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  1. The time has finally come. I play Kuhserze as a more childish Unathi, and I hope that he improves player perception of the species as a whole. I have a lot of fun interactions with him as people ICly seems to like him. But I'd like to know OOCly, is there anything you'd like to see changed about him? He started out as a mainly crew-antag, which may have tainted perception of him, but since I made him a Head of Staff, and refuse to do Head of Staff antaggery, he's been better.
  2. What's the point of Geeves anyway?

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      who knows lmao

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      Too Geeves or not to Geeves.

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      man fuck geeves, cunt

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    smuggling items

    heh, butts
  4. Holy heck, MattAtlas is a dumb. Who agrees??

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      I can't believe my bullyhunter has done this :(((

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      I hunted him down, Mofo. It's what I do.

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    Decloak Ninjas when they attack

    Sorry for hijacking your suggestion, but this one has some feedback from people for why they don't want this to be a thing. For.. some reason.
  6. Alrighty, let's break this into chunks. 1) Synths, feelings, taught. 2) Tau Ceti in general 3) Likes and Dislikes 1) Glorsh-Omega literally attempted to sterilize their race, it's pretty damn difficult to turn a blind eye to that. Her parents would have told her horror stories, warning her of synthetic 'life'. Right now, she does not feel threatened by any artificial intelligence, more-so wary. The Federation has surely by now specced into heavy calibre ionic weaponry and as such, another singularity will not have as much of an effect as it had previously. As much as she dislikes synths, she sees them as a useful tool, much like the olden Skrell used to. 2) Tau Ceti, the cultural melting pot. She has lived there for approximately a year or two now, just moving around and helping on New Gibson, among the industrial workers. Having recently moved to Biesel itself, it is a large step up from New Gibson, but the culture clash is not as bad as it were if she were to have come here directly from her home planet. She does not fear Biesel or the Aurora, and finds it very exciting. 3) Likes, Dislikes, Hobbies. I'll be blatantly honest, I SUCK at creating these before I've properly played my character. I tend to ad-lib my characters, tacking on things that I believe they would find interesting as I go. So, again, honestly, I can't really say. TURBO QUOIT and Crashball, eh? Eh? EDIT: Got an image of how she'd look like.
  7. BYOND Key: Geeves Character Names: Kuhserze Ioraks, Geoff Lufvio, Ka'Akaix'Sum Zo'ra, Za'Akaix'Zem Zo'ra, Za'Akaix'Loez C'thur, Aruzi Ozehko, Embrace of Rain (more than one person has this character name), Touch of the Light, Razor, S/Tpr. Mordecai Species you are applying to play: Skrell What color do you plan on making your first alien character (Dionaea & IPCs exempt): Light Green Have you read our lore section's page on this species?: Yes. Please provide well articulated answers to the following questions in a paragraph format. One paragraph minimum per question Why do you wish to play this specific race: Mostly peer pressure from friends. But no, really. I’ve been looking at Skrell for a while now. The synthetic logic driven nature of them almost come as ironic, they really hate synths. This is undercut by the more youthful Skrell having a rebellious nature, I think this creates a nice niche for a character to toy with what a Skrell is and is perceived as. Not a cold-hard logic math-cracking science-nut, but a caring, adorable, talkative person. Identify what makes role-playing this species different than role-playing a Human: Older Skrell differ from humans in their perceived lack of emotion and their short manner of talking in Basic. Younger Skrell being the middle grounds between the two. The technological advantage, the raw patriotism and the mere fact that they’re amphibian humanoids as opposed to all the other races. Character Name: Qilquum Xupraim Please provide a short backstory for this character, approximately 2 paragraphs What do you like about this character? She’s smart, but not crazy smart. Instead of pushing herself to achieve greatness, she crumpled and ended up achieving her best. She exists to help. How would you rate your role-playing ability? I think I’ve gotten a little rusty, but I should still be alright! Notes: Please, if I forgot something really important, tell me! I’m prone to going on tangents and not getting to the important bits!
  8. I've been meaning to give my meaning for a while now, but I kept forgetting for some reason. Sorry Capesh I think the sprite's great. It'll add something unique to the core when I eventually rip it apart with a fireaxe. Being a sprite, and a good one at that, I can't really think of a reason not to give my +1. So, here. +1.
  9. Instead of removing the Ion rifle, as it's overall called a "one-shot" weapon, much like headgibbing slugs are, why not just bring it in line with the damage output of things like laser rifles to Vaurca? The rate at which ions drain stuff is pretty memey.
  10. No need to apologize, I'd already assumed there was a misinterpretation of sorts, happens often with the massive amount of data that passes through the server as a whole. I'd almost assumed that it was common knowledge, what i feel about the trials, but I suppose that's yet another silly assumption to make. Going to keep that in mind and encourage others to do the same.
  11. Oh yeah. On that server, I said that the trial system for command application is pretty dumb, since in my opinion, command players only tend to turn sour some time after getting the application. When the arguement started turning into finger pointing towards staff, I quietly butted out. The reason I don't intend to make a complaint about the trial system, is that even though I think it's dumb, it does do its job. Why would I suggest something to replace it if I had no better thing to replace it with? I went back to the server and grabbed the logs. This is the extent of what I said. "trials are really dumb, i agree, i'm glad i got mine before trials came in, as a command player, the trial system seems super dumb to me, you tend to become bad command after some time of playing it, not after starting." This was posted alongside some viscious complaints toward staff in general, but as a whole, I don't see how calling something dumb, because I think it's dumb, on a private server could mean too much in the grand scheme of things. I can understand if I were groupped with the aggressive persons, since you could have just gotten impartial logs. The arguement was pretty heated. Besides, have I not made it expressly clear that I am pretty vocal about things I do have ideas to change for? Taking one outlier example among the midst of many examples and applying it as a whole seems a bit harsh, but eh. The whole situation was pretty dumb, and hindsight is 20/20.
  12. Yeah, personally, the Captain one threw me for a loop. I think if I get into the position where I can see how current members handle it, I'd be able to handle that specific scenario better.
  13. Funny story, actually. Synnono approached me about some griefs I had about the CCIA and managed to redirect the sentiments I had about it into a more positive outcome. As.. you can see, yes. I still hold to the idea, but I'm changing how I approach it. While I heavily dislike toxicity, it does not get to me. I considered leaving because of my inability to do anything about it. My satirical piece about "Bullyhunter" seemed to make the community as a whole a happier place, and made me see that I can actually do something about it, looking back at it now. The mini-event is just a small, quick and easy idea. I already talk and cooperate with players, now I just need to do it with a badge on my chest.
  14. I feel like I'm in a very convenient time-zone, with some flex from one player, I'm able to reach from Australia to Western America in one day. Geographically I lie about between Germany and Italy on the latitude lines, meaning I reach far to both sides of the world. On top of this, I tend to always have free time, and I often work pretty fast. (I blame all of this on still being a student.) I guess, in short. Pretty much yeah, I can flex it, hard.