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  1. Vaguely related PR up from me at the moment - Species that are neuter gender now show up as neuter always It adds a gender sanitzation function and species-specific gender lists and makes a few species always neuter gender. That could be easily adapted to give players or specific species a plural or neuter option in the future if someone cares to add that.
  2. Maybe if we added some exciting new ways to break IPCs that do require a roboticist. Like some internal cooling organs that can go wrong, or limbs that break similar to bones that need proper fixing -- So this thingy can't deal with ~100% of IPC problems for free with no professional help.
  3. Are you sure? Code-wise it seems to be assigned to the hydroponics listy. And it isn't contraband. /datum/supply_packs/watertank name = "Water tank crate" contains = list(/obj/structure/reagent_dispensers/watertank) cost = 8 containertype = /obj/structure/largecrate containername = "water tank crate" group = "Hydroponics"
  4. Make it dependent on having a large amount of the body left, including the brain in good shape?
  5. Ckey/BYOND Username: mikomyazaki2 Discord Name: Myazaki#9749 Position Being Applied For: Coder Past Experiences/Knowledge: Contributor on Baystation12 for ~a year, self-taught programmer for >10 years (various languages, mainly Python, Julia, MATLAB) Taught Python at university while working on a PhD MATLAB + Julia work for physics research purposes for ~3 years Examples of Past Work: Baystation12 Contributions (past year) ~160 approved contributions primarily bugfixes/QoL Example PRs: Inertial Dampers Holodeck Refactor + New Holodeck Features Aurora Contributions (past 9 days) ~19 approved contributions + some code reviews Additional Comments: Very new to Aurora (<2 weeks) and still getting used to the community & server. However experience with Bay carries over pretty well from the codebase side of things at least. Motivation for applying for Developer here is mostly for the convenience of Github powers & ability to use Borealis' meme function. Should also help nudge me to tackle a larger project in the near future. And it'd be good to be able to do code reviews and approve. Currently working on updating a bunch of UIs to VueUI & some stuff I've been conscripted to do for an event. It has been fun so far working with Geeves & others, so I'm looking forward to continuing with or without a fancy green name.
  6. Check out this PR to argue about colours / tell me I'm bad and should feel bad. Addresses most / all the things from this thread.
  7. I'll be PRing something along these lines in the next few days. Maybe in parts. Unless someone beats me to it
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