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  1. BYOND Key: Superiorform Total Ban Length: Permanent :))) Banning staff member's Key: Aboshehab Reason of Ban: As I recall - this was two years go, might be a tad faulty - I was a merc with a maxcap on me. It was towards the start of the round. Things started to go bad, I threatened that if sec didn't back off bad things would happen, I was hit with a shotgun slug. I suicidebombed to take some of them with me. I did consider my actions justified at the time, but I waited around sometime to see if I'd be boinked before I logged off. Sometime after logging, I got a message from Abo telling me he needed me on server, but I did not see the message. I was permabanned. The message reads: Reason for Appeal: Whilst I remember, at the time, believing my actions were justified, it was so long ago, I really couldn't argue either way on that front, and because I was logged, I didn't get a chance to argue back then, either. What I will say is: it has been two years, supposing that I did deserve this ban, it has been two years, and I've served it. I think I deserve another chance at antagplay. I took a 2 year break from Aurora, I've played a few rounds back, and I've not fucked anything up too badly yet, I don't think, so gimme a shot please :^)
  2. I will give my feedback when not on mobile. I was skeptical of the female guwan cadet, but pleasantly surprised by the backstory.
  3. Your salt argument really doesn't work. I didn't ahelp at the time because I thought I was just being salty. Now that I am clear-headed, I believe this to be a rules violation. Would this be allowed if you were a chemist? Captain should only do sec's job when there is no security.
  4. No. You are not the only person that has done this. It still breaks rules. There were two officers shooting at me while I was madly trying to shut the elevator doors and escape, after I had been ionned like two times. The captain's job is not to run at problems. Ask yourself this: would it be acceptable for a research director, or a chief engineer, and an assistant to run at an antagonist that is already being BTFO by sec? Well, they put the crew over themselves, so it's absolutely okay. I really don't believe what you say about knowing OOCly it was a dumb thing to do. You say yourself, the jugg was being handled by security. There was absolutely no risk to yourself by charging me with a telebaton and stunlocking me, if, as you say, the jugg was being handled. I think that you ran in looking for valids and glory. Even while the juggernaut was smashing your ribcage in, you still kept me stunlocked. ICly, you are the captain. Not a security officer. There were four officers at the scene already trashing me. It is not your job to abuse your stupidly strong weapon that hasn't been fixed yet to ensure the antag dies and you get your glory. OOCly, you thought you could get away with shutting me down even faster, you thought it would work, and you had to make sure that the antag was absolutely destroyed. That's what it looks like from my perspective.
  5. Not everybody really hates dying. I, and I know a few others who think the same, will, if the time is right, sacrifice themselves to the antagonists to help them drive a story. Some people will let themselves be taken hostage, to reward antagonists who try to do something interesting. I had a really good scenario with [mention]The Stryker[/mention], where, yeah, I could have just ran into my backroom and survived, but I had a good time as hostage, and when he executed me, I wasn't mad. We just need to get out of the competitive and "who is gonna shoot first" mindset. Good times will follow.
  6. I really disagree with you on antags expecting security to be lenient. It is quite the opposite. Antags expect security to fuck them over immediately, and security expects antags to fuck them over immediately. A prime example happened today. I rolled wizard twice (!!! praise !!!) , and the first time, there was very little sec, so I picked shit spells and focused on a melee playstyle. I was running around, RPing, damaging the station a little bit... and boom. Chloral hypospray. Then, there was the round were security actually was lenient, that you saw. I've got in trouble for shooting officers that got too close because I was paranoid. Security often fucks antags over, then says "well I thought they were about to kill me". Without both sides actually becoming more lenient to each other most of the time, rather than it being just a 50/50 chance that you will get fucked over for trying to RP, or fucked over 5 minutes in for a mechanical mistake, nothing can really be done about the paranoia, because it is justified. You really don't know if captain is going to execute you after he telebatons you, or will fearRP and run away.
