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  1. Got the sleep paralysis demon last night. Was late.

    because I literally could not move out of bed

    1. Chada1


      I had sleep paralysis like. 3 days ago. It was p. spooky, but I had no demon thankfully.

      The spooky thing was something completely separate, instead of a pressure on my chest it was on my forehead, and the bad vibe:tm: pulsed. There was a pitch I could hear and it pulsed alongside the bad vibe:tm:

      The pitch adjusted tone like.

      -------------_____-----------____-----------____------- And each time it swapped tone the feeling of dread kinda intensified. Tho it was static depending on how low pitch the tone was. So, when it was -------- It was only kinda uncomfortable, when it became _____ it became Really uncomfortable.

    2. wowzewow


      My sleep paralysis demon wasnt actually  demon


      It was literally just my computer BSOD'ing on me


      goes to show how much I value it cause it scared me shitless

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