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  1. ReynTheLord

    Reyn's Unban appeal

    Bay, Tg, Para, cm, lebenstraum, I've played on a few servers. Haven't got into way too much trouble recently. And, to be honest, I'm sorry about all the trouble I've put you through. I'm in no position to say i've done nothing wrong, and I'll admit I've buggered up a lot.
  2. ReynTheLord

    Reyn's Unban appeal

    BYOND Key: ReynTime13 Total Ban Length: Permanent Banning staff member's Key: Alberyk Reason of Ban: "Creating a character that was pretty much a chariacture of hitler, to see how long until they got bwoinked. you also have a very long collection of notes and warnings since your last unban" Reason for Appeal: Other than not knowing about that collection of notes, and being off my adhd medicine when making the character, I can say that I deserved that ban, and I will not claim that I didn't deserve a ban, at least now. I messed up, I did something incredibly stupid, and I recognize that. Why should I be let back? I'm not actively being hostile to the community, and I've spent a few months on other servers without too many problems. I've changed somewhat, and I recognize my mistakes. If you don't unban me, it's within your full right to do so, and if you tell me to wait to ask for an unban, that's fine. I just really want to come back to this community, and play on your server. I enjoyed it here!
  3. The problem isn't just antags. As someone who plays security a lot, I see the issue as a cycle. Antag goes in deciding to roleplay and play High RP. Someone decides to disregard RP and rush the andag and robust them. Antags fear this might happen again or happen to them. Security decides not to do that. Next round, antags act either super cautiously or super aggressively out of fear of validhunters coming in and fucking up their day because "lul valids", And either delays round, causing people to want to hunt out antags out of boredom, or goes in fucking guns ablazing, causing people to want to validhunt to avoid being killed. Move onto next person who wants to RP as antag, and the cycle likely repeats. Even if there's nobody too validhunty on, an antag might gun down everyone, and someone might start being validhunty. It's a problem on both sides. Hell, a good lot of sec players have urges to validhunt, As seen as my time pretending to be a biesel government inspector. Most of them, in LOOC, At least if I remember correctly, said something along the lines of "I'ts so fucking hard to not shoot you right here, right now", along other things. Additionally, I've had an experience when, After trying to RP as vampire, and succing once and fucking up, The rest of the officers arrested me, of course. I was brought to medical eventually, for some reason, to examine my eyes and see why they were flashing. Meanwhile, the fucking psychiatrist was trying to straightjacket and muzzle me and haul me off to his office for being insane, while he clearly saw the flashy bs and saw the scans were clean. I had to flash him again and again to keep him off of me. He eventually shot me with a syringe dart and got arrested, but at that point, security decided to hand me over to medical, where I got my eyes cut out. FYI, the person I succed? not dead, perfectly fine. Assault at most. They decided, instead of blindfolding me, or just cuffing me normally, to have medical cut out my fucking eyes. Yep. They cut out my eyes. And I spent a chunk of the round near dead, eyeless, and in cuffs. At round end, I think I was still arrested, dead, or left out of stress. All "Valid'. Frustrating as hell.
  4. Alright, I have to do some stepping in for a friend here, so apologies to the staff... anyways, Garn, If you want to uphold your decision, you're the head admin, and it's in your right to do so. However, I do think this is a bit extreme. He doesn't seem to have malicious intent, heck, he's a nice guy usually. Please reconsider this. Please?
  5. ReynTheLord


    Is my existence a meme
  6. ReynTheLord

    Tajara Lore Deputy - OPEN

    I mean, I've got fucking books on the history of the soviet union available, So I, of all people, Might be a valid loredev, But I should probably not be considered first and foremost due to having HORRIBLE cases of writer's block.
  7. Remove the fucking ore summoner, Priority one. That shit CONSTANTLY crashes the server.
  8. I thought this was an event. I saw this rogue ai Gimmick pretty much exactly the same previously, and the centcomm anouncements make it seem more like an event than just a fuckoff ai gimmick. Either way, The chief engineer, assisting the AI in killing people? I haven't seen much of the CE that round, honestly, But a head of staff really shouldn't be assisting a child ai's Temper tantrum like that
  9. ReynTheLord

    Mutant Bees and Where to Find Them

    It's Hip to fuck bees On a more serious note, Mutant bees are a pain on other servers. Hopefully you can keep them under control here
  10. A captain I have had no real long term OOC Complaints about, from what I remember. Keep... well... Sorry if i'm rude, Keep being good and not fucking up, Because so far, I don't think i've seen shen fuck up once.
  11. ReynTheLord

    Hey. Want feedback? Ask here.

    Feedback on javert, please
  12. ReynTheLord

    Feedback On Javert Pierre

    As said in the title. Please keep criticism civilized and constructive, and explain what problems you have and why those problems are such a bother
  13. Name: Javert-Nicholas Pierre Species: Human Age: 47 Date of Hire: Job Title: 01/19/2459 Preferred Contact Info: [email protected]
  14. +1 For O-S-S's player. I don't remember having any issues with O-S-S at all, and what I do remember is Mostly positive. Good guy. Pretty chill.
  15. ReynTheLord

    [denied]Sleepy's Command Whitelist App

    NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO. I'VE SEEN HOW YOU'VE FUCKING PLAYED WITH BLOKE 2. YOUVE FUCKED AROUND, WITH NON COMMAND, AND HAVE DONE SOME CRAZY BULLSHIT. Sorry... Calming down now. Anyways, Based on my experience with you, I wouldn't trust you within 10 meters of getting a command whitelist. I honestly cannot TRUST you to not fuck around with all the things captain, RD, HOS, HOP, CE, and the CMO have access to. I can only -1 personally. Just... I have honestly not had the best experiences with your characters which aren't command. As an Additional note, If you're being serious about a head of staff whitelist, Don't do things like that