not common knowledge) how close is a few tiles? what if someone just stands four tiles away in broad daylight? or goes shooting down the halls sonic-style for no mf reason. maybe something like this could be implemented for cult rounds, but not in any canon capacity. sorri :^(
  13. "I've never seen him" isn't really feedback. Even if the character doesn't play so often, if the character is good and the item reasonable, then there should be no qualms about providing it. +1, although I agree that a more general option should be provided for all Chaplain subtype players.
  14. 100 credits feels crazy-high, even for what you're trying to do. Maybe 30 credits? That's still $10 for a pack of raisins, which is crazy, but far more believable
  15. I've got to admit, I haven't seen much of your character, and that which I have I don't really remember. That said, your OOC conduct has really hit home you're going to be a good pick for a head of staff. This application is enough to convince me of this on it's own. I'll highlight some of my favorite bits. I like this emphasis on Heads of Staff just being normal characters with a few OOC responsibilities. Ultimately, be it antagonist, visitor, or head of staff, the main part of any character SHOULD be their characterization, their traits, etc. You're one of the few people that I've seen that actually draw emphasis to job security - even the most downright antagonistic individual should be toning back their aggression in the name of keeping their job when necessary. Lovely that you draw attention to staying true to your character, and thinking reasonably about their reactions and personhood. It's a really admirable trait that more people should be striving to mimic, thinking about how different parts of a characters personality would interact with one-another, rather than thinking about them individually. The more characters that actively suck up to their superiors, the better. I often get frustrated when you see objectionable, 'I don't care about NanoTrasen' characters getting promoted the moment that the player achieves their whitelist. The fact your character operates in a way that would reasonably grant them a position as a Head of Staff, outside of raw talent, is good. I like that. I don't know how this ACTUALLY translates into how your character acts, but I really like what I see here. +1, unless something else comes up. I look forward to interacting with your character.
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