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  1. I was always under the assumption that it was more than four, but that we just never had enough players for it. Six is a good number for mercs, in most conventional armies, the smallest unit cohesion - the squad, is six. Make it six!
  2. While I may not be able to attest for Myazaki’s abilities first hand in DM, as I myself cannot code and can barely understand it by looking at it I can speak about their ability to work with others. To put it shortly I have never seen them in an instance where their pride got the better of them. A humble, wonderful, and competent (in SS13 or otherwise) person to work with in my opinion, and clearly fit for the position as evident by their contributions both here and on Baystation. +1
  3. lets just get some terminology out of the way real quick, because reading the op got me a little confused. correct me if im wrong but: Hardsuits, or commonly called 'RIG' in civilian use. a complete set of full internals, electronic suites, and components combined into a small backpack style package. Voidsuits, the staple suit used almost everywhere EVA work is to be done. they are normally specialized for whatever work they were designed for, and in most cases will have some form of armor to protect against the dangers that lie in a vacuum. Softsuits, used mostly for emergencies and low budget work with only minimal protection to vacuums. using regulated pressure inside of the flimsy material of the suit to create a breathable atmosphere for the wearer while also protecting their body from low, or possibly high pressures. now that that's out of the way, lets get to the main topic of this, hardsuits. I think that hardsuits are perfectly fine where they are for a few reasons. firstly id like to think that due to their compactness, that they are not all that heavy. it being able to fit onto your back, and in some cases only being mounted onto your shoulders (or even a gosh dang tie! see IAA hardsuit.) would mean that it would be quite light. all hardsuits do not limit walk speed when not deployed and in some cases they dont limit when deployed as well (see EMT hardsuit). next, there is the text that appears when putting on a hardsuit. As you can see, and as others have said the suit is designed to conform to your body upon activation, like a second skin. now, there may be the possibility that the hardsuit's interior material is something that would be uncomfortable to wear for a while, but i think that this would only ever apply to something like the mining hardsuit. combat, and medical hardsuits should be quite comfortable to wear for long periods of time. i think it would be pretty bad if the suit that held a majority of your weapons and life support drove you mad with discomfort, morso if you couldn't take it off since you might be in a inhospitable environment. all in all i agree most with what arrow768 said, and skull two. I also think hardsuits should be BUFFED, but ill save that for my own suggestion.
  4. You do bring up a good point, in that this does not seem at all beneficial to myself in removing them both. i've said my piece, and now it is time to act upon what i have said and bring the contributions i am working on to aurora. whether this will cause ISD to be removed, and its decline, or that my projects do not get accepted due to the community voting on them not fitting into the server, or due to the fact of my actions today, so be it. I will not stop working on them, and i will not give up on aurora until i am either removed due to my own stupid actions, either these or hopefully never in the future, or when the day comes where aurora hosts its last round. My actions are my own, and i stick by them as i feel they were done with honest intentions, even if they may seem strange.
  5. the only thing i removed them from is from their admin tags, no more, no less. i do not plan on making security 'MP's', and even if i did it would be shot down in suggestions before the day was over. I am in no way bashing either of the three for how they maintained the server, because there was little to be maintained. i can only put this bluntly, and say this with absolute zero spite against the two. i had only left the admin team for a total of three months, and in that time there was zero work being put into isd. This, is perfectly fine, i knew this well into leaving and did not expect or ask any of them to do such. though to say that maintaining a server full off individuals that would only be there to better themselves is hard, is simply not true. in the entire amount of time that the discord has been up, there has only been one troll. lastly, the discord server was always like this, ALWAYS. you only act like the current path i set for the discord is bad, because you have only been in it for less than a month, and have been banned already from it once.
