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  1. A vicious battle was fought this day, but the true victors still stand among the carnage.
  2. I saw Delta "ERP on the world server with Serveris" Jones fuck a cow right in the mouth once. At least, I think it was a cow, it was hard to see through the multiple diarrhea-filled diapers stuck to my face. I have AIDS.
  3. Hey guys, older meme here with some Paladins gameplay. Today I'll be vastly reducing the size of my baguette. I'm glad someone appreciates it for what it is. It also wasn't much effort, I just popped a fresh shitpost through a translator. That said, I don't actually feel all too passionate about this. I actually expected that shitpost to be closed right away. Post ran through my very own de-shitting translator: I made an off topic shitpost in good fun, people joined in and posted Bokaza's name, I messed with him a bit thinking it would be fine. It wasn't okay with him, other people did it without my involvement, then I messed around with skull because it was even more harmless and pretty funny, as I would like to stress it was just a spelling mistake. Though back to Boka, I really don't believe I harassed anyone due to having one very unremarkable conversation with Bokaza and stopping there myself. As for not wanting to play, I still do occasionally log on and play a serious round, though it's rare, so I can see where you guys are coming from on that on that one. I also don't appreciate the changing of my clickbait title, now my youtube revenue will suffer. I'll find out who did this and I'll be sending you a bill to make up the difference. please ban me for real tho dear god end my gay life
  4. It's come to my attention that I made several grammar and spelling errors in my inital post. I will fix this right away. Edit: Done
  5. Yo BYOND Key: Ryfer Total Ban Lengf: Perma, prob'ly like five minutes left or somethin` iunno Banning staff member's Key: Rickymadenson, new face never seen you 'bfoe nice ta meet you don' wreck me here thanks Reason o' Ban: Harassing uh player ova Discord channel, clearily nahh intend ta play whatsoever. dis here violates our rule o' 'don' be uh dong' towards others ta da *NEXT LEVEL* (Ryfer's note: ah added dat emphasis) as you wuz basically participating in group cyberbullying. Feel free ta apply an unban appeal in da future. dis here be uh permanent ban. Reason fo' Appeal: So, ah wuz banned fo' uh reason ah find ta be fine ass inaccurate an' heavily driven by an admin's personal involvement in da shit dat may gots wounded some feelings uh bit too much. But dat's okay. we's all feld it sometimes, an' ah can dig' da mistake. ta sum up HOW ah wuz banned, ah had aurora open while ah wuz busy doin' uh few things in other tabs an' didn't hear sixish or so admin messages, up until da last one where ah tabbed in ta see uh few paragraphs 'boutwhat ah did. ah wasn't asked fo' muh motha fuckin input, merely told muh motha fuckin intent an' told everything dat happened an' how ah felt 'boutplaying without any doubt dat it could be otherwise. Since dis here wuz all decided fo' me, ah wuz told dat ah wuz being banned wif nahh chance ta defend myself, as dis here had already been approved by da headmins without even uh moment o' contacting me. ah imagine it's uh lot easier ta just jive behind closed doors an' decide dat ah'm uh disgusting bumbleshit dat just wants ta crawl out o' muh motha fuckin hidy hole occasionally an' #griefwreck da server until it burns ta da ground, but dat's not da case. Now, correct me if ah'm wrong but making assumptions 'boutme might be uh bit unfair considering dis here would prob'ly be muh motha fuckin second real offense on da server in muh motha fuckin many years o' playing, an' da only one ah can remember havin` wuz around uh pimp-tight year ago. an' dat wuz just killing myself in uh round. Now dat ah'm here, ah'll go into detail 'boutall dat happened an' let you know how ah actually feld in da entire shit, since ah wuz entirely denied uh chance ta do so earlier. (Which, when ah wuz on da moderation team, wuz somethin` entirely unreasonable. Permabanning without queshun wuz usually fo' niggas dat wuz entirely uncooperative. Now, it's clear dat muh motha fuckin punishment wuz already decided 'bfoe ah wuz messaged, but messaging me an' waiting until ah wuz not idle would gots been ideal. ah didn't keep da logs o' our conversation, but ah only returned by da tyme da ban wuz actually being applied, an' afta reading ova everything an' picking up da general tone o' 'you already fucked muh motha fuckin nigga', ah didn't even try ta say anythin` in muh motha fuckin defense. It wuz at dat point dat dey flat out said ah wuz fucked anyway, so y'know. RIP.) Speaking o' dat, it'd be nice if someone would provide da logs o' our very one-sided conversation. ah didn't copy dem down. So! da aforementioned bullying an' being uh dong in da ban reason iz true ta some extent, but ah feel like it's been blown way out o' proportion in how most gots appeared ta react ta it. ah will weave you uh tale o' da CRUEL crushing o' Bokaza, an' how ah absolutely stomped out his will ta live an' snuffed out da flame o' hope fo' uh bettah life by bullying him ta da point o' suicide. uh couple days ago, ah decided ta take uh peep at da aurora forums an' see how everything wuz going, an' noticed dat off topic discussion had been fine ass inactive fo' awhile. Being da shitposty boy dat ah be, ah decided ta make uh shitpost titled "ERP Partner Recruiting", which iz where ah intended fo' it ta end. Then, uh nigga o' mine made an equally shitposty shitpost on muh motha fuckin shitpost dat made me think: "awww, Bokaza! ah know him, ah wuz in uh group chat wif him uh