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  1. To echo what @niennab said, I don't think this is needed. If the current people on the server want to vote extended twice in a row, they should be able to do that.
  2. Written by myself and @NewOriginalSchwann, who was forced to write at gunpoint. Type (e.g. Planet, Faction, System): Culture Describe this proposal in a single sentence (12 word maximum): The PRA tries to be hip and cool with the kids by creating a mascot. How will this be reflected on-station? Branded clothing and lunchboxes, along with other references to it. Does this faction/etc do anything not achieved by what already exists? I don't know of any TOTALLY RADICAL mascots in the lore. Why should this be given to lore developers rather than remain player created lore? It's too powerful to remain non-canon. Do you understand that if this is submitted, you are signing it away to the lore team, and that it's possible that it will change over time in ways that you may not forsee? Yes. It's worth it. Long Description: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1IL4vb-nzGK5nORa7moRsFle1lOsJKqJE0M8e5jtpmMU/edit?usp=sharing (NOT A VIRUS)
  3. I can second the communication issue, which was pretty bad from what I noticed. Communication between command is very important - you can't just focus on your own department. Along with that, actively ignoring multiple requests from another command member is very sketchy and will not end well. There was also quite a bit of frontlining, but that isn't necessarily bad, though this was also combined with a generally subpar response time. For reference, here are the most damning things I had managed to notice, though I was likely lacking some context (I believe it was about the cyborgification of a traitor for escaping HuT, which is a stated punishment in regulations and definitely the concern of the RD in that case, seeing as each traitor DID attempt to escape.) Amanda Prince says, "Pay attention to comms for gods sake." Travis Black says, "I'm too busy for nonsense." Ruby Lotami says, "Ah, the director was just asking about you." Travis Black says, "Don't care 'bout them." This is really not okay to do. Even if you're busy or preoccupied, unless you are quite literally in an active firefight you can spare the time to dignify a response - especially when there are officers to delegate to. You don't need to do everything yourself. There is definitely room for improvement, because for the most part your officer play is pretty alright. For the time being, I will give a -1 until I notice a definite improvement, because I don't think that your command play at the moment is at an acceptable level. -1
  4. For the most part, Prince is pretty okay. Competently roleplayed, interesting enough from what I saw. However, I noticed them frontlining quite a bit during the round b7n-auS0. For instance, I noticed them present on-scene while Security was wrangling the librarian who had went beserk. I won't give a plus or minus one yet, however - I'll need to see them again in further rounds.
  5. I also support this. Diona cultists are unfun for reasons I stated on the other thread.
  6. I despise Diona antagonists. Before the health of nymphs was nerfed, it'd take concentrated laser fire from at least two people to kill them. Plant-B-Gone doesn't work against them as well. They're also awful to deal with on cult, because now with the fact that manifested ghosts do not disappear when the rune is walked off, a single plant cultist can spam out apparitions. I'd personally suggest making them ineligible for cult at the very least, and ineligible for antag roles at most.
  7. Following a pretty good round with Andrew Robertson, I'd say they're qualified enough to be in Command - they definitely deserve a trial, at the very least. +1
  8. I support both, though only the latter is acceptable to me.
  9. I was the Head of Security, Vahziri Teryoshin. A few of my requests and questions weren't responded to and I had to ask again, but for the most part you did well.
  10. Seela did good during a rather poor ninja round, and while they could have communicated better at times I overall have a positive opinion. +1
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