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  1. Made a PR: https://github.com/Aurorastation/Aurora.3/pull/12234
  2. Byond key: TheGreyWolf Discord key: TheGreyWolf#0535 Character Name: Kathira El-Hashem Item name: blue leather-bound journal Item function(s): It will function as a mixed & expanded version of folders & clipboards: It can be opened & closed. When opened it can be written on like a clipboard. When closed it can’t be read or written in. It contains several pages, and more can be added by using paper on it, functioning as a folder in regards to what can be put inside of it. Pages can be indexed, with about 3-4 indexes maybe. Perhaps with an unsorted “index”. Kinda like different 'folders' they can be in. Due to the obviously increased size of it, the item itself would be bigger and likely closer to the size of a book code-wise. Item description: Closed: A blue journal emblazoned with the New Kingdom of Adhomai's flag across the cover. Open: [CLOSED DESC] The pages within are a mix of clearly indexed case files, and study notes alongside less clearly indexed pages that appears to be fragmented thoughts, not unlike a diary. The very first page of the journal reads “dedicated to Qirandri Mrorirhaldarr” and is signed “Mrradar Sanufar” underneath. Why is your character bringing this item to work?: She brings it to work as it is the way she collects her thoughts, not to mention cases she works on. Especially after the recent events she experienced that has made her more uncertain about not noting it down. How did your character obtain this item: The journal was a gift from Kathira’s professor at Kaltir Law Academy, whom she was close with from before the accident that injured her leg. She was given the book at her graduation as a parting gift from them and as a reminder of where she is from, along with who she was. What value does this item have to your character, and what story does it tell?: Beyond simply showing where Kath is from, the insides of it hints towards her faith and it gives a rare insight into the name she had before she adopted a more human-like name upon departing Adhomai. For Kath this is the book that signifies what she has managed, and the way she keeps track of things. Sprites: Gallery link: https://imgur.com/a/rE3PZ8v Additional Comments: I already contacted Geeves in regards to the code for this item so that part isn’t a major problem. Sprites by: Dumbdumn5
  3. Actually I fixed this so the photocopier will now spit out identical business card types. PR in question
  4. Ckey/BYOND Username: TheGreyWolf Discord Name: TheGreyWolf#0535 Position Being Applied For: Coder Past Experiences/Knowledge: 3 years of study at a game programming focused HTX with particular focus on C# and i’m currently studying computer science. Examples of Past Work: Species specific blood pressure Loadout naming on things that change name (holsters & such) Loadout badge work Ear slot sprite fix Eye contact Idris Ordering Terminals And in general a bunch of other stuff Additional Comments:
  5. Made a PR for this: https://github.com/Aurorastation/Aurora.3/pull/12125
  6. Reporting Personnel: Kathira El-Hashem Job Title of Reporting Personnel: Investigator Game ID: ccH-b3RI Personnel Involved: Jim Roebuck, First Responder: Offender Kathira El-Hashem, Investigator: Witness Khazarir Prruzhulkanich, Security Officer: Witness Briony Dillard, Head of Personnel: Witness Secondary Witnesses: Njoki Mostafa, First Responder: Was present during the incident where it was called out and brought to the attention of the security department. Zissan A'Asshan, Station Engineer: Was present during the incident where it was called out. Time of Incident: Roughly between 13:15 to 13:30 Real Time: Roughly 13:15 to 13:30 GMT 24/06/2021 Location of Incident: Kitchen counter Nature of Incident: [ ] - Workplace Hazard [ ] - Accident/Injury [ ] - Destruction of Property [ ] - Neglect of Duty [X] - Harassment [ ] - Assault [X] - Misconduct [ ] - Other _____ Overview of the Incident: While all involved personnel was sitting by the kitchen, with Briony Dillard behind the counter, a paper was brought to the attention of us by a visitor to the station. When asked who wrote it, Brion said that Roebuck did and Roebuck when questioned confirmed this after initially denying it. Charges were pressed by officer Khazarir who also questioned Roebuck. It should be mentioned both this one as well as officer Khazarir are tajara and at the time were the only tajara present on station. Submitted Evidence: The paper: fingerprint results: Record w/ matching fingerprint & officer Khazarir's note: Digital copy of the paper: Did you report it to a Head of Staff or a superior? If so, who? If not, why?: Yes, Briony Dillard who was present and one of the witnesses. Actions taken: Roebuck was given a warning and let go by officer Khazarir with a note added to his record. Additional Notes:
  7. As a HoP I have enjoyed my rounds with Briony around as they're a good quartermaster who gets the things handled I need them to handle. They got a +1 from my side.
