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  1. Okay? Give it a re-read if you need to.
  2. By security, yes. The issue with the turrets are that they have ranged attacks that do burns, attack super rapidly and over long distance. "More things to fight" is almost never a bad thing, I love combat, but make something that everyone can fight. A swarm of space bats, space carp, hivebots, to name a few. Though, if you do like the turrets, would it be possible to make them less buff in the future using VarEdit?
  3. Quote the specific text, you monster.🗡 We still agree then, though.
  4. If they want, they can contact me. I'm open to having my opinion changed if people genuinely enjoyed it. What was that about 'Probably' then? I think the event would have been alright, if there were no pylons. Hell, maybe if there were like.. nerfed versions of them, it'd be pretty a'ight too.
  5. Goes through walls. Why would an invader arrive with turrets that they can't turn off? Why would you speak to someone that illegally beamed into your station with turrets that are actively shooting at you that they cannot turn off? Fantastic, so we agree.
  6. Why does it have to be actionable? Just use this complaint as a footnote to remember in the future. How else? Thanks. Literally nothing valid. The turrets were the biggest issue. There has to be a better way to keep security entertained than adding bullshit pylons. 1) It is difficult to talk while manoevering to not get shot by pylons. 2) Why would you talk with someone that has turrets that are actively shooting at you, after you requested for them to turn them off? The term HRP is subjective, got it, I agree with you. It still doesn't seem very HRP to me, but alright. Yeah, this is fine, it wasn't a major component, just that having the shutters go down made the arrival of said cult block made it seem even more worse than it was. No biggie, accidents happen. Would it be possible for those who did not enjoy it to raise their opinion? Can we dissect why people enjoyed it? Was it the Wishgranter, Guardian, the two juggernauts maybe? Or was it the four pylons? I'm genuinely curious.
  7. hallo They were the main problem. Pretty much. As far as I know, the vote was to spice up the extended round, amidst complaints from other players about it being extended. The way the event was set up, it strayed away both from being extended, and forwarding RP besides: "ow fuck the pylon shot me from outside the screen's range" and "ok we gotta attack that thing". However, once the pylons were removed, the Wishgranter actually was pretty alright. I'd like this complaint to just prevent rounds from being 'spiced' up in this manner. One of the kitchen staff players went to cryo because the proximity of the pylons from the bar kept pretty much everyone away from them. It was pretty annoying. I suppose (and I'm really, really bad at putting my complaints into words) if I had to condense the complaint into one sentence-ish, it'd be to make sure the extended round you're spicing up is balanced in a way that won't drive people who were actually there for extended away. The pylons were the worst offender here, and it'd be best to think more carefully about where they are used in the future. Is anyone else tired of reading the word pylon yet? Yeesh.
  8. Fair enough. The other two options would have given more roleplaying than plopping what's effectively a vault in the centre of the bar. As for the pylons, the round only started evolving when the pylons were destroyed, as per your own words. Far as I know and have gathered, the pylons was simply the largest issue. They were overbearing for a "small" inclusion. It stretched the entire thing out till the very end of the round, leaving the good bits to the end, where it cannot be utilized.
  9. Who would be handling the communication? The aforementioned list? No, it'd probably still be Security. Inspection too. Appeasement I can kinda get, but then again. It's the pylons that were getting in the way. Communication via radio is really, really, really iffy. It becomes a slugfest quickly.
  10. Because then you're adding something small to spice up an extended round. Security can actually have something to do then. Watcha mean with that first bit? Not tryna be snarky, I just don't understand. And yeah, the round did pick up once the pylons were taken out. Civilian staff flooded in to interact. Hence my point about the pylons.
  11. What do you do besides having Security bumrush the pylons, or toxins blow it to shreds? What do the civilian crewmembers do, for instance, if there were a bartender or kitchen staff, librarian or janitor? I would, because, 'as per my intentions', I said: 'anything like giving two people traitor with benign objectives that cause interaction with crew would have been fine' Had they had those objectives, and facilitated interesting roleplay for those who chose to interact with them, then sure. That'd be grand.
  12. How does an entire cult room being placed inside the bar, accompanied by people getting shot, accompanied by shutters going down in the area, count as "isn't anything major"? It interfered with a lot of the southern side of the station's jobs, something like that doesn't seem like something "small" you add to an extended round. Getting shot by pylons accompanied by a skeleton and two juggernauts just ushering you in doesn't add anything to the experience. While I could have had a nice relaxing round RPing with some friends, you instead get a round that's completely overridden by all the events occurring in the bar.Insert other media I just wanted an extended round, and I few people I've talked to feels the same way. Just smashing weird shit that does damage into an extended round isn't a fun experience. Hell, even a peacewiz would have been better. At least keep it a little extended, but toss in some fun for security. (I think they're the ones who wanted the 'spice' added the most, anyway.) EDIT: Unintended or not, it still happened. I don't want a punishment dished out, that'd be silly. I just want more consideration for all the players playing.
  13. Yeah, there was an initial loss of pressure, causing the hallway to drop to around 70 kPa, which is still fine, and THEN it got breached by an emitter. Getting shot up by an unknown entity that just "appears" in your bar is pretty urgently forced upon you. And fair enough on the subjectivity. As it was originally an extended round, anything like giving two people traitor with benign objectives that cause interaction with crew would have been fine. Just slam dunking a Wish Granter with rapid-fire-beyond-screen-range pylons in the middle of the bar is not the way to do it. I think it would have been better were the pylons not there, and you had to do some sort of riddle to get to said Wish Granter. Just my two cents.
  14. BYOND Key: Geeves Staff BYOND Key: Garnascus Game ID: bZQ-bqil Reason for complaint: While the server was recovering, and people had some trouble connecting, an extended round was voted while there were six people on server. Many people who joined after the round started aggressively voiced their disdain with "three extended rounds in a row", having had two extended rounds before the last round which was AI Malfunction. Garnascus started a vote in answer to these concerns, asking whether he should spice the round up (paraphrased). There were five options, first being "leave it as is", building up to the fourth which was equivalent to "fuck my shit up" (paraphrased), the fifth being 'John Madden'. Seven people voted for "Leave it as is", while eight voted for the "fuck my shit up" vote. I would be fine if democracy prevailed here and we got our shit fucked up, but Garn said that since seven people voted for "leave it as is", he'd add something small. Everyone was fine with this, and then we got a Wish Granter event. Which spawned and cultified (walls and floors) the entire bar, placing four pylons near the corners of it. This is pretty shitty for a HRP server, the pylons have a shitton of range and shot at people just walking past the bar. The cultification of the bar also caused air pressure to get absolutely fucked. Please don't spawn a Wish Granter with four pylons in the centre of an RP environment if you're adding something "small". A few people cryod because of this turnout, people who were just looking for an extended round, with a little something mixed in. Evidence/logs/etc: Additional remarks: Pylons are bad for events, their range is so huge, and they fire super quickly, for a lot of burns. If there's a way of VE'ing them to have less range and fire less quickly, that'd be fine too. Oh, by the way, no hard feelings, I still love you, Garn. ❤️
  15. while i found the communistic comments overbearing and quite frankly annoying (not because of Jawdat, just that my country seems to try to be communist which sucks and i'm tired of it), he's grown on me a little. the communism memes on the relay are pretty funny and you should get more original ones. the bulletin updates are good too, very creative. i haven't encountered them in-game yet but on the relay they're a much needed break from the monotone hello hi's.
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