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  1. They're doing a much better job as Command, from what I've observed. I believe they're a much better fit for it now. +1
  2. I'm fine with it for the most part, but I think that shrapnel and ballistics should be buffed, like @N8-Toe said. I point-blanked (meaning I shot at them on harm intent when they were next to me) someone with buckshot and slugs 5 times and they were still standing, which seemed pretty odd to me.
  3. @NewOriginalSchwann can attest to asteroid turfs killing a large amount of people (7 or so) due to an explosion destroying tiles.
  4. Zombies should not be able to use firearms or tools - I heard in dchat about a couple of them welding down walls. Using tools as melee weapons is probably fine, but not for construction. Zombies should also have some kind of way to not be cucked by eshields - a large amount of them got killed by an IPC with an eshield and esword, because IPCs cannot be knocked down and the eshield has a high block rate. Those are the two big ones I remember off the top of my head.
  5. Suul is a good shaman, and I've had fun interacting with them. I think the staff would add to the character.
  6. I can't remember the last malf round I've enjoyed. I'm fine with it being removed.
  7. >tfw akhanzi doesn't like si'akh Disgusting. Jokes aside, these are solid responses. +1, praise Si'akh
  8. I've had some solid interactions with Herp over multiple characters, and I trust that they'd be able to make some good 'Nathi. I'll ask some questions, though. What is their opinion on the other religions on Moghes? Sk'akh, Si'akh, Aut'akh, and the Tribunal if you count them. How "traditional" of an unathi will he be? I see the statement that he holds true to Unathi ideals, I'm just wondering. What job will he have?
  9. I see no issue with Detective to Forensics or Forensics to Detective; they're both investigative roles, and I don't really have a problem with Warden to Officer.
  10. Big fan of all the relics, especially the Si'akh one. Hopefully, this gets added.
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