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  1. While zombies need to be heavily rebalanced around brainmed right now, I think adding it as a voteable gamemode (and not part of the secret rotation) is fine. We have crossfire and paranoia which get voted every once and again, so why not give people the chance to vote for it if they want it?
  2. "Hmm, yes. Today I will attempt to talk to people who think that hating authority makes them a unique character." this is sarcasm do not take the statement seriously Besides, there's nothing saying that I can't roleplay with more than one department.
  3. It doesn't remove it, but it gimps the ability to roleplay a large amount. Rarely will I see more than 2 security staff at the bar - with the radio I can talk to everyone.
  4. 10 percent of the unique playerbase is not a lot, from an outside perspective. Again, why should the ability for Security players to roleplay with each other be taken away on Green? Unlike other departments, Security members are often mobile and as such do not have as much of a chance to just chat in the lobby. From personal experience, I use the radio quite a lot to chat and interact with other people, and I don't want to be forced to roleplay with people who think that hating authority is a good replacement for a personality, to paraphrase SueTheCake. I'd appreciate it if my arguments were addressed in full, but this is my largest concern at the moment.
  5. That's why I said "for one." There are likely other solutions out there. From what I remember of the DepSec testmerge, I didn't see the access being abused very often - though I admit that I wasn't present for the majority of rounds. I wasn't even aware of the poll in the first place, as well.
  6. There are other ways to enforce this, in my opinion. Clearer guidelines and fixing the chain of command, for one. I think that this is throwing the baby out with the bathwater, or some other saying. While I understand why people might think this is a good idea, I believe there are too many downsides for it to be the best solution. @Skull132 Will this be testmerged before being added completely?
  7. I do not think that the radio should be removed on Green. 1.) Petty crimes are a thing, and coordination is required for that. Should code blue be called for something as petty as a barfight, or theft? 2.) Workarounds already exist, and short of OOCly preventing Security from using their stationbound radio or making a new channel entirely, it won't do much. This will also result in Code Blue being called a lot more often, and ensure that the code being lowered to green is rarer. 3.) It stops Security from roleplaying. Believe it or not, people in Security do actually talk to each other. With depsec already splitting them up, and Departmental Officers not being expected to leave their office, short of PDAing each other or setting up an IRC they have little means to communicate and chat to each other. Removing the radio will make roleplaying with each other incredibly inconvenient. DepSec was intended to allow Security to RP more with other departments, but I don't think it should prevent Security from roleplaying with itself. 4.) Security is fucked during lowpop. There is rarely command during deadhour, and without anybody to raise to blue they're screwed. 5.) The radio was removed for the first testmerge of Department Security, and there were multiple complaints about it. As a result, DepSec had the radio in the next testmerge. While not completely the same, both will have the same effect. 6.) Is it bad for departments to communicate? Science talks to each other. Medical talks to each other. Command talks to each other. Command is also important to how a round progresses, but removing communications from them on code Green would be incredibly obnoxious and unpopular. While it can be argued that they aren't the same, both Command and Security interact with the antagonists and determine how a round goes. "But Command talks about things other than combating antags!" So does security. During extended, a Head of Security might want to coordinate a training exercise or a meeting. PDAing everyone is a valid choice, but simply telling them to come to the brig over radio is much more convenient. there are other arguments here but I'm not good with words and would rather have someone more qualified talk about them
  8. As mentioned above, I think that medical's tiles make it look "out of focus," which is really hard on the eyes. It also clashes really hard with the other sprites, which are less muted. As mentioned above. I also noticed the same issue in RnD, where the white causes the tiles to look "fuzzy" for lack of a better word.
  9. Yes, please. Ling is definitely the weakest on-station antagonist, in my opinion.
  10. Correct. At the very least, I'd like the previous statement to be incorporated into the punishment decided on.
  11. BYOND Key: Wigglesworth Jones Staff BYOND Key: @tbear13 Game ID: b6c-dE9j Reason for complaint: This isn't really a complaint, but there was an issue with the ticket I made during this round related to my death. This isn't really TBear's fault, as I found the relevant information after the ticket was closed, but I would like for it to be addressed. During this round, I (as Captain Valtteri Saarinen) was killed during a surgery in what I believe to be a gank. After a question in LOOC by the character of Alice Gough (played by @IAmCrystalClear), I stated that I had to leave the game, which they took to mean they could: breach the surgery room in which I was being operated, headgib me using a 9mm pistol, and then shoot themselves after to "not be cyborgified." After ahelping this, TBear took the ticket and proceeded to PM the player, though I am unaware of the outcome. However, as I remembered another thread related to a previous antag ban of CrystalClear, I sent TBear this thread in which the statement "I will lift this ban, but take in consideration that anything else of this stuff will also result in a ban." is said by Alberyk. Upon reading this, TBear told me to make a staff complaint, as the ticket was handled in round. Evidence/logs/etc: Due to the large amount of logs, I'll use a third party website. Here are the logs I grabbed related to the incident in question, if required. https://imgur.com/a/mPbts6w Additional remarks: None at the time.
  12. These are some good sprites, King...
  13. Having played a few rounds as captain with Ezra, I think that Caelphon would do wonderfully in command. +1
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