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  1. I interact a lot with some of Allakai's characters - namely, Zahra Mrakiziizar, Nayah Ha-Fay'Medmaya, Faizah Ha-Ye'Rimizaah, and Samantha Mayfly. Allakai from what I've seen is a very good RPer, and I enjoy talking to them OOCly as well - though he does get snarky at times. From the back of my head I don't recall any negative experiences I've had with them (though to be fair I wasn't active for the past 2-3 months.) The characters I have interacted with I find to be unique and interesting, with realistic flaws, even if they may feel similar at times personality-wise. While I myself have only recently gotten active again, I've seen him playing SS13 almost every day since he joined. I personally believe that Allakai would be a good Head of Staff, for the reasons I stated above. +1, if that's important.
  2. Pegasus is great with lore. When I've DM'd him previously about lore questions, I've been continuously surprised by how in-depth and detailed it is. +1 if you're supposed to do that for this stuff.
  3. Posting because CampinKiller has my family hostage. While I didn't have a lot of interaction with Price, I have had a moderate amount with Brian Caruso. They're a good roleplayer, and while they have had mistakes in the past, I haven't seen any problematic behavior from them after their return. They're pretty cool OOCly too. I think they should get a second chance at being a head of staff. +1
  4. I play with Corbyn's characters pretty often, and I think Corbyn deserve a +1. Their characters are competently played and realistic, and I think that they'll do pretty good as a head of staff.
  5. I just prefer having hands and such - I'm a lot more used to it. Not a big fan of having to switch between the various tools cyborgs have.
  6. Currently, I'm leaning towards "low-end engineering role," as I've been meaning to play more in engineering. However, cargo/mining is also fine, or even assistant, if necessary. The IPC logs each order it is given, doing highest priority orders first, then moving down the hierarchy. As well, orders from non-employed personnel are ignored, unless, of course, it is told NOT to ignore them. Assuming it is working in engineering, it goes: misc/civilian < Service/Cargo/Research (priority depends on relative time order was given, older ones given more importance) < Medical/Security < Engineering < Command (excluding the CE and Captain)<Chief Engineer<Captain<Any higher ranking authority. In regards to self-preservation, the IPC attempts to determine the relative chance of heavy damage, and how high the priority of the order. For example, an order from a higher "ranking" person would have a higher threshold before the chance of heavy damage exceeds it, voiding the order. If the chance of high damage is higher than around 25-35 percent (haven't decided specifically how much yet,) the order is deemed NULL. However, if the order is from a low-priority "rank," I.E. an assistant, the "damage threshold" is much lower before being voided, most likely ranging from 2-5 percent. As for why I don't play stationbounds that often. When talking about the cyborgs, I dislike the mechanics and how they're played, and I find it kind of "clunky." In regards to AIs, I've always had problems playing them, often crashing and having to reload, which isn't a very fun experience. And yes, I believe I can most likely deal with insults and abuse. It's a game, after all, most people probably don't loathe synthetics. I'm not a soulless robot I think and know how to separate this from reality. I have no need to take it personal.
  7. BYOND Key: Character Names: Samuel Wigglesworth, Everett Smith, Fulton Skaw, Charles Hepiner, Rick Prescott, Szymon Nowak, Edward Sholl, Ka'Akaix'Viez Zo'ra, Ka'Akaix'Sov C'thur. Species you are applying to play: IPC. What color do you plan on making your first alien character: Not Applicable. Have you read our lore section's page on this species?: Yes, I have. Please provide well articulated answers to the following questions in a paragraph format. One paragraph minimum per question. Why do you wish to play this specific race: I wanted more opportunities for characters. To elaborate further, I find IPCs interesting due to their mechanical aspect, being robots and all, and that can be conveyed will with having no emotions, due to being unfeeling soulless synthetics. While I don't play cyborgs or AIs all that often, disliking the mechanics of the former and having issues with crashing for the latter, I do enjoy roleplaying as them. IPCs are as a whole more "cold" and analytical, which I believe, like I said earlier, would provide some interesting character concepts. Identify what makes role-playing this species different than role-playing a Human: Like I said before, IPCs are mechanical, generally unfeeling and emotionless unless programmed otherwise to mimic them (to a degree). There are two states an IPC can be in, owned, (fairly obviously) owned by another person, or more commonly a company/group. These are generally not held responsible for their actions, with responsibility transferred to their owner. The other state, free, means that the IPC "owns itself," so to speak, and are held accountable for their own actions. One of the main differences between humans and IPCs is that IPCs are rational, making decisions based on "cause and effect," and often act very predictably, in regards to personality and actions. IPCs tend to be much less selfless, putting self-preservation as generally one of their highest priorities, and generally attempt to mitigate harm done to them at all times. As well, IPCs feel no pain, allowing them to "go further" without the risk of going into shock from it. IPCs speak different from humans, not using colloquialisms, abbreviations, and slang, unless programmed to do so. Character Name: Sailwell Synthetic Standard Model 9172 - SSIM 9172 if abbreviated. Please provide a short backstory for this character, approximately 2 paragraphs. As with most of Sailwell Communications' models, SSSM 9172 was created on a budget, meant to be cheap, affordable, and as the name implies, easy to mass produce, due to lacking sapience, only being able to say phrases that have been inserted into its small database, and unable to do anything too advanced, due to outsourced programming. Intended to be "quality on a budget," even affordable for upper-middle class families, or those straddling the line, due to the price being relatively low compared to other IPCs. Normally found on lower-end stations and ships, Sailwell Communications has had a relatively lucky break, being able to lease out a small batch of SCMPS models to work on various NanoTrasen properties as manual labor. 