  6. Thank you for the wonderful slander. here's a direct quote of what was posted as a explanation on why i did what i did. ----------------------- Hello, the former staff team had previously stated that during their time here, both with and without my presence that they had little interest in maintaining this place any further than banning those who had broken rules. stated before i left i was working on several projects that would see completion in the following year, that completion is looming over. the reason i removed amory and beach, is because i want new faces in to aid in the goals i have laid out for the isd, more specifically, i want motivated staff that can pull together as a team, rather than a web to bring about these changes. Amory and Icurius do not meet this criteria, and thus i removed them so that people who do, can. You probably have some questions as to why I removed them in the manner that i did, among other things. "Why did you remove them in this way? Is this some sick game? a coup?" The reason that i removed Amory and icarus was for, obviously the reasons above. I felt that in the event of them learning that I would be removing them (yes, either way i was going to do it.) would ultimately lead to me not regaining ownership of the ISD discord. This might have been okay, i certainly would not have hampered my goals too much. Even so, i went through with it so that i could continue from where i started, yes, this server was made by me, the former three were put in place by me to help. I guess that had to be said, seeing as there were plenty of new faces in here during the time i had left. So, no this isn't a coup, this is just me taking it back. Its not a sick game where im just stirring the foul smelling pot of drama, im moving this place forward as originally intended, which i will briefly explain in this post.(edited) "Will this place still be a place where people can learn to be better as security, to get feedback, discuss the status, and create new ideas and content for the ISD?" Yes. This place will forever and always be a place for new players to learn to play security, and to improve their skills, ultimately creating a better environment for everyone on the server. As we all know, security is, if not the department to ruin a round due to a lack of experienced players. But now that im back, i want to shift the atmosphere of this place slightly to incorporate more of the latter of the question.(edited) Content. When i left, it was so that i could focus more of my time to learning how to sprite, code, and create more content for players wishing to develop their characters beyond the mundane 'sol alliance vet' that seems to permeate security to no end. To do this, i've been working on expanding the lore for the FSF, or the Nanotrasen navy. this, i hope, and if accepted will give security players a new avenue to create a story for their characters, among the other written pieces i hope to work on afterwards. "I heard talk of you making 'radical' changes to security? what are these?" To put it simply, I would hate to tell or show you about an unfinished product, only for it to flop and never see the light. I may change my stance on this as i grow closer to completing them, but you must understand that this is simply a choice by me, and in no way will this impact whether it is implemented or not. to put it short: everyone will be able to see any and all projects made by me, or anyone else in here that so chooses to help me in completing them, or asking to make these projects official under the ISD discord community. you will be able to express yourself here however you want (as long as it doesnt break aurora rules) on the project. And, perhaps the the word 'radical' was a bit too much for the projects im working on. Ill give you a hint as to what it might be, 'all-in-one'. "Did you REALLY have to remove them in the way that you did?" Perhaps not, but I did not want to take a chance. I am sorry to the three if they feel i have so wronged them. I only hope that, at some point they can forgive me, and see that i did this not out of spite, but to achieve what i had always hoped for this place to be, whether they knew of it, or even wanted it. Thank you for reading, and being a apart of this effort. I only hope now that you still wish to be. And if you do not, Xander has made their own ISD server to counter against my actions, you can find it here https://discord.gg/g9Kfu26 Either server you wish to be apart of, or even both, i hope that you can help to improve the ISD, and Aurora in any way you see fit, Thank you @everyone . @everyone some people needed this to be said. no, i did not ban any of the former admins, they all left on their own after i removed their admin tags. ----------------------------------- https://imgur.com/a/l8mYK
  7. nobody has outright said that level two is kill, and it is on the wiki. do it if you want.
  8. One could argue a vampires sentience. An undead monster of superhuman proportion, using keen predatorial skills to Stalk its prey. Is a vampire sentient? Or is it only doing what it needs for its next meal, least we forget what happens if it doesnt indulge itself. I think that a propper example of a first contact with a sentient being would be, well, first contact with any of our playable speicies. "Do you consent to having your mandible is removed? " "No, Zzzzir." Edit: inb4 veil stuff.
  9. As many inside of this topic have already stated: please, please! No more sol military stuff! It boggles my mind as to why someone in the sol military, actively no less would ever want to step foot alone into tau ceti. Sol did some nasty stuff to the RoB and Nanotrasen, and i know atleast with my own characters that they would strongly oppose any presence of sol military on the station. Im still wondering as to why halstere doesnt get lynched every time he wears his uniform, but then again hes gotten it enough as is, what makes you think freya will fare better than him? -1
  10. In all my time playing with Doc I have personally never seen any instances in which i disagree with both from a roleplay, ooc, and administrative perspective. They are one of the kindest people i've met here while still maintaining a sense of fairness and a stern attitude that is befitting for staff, which leads me to believe that they would do great in command positions on account of the stupidity most staff see on a regular basis. Not only this, but as stated above their roleplaying skills are well above average from their ability to play complexe characters, and their antag gimmicks that are always executed wonderfully and almost always include a great majority of the crew (a trait i almost always find lacking). +1 They deserve it.
  11. "she wants to become a cadet because she doesn't want people like her father on the streets station." Can you explain a bit more on this? What exactly has her father done to her besides verbal abuse to cause her to strike him? What kind of person is her father? Its worrying to me that you would try to use this character, someone who is in security and has access to weapons to rid people she deems like her father from the station, as a character like this in sec will not last very long. And on the note of her guwan status, is hitting your dad really worth guwan status? As of the new change to guwans they are now almost exclusivly criminals of some degree, wouldnt having her just run away be more believeable?
