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  1. Index Security is a part of the Eridani military contractors, so it is a Eridani owned machine. Which as a result it is owned indefinitely and cannot earn or purchase freedom, however it is employed to Nanotrasen.
  2. 1. Will edit after this post. 2. Yes, Shield is supposed to be a security unit, re-reading the post I understand the misconception, it is a bit vague in hindsight. 3. I'm fine with altering the name a bit, I chose this because it's something I didn't really see on the server. There is no official naming scheme for the Index Security Solutions, which is just a subdivision of the Eridani Military.
  3. This actually looks like a pretty neat idea, making the AI core actually look a bit more theatrical/sci-fi, rather than another tube television machine. Initial concept is neat, but you could also add off of it, maybe make a custom hologram for the AI too? +1 anyway
  4. BYOND Key: Veterangary Character Names: Camryn Hujsak, Jake Norman, Jeff Norman, Javier Horton, Nathaniel Gibson, Ashton Milne, Rylan Haynes, Doug Randal, Beau Stevens Species you are applying to play: IPC What color do you plan on making your first alien character: Bzzt. Have you read our lore section's page on this species?: Yes. Please provide well articulated answers to the following questions in a paragraph format. One paragraph minimum per question. Why do you wish to play this specific race: After a while of being around on the server and understanding a lot of, both mechanics and lore, I decided I should add some variation into my evidently ghostly character list. I have played the concept of synthetic roles on other communities and game platforms (in roleplay environments, of course), so I believe it shouldn’t be a rough transition from Homo Sapiens. Additionally, I started seeing a void of certain character opportunities being fulfilled, and I took interest into one of them and flesh out a potentially interesting character. For this, I decided to take on a harsher situation for the machine, and work from there. Identify what makes role-playing this species different than role-playing a Human: IPCs take a far more drastic change from portraying a human character; synthetic intelligence lacks any visible or comprehensible form of ‘life’ to it. Logic overrides any moral or ethical sense, efficiency is a common factor and product from these machines. Additionally, with a logic-bearing brain, IPCs tend to take most incidences as serious or literally, as they are mainly a mindless assembly-line profit designed to be uniform, mindless, and slaved to whatever corporate entity owns them. Essentially, portraying IPC characters brings on an entirely different approach, dependent on its task and owner, though mainly to serve as a lesser-being, expendable yet expensive, and cold-thinking machine. Character Name: ISS-SHIELD Please provide a short backstory for this character: A simple Xion Industrial Chassis woken from its forgotten and abandoned slumber, destined for scrapping. Not much is detailed in the machine's travel record, as it maintained a voyage across various merchant mediums, its sale history detailing more than its on-board tracker. Layers of paint and stickers plagued the machine, varying from multiple companies and trade ownership, barely modified or maintained and ultimately leading to its permanent shutdown, awaiting much needed maintenance. The fortunate model was gifted toward the Index Security Solutions, where it was deployed as a strong arm toward the smaller security task forces, where it lies to the present day, in an unending loyal contract. SHIELD, earned its title under the robust service it provided, protection of its organic counterparts in return for nothing more than constant diagnostics and maintenance. After an extensive employment history age took the best of the chassis, building up complications and errors throughout its lifespan, where it ended up in a mess of contractual trades and deals, where it ends up in Tau Ceti, employed to pay off its dues until it is ran into the ground. After all, SHIELD was programmed for service, and unhesitatingly moved on with the parameters of its contract, unfaltered in its path towards eventual shutdown. Thus, SHIELD found itself once again deployed in unfamiliar territory, acting as security personnel aboard the Aurora, where maintenance of its contractor's assets are of highest priority next to its own survival, bearing no distinction between itself and corporate property. What do you like about this character? A take on a lesser-used model in an odd form of utility, and a darker grim view of synthetic characters. I find it an interesting and rather unexplored territory of synthetic intelligence. How would you rate your role-playing ability? 6/10, I could use emotes more often, but I’m more adapted to various other platforms and end up avoiding the use of them entire, all because it’s a different button to prompt them. Additionally, most of my characters end up being cookie-cutter except maybe one or two; I rarely derail from one narrow range of characters. Notes: Nothing much else to add.
  5. I mean, it's a station in space. Much like a ship in an ocean. Modern day cargo-ships usually carry cash on them as ransom money, or emergencies. It's not like it'll be used towards something, since if cargo is competent they can rack up thousands of credits/points. I know I'm taking realism into this, but it's just an explanation towards it. NT isn't /that/ careless about crew, they have a reputation and strive to keep it positive. That's why the SAT device is classified.