9172, due to being recently produced, has been sent over to the NSS Aurora, while the various Sailwell Communication products are being evaluated for further dealings. What do you like about this character? It's simple, as it's nonsapient, only knowing the various lines that have been programmed into it, and unable to do anything too specialized for the same reason. I've had this character concept in my mind for a while now, and decided it'd be an alright time to try out for it. How would you rate your role-playing ability? As per the norm, 7 out of 10. Not awful, but not the greatest it could be. I always have room for improvement, after all. Notes:
  8. Server Moderator Application Basic Information Byond Account: Wigglesworth Jones Character Name(s): Samuel Wigglesworth, Everett Smith, Fulton Skaw, Charles Hepiner, Rick Prescott, Szymon Nowak, Edward Sholl, Ka'Akaix'Viez Zo'ra, Ka'Akaix'Sov C'thur. AI Name(s): Station Mastercomputer. Discord username + tag: Wigglesworth #0782. Age: 15. Timezone: Pacific Timezone, or UTC +8. When are you on Aurora?: I'm normally on from 4 PM to 10 PM, PST. Varies, as sometimes I do other things. Experience How long have you played SS13?: Around 2 years. How long have you played on Aurora: A little under a year. How much do you know about SS13 (Baystation build) game mechanics?: A good portion, though I don't know much related to engineering, and I'm still learning. Do you have any experience moderating for an SS13 server?: No. Have you read through the criteria thread; - and believe that you mark off all the criteria?: Yes. Have you ever been banned, and if so, how long and why?: I've never gotten banned here. I once got banned for two hours after killing a nonantag on Hippie. Personality Why do you play SS13?: It's a very unique game. I enjoy how every round is different, and I like the role-playing opportunities. Why do you play on Aurora?: It's one of the few higher populated HRP servers, and I like the people on it. I also enjoy the setting and lore more than the ones of other servers. What do moderators do?: It's kind of hard for me to explain properly, but they're kind of like regulators, or I guess you could compare them to Rule-cops. They make sure people follow the rules that have been set out. They (obviously) moderate or mediate various situations. What does it mean to be a moderator for our server?: Well. I guess they enforce the rules of the server that have been set up, and make judgement on various situations involving rules and the bending or breaking of them in rounds. If need be, they could clarify more on things if asked. Why do you want to be a moderator?: I think it'd be a good learning experience. As well, I'd like to help out the community and such more, and be a little more active and involved with it. What qualities do you possess that would make you a good moderator?: I'd say I get along with people fairly well. I don't think I hate or dislike any of the people here. I'd say that I'm fairly helpful and empathetic, and can often reflect back on myself. As well, I know when to admit when I'm wrong. How well do you handle stress, anger, or insults?: Fairly well? I don't think I have ever faced a lot of insults. Normally, I brush them off with self-deprecation and humor. I'd say I handle stress fairly well. I'd never vent during or right after a situation. I can't say I've ever been extremely salty? At least looking back. Anything Else You Want to Add: I'm not expecting to get accepted, but hey, it wouldn't hurt to try, right?
  9. I think this looks pretty neat. Like DeadLantern said, the crosses and such are a little over the top, but I mean it looks badass.
  10. I'm a bit late to all this, huh? Anyways, I genuinely do not know what people think about my "main" character, Edward Sholl, so I figured I'd make a feedback thread for him. I'll try(?) and improve Sholl after this, depending on his criticisms. If you don't want to mention anything here, you can reach me on discord - I'm Wigglesworth #0782 there.
  11. Hi. I was Sholl. I wasn't super salty about the death in general, though my head being stolen and gibbed (by someone else, mind you) was iffy. It was surprising, at the very least. I don't personally think it was gank, but I ahelped to clear it up, just in case. I mean, I definitely would have preferred not dying, but that just happens sometimes, not much I can do about that.
  12. You're a pretty good sec officer. I think it'd be interesting to have a journalist shell, too. +1
  13. This scenario isn't super uncommon, but as sec, when you're between someone actively resisting arrest and completely complying, people move around to not be cuffed. You start cuffing, they move to the right. Try again, they move to the left. It's kind of annoying because it's not exactly resisting arrest. I was considering making a cheaper version of zip ties or plastic cuffs for security, but a better idea was suggested. When grabbing someone, the time to cuff is reduced. 2 or so seconds, probably, with a passive grab. Maybe 4 for aggressive?
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