few years ago an' we's gots along fairly well. Perhaps he'll enjoy uh pimp-tight memejoke from me." Now, ah dig'. "Ryfer!" You might say, continuing on wif tears forming in yo' peeps, "ERP be uh very serious topic an' it's impossible ta joke 'boutit! You might hurt someone's feefees real bad!' an' ah can only say dat you be entirely correct. ah'm uh monster, an' should gots continued joking 'boutmuh motha fuckin AIDS, which slowly continues ta kill me every day. Ha ha just kidding, ah don' gots AIDS. ah meant cancer. ah gots cancer. Wait, nahh, hold on. Says here dat ah be cancer. muh motha fuckin bad. Anyway, here iz da turning point. ah messaged Bokaza continuing da tone o' da joking post, an' he seemed ta tolerate it up until da middle o' our conversation, where ah continued nonetheless as it wuz really innocent messing 'boutat dat point. Given, ah hadn't expected him ta gots such uh strong reaction at da tyme due ta him knowing who ah wuz some tyme ago (Though he has clearly forgotten by now), as he thought he wuz getting legitimate ERP offers from niggas, mixed wif troll ones. Which iz also fine ass ridiculous. ah don' doubt Bokaza's intelligence, but in uh shit like dis here it iz very hard ta take ERP offers seriously from someone dat speaks "liek dis ey bb ue wan some da ERP from mi?" or just keeps referencing scooby doo. Maybe he's into scooby doo ERP secretly, but ta shock da lot o' you, ah'm certainly not into it - but only cuz he wasn't intersted in solving any mysteries wif me. we's'll never know who haunts da old, decrepit lighthouse now. Now, dis here iz where muh motha fuckin involvement in teasing Bokaza stopped. muh motha fuckin niggas an' other random niggas continued ta act on they own accord, joking around wif Bokaza under very serious titles such as 'Big Saucy Daddy' an' 'Bangcock', an' one o' deez niggas even go as far as committing da ATROCITY, da absolute DISGUSTING act o' sending uh futanari rat beast dat wuz drawn in ms paint - scarring dis here grown nigga fo' life. ah find dis here utterly revolting, an' feel deeply sorry despite muh motha fuckin lack o' involvement in dis here stage o' da horrible cyberbullying. ah SPIT at da idea o' niggas acting dis here way on muh motha fuckin accord. ah assure you dat ah will put dem through uh several course class on how ta interact wif niggas 'bfoe unlocking they cages ag'in, as ah be da one completely responsible fo' da actions o' several grown niggas an' random niggas on da internet, an' me alone, an' ah see dat now. da punishments will be very strict. ah'm thinkin` 'boutpaddling they bum-bums right away. ah'll gots ta hunt down "Milkie Mommy" an' "King Kong Dong" an' teach dem uh serious lesson in treating niggas wif respect. However, ah did git involved once mo', an' dis here wuz in da crushing o' Skull's soul. Later in da discord when Bokaza brought our genocide o' his emotions ta da attention o' Skull, Skull snapped at us an' said dat we's wuz "old memes" dat "came back cuz we's feld neglected" an' dat hurt our feelings, too. So, we's lashed out in desperate fury an' made fun o' Skull's spelling error o' "feld", an' almighty 'Mememan' even go as far as taking uh picture o' Skull (From da forums, he didn't #hackscope Skull fo' it) an' wrote da werds n shit "Do you feld it mr. krabs" ova it, an' Skull instantly discord banned me, big daddy, an' big daddy #2 fo' bof it, an' da Bokaza incident. Now, why iz dis here so relevant? cuz dis here entire issue wuz going ta be dropped until Skull wuz personally offended. dere weren't even going ta be discord bans, but afta Skull feld it, ah wuz handed uh permaban uh day later without any sort o' explanation allowed from myself. How SCANDALOUS. So ends da tale o' muh motha fuckin inhuman actions, ah know dat ah be uh fiend fo' da things ah gots done an' can only hope dat ah will be forgiven - ah will also pray fo' muh motha fuckin niggas, an' hope dat dey may see da light ah gots. Repent, muh motha fuckin brethren. Repent. you be as guilty as ah in dis here horrible act, ah know it may be hard ta come ta terms wif, an' you may not be able ta sleep at night, but all will be well. dis here brings me ta da second reason involved in da ban: nahh intent ta play normally. Well, ah just gots ta disagree on dat one. da same night dat ah destroyed da hopes an' dreams o' da entire server, ah also played uh couple rounds. One o' dem wuz not serious an' just joking around, but ah'd like ta direct yo' attention ta muh motha fuckin round as 'Chromemouf' da IPC, where ah roleplayed uh perfectly serious character throughout da majority o' uh ninja round, where ah interacted wif da antag an' several members o' da crew up until brothas became vastly inactive an' mastabatin, as dey tend ta do when it climbs up towards da deadhour. If anyone had bothered asking me 'boutdis here reason or even looked into it slightly 'bfoe slapping uh permaban onto me, ah'd say it wouldn't even be dere. But clearly, someone decided dat ah needed ta be gone so badly dat dey couldn't be bothered da tyme o' day ta do dat. Taking da actual process o' banning someone be uh bit difficult when yo' feelings is hurt, so asking someone else who wuz not involved an' will ax nahh questions ta apply da ban iz much mo' simple, even if it goes against da usual an' fair steps o' purging someone's wretched soul from yo' holy grounds. If you pick up any tones o' passive aggressiveness or sarcasm in dis here appeal, it iz totally not intentional at all. dis here post iz only ta inform da public o' what happened, an' ta clear up any assumptions made o' muh motha fuckin character. Also ta appeal muh motha fuckin ban, as ah clearly do intend ta play normally. Fo' sho' Ya' know what I'm sayin'?
