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  1. Ornias

    Aboshehab Letter of Resignation

    such sad news. i cried when i read this. best of luck in the future . OwO
  2. Ornias

    Slime Mutation Reagent Nerfs + Rework

    you should get this on a macro if you don't have one already. permanence isn't bad, especially when it's in a manner that can almost solely only be caused by antagonistic action. we've had one case of it coming about incidentally, and if we want to argue that that's grounds to change a feature, then we may as well start removing anything that can have a tangible effect on the round. someone being reverted into a monkey is silly and comical, whereas someone being turned into a carnivorous slime is scary and deadly. something isn't Low-RP because there's no speel surrounding it, or because it takes someone out of the round. something's Low-RP when it's unbelievable and doesn't drive the co-operative story. being turned into a monkey-man is unbelievable and doesn't drive the story. being turned into a monster the crew has to put down does. nobody's going to take this proposal seriously until you take their criticisms seriously.
  3. hee hee hee, my untennable power of persuasion knows no bounds. all suggestiosn which i make are law. i am a god , i am a king
  4. Ornias

    Add HoloAdverts

    Wofr, thisd has recieved nothing but the highest Praise. ANd yet it is scorned. I beg for its inclusion with Baited BReath
  5. 100% agree, i too despise it when people disagree with me over what is acceptable IC conduct . and am disgusted that people would have opinions other than my own
  6. Ornias

    Player Complaint - TheOrleans

    nobody has specified what he has done wrong what about his play was 'very very poor antag play' what about his play was 'less rp and more bent on trying to overpower the station'
  7. Ornias

    k'ois muffin

    Every group in our setting has a large proportion that despises Vaurcae. They are far and away the most disliked alien race, due to a combination of factors. I don't know why you think that Eridanians, Skrell, or Unathi don't dislike Vaurca as much as people from the Sol Alliance, Biesel, or the Frontier. The Lii'dra attacks have only hightened fear and distaste towards the Vaurcae. I concur with the others - add this as something of the chefs. Besides, why would Vaurca even want this? They don't care about taste. If anything, some curious blend of different textures would make more sense for a corporate-provided item.
  8. Ornias

    Player Complaint - TheOrleans

    I know you're not meant to comment on complaint threads you're not involved in, but I, an arbiter of chaos, and king of these new untamed Forums, am very frustrated by this complaint and would like to put in my Point of View because I don't want the emotive language in it to change how it's percieved. I have absolutely no stake in this complaint because I have not interacted significantly with anyone involved with it to my knowledge. So, when I say what I'm about to say, I say it from the standpoint of a man who has no bias: From what was said later on, they died because they tried to bite their own hand off. If you do this kind of thing, the antagonist cannot be held responsible. And even if this was not true, that means that there's a dynamic conflict between your two characters. They might have died in the middle of it, but it promotes the story if done right. You haven't specified how it was done, so I don't know. If I was another vampire, I might do a similar thing, killing them when you're not there in order to boost my own power and start a murder mystery. If the player is struggling, then 'wordlessly' thralling them isn't bad. Putting the word 'wordlessly' does not make an action bad. You're presenting this like it was gank. If a janitor starts to struggle when I'm playing merc, I'll put a bullet in them without emoting, or delivering a snappy one-liner. That's not gank. That's an antagonistic reaction to someone who was trying to escape. That's being the bad guy and dealing with a problem. If they were a security officer, according to our own rules, he would be allowed to put down the officer without a moment's hesitation. I don't know if this is being presented as a negative or as a statement of fact. Vampires are bad guys. If you stand against their goal, vampire or not, they might take steps to take you down. They, in front of many people, tore into an ally in order to further their own ends. They betrayed you. That's not a bad thing. If anything, that's interesting: the plot has been advanced, because the status quo has changed. What did you want? The chamber to just keep growing? What was your end game? Did they know that? Did they agree with that? Using the word 'mass' does not suddenly make something bad. Embracing people into the fold does not strip control away from the player. It gives them something new to do. Running when security arrives does not make an antagonist bad. It's far more interesting to see the aftereffects of a brutal betrayal and to know that the perpetrator is still at large than for them to be dead. Saying that they were 'screaming' over the radio does not make what they were saying bad. They know they weren't innocent. You know they weren't innocent. Them trying to pretend that they were is not bad. Making a cyborg 'unable to save the lives of further crew' does not mean that the antagonist is bad. People die in this game. If a cyborg put itself in a situation where it was facing down an antag, then it might get hurt, same as anyone. You keep saying things without specifying what makes them bad. Are they bad because the players didn't want to be embraced? If so, tough. This happens. It's part of the game. You don't get impunity from an antagonists plan because it's inconvenient to you. You need to clarify what it was that happened that was bad. You can't just throw around emotive language (a pet peeve of mine for player complaints). You need to clarify.
  9. the undying shame i now feel at being proved wrong makes me disgusted , and throws me into a tragic state of despair
  10. can't speak for gameplay balance, but i'll speak for lore telescience is some of the newest bluespace technology to date, utilizing teleportation without a bluespace gate or drive. that's pretty crazy, can only be done in a small area, is HIGHLY dangerous to the teleporter, and is extremely hard to predict and control, requiring top-of-the-line scientists to do ANYTHING. the bluespace interdiction drive is explicitly stated as not existing within Tau Ceti, with the one and only (known) existing model existing in Sol's capital. it requires the energy of an entire station far, far larger than the aurora alone just to keep it active.
  11. This is a massive oversimplification. The idea that the only way an antagonist can play is by going into a firefight bloodmatch with security for two hours is wrong. We've all seen good antagonists. We all know they can be done. Bad antagging is straightforward. Good antagging requires requires thinking about this new character you're creating, how to make things interesting for everyone, and how your character would act. I question what integrating these gamemodes will do for people. Mercenary is stronger than raider, and this isn't a mistake. Raider has a small advantage in the fact that it's slightly more inherantly unpredictable, but mercenary is better in terms of equipment. Integrating these two will damage that dichotomy, and just create Merc+. A vast majority of people will purchase what they think is strongest, not what is most interesting. They will not use this to make gimmicks, they will use this to win. Further, I don't see the non-antagonistic side. For a variety of reasons I'll explain in a moment, I don't like non-antagonisting antags as a concept, but even aside from that, what advantage would this give to creating more peaceful scenarios? Mercs pretty much ONLY have weapons and illegal tools available to them, raiders already have a tonne of non-antag stuff to use. We don't see peaceraiders that often, so why would we think that giving these few peaceraiders access to more powerful weaponry would do anything for them? Same with wizard and ninja, only even more issues arise there. Ninja and wizard do not mesh. They are both high-mobility, and both outside-antagonists, but that's where their similarities end. They have different weaknesses, different abilities. They both have recovery times, but ninjas is more large-scale and wizards is more small-scale. How would these two mesh? Especially in terms of theme, appearance, abilities. I do like the mixed gamemodes idea. Antagonists cooperating to create really interesting stories is where this game shines. People who only see "you're a wizard" or "you're a pirate" shouldn't be playing antag. Giving people premade gimmicks to follow won't suddenly make them better antagonists. It will make them formulaic ones. We hardly see the contracts used at all, and I expect that the new database would be much different. And even if it did, giving people templates to follow, even if people don't have to follow them, is boring. It creates stock scenarios, it means that people are playing as characters that they don't really understand working for goals they don't really get. And if they were non-antagonistic goals, well, that would get boring. Far, far more boring than our current gamemodes. Ultimately, I don't see how this is conductive to involving non-security, nor do I think that making antagonists less antagonistic is a desirable path to this goal. I want more non-antag events. I want non-antag event characters. I do not want them to be supernatural. I want them to be traders, I want them to be VIPs, I want them to be diplomats and comms workers and IT men and safety inspectors and everything inbetween. I want them to be canon. But non-antagonistic antagonist play is rarely interesting. And when it is, it's because the player playing the non-antagonistic individual is good at it, and could do just as well playing as an antagonist. And because they're alien in the universe - because they're unknowable aliens, because they're mysterious invaders, because they're high-tech infiltrators, the only want we can connect with them in the short two-hour space is through antagonistic play. This cannot be remedied with our antagonists - it is an integral part of them. -1
  12. Ornias

