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  1. Cake isn't a 'that trial mod'. Do some introspection. The things that are happening to you are happening for a reason, you have been given many chances to realize this. Literally every single ckey you interact with is a human being with goals, loved ones and their own problems. It is understandable that you are upset, I would be too, Aurora is very important to me and I would do anything to stop myself from being booted out, same as you are now, but. This does not mean you can lash out and belittle people to make yourself seem better. Polishing a turd still nets you a turd. Please, if you keep acting like this, you will not be coming back. And, if this gets denied, I hope you think long and hard about what has happened the past few months, and improve yourself as a person. See ya.
  2. I offered to help Stev create this whitelist, and they accepted the offer. They approached me in DMs and laid out their plans, I merely gave pointers and minor ideas. They came up with the raiders, the ex-pirate and the gender struggle on their own, and they themselves surprised me with knowledge of Unathi even I didn't have. Super impressed by this application + applicant. Big +1 from me. I really, really like how they're approaching this.
  3. Comment below who you think'll win the ongoing war. Remember to vote geeves and also +1 his application.

    1. Doxxmedearly


      I support the first candidate to destroy Geeves

    2. Scheveningen


      I declare war on Geeves. I have ample resources to declare war on two fronts.

  4. This isn't really feedback, as Matt doesn't need feedback, he's good already. But, I have an intense need to put this here, if only for recordkeeping.
  5. Some sort of bath you can lie down in which has nutrients and chemicals that allow you to regrow limbs would solve that, but also nullify the point of the suggestion. Oof.
  6. As a CE main, my first thought was. "Oh god, oh fuck. Oh no, please don't." But, on further inspection: It's only one airlock between you and the axe, and that isn't secure at all. There are always never atmos techs on, so usually the normal engies just take it. Who uses the firefighting axe to actually handle fires? When's the last time you saw a fire? Did someone have the axe, or were they pulling two scrubbers along? The axe is useful for three things. Getting rid of vines, opening unpowered blastdoors, and hitting your allies due to cleaving. I definitely back this suggestion, for these reasons alone. If I really want a weapon and I'm forming a militia, I'm absolutely never taking the axe, I'd make a spear or a pike.
  7. Job done. Most of the features suggested here have been implemented into the PR. https://github.com/Aurorastation/Aurora.3/pull/6582 It'll stay in WIP phase until thorough testing has been done and people with brains larger than mine have corrected my spahgetti.
  8. i wanted to type out a big reply but im lazy and it's late and im gonna sleep soon also conspiir summed my thoughts up nicely 1) for screamers: we have radio jammers for a reason 2) telecomms outages is literally the worst. having no feedback makes what's supposed to be a bustling space station feel deader than a supermatter set up by a borg main 3) how does removing the ability for roles that aren't always on-station to talk assist roleplay at all, see: solars, virologist, psychologist, xenobiologist, xenobotanist, gardener, (captain) 4) more legwork doesn't mean more gameplay, to whomever said that. that's why we added the canisters near the engine room and pre-set the shields. more legwork is tedium, tedium isn't very fun once the novelty wears off 5) if you want people a reason to interact in person, give them a reason to do so, most of the game is geared to roughly doing your job, to such an extent that "chairRP" has become a sort of namecalling phrase 6) "I think we're at a point where we can trust the community not to just use station bound radios" i think we can trust the community to do what's the most fun thing to do, honestly. as a command main myself, this wouldn't affect me much, but a lot of the fun of the game comes from shittalking on the radio, then meeting the person i've been meming with for half an hour and then squaring up with them through emotes. without a thin thread connecting everyone, why shouldn't i just sit in my department and wait for the next biohazard alert to pop up and wake me from my eternal slumber as i wipe the cheeto stains out of my eyebrows. edit: yes i know it's big despite my first sentence im dumb
  9. both of those should be possible, i'll look into it and report my findings.
  10. i can look into this. if the person is unconscious, it goes as regular, but if they're awake, it takes 4. or maybe a prompt comes up if they want to accept getting loaded or not. watcha think?
  11. ❤️ I've already been working tightly with the administration team behind the scenes, pushing Logifier updates via Prate announcing them on the staff discord. I've also begun coding in DM proper and realized just how much I like doing it. I feel that, as a coder, I'd be able to do both of these much easier, as I'll be able to coordinate with the rest of the development team, instead of waddling about in #code_dungeon only. I admit, I've only recently released my first batch of PRs, and the very first one I made introduced a security risk, which is pretty funny, to be honest. This may be a bit detrimental to the application, but I don't think it'll be too bad, as long as I don't touch HTML again without being completely sure what I'm doing. I'm releasing small PRs currently, with the Health Analyzer and Logifier being my largest ones to-date, but I also have a few more larger projects planned, a few of which will only happen as soon as the Construction Overhaul gets finished. All-in-all, I think I'm worth a trial period at the bare minimum. If I screw up with a stupid security risk PR again, or I become inactive with stale PRs or no PRs, then boot me.
  12. I'm no Sleepy, but this is a quick mock-up I made. (Credits to Sleeby for poster) This is how it'll make the server icon look. (Credits to Moon for screenshot)
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