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  1. no need to be rude if you dislike someones opinion.
  2. +1 Ive had some rp them and they seem to play a character and not a role. I can respect that
  3. "Character seems like a self important pseud. Cant see how that would make for a good psychologist. RD might be more your speed. Also app seems unserious why should I take it serious if you dont" -RandyJones -1
  4. I appreciate the chance thank you. Just a side note that I might play fairly unregularly due to life stuff though.
  5. BYOND Key: RandyJones Total Ban Length: Permanent Banning staff member's Key: Unknown Reason of Ban: "A series of dreadful missteps while arresting Cnayms engineer. You have been talked to more than a handful of times." Reason for Appeal: I was job banned because of notes and shortcomings which ive already pledged/ and actively are working on bettering myself on as per my permanent server unban request here: https://forums.aurorastation.org/topic/14897-unban-request/
  6. For one I believe my conduct towards admins in general have improved. Ill also take some time before attempting antag/higher action roles in favor of relearning and improving on my understanding how to function as a regular character within the rules and paying attention to the conduct of long running model members and using that as an example to improve upon my own until the point where I feel comfortable.
  7. BYOND Key: RandyJones Total Ban Length: Permanent Banning staff member's Key: Although I specifically remember it being issued by "ParadoxSpace" the ban message when I logged in reads it being issued by "snakebittenn" Reason of Ban: "Pretty much ganked the rd" Reason for Appeal:I was banned because of notes regarding bad antag play and poor attitude administrators as well as choosing to kill someone instead of RPing with them without proper escalation. Recently ive reassed why I was banned, the rules I broke as well as my general conduct and I believe have become a be
  8. BYOND Key: RandyJones Total Ban Length: Permanent Banning staff member's Key: ParadoxSpace Reason of Ban: "Pretty much ganked the rd" Reason for complaint: I played merc and after some correct escalation our merc team and sec had a shootout (first fire initiated by them) the rd was unarmed but in the middle of the shooting and got caught in the crossfire then want to hide near me afterward i killed the rd because we were doing a phoron heist gimmick and a wounded head of staff seemed like a liability. ParadoxSpace explained afterward that shooting someone unarmed eve
  9. I mean.. a lot of times when borg players try to rp a situation where gimmick thery might be doing (many times being non-lethal since murderboning is not allowed) players just run up and flash cheese them instead of actually having an interaction, plus for you to be flash resistant as an antag borg you need to enable overclock which cuts battery life in half, not the best thing if your evading crew. Crew refuse to rp with borgs who are even the slightest bit iffy when they can just flash cheese them and drag them to robotics this is obviously terrible for any number of situations that co
  10. ... If someone makes points against why they think you shouldnt get staff, posting a bunch of discord screenshots about a discussion you had and saying theyre just salty and unfounded because you were in the opposite ends on a matter is not the way to go. As a member of staff you are going to get a lot of flak are you going to do the same in an attempt to discredit whoever criticizing you in the same manner? What if I were to disagree with you in an ahelp? Are you just going to ignore what I say because im a player and youre staff? because staff can easily just say "make a complaint
  11. -1 Forcing people to all look the same for the sake of being easily identifiable misses the point. Sec is meant to be easily identifiable because theyre sec. In an emergency situation or in a firefight or chase they need to be. Theres no real reason other crew should be held at exactly the same standard with the obvious exception of med who are already quite distinguishable. You can see someones id from across the screen so if you really want to know what someones job is look at there id, if you want to make use of a department go there. Why exactly would you need to identify a lib
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