  8. Reporting Personnel: Marorr Azuwa Job Title of Reporting Personnel: Head of Personnel Game ID: ccq-cQWW Personnel Involved: Valentin Watanabe, Cargo Technician: Offender Marorr Azuwa, Head of Personnel: Witness Rajjurl Al-Thaalzir, Head of Security: Witness Secondary Witnesses: Darvan Omega, Station Engineer: Engineer who inspected the bar tampering & confirmed the cigarette machine to be electrified Rrhuyala Rrhakaslav'Karimi, Warden: Witnessed Watanabe’s attempt to get out of cuffs & them eating kois. J-ET, Station Engineer (Interim at time of shift): Was in charge of engineering and informed this one of tampered vending machines across the station. Viggo Mab, First Responder: Handled the kois poisoning Abigail Matthews, Consular Officer: Witnessed the first flag incident at the consular’s office. Time of Incident: Real Time: About 22:00 to 23:00 GMT 08/06/2021 Location of Incident: Bar (hacked vending machines, steel rapier incident), Consular’s Office (first flag incident), Head of Personnel’s office (second flag incident), Library (vandalism incident), Brig (rest) Nature of Incident: [X] - Workplace Hazard [ ] - Accident/Injury [X] - Destruction of Property [ ] - Neglect of Duty [ ] - Harassment [ ] - Assault [X] - Misconduct [ ] - Other _____ (Place an x in the box that applies. If other, replace line and specify.) Overview of the Incident: During the shift, several incidents occurred involving V. Watanabe, resulting in their suspension followed by brig time for further offenses after the arrival of R. Al-Thaalzir as the first member of security to arrive for the shift. The first incident occurred when this one noticed Watanabe to be carrying a rapier with them that appeared to be made of steel, sold by the merchant Bill Floros who was selling equipment throughout the shift. Given the lack of security, this one resorted to handling it by ordering the weapon to be stowed away in a locker for the shift to which Watanabe appeared to comply when he saw them after. Following this incident, this one was at one point informed by engineering of potentially tampered vending machines, of which it was later discovered the bar booze-o-mat was lacking the ID scan. Not long after, Watanabe walked over to the bar’s cigarette machine and messed with it after which he left. At this point D. Omega, who witnessed that part as well, walked over to the machine and checked on it, discovering the electrocution wire to have been pulsed according to their statements. This one did not have time to call them to his office however before the next incident. Consular A. Matthews informed this one on the command channel of their anger towards Watanabe for hanging a flag outside their office which heavily offended them for the deliberate action it was. Upon being informed of this, this one called Watanabe to his office. Before entering so we could speak in private, Watanabe repeated the incident at the consular’s office by hanging a People’s Republic of Adhomai flag outside this one’s office. Inside his office he asked Watanabe about the flag, to which they responded it was a fun idea they got at the time, not showing any concern for the anger that miss Matthews had expressed. Further, this one brought up the tampered vending machines around the station to which Watanabe freely admitted to having tampered with them and specifically mentioned doing so to the booze-o-mat. When questioned about the electrified cigarette machine in the bar, Watanabe likewise expressed no regret and instead spoke about his dislike of smoking while appearing to believe it to be a good thing. Based on the clear disregard for their coworkers and the lack of security personnel, this one decided to suspend Watanabe for the shift to which they did not appear overly concerned and was still on about fulfilling cargo bounties as they left. Later in the shift, R. Al-Thaalzir arrived. Not long after this, this one spotted Watanabe coming to the bar with the rapier again despite his earlier orders, and he informed Al-Thaalzir of this. Al-Thaalzir arrived and ordered Watanabe to put the rapier down and step away, to which he didn’t obey at first but stood up resulting in Al-Thaalzir drawing their sidearm and hold Watanabe at gunpoint while re-issuing the order which Watanabe followed and Al-Thaalzir subsequently handcuffed Watanabe and brought them to the brig. This one took a moment to arrive at the brig where he acted as a witness to the contraband charge, while over the radio he was informed of vandalism at the library where the wooden tables had the wood removed. During this time, Watanabe was found to also be in possession of a laser which was confiscated by security. When