  6. Ryfer

    Ask a mod/admin!

    what is it like to be a mod
  7. Hello, halorocks22 is my inspiration and helps me through everyday. Sometimes I'm feeling sad, but then I remember that halorocks22 is really cool and good at video games. When I was a small child, I looked to the sky and wished for guidance. I was taken on a spiritual journey, my soul was ripped from my body and taken to a higher plane of existence. At first I thought there was actually nothing for me, I was simply floating in an endless void of meaninglessness. But then I saw it. The visage of halorocks22 watching over me in silence. He delivered unto me a message, one that I carry with me to this very day..."ayy lmao" After this experience, I have not seen my hero again; but I know he is with me. I'd like to think of myself as a member of this fanclub already, as I already own all of the halorocks22 merchandise and have his posters all over my wall. Sometimes I kiss them, but only a little. Please consider me for the club, as I think I would make a perfect addition, as I have directly interacted with halorocks22 once in my lifetime.
  8. I can see why you'd think of that, Ryfer. Interesting premise you're setting here, but I guess that's okay, right, if you repeat the same 'It was a jooooke' spiel over and over again, expecting different results or something, then that's totally okay. Who cares about roleplay if we have more fun screwing around, right? But I said that joke went too far, unlike this. I'm unsure why it's even relevant. 'It was a jooooke', because it was. Not every single situation is the same, believe it or not. I can expect different results, because I'm not dealing with the same problem. I can say it was a joke that went too far there, acknowledging that I had done something wrong; but it was still in humor. Staff came to the same conclusion as well, so I don't really see your point. Generalizing everything isn't very productive. See, jokes are highly dependent on how you take them. Everyone has a different sense of humor. What makes this such a big deal, is people taking it too seriously and getting upset over something that was intended to be a brief chuckle and then be forgotten. I never said to toss aside rp, I said that there is a group that enjoys joking around and it's going to happen, regardless of people wanting to be serious all the time.
  9. This right here. Now, I get you. You want to have your immersion in tact and enjoy heavy rp seriously. Buuut, there's a whole other side to that with others. A lot of people like to fuck around and have fun on occasion, within the rp. I know I do it, and I know a lot of other members of the community do it, including others in staff. You can say two wrongs don't make a right, but that's the thing. To some extent, I don't really think the occasional joke is a wrong in the first place. It isn't that big of a deal. We need to take a step back and keep in mind that this was a joke, not a character made to feel no pain and go out of its way to break the rules. Remember that we're playing this game to have fun, occasionally people are going to toss in a joke here and there. Of course there's limits to jokes, but I don't see how this one went too far.
  10. I remember it being spoken about in msay, Frances is right on the numbers. It's likely for extended to be picked over most other gamemodes. Wasn't that way originally, but a change made a couple months back. Should be bumped back down, actually lowered to 1 imo.
  11. Okay. Hi. Running slightly late. As I said before, the notes did really pile up and that's the main reason I applied the ban. Hooowever, people can change their behavior to a degree and make sure they don't break the rules, even after a bunch of mess-ups here and there. I saw some change first-hand as well, for the time I was around after the ban being applied. It's been awhile now and I doubt anymore time will be needed to think about it or improve upon actions, so I don't see too much of a reason to keep the ban going. I'm willing to support lifting the ban, but you'll be on thin ice. Depending on the severity, one more screw-up would likely result in the ban being re-applied. Sound alright? Also as a note, when you asked to see your notes, the server was down.
  12. One thing, and an admin can correct me if wrong, but. Xander, You should probably stop going through past posts and removing stuff that isn't currently causing a problem until the complaint is resolved. It almost looks like you're trying to cause further conflict by doing that. That said, people who are non-staff can still post if it's relevant to the matter at hand, I believe.
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