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  1. They're just species restricted gloves sadly. I had a ling round yesterday as an assistant Taj, but despite finding two sets of insulated gloves, and a coin to buy a set, none of them were immediately usable by myself, or any Unathi; not sure about Vaurca/Dionae. I can understand why it's in place, but I figure if people intend on using gloves they'd dull their claws down to prevent ripping; but then hey that's something that'd have to be implemented as well. Bit of a heck over all.
  2. Yeah when species insulateds were brought this was also implemented. Snipped gloves are useless after. Before you'd snip them and they'd allow other species to wear the gloves, and they'd work for their intended purpose.
  3. Good afternoon my fellow Aurorians, Something that I've come to be bitten by a few times recently, and in the past, is species insulated gloves. I believe they are more detrimental to antagonistic play than they are helpful. To give you a few examples: Raiders start with a set of insulated gloves, if the other members of the team aren't competent in hacking doors, but you are; you cannot hack doors because you will get shocked due to the lack of them. If you're an on station antag, and you'd like to touch live wires in some meaningful way, unless you break into engineering and grab a set, you cannot. Despite these being a trash/maintenance spawn. Unfortunately they are restrictive, and best given some kind of modification rework, or we go back to the way they were with 'snipping' the tips. Thoughts and ideas?
  4. I'd rather see the disruptors removed than nerf'd. Before the disruptors we had a taser, and a .45 pistols with rubbers. 14 shots with the pistol, (2 magazines) and x amount of taser shots. The disruptors do not immediately get the lethal mode activation, so in the first fight antagonists have the upper hand, with this change security will suffer another huge drawback.
  5. I recommend: A, remove it, to allow for traitors to snag the equipment. It already has a crushing mechanic and will crush people to death if they wear it. B, reduce the explosion into a single tile gibbing, with a smaller radius capable of inflicting wounds on only those nearby. It's a big explosion for a smallish suit, it rips up floor tiles, and vents everything nearby. C, Remove it, and make it purchasable as a TC option. A middle ground option which allows for people to inflict punishment on us from beyond the grave... the fuckers. A is my preferential.
  6. As the title says, I can't honestly think of any other antag mechanic, or default state of being, that ruins the round type more than the Dead Man's Switch. It is the biggest fuck you to a round, more so than generally the ninja themselves. It also presents two real problems: Meta or die. There is no other option than those two, if you successfully manage to incapacitate a ninja by force. You either die when you hold them to the floor, or they die in the medical room, and explode everything around it. I can see why it was put in, to stop people from grabbing the ninja hardsuit and pissing around with it. But now that we have combined game-modes, such as intrigue, having a ninja suit can add to it; what if a traitor scientist, roboticist, anything tator-like got their hands on it? 'OH SHIT HE'S BACK AAAAA.' Of course have it locked behind an emag. Honestly, this is one of two things which ruins the gamemode, and makes myself a few other members of the community cryo the moment we know it's the round type. This one is the salt in the wound.
  7. Sandman grenades are also chemical grenades, with a fairly interesting chemical make up, including Dylovene, which I thought counter-acted Soporifics of sorts. I don't think right now frag grenades should fall under this scope, because I feel we'll need to implement different grenade casings, and even make them changeable in colour or slight appearance. But maybe for the future. We've got improvised explosions for the moment. ?
  8. I think 1 can be solved by making the disruptors fit in the security belt.
  9. If you're a lame-o like me and likes to use everything around them for some stupid reason or another, then these grenades aren't for you! Essentially Gas grenade (Tear gas) are: Phosphorous, Potassium, Sugar, and Capacillin within two large beakers, inside a grenade casing with a timer and igniter. I propose to convert Smoke Grenades, and Flashbangs to the same, to give the entrepreneuring antag more options without necessarily adding more items to the Uplink. I suspect Smoke grenades could be 25U of each in two small beakers, I'm unsure of how big of a smoke cloud that will create. Where as a flashbang will need to be the same, but with Aluminum, Potassium, and Sulfuric Acid to create the Flash Powder reaction.
  10. I personally think a middle ground should be found instead. Whereupon a weaker, less armed team is sent in it's place, maybe even default to Legion AND THEN the ERT. The legion I'd argue is weaker on a 4 v 4 basis due to the NT ERT's much higher equipment availability. (My opinion) What I'd propose is that remove NT ERT from a first distress beacon, give the beacon a time-out timer, and then after X amount of minutes whereupon the other Legion/random responders are defeated, only then does it escalate to a level where the ERT is needed. This also gives the antags the ability to stop the call, as they can find the heads of staff, and makes the goal of defending those command members priority for anyone who remains.
  11. I am right now far too tired to give line by line. My simple response is that if I had ignored the opportunity I had, I would be breaking character as well. You weren't in control as a hostage taker, you had zero awareness of your surroundings and zero ability to control the situation. The blue-suited individual is me, while people were arguing with security. My initial intention was just to stay close, I had my fill of conflict for the round already. I didn't stop you, didn't try to negotiate, I just followed to watch the TCFL deal with you. The meowdy part starts outside of the Brig's eastern doors. I stayed literally on your heels. I could have grabbed the hostage if I felt daring, but I felt that was just a little bit too risky and hell, lets watch the TCFL deal with the crazy cat instead. We get to the elevator, I cram in, then it goes to pot as the detective and warden show up, preventing the elevator. At this point you were distracted. I got behind you. I waited a moment, and then when it was obvious the situation was going down the drain, I used disarm, with force gloves, to hurl you to the floor. Which worked, we got you away from the hostage and a grenade, unused, was dropped. Me being the doofus I am, either picked the grenade up or clicked Avery, as I couldn't disarm you any further. Probably the former, which is why you were able to get away and light another grenade. You were a dangerous person. Who has blown up parts of the station. You've shot me/my character that round. You fired at me and the HoS in the Brig when I was making my way back to it, and then you teleport-ed out. And then I was given a very good opportunity to take you down. It's not as if you can't expect people to take risks, especially given the facts above. If you had them in a grab, used them as a shield, got everyone away from you, that would have altered things; because you would have been in control of your situation and I wouldn't have been out of your line of sight, and literally close enough to breathe on the back of your neck. Thanks.
  12. A white tie, white waistcoat, and some dogtags on Snow. Usually hidden beneath the armor though.
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