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  1. I attempted to address most of these with this PR: https://github.com/Aurorastation/Aurora.3/pull/9268
  2. First thing I did was add that, cuz I knew I'd forget if I put it off till later :^)
  3. Dizzle is the man. very chill, lotsa good ideas, personally i have played in one of his campaigns and really enjoyed it. he can carry the vibe i want to see, and is someone i would gladly choose to be my successor and achieve even greater things. admittedly, i skimmed your doc, but what i saw piqued my interest. the real bulk of what you'll do, you'll discover when you get in and start talking with the unathi team and the lore team at large. i trust dizzle to manage the unathi community, to write the lore, and to be a wonderful member of the lore team. very based.
  4. As SnakeB and I discussed this in the serious_discussion chat: we decided to post on this together to keep it nice and compact. In addition to their idea, I think it would make for a nice OOC policy if, on a case-by-case basis, it were checked whether an IR was threatened, or people were incited to write up an IR. If such were found, and the CCIA Liasion deemed or 'malicious' or whatever, then the case would be thrown out and rendered null and void. The reason for doing so would be to prevent people from bullying players with IRs, which could carry real OOC consequences. Naturally, this system can and likely will be abused a few times, which is why it's up to the liasion (or agent, not sure what the CCIA uses these days)'s discretion.
  5. Dope, I dig the caulk gun sprite.
  6. Application is short and sweet, touching upon all the points I like to see Unathi players touch on, very nice, very nice. Based, even. I give my support to someone that can sum it up like that. Player-wise, Cybs is someone I like, and all the other things you can say besides "good roleplayer also mi fren +1". On that note, this will absolve me of replying to your DMs for the next three weeks, log off Cybs. Good roleplayer also mi fren +1 i will destroy you first
  7. This is actually quite interesting, I would definitely support this if the code was of good quality.
  8. PR closed, good feedback, thanks for coming everybody. Locking the thread. Discussions of this nature can probably be moved to a general thread or to discord, as people wish, etc.
  9. * The gamemode of the last round can no longer be voted for. Voting for secret unaffected. This prevents the previous round being voted for in the next round, ie, if the previous round was extended, extended will be removed from the vote menu in the current round. The previous round's gamemode is not taken out of the secret rotation, so it can happen again. In that case, it will be removed from the next round's vote menu as well. Feedback and thoughts goes below.
  10. I am all for jokes remaining in the wiki. It has charm, and makes the otherwise soul-less job of being a Wiki Maintainer slightly brighter.
  11. A large part of being a wiki maintainer is also coordinating with the other teams, to get and validate information. This requires talking with people in both a formal and casual tone. In the past, when I was part of the CCIA, you appeared to talk down to me, and I felt belittled quite often when I asked questions and you replied. As such, I would rather not have you back in the staff team. However, that was a long time ago. Do you feel you've improved your interpersonal skills? It's vital that all members of the staff work together like a slightly oiled machine. If you have improved, it'd be nice to have a new maintainer in our ranks, indeed.
  12. Judging by the fact that the clout and popularity method didn't work, as will no doubt be proven again in a minute, I wouldn't say that it's more than a minor inconvenience. Staff Complaints work. I've never received one on myself, nor has any developer in recent time, so I dunno if there's a perceived invulnerability or something.
  13. If you're going to be carefully choosing screenshots from our personal DMs, you could at least do the morally correct thing and copy paste the full thing with included context. Garn and I have our disagreements, but we respect eachother on a personal level. In this instance, I was attempting to fight against his judgement, using my personal clout to gain an upper hand. I was quite popular back in 2019, being part of various cliques and being on-server a hell of a lot. Thing is, I didn't use my position as a developer to do it, I used my position as Geeves. I had a fighting chance, but the hierarchy simply doesn't work that way anymore. In essence, I fought to stand up for what was right, to help my (then) friends. Evidently that was a mistake, as some people would rather throw you under the bus in an attempt to drag everyone down with them. Though that's a decision for the other thread, isn't it?
  14. When you call out the entire dev team, could you provide any current-day prove towards every single member of the team, instead of blanket calling out everyone? The Aurora staff team is fairly massive. Got an example of that staff team hostility? And also of developers being oddly hostile? I'm genuinely curious.
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