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  1. BYOND Key: RandyJones Total Ban Length: Permanent Banning staff member's Key: Unknown Reason of Ban: "A series of dreadful missteps while arresting Cnayms engineer. You have been talked to more than a handful of times." Reason for Appeal: I was job banned because of notes and shortcomings which ive already pledged/ and actively are working on bettering myself on as per my permanent server unban request here: https://forums.aurorastation.org/topic/14897-unban-request/
  2. Randy

    Unban request

    For one I believe my conduct towards admins in general have improved. Ill also take some time before attempting antag/higher action roles in favor of relearning and improving on my understanding how to function as a regular character within the rules and paying attention to the conduct of long running model members and using that as an example to improve upon my own until the point where I feel comfortable.
  3. BYOND Key: RandyJones Total Ban Length: Permanent Banning staff member's Key: Although I specifically remember it being issued by "ParadoxSpace" the ban message when I logged in reads it being issued by "snakebittenn" Reason of Ban: "Pretty much ganked the rd" Reason for Appeal:I was banned because of notes regarding bad antag play and poor attitude administrators as well as choosing to kill someone instead of RPing with them without proper escalation. Recently ive reassed why I was banned, the rules I broke as well as my general conduct and I believe have become a better player for it and if given the chance would like to reintegrate as a positive player on aurorastation I believe seven months away also aided me in this retrospect.
  4. BYOND Key: RandyJones Total Ban Length: Permanent Banning staff member's Key: ParadoxSpace Reason of Ban: "Pretty much ganked the rd" Reason for complaint: I played merc and after some correct escalation our merc team and sec had a shootout (first fire initiated by them) the rd was unarmed but in the middle of the shooting and got caught in the crossfire then want to hide near me afterward i killed the rd because we were doing a phoron heist gimmick and a wounded head of staff seemed like a liability. ParadoxSpace explained afterward that shooting someone unarmed even with escalation is not acceptable hence I was banned for ganking The rule for ganking is: "While antags will sometimes kill, it is expected for you to provide interesting roleplay to your targets first, if your goal is assassination. This does not mean that you need to monologue your opponent before killing them: role play leading up to a murder can take place over the course of the entire round, for example, leaving the murder scene itself to be “wordless”. Collateral damage is acceptable within reason, but this means you must use common sense, and avoid creating scenarios with a lot of potential for collateral (setting bombs in high-traffic areas, etc.)" I fulfilled every requirement this rule makes in regards to what is expected of me as an antagonist security was even the first to open fire yet I was banned for ganking all the same. Yes we did rp with the crew maybe even 20 or so before we did a (in retrospect painfully predictable but totally legitimate all the same) betrayal after posing as phoron merchants from the frontier but no I didint "gank the rd" Also id like to note that I was caught of guard by ParadoxSpace pming me in the middle of a shoot out and actually forcing me aside during a rp heavy high stress situation then cross-examining me so my answers to his pms were understandably absent minded and I was confused by his accusation because he claimed that shooting unarmed people as an antag even WITH correct roleplay is against the rules something that is just simply incorrect but something to keep in mind all the same since shortly after he summarily permabanned me while the crew and my team had organically made a decision to hand me over to the crew because I had killed the rd I sadly never got to experience the situation because ParadoxSpace either did not care for the situation or felt banning me was more important regardless a permanent ban when I acted within the rules is unfair but having no respect for an rp situation on a hrp server just seems unprofessional. I suspect this might be a case for simply banning me because I have notes on unrelated situations the "youve had a lot of chances here" comment shows as much because I did not break any rules, there was correct roleplay leading up to the shootout and I had a sound reason to do it and again I was not the first to open fire.