questioned, Watanabe freely admitted to the library vandalism in his pursuit of cargo bounties. From around this point, miss Rrhakaslav'Karimi arrived and together with this one and Al-Thaalzir witnessed repeated attempts from Watanabe to remove their cuffs while being processed, at least one time of which they were successful before being cuffed again due to the nature of their charges. As the attempts continued, he was given a tracking implant and an augment disruption implant by the warden after admitting to having a combitool augment. Following being brigged, this one heard over the security channel that Watanabe had eaten kois and the only available medical personnel, V. Mab, was called. He is unaware of how serious the medical matter was unfortunately but Watanabe came out of it without major lasting problems to his awareness. From his understanding of the comms, it appears Watanabe was unaware of the effects of eating kois. The last incident that came not long before the transfer was Watanabe speaking on the cargo department channel despite his access to the channel having been removed as part of his suspension. The second headset was removed by the warden, and when questioned nobody in the cargo department claimed to have given it, leaving this one unaware of how exactly they obtained the second headset. Submitted Evidence: N/A Did you report it to a Head of Staff or a superior? If so, who? If not, why?: Yes, Rajjurl Al-Thaalzir, Head of Security Actions taken: For the tampering and flag incident, Watanabe was suspended. For the subsequent contraband possession and vandalism he was arrested and brigged for the remainder of the shift. Additional Notes:
  9. Reporting Personnel: Marorr Azuwa Job Title of Reporting Personnel: Head of Personnel Game ID: ccn-cwP Personnel Involved: Ines Morita, station engineer: Offender Marorr Azuwa, Head of Personnel: Witness Steven Macnaughton, Chief Engineer: Witness Secondary Witnesses: Scalpel, Surgeon: Likely saw the art in progress of being made on their way to the departure shuttle Joel Woods, Security Officer: Potentially saw the art in progress of being made on their way to the departure shuttle Melokuhle Christi, Security Officer: Potentially saw the art in progress of being made on their way to the departure shuttle Agmeno Sadar, Shaft Miner: Potentially saw the art in progress of being made on their way to the departure shuttle Eve Drosera, Barista: Potentially saw the art in progress of being made on their way to the departure shuttle Kelvin Morris, Cargo Technician: Potentially saw the art in progress of being made on their way to the departure shuttle Fernando Highmore, Janitor: Potentially saw the art in progress of being made on their way to the departure shuttle Gina Valentine, assistant: Potentially saw the art in progress of being made on their way to the departure shuttle Valetzrhonaja Nayrragh'Rakhan, Station Engineer: Most likely saw or heard of the art being made on their way to departures Time of Incident: shortly before 6 pm, 05/06/2463 Real Time: About 18:00 GMT 05/06/2021 Location of Incident: Surface security checkpoint, by the SCC logo between yellow, blue and red dock Nature of Incident: [ ] - Workplace Hazard [ ] - Accident/Injury [ ] - Destruction of Property [ ] - Neglect of Duty [ ] - Harassment [ ] - Assault [X] - Misconduct [X] - Other - Openly supporting Einstein Engines and overpainting the SCC logo with EE Overview of the Incident: At about 18:00 station time, this one (M. Azuwa) was walking to departures after the transfer shuttle was already docked when he rounded the corner of the security checkpoint and was met by a large Einstein Engines logo in the process of being painted over the SCC logo by I. Morita. As the shuttle was already docked and a chief engineer on shift, he informed the chief engineer, S. Macnaughton, that he should come to the checkpoint so that he could handle his subordinate without stepping their authority. This one left the scene after bringing it to their attention and later Macnaughton entered the cockpit where this one was present. Macnaughton didn’t bring up the incident on the shuttle so this one remains unaware of any potential punishments he may have given the engineer. Submitted Evidence: N/A Did you report it to a Head of Staff or a superior? If so, who? If not, why?: Yes, Steven Macnaughton, Chief Engineer Actions taken: Unknown at this time as Macnaughton did not inform this one. Additional Notes: Given the severity of this and how late this one arrived at the shuttle, he has listed every crewmember he recalls being present during the shift but is only certain that this one, Morita and Macnaughton witnessed the art.