  6. No, I don't think they're flash rounds at all. Never really used them but I believe they're just flares you can shoot from a shotgun. Illumination shell would be a dumb way to say flash shell, since there is already flash rounds.
  7. I mean, illumination shells exist, and I think they work like shootable flares, if I'm not wrong. Problem with loading a flare gun with twelve gauge, even if it fits it'll likely explode in your hand. There is a video of it, but I get it, who cares about realism. Maybe you could make a custom one/upgrade the flaregun to make it take real 12 gauge
  8. I agree with this kinda, maybe enforce it more with rules? It's fine for like, roleplay purposes but outright combat uses? That's a dumb way to use it, turning your victim into a lesser being so they can be killed faster is kinda unfair. In my uses however, never used it as a weapon, but I've surely seen it used as one. Can be extremely annoying when you're changed to a vox, or vaucra and suddeny can't breathe.
  9. Alright, lemme clarify some things in this report. Firstly I'll start with some reasoning for the nuke : After easily outnumbering and outgunning security, and basically letting ourselves into the vault with barely any confrontation, and stealing literally everything from said vault, we returned to the ship and stored our loot. However, during this we kinda accomplished nothing of the antag, we just took a hostage, kinda dragged them around until we secured the loot, where we released them. Ultimately it left an feeling of accomplishment, as we basically won by default, as security was understaffed, and we were heavily armed. Around this point, the team wanted to leave initially, but I convinced them that we had a bit more time to steal more stuff, so we did as so, made our way to the bridge, and looted the Captain's office, where we held down a bit as I broke into the SAT (not having any IC knowledge, we just found a ladder and a bunch of high secure doors, I was interested). After finding nothing of use in the SAT, we were preparing to leave, but for some reason, whoever played the dionae wanted to stay and hold off the ERT, I guess? I didn't really understand what was going on at this point, or what he was doing, but as we got back to the ship, it still felt like we did nothing, other than wave some guns around, and break into the vault and leave. Around then, the dionae guy had a change in mind, and made his way back to the ship as well, and this is when our plan of using the nuclear device was in effect, and I had stated multiple times we were going to use it as leverage. However, Mirage seemed to somewhat agree, but whatever went on between them and the dionae, they changed their minds, and flew the shuttle elsewhere. Now, it was me and Aaron simply stranded on the station, with a nuke. I even asked twice for them to return, but they simply refused, we've undergone a miniature mutiny, I guess. Now, as I attempted to form some negotiations, spotting a fellow ERT outside the window, I was about to signal them with an emote, when they opened fire. So I saw that negotiations were already off the list, so I moved to activate the nuke, in attempt to divert their attention to the impending death device. I guess it worked, as it stopped a total of one ERT guys attempting to disarm it, while I attempted to make my way to the ERT shuttle as means of escape. However, as I got to the elevator, the command staff had pushed me out, and I believe the AI had bolted a door, where I finally died, after attempting to climb up the elevator. Now, I don't completely defend myself in this situation, as I'm a bit terrible at forming any means of, threat I guess, so pulling out the nuke was kinda overkill, and really improperly escalated for such a device. It was kinda one of those actions you do, just to experiment with it, an idea that sounds terrible, but just might work. However, I didn't put much enthusiasm into it, or a great deliver at all, simply just stating the very stereotypical idea "got a bomb dude, hands up", which was very poor RP on my side. Another problem with this was how I was dealing with this entirely, as for the entire round, we kinda had problems with two of our own teammates, and it was mostly just us bickering, and grabbing money from the vault, which kinda impacted my sense of care for the situation, I became more annoyed and careless about anything, really. Eventually I came to some sorta solution "can't beat them, join them" which was mostly my attitude towards the end of the round, which understandably isn't acceptable. For now, this is my input reguarding the situation, and some better context from my perspective. It'd be better if we had some context from more angles however, because this might be unconsciously biased.
  10. Hey look another security main like me. Seen you around a lot, specifically on your security character. But I've had the chance to even play a raider round with you, and you seemed pretty okay. From an RP perspective, their characters are pretty timid when it comes to antag rounds, and they sometimes bring up some interesting assumptions or rumors, to divert us off from directly calling out the antag round, and validhunting. I'd give them a +1.
