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  1. Fantastic answers and an even more fantastic backstory. One of the better Guwan applications out there. It gives an excellent idea of what it's like to be both a woman and a guwan under Hegemony influence. +1 on the merit of a great application. I have also seen your gardener in-game, and gleaned a surprising amount of good RP from a role I did not expect to get RP from. So, that is definitely a +1 from the roleplay department. Overall? I'd say this is pretty solid.
  2. I think I can do it, but yeah, good call on making the PR atomic.
  3. I kinda think it'd be cool if you could like, get a laser painter that allows you to burn/tag stuff from a distance. It'd allow scientists to tag hazardous stuff from a distance. Can be emagged to deal burn and gain the ability to target humans as well.
  4. Who does "you" refer to here? And yeah, lmfao, ERT might be the best (only) bet. EDIT: gotchu.
  5. I'd like to note, stocking up on the highest of end gear as an antag every single round is awful. What do you do against this? Even if this antag doesn't murderbone, the sheer threat of their presence shoehorns any interaction into something they want, making it giga-unfun for everyone that isn't the antag. Play for fun (of everyone), not to win, is my philosophy.
  6. You were awful to me, my friends, and the rest of my team. After I tried to comfort you after one of your outbreaks, you just brushed me off. Then you did it again. And again, and again. The fact that you're still on Aurora astounds me, and that you have the gall to apply for moderator with the attitude you have blows my mind. I like you when you're normal, man. I really do. I just think you need to get some help. But not here. Not after the shit you pulled.
  7. The advanced life support operating table can keep them alive while their heart and such get removed and replaced.
  8. FOR YOU BROTHER https://github.com/Aurorastation/Aurora.3/pull/7359
  9. Tried to implement this. Coding for it sucked ass. Gonna leave it up to a future PR.
  10. No need to post this, it is incredibly rude. You should be ashamed. This is rude and degrading. This PR takes all of two seconds to do. Do not post if you have no constructive feedback. Now, personally, I don't mind the name much. The name "station engineer" never really did make sense to me. Station Technician seems fine. Idk if something like "Engineering Technician" makes sense? Could, maybe.
  11. Isn't that best left to people who are actually playing the round?
  12. Why would maintenance drones fight hivebots?
  13. Didn't find the sprite, but implemented my own anyway. It spawns in the bible once you use "Set Religion" on it and choose a Christian variant.
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