  10. BYOND key: TheGreyWolf Character names: Kathira El-Hashem, Vahjri Darrii’rthaa, Kiiazufar Mrozir How long have you been playing on Aurora?: 3-ish months I think Why do you wish to be on the whitelist?: Because I find the idea to play command interesting with the larger focus they have rather than just a narrow “solve this one problem” it instead becomes “get the team to solve all these problems”. Why did you come to Aurora?: My friends kept talking about the place and the RP here so in the end I decided I might as well take a look to see if it really is that good. Suffice to say that it was better than what I had heard and that’s why I am still here. Have you read the Aurora wiki on the head roles and qualifications you plan on playing?: Yes. Have you received any administrative actions? And how serious were they? Well apparently I got a note five years back but I can’t even remember playing anywhere outside of bay back then. Other than that, no. Not as far as I recall. Please provide well articulated answers to the following questions in a paragraph each. Give a definition of what you think roleplay is, and should be about: Roleplaying is about coming up with a character in a story, setting or otherwise and to act as the character would. With their own lives, personalities, backstories and who they are which often is far different from those who play as them. What do you think the OOC purpose of a Head of Staff is, ingame?: To coordinate & lead their departments and to keep in touch with the rest of command so that even cross department problems can be handled with relative ease. When everything is going smoothly, it remains their job to keep a tab on the situations and to attempt to encourage roleplaying with the departments where possible. What do you think the OOC responsibilities of Whitelisted players are to other players, and how would you strive to uphold them?: Much like the above, to both lead their department and to encourage RP where they can without becoming a one man department. With the power they have, they are able to influence rounds a lot if they wish to and as such they also have to consider just how they do so. Could you give us the gist of what is currently happening in Tau ceti and how it affected your character and their career? With the big moves the SCC are taking, the shifts in leadership and general change in infrastructure he has found himself answering to more bosses than before and working far more closely with the various corporations making up the SCC. His workload hasn’t been helped any with the flood of refugees seeking work caused by the war with sol and the following rebuilding efforts that had to be undertaken where he had to deal with some of the transports handling the supply. What roles do you plan on playing after the application is accepted? Most likely I expect to be playing HoP & maybe HoS as I have less interest in the other roles, but this may obviously change over time. Characters you intend to use for command or have created for command. Include the job they will be taking.: Marorr Azuwa, (taj) head of personnel How would you rate your own roleplaying?: Personally I would rate myself a capable roleplayer able to keep in character with the characters I play, but I do struggle with certain parts such as not using the ‘me’ emotes as often as I feel I should. Do you understand your whitelist is not permanent, and may be stripped following continuous administrative action? Yes, I wouldn’t expect less for such an important role. Have you familiarize yourself with the wiki pages for the command roles? I have, yes. Extra notes:
  11. hit me up on discord (TheGreyWolf#0535) with the details/color and i'll make the PR.
  12. Alright, the sprite is finished so here it is: Kathira_Custom_Item_-_Legbrace.dmi
  13. Byond key: TheGreyWolf Discord key: TheGreyWolf#0535 Character Name: Kathira El-Hashem Item name: Leg Support Augment Item function(s): A leg augment aiding in shifting the weight on the leg to prevent pains. Mechanically the augment will potentially allow Kath to ignore falling if the bone in her right leg is broken but if she takes damage it will be damaged and begin to fail working and she would become susceptible to ions/EMP as well. Item description: A leg augment to aid in the mobility of an otherwise disabled leg. Why is your character bringing this item to work?: Because she needs it to walk around and the only way to remove it would be to surgically do so. How did your character obtain this item: Kathira has been saving up for a few months and spoken with several doctors about potential ways to fix her leg, but to replace her leg completely with a mechanical prosthesis would be too invasive for her to be comfortable with as it would no longer be her leg, but to only repair the bone would be a questionable solution at best as it has already proven the way it heals after such surgeries is wrong and as such, she finally decided on getting an augment which was the middle ground between the two, letting her walk again while at the same time still leaving her with her own leg. What value does this item have to your character, and what story does it tell?: For many years Kath has had trouble walking without her cane, but coming to human space she began to discover how much more advanced their medical technology is rather than that on Adhomai. For months now she has done her work with a bad leg so with this she would finally have come past that stage in her life, but with lasting reminders of it. Sprites: Currently being made and will be posted once they’re done, it should be within a few days at most. Additional Comments:
  14. Chiming in: this item was made into a loadout item after I talked with Murdoch about the PR, and has since been merged: https://github.com/Aurorastation/Aurora.3/pull/11790
  15. I had a few questions written up last night before I went to sleep but they appear to be lost so instead i'll simply say that I have seen Godard around as one of the few people in medical where I wish I had more reason to go to medical just to interact more with him. And yeah, I encouraged him to apply because honestly I think Desven will make an amazing addition to the taj playerbase. A big +1 from me.
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