  5. I mean.. a lot of times when borg players try to rp a situation where gimmick thery might be doing (many times being non-lethal since murderboning is not allowed) players just run up and flash cheese them instead of actually having an interaction, plus for you to be flash resistant as an antag borg you need to enable overclock which cuts battery life in half, not the best thing if your evading crew. Crew refuse to rp with borgs who are even the slightest bit iffy when they can just flash cheese them and drag them to robotics this is obviously terrible for any number of situations that could arise and limits strength to hard antag borgs only so no I dont think i am missing the point since a lot of the time its just flash, remove powercell, rebuild the borg over and over and over instead of an actually interesting situation playing out because thats usually what happens. Its not like borgs are some unkillable beast either they usually just get ganged up upon and killed if combat ever does happen anyway flash or no flash. I rather then would suggest a tool, much like a flash but for the purpose of disabling borgs like the flash is doing now, with a cooldown of say 5-7 seconds restricted to the robotocist and maybe command instead of having every garden variety flash summerly disable a borg.
  6. ... If someone makes points against why they think you shouldnt get staff, posting a bunch of discord screenshots about a discussion you had and saying theyre just salty and unfounded because you were in the opposite ends on a matter is not the way to go. As a member of staff you are going to get a lot of flak are you going to do the same in an attempt to discredit whoever criticizing you in the same manner? What if I were to disagree with you in an ahelp? Are you just going to ignore what I say because im a player and youre staff? because staff can easily just say "make a complaint if you disagree with my decision" and so doing cause a myriad of headaches due to lacking the ability to understand that just because someone disagrees with you that doesnt automatically make them wrong because you have more power.so if you are taking yourself seriously by that post in trying to discredit his concerns the way you did I dont think youll make a good member of staff im going to switch my thing from +1 to -1 moderating isint for everyone
  7. -1 Forcing people to all look the same for the sake of being easily identifiable misses the point. Sec is meant to be easily identifiable because theyre sec. In an emergency situation or in a firefight or chase they need to be. Theres no real reason other crew should be held at exactly the same standard with the obvious exception of med who are already quite distinguishable. You can see someones id from across the screen so if you really want to know what someones job is look at there id, if you want to make use of a department go there. Why exactly would you need to identify a librarian at first glance when his not at the library? Or gardener? To grow some emergency carrots in a hostage situation? This will ad nothing to anyones experience.
  8. All t takes to disable an antag borg is one flash then they get destroyed, this clearly doesnt build rp nor make it interesting for anyone and there's no real protection against it, its just really bad all round. This is made even worse by the fact that borgs are validhunted quite a lot.
  9. After seeing some of the criticism Naelyn got in the last thread and seeing her apply again so soon is pretty good. Naelyn has shown that she is willing to take criticism and improve where necessary which makes me optimistic that she will be a passionate member of staff. Naelyn and I rolled ninja together a while back and despite all the time ive spent in this game ive never really rolled ninja before. She was quick to give me great and simple advice which I still use whenever I play ninja as well as keeping my inexperience with ninja mechanics in mind in deciding what were doing while not seeming patronizing or condescending which is a mark (at least in my book but you might disagree) of an experienced player. +1
  10. Sometimes it just becomes redicolous the amount of stuff you can go through and still survive because med got too you. Recently as a sec officer I got shot like 5 or 6 times with a 9mm and I was still well enough to stand upright. on the other hand I played antag and had a hostage, despite having a revolver to the hostages head sec raided me and I executed the hostage point blank.. but the hostage didint die. Why take a hostage then or why should sec ever feel any real need to take caution when they can just throw a flashbang knowing that you wont be able to unload enough damage to be any real threat to a hostage "keeping someone in the round" isint really a good justification for being able to tank copious amounts of damage. It takes a lot out of the danger out of a game that has danger as an integral part. Why should I take mercs, raiders and traitors even the slightest bit seriously when I know for a fact that if a shoot out will happen im going to come out on top since by the time weve worked through the escalation ladder medical is already on standby ready to heal me up even if I take 7 shots from an assult rifle to the chest. We forget that antags dont exist to be defeated but to make interaction and having antags have real danger by making damage much more dangerous will liven things up quite a bit Also I agree with this too
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