  7. I would treat them both the same. That is to say, with leniency. Both of them have done something interesting, and we shouldn't just punish that. If you kill the wizard or apprehend him right there, well done! Kudos! You got the antag! Whoopee! Now it's extended. If you capture the gasmask man, well done! You got a filthy criminal! Now, he gets to sit in the brig bored for a little while, while you enjoy extended. Up to a certain point, it's either late in the round, the antag is absolutely shit, or the antag has been evading your capture very robustly, we should absolutely be trying to find every excuse we can to be nice to them, because this is a game. Without the antags, it's a very boring game. The last paragraph works just as well if we replace antags with random weirdo who is just breaking the law but isn't an antag. He did something interesting. Let him have a chance. As an example of this, one time, I was captain. There was some greytide idiot in processing, and he kept stripping himself. While we were processing, he was saying all the applicable corporate regulations, and getting himself a shorter sentence. I was amused, and I had an excuse to give him a chance, so I offered him a lawyer position. Of course, he just stripped himself down again, and he got permabrig. That was the point when I thought the guy was just absolute shit, and then held no quarter. The same can be done with wizards. Woah, don't kill him! We need to learn how he uses magic. And ninja's. Woah, don't kill him, I want that suit in pristine condition! And so on. We should be giving the people who can make our rounds interesting a chance... up to a certain point. We must also remember, that while this is a role-playing server, there is also fun to be had in just robustness and competition. Once this certain point has been reached, it is absolutely okay to draw guns and shoot as soon as you see the other team. That is still roleplaying.
  8. BYOND Key: Superiorform Game ID: bR4-cSu2] Player Byond Key: DasFox Staff involved: - Reason for complaint: This is a pretty minor thing, and I didn't ahelp it at the time because I didn't think it was worth it, but after pondering it a bit, I do think it breaks rules. There is not much to the story. I was cultist merchant, pretty heavily armed, and I was cornered in the lift by, I think, four members of security, and DasFox's captain at the back. They wanted to arrest me, I did not want that, and there was a gunfight. Me and my juggernaut, versus, something like four or five members of security. In the middle of laser fire and an occult construct smashing things, Henry Ray dashes in and stunlocks me through my tactical armour with his telebaton, for something like 10 seconds. I'm pretty annoyed during this, I abhor the telebaton, but my construct comes in and smashes up the reckless captain, saving me. After a little bit more fighting, I escape. I know, it's not a major thing, but I don't think it's right for a captain to rush the antag in the middle of a very violent gunfight, when all of security is there. I would totally get it if it was just like one or two member's of the ISD at the scene, but there were tonnes of officers, and laser fire everywhere. It doesn't matter what punishment I think is necessary, but, I would be happy with just a note or warning for it. Did you attempt to adminhelp the issue at the time? If so, what was the known action taken by administration/moderation? No. I didn't think it was a big thing at the time, but I thought about it, and now I think it breaks rules. Approximate Date/Time: Around 9:20, 22/12/2017 GMT, like 40 minutes ago at the time of this posting.
  9. To my own surprise, I liked this backstory. It was the sort of thing I would normally hate, but it's really interesting, and well written, and I would like to see this character. But, as Menown said, MMI brain to posibrain can't happen at the moment. You'd need a workaround. Maybe retcon it so that ATHENA always had a posibrain, and was never human? I don't know, but I hope you come up with a solution, I like this story.
  10. I like this. I like this very much. Do you have any ideas for any in-game, mechanical stuff, other than the grant money?
  11. As others have said, the rarity makes it special. However, I have been trying to get merchant for something like 15 rounds now, and I. Just. Can't. I would support an increase in the chance. Maybe 30%.
  12. I'd just like to pop in and say, I think a lot of people are just jabbing needlessly at others here, instead of discussing and trying to solve things. Before you post, think about what you are saying accomplishes. As for the OP... we have rules. If you break them, you got a talking to. Your post, Prospekt, seems to amount to "let people break minor rules", and that just can't happen.
  13. Why is auto-hiss a training device? I use auto-hiss when I play unathi, because I can't be arsed writing out "Ssshe sssselllsssss ssssea ssshellssss by the ssseaa ssshore but the ssssshellssss ssssshe ssellssss aren't sssseasssshell I'm sssssure". Writing out 2-4 extra ss every time really slows me down, and I don't want to have to get in and out of "extra-s mode". Why is using auto-hiss bad? Or only for training?
  14. iirc. red grabbing someone keeps them up regardless. Nope, they still go down, even when redgrabbed.
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