    Add HoloAdverts

    bumping this with the force of the Stars, . i think these are a great step towards integrating lore into our setting, and would like to see this kind of thing integrated in some shape or form
  13. This will not singlehandedly integrate the lore, but will be yet another small step in the right direction. What about the provided examples doesn't appeal to you? I think the examples I used are very potent- they demonstrated information which all characters SHOULD know (with the exception, perhaps, of some alien whitelistees), that not everyone DOES know, and that knowing will help to build more interesting characters. The reason I would like for them to replace mechanical tips is that a lot of those mechanical tips take away from oppertunities to learn. 'Find out ICly' is a bit of a meme, but actually discovering mechanics and how to apply them for oneself or through a roleplay encounter is highly rewarding. I appreciate the same could be said for the lore, but that is why only things that every character would know are included, while leaving more obscure information to either be found through the wiki or found out ICly.
  14. In a further extension of the grand dream of promoting and integrating our lore, convert the 'Tip of the Round' information into lore information instead of mechanical information. Putting in well-known (in-universe) lore information into the Tip of the Round will allow people to understand more about the fundamental facts of the galaxy that their characters would likely know, as well as immediately accentuating roleplay over mechanics. Example facts: Did you know? In the year 2450, Tau Ceti's unemployment rate was at 20%! Did you know? The Republic of Biesel only became an independent system in the year 2452, breaking free of the Sol Alliance! Did you know? Humanity only met the Vaurcae in 2456 (that's 4 years ago!). Did you know? Tau Ceti Basic, the language we all speak, is a spiritual successor to Esperanto established in 2404? Designed to be easily spoken by all alien species, it is the most common trade language in human space! Did you know? Phoron was only discovered in 2417, and it's properties continue to astound scientists to this day! The rapid integration of Phoron into everyday life has proved a point of contention for some, yet its convenience is unquestionable.
  15. Ornias

    Add HoloAdverts

    Emoted with visual lines of text. This also ensures that ads in other languages (E.G. Sol Common) can still be seen (though not understood), without needing to understand the language. Mild icon changes between ads (Hephaestus Industries logo for Hephaestus Industries ads, etc.) might be nice, but may be a bit more effort than they're worth.