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  1. Mouselook would have serious problems if implemented with our UI / menu systems. Some sort of aim intent option that keeps you faced toward your target could work, though. Worth a test.
  2. I suggest you try out the adjusted Face-Direction verb, which will cause movement not to change your facing, but clicking will.
  3. It is implemented, yes. It does not cover if Cultist is turned on in your preferences, since that does not prevent you from being converted.
  4. Sure, you have a point there I guess. I'd still like it to have a bit of a rework if/when it becomes a more common / constantly available role. There are some significant gameplay problems with it imo, other than the supply interaction thing I mentioned above. I'd need to ask some lore people about how attractive the Aurora actually is to Merchants, too. Does NT just sell phoron to Independent merchants? Do they allow the normal crew to handle those transactions? I've no idea. We don't really produce anything except from mining.
  5. I'd love to have a well-established Merchant character that I can play regularly, I don't manage to catch many rounds currently due to developer stuff / life. But I don't think a constant Merchant slot will be good for the role, I think its rarity / novelty is important -- It suffers from the problem of Supply having very powerful tools, and it being unnecessary for actually doing what merchants do outside of selling some guns or occasional weird items like clothing. Currently I think the configuration has the Merchant slot available once per five rounds. I'd be open to ideas to allow the crew to call a Merchant and open the slot, perhaps... maybe make it cost some money? Or depend on round-type.. voted extended only? Idk. Needs some thought. --- It'll be on my to-do list for the NBT, to make Merchant more frequent / a permanently open slot, and see what can be done to make it more useful to the other players. Potentially expand the Merchant slots a bit depending on how complicated piloting ends up being. Plans are currently built on a lot of unknowns.
  6. Thanks for the feedback -- If I can solve a problem involving copying clothing images without it being too costly, I will try and add afterimages in the test-merge soon to see how people feel about them. I worry they will clutter things, but I guess it's worth a try.
  7. I feel like it'd be more likely to cause conflict between two people trying to do the same job, a job which is already starved for things to do in many rounds. As people have said already. If people are struggling to communicate between CSI and Detective I'd rather see the role merged into one single job, and have the merged-role be encouraged to deputize Cadets/Officers should they ever be overworked and need backup.
  8. Yes, of course. I'm just responding to people claiming it is not possible to do right in this engine / style. Obviously our server is its own thing.
  9. Why do you say that? I've personally used them for sneaking around security behind the backs of Officers. Opportunities don't always present themselves, but they're there. Also if this goes in I'm planning on implementing things like pickpocketing and maybe more stealthy shoe options.
  10. My thoughts with the ripple effect were that it shouldn't be very visually noticable, 1 - so it doesn't bother people that don't care what is happening behind them, and 2 - so that people need to be paying attention to catch mr traitor sneaking around.
  11. I don't think you can compare SS13 to Dwarf Fortress, since SS13 is from a single player viewpoint and not an omniscient view of hundred dwarves. I know DF has its Adventurer mode, but that is not the main feature of the game. SS13 already has darkness and vision dependent on the position of the player. I'd argue that SS13 isn't totally unrelated to horror games. We have antagonists that at least in flavor are sneaky (changeling, various thief antagonists). And I feel these modes in particular can be enhanced by the paranoia of not always knowing what is behind you. I've had some positive feedback from people in mercenary rounds, who found the possibility of being flanked to be exciting - and having to think about watching their backs. This feature has been implemented with great success on other servers, and I hope you'll try it out a bit more and let me know if you think of any tweaks that make it more suitable for you. There are hotkeys to change your character facing btw, if clicking to move your facing is awkward for you. You can rebind these however you choose.
  12. I will add this when I can get a suitable sprite for the button. Thanks.
  13. Download a git client like git fork Add my repository - https://github.com/mikomyazaki/Aurora.3.git - as a remote and checkout the branch 'green-tint' You can run the local Aurorastation by following these instructions If you have trouble we can work something else out probably. If you do get it going, or find another way to figure out what colour is best, lemme know what works for you.
  14. Would you be able to run a local game for yourself and tweak some numbers to find the best colour for you? If so the branch you should use is here you can adjust the values in 'client_color = list(0, 0.3, 0, 0, 0.3, 0, 0, 0.3, 0)' to fit your needs, and let me know which work best. This is a color transformation matrix which you can read about here. (Except it is only 3x3 because we only want to change the colors not the alpha)
  15. It's been suggested on the staff discord that I just make this a choice like 'color tint' next to the other vision disabilities like color blindness. This would have the advantage of preventing someone taking your glasses from you. So... imma PR that shortly.
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