  12. The coats that spawn in the detectives office do have armor. Long as your not wearing this as say, a visitor i see no problem with this app.
  13. As the title might suggest, this is not talking about items inside of a backpack specifically, rather the actual item in the slot on your HuD. Simply put, the addition of a timer to take things such as a rifle or backpack off would add a nice touch when interacting with these items, rather than them just snapping to your hand as soon as you click on them. The timer would put out a message such as: you begin to remove x off your back (this will take about 1.5 seconds), or Urist Mcraiderface starts taking their backpack/un slinging their rifle! This could also extend to taking items out of a backpack, but mainly just a short timer (1.5 seconds sounds right) for these two instances are what i'm really going for.
  14. That pretty much it, please stop being so hostile to people in Looc for playing the game, its really nasty. Like i said your fine IC.
  15. "You started the hostilities, I wanted to tell a story for the first half of the round and recruit wizards to fight a war against evil with me. But nope, not on your watch. You also if I remember correctly, were the first to complain in LOOC, when I turned you to stone." If you count me giving you every chance to leave the holodeck filled with security by telling and moving you (yes, the throw) you to get to science (as icly many thought you were a scientist breaking directives) 'hostile', then i dont know what to tell you when sec is up in your business early on. I tried my best to get you away from all the officers, you wanted to stay. as for the baton and whatnot, you handed me a sheet of paper, then two seconds later screamed for me to return it. then you tried to disarm shove me and lo and behold, the officers come to my aid. you ran away and shot magic missile to cover your escape, then rather totally flee you sat there, and i THEN pulled my baton to which you turned me into a statue and blew a hole in the wall behind me. i can only guess, but that fireball was meant for my now immobile character yeah? in short, no, i did not start the hostilities, you did. "The Cadet got killed because they were trying to cuff me, and couldve very easily flashed me down, they admitted they were trying to cuff me in dsay. After I turned you all to stone and ran, I came back to see if you were unfrozen to negotiate, cue the AI locking me down and Hammerstein coming in with a shotgun." I fail to see what the difference is between their action on you. are you saying if they attacked you in a different way rather than cuffing you would not have killed them? can you explain this? And hammerstein did not attack you first, i could hear the staff of change going off as soon as you walked out of the armory, i never heard a single sound from the security equipment makes. "I know BSA as a powergamer and validhunter and knew he was going to immediately engage me, so when he came at me with a wielded shotgun, I was forced to defend myself." My point, you attacked first. And correct me if im wrong but you knew he would attack you because you think he is these two things? That sounds a lot like metagame, seeing as powergamer and validhunter are ooc terms. "You removed the antag 40 minutes in because of an ID. Lots of other players wanted to hear my story, they expressed this ICly and OOCly in dsay." I didn't kill you over an ID, that is stupid and you know that's not true. My character had every right to take you down, you were hostile the moment you set foot on the station, you killed the cadet mandy had trained right infront of her, you attacked a close friend of hers, wounding him badly. not to mention all the regulations you broke, and turning her into a statue repeatedly during your rampage. If your going to kill and attack people, what else is security to do? "I will admit, I call people out on utter bullshit in LOOC. Is it usually in anger? Definitely. Usually it': 1-2 messages saying that was BS and then I close my client or fly around the station, I unlike others do not follow around and harass people, something I actively ahelp against." You just admitted to breaking rule 1 knowingly. "Don't be a dick. We're all here to have fun, not fight and argue with assholes. Don't ruin the game for everyone else, and use common sense. This includes anything from attacking other people, starting arguments over nothing, etcetera. Note that this rule applies primarily to OOC, LOOC, AHELP, and DEADSAY." And i did too in discord, i see now why i was striked, and i do apologize to you for acting like that. calling you out in front of everyone was a dick move. "I won't address allegations of discord because I do not IC in OOC in discord ever. So I cannot complain about round happenings feasibly until round end, and bitching about a characters action is OK." Uh, alright. not really sure what your refering too. "Next, the UM incident was dumb, I got one stun shot out before trying to flee, I tried to evade him and instead of allowing me too for later RP or taking me hostage, he pushed me into a corner and beheaded me without a word, so in LOOC yes, I said it was utterbullshit. It is exactly why Sec dont like to give antags chances." Much like you were allowed to kill the cadet, and attack me and hammerstein, UM is allowed to do the same. Its called escalation.And even if that wasnt what it was for you were the HoS, you are a big threat to all antags, not to mention all the benefit a ninja can get from killing you, your ID for instance. And even then, UM is the ninja, for all we know he may have been sent to assassinate you. EDIT: also, why are we talking about what you did in the round? why did i reply to all of it...were here about your ooc actions, not ic!!
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