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  1. BYOND key: Wigglesworth Jones Character names: Sorry for the bad formatting: Everett Smith, Fulton Skaw, Charles Hepiner, Edward Sholl, Rick Prescott, Ka'Akaix'Viez Zo'ra, Ka'Akaix'Iskiir, Zo'ra, SC-SM-9172, Malcom Richards, Ronald Fields, Za'Akaix'Avik Zo'ra, IRU-Paul, Vincent Gallardi, David, Ka'Viax'Abav Zo'ra, Lance Brody, Acheron, Omari Etienam, Sabah El-Ahsan, Valeska Caladius, Geneva Lerato, How long have you been playing on Aurora?: Around a year and a half, if I remember correctly. Why do you wish to be on the whitelist?: More job and character opportunities, mainly. Why did you come to Aurora?: Saw it on the server one day, and decided to try it out. Stuck with it because I enjoyed the first few rounds I had. Have you read the Aurora wiki on the head roles and qualifications you plan on playing?: Yes. Have you received any administrative actions? And how serious were they? I have warnings and notes, but I have never been banned. My most recent warnings were for dominating someone on the shuttle and starting a fight, ordering items without sufficient IC reason, and for going SSD without heading to cryo. Please provide well articulated answers to the following questions in a paragraph each. Give a definition of what you think roleplay is, and should be about: Roleplay is putting yourself in the body of another person and creating narratives about them and the people they interact with. What do you think the OOC purpose of a Head of Staff is, ingame?: Heads of staff assist new players in their department, and determine the course of the round. They are also supposed to make sure that their department runs efficiently and doesn't fall apart at the first setback. Having a Head of Staff also gives other members of the department more opportunities. For example, a Head of Security would be able to authorize training exercises for their department. What do you think the OOC responsibilities of Whitelisted players are to other players, and how would you strive to uphold them?: Whitelisted players are examples or rolemodels for other people to follow. The best way for me to do that is to perform my job competently and professionally, while being accompanying to newcomers. For the most part, a head of staff should be an example of a realistic and high-quality character, and not a "meme." Could you give us the gist of what is currently happening in Tau Ceti and how it affected your character and their career? Tau Ceti is still recovering from the activities of the SLF, and tensions between Tajarans affiliated with different political factions are also rising, due to the civil war escalating. My Head of Personnel, Sam Campbell, is more wary of IPCs after the recent string of attacks, as he generally supports the status quo of indentured servitude in regards to synthetics. He has put additional effort into learning about the various political factions of the galaxy, to improve his communication. What roles do you plan on playing after the application is accepted?: I plan to try and play most if not all of the command roles, but I am specifically interested in being a Head of Security, consular, Head of Personnel, and eventually a captain. Characters you intend to use for command or have created for command. Include the job they will be taking.: Sinclair Khaing, Head of Security Sam Campbell, Head of Personnel. Morne Ayomide, EPMC/Eridani consular. How would you rate your own roleplaying?: 8/10, I'd like to say I have improved my roleplaying over time, and have become more experienced Do you understand your whitelist is not permanent, and may be stripped following continuous administrative action? Yes. Have you familiarize yourself with the wiki pages for the command roles? I have, yes. Extra notes: It was this or apply for a Unathi whitelist, but I felt like I wanted this more.
  2. I like it. Vomiting into a toilet is good for "completely wasted" RP.
  3. Brutish, you know that I like Easter a lot, but for clarity: Easter's good. He's competent, reliable, and professional, and I enjoy interacting with him quite a lot, as it seems that you've put a lot of thought into his character and backstory.
  4. Tozi is a great character to interact with, and I believe DeadLantern knows how to roleplay well. +1 real cool gamer
  5. While I don't normally have the chance to be in the same rounds as Borya, as he's a ruskie, he's greatly enjoyable to talk to OOCly, and from the few rounds I have had with him, he is a competent roleplayer. He's good enough to become loremaster, and I think he deserves a chance to try out for a command whitelist. BASED AND REDPILLED GAMER +1
  6. From personal experience with them, Schwann is a great roleplayer, and I enjoy interacting with many of their characters a lot. While I can't say much about how faithful the character backstory is to the lore, it's a lot of fun to read and I think that a lot of thought has been put into it. I'd give it a +1, which is why I'm giving it a +1. This pleases Schwannesh +1
  7. I am not a fan of this idea, as I do not support limiting people because someone wants more generic white bread NT goons. Contractors, at the moment, feel more distinct from the baseline of NT. Additionally, with the new uniforms, it makes sense that more people are interested in playing contractors. From my POV, this is just a "it's popular so it sucks" backlash.
  8. After having to deal with a heavily altered exploding spiked black k'ois outbreak, I support this idea. A situation similar to this, such as a large-scale disease/k'ois outbreak that gets out of control, would warrant specialized response. While niche I believe that it would serve well to replace J-ERT. Like Brutish said, J-ERT are a literal meme.
  9. I like this idea, as it having more control over your character's appearance isn't too bad of a suggestion. The point raised about other departments not having uniform regulations is a good one.
  10. Here are some images of how it'll look on someone, which I took using the snipping tool. If I knew how to, I would put it on a human, but I don't.
  11. I wanted a baseball cap for EPMC contractors and got told to sprite it, so I did that. The blue "badge" could use some work but I don't think it's too bad. They have a beret already, so why not a cap? I have no experience with code, and I do not have a github account, so I figured I might as well put it up as a suggestion before I decide to try and add a pull request. I personally don't think that adding a single hat could be classified as "bloat" and I really just want a hat. The color palette of the cap is taken directly from the EPMC beret, with the blue also using part of the EPMC security uniform. erissecflip.dmi erisec.dmi eriscapflip.dmi eriscap.dmi
  12. Kryostro, while he does have a somewhat negative reputation for the character of Shane Castralo, has definitely improved over the last year. From interactions with his other characters, I'd say he's better at RP than most people would think. At the very least, he deserves the chance to get a trial for a head of staff whitelist. +1 real gamer
  13. I think it'd add to her character and I like the sprite itself.
  14. I personally like the EE "aesthetic" more than the Hephaestus one, and as said above, I think it'd help give them more of a presence IC. I'd be interested in playing a character from one of the first megacorps. Additionally, I don't think there's anything too wrong with some overlap between the contractor factions.
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