  11. Thanks a bunch for the feedback, and while I'm responding here, might as well respond to some of them in my own opinion. Firstly, to Amory. I see where you're coming from, and I completely understand. But, from my experience from other similar games, having a developed character can usually work better for me, and in some cases for others. In my view, sometimes just popping in a new (whitelisted/high-ranking) character can just be random, an sometimes just outright bland, or in some cases, a heavily fabricated atmosphere around them. For others, this might just work out fine but for me I'm not quite so sure how it'd work. However, from the current feedback, it seems pretty neutral on both sides and I'll probably make a decision based on the outcome of the feedback. As for forums activity, I'll do my best, but I am sometimes around on the discord.
  12. BYOND key: Veterangary Character names: Camryn Hujsak, Jake Norman, Jeff Norman, Javier Horton, Nathaniel Gibson, Ashton Milne. How long have you been playing on Aurora?: I’d say about a year and a half, maybe more. Why do you wish to be on the whitelist?: Been around on Aurora for awhile, and recently started to get more known within the community. Usually I’d randomly hop on, but recently with nothing of interest, I’ve been sticking with this. Summing it up, essentially I wanted a head of staff character to more involve myself with the community, and the atmosphere as a whole, rather than just standing off to the side. Why did you come to Aurora?: Quite frankly, a few years back I used to just hop on SS13 with a friend(s) just to mess around, either on public servers, or on our own private ones. Eventually after actually getting used to the game, I started to settle down and actually attempt to play it as intended. Firstly I started with another, less popular station, rated as medium to high RP. Initially I was still a bit unserious with the genre, so it didn’t last long but even still looking back now, those were some serious roleplay nerds. Eventually, after that server quite literally exploded, I landed upon Aurora. Dunno why this was my choice, and why I stuck with it, since the hotkeys, code, etc was kinda unfamiliar. Anyway, that’s basically it. Have you read the Aurora wiki on the head roles and qualifications you plan on playing?: Yeah, I skimmed over important details, mainly rules and IC-oriented requirements. Please provide well articulated answers to the following questions in a paragraph each. Give a definition of what you think roleplay is, and should be about: Roleplay, as the word itself defines unconsciously, is to play a role. With my interpretation of that, roleplay is just some form of an activity, or a game to allow someone to break away from reality, in some way. Not only, it’s kind of just a way people put themselves into the shoes of others, or spectate something from a perspective that is not their own. With this idea, roleplay sort of turns into a interaction of a simulated reality whether that reality be based on fiction, or nonfiction. All together, it should create a somewhat immersive atmosphere where the characters could be implemented into, and interact based on the character’s personality/ethics, or even a reflection of their own. What do you think the OOC purpose of a Head of Staff is, ingame?: OOCly, the purpose of a Head of Staff, from my perspective is to give the station as a whole a corporate atmosphere, in one small way or another. Yet, this isn’t the only purpose, they also keep the roleplay interaction of a department set to a specific way, either by subtle interaction through their action and inaction, or through direct order. Almost like dungeon master's (not quite), they create their own atmosphere amongst a department, person, or the station as a whole. Ensuring either a free willed ground, or having their necks breathed down constantly. Other than that, they’re tasked to ensure a fair and rule abiding playstyle, for it to be enjoyable, rather chorable. Unless for some reason, they wanted to make it that way. What do you think the OOC responsibilities of Whitelisted players are to other players, and how would you strive to uphold them?: Honestly, correct me if I’m wrong, but seemingly whitelisted players don’t really maintain that much of a responsibility of anything other than abiding by the rules, and correcting those who don’t. Simply put, they’re players who have the option of putting themselves under more weight, that they see fit for their liking. But, to the fullest extent their responsibilities should match up with what I mentioned in the last question. Firstly, they should maintain a fair and enjoyable RP experience, for all parties (less escalation/metagaming/etc). Secondly, maintain the atmosphere of the workplace, assuring it feels as desired, making each worker on edge for their job, or socializing and chatting with them. Usually, in my normal playstyle, I constantly give antags the benefit of the doubt, not immediately jumping to claims, or unnecessarily escalating the situation, unless told, ordered, or convinced to do so. Usually, in my time on the server I’ve seen more cases of metagaming weaknesses/outright purposeful escalation just to get everything out of the way, and to counter this, I’d continue my behavior in attempting to suppress those temptations just to ‘gank’ or ‘murderbone’ a bunch of antags, after a small infraction. Please pick one of your characters for this section, and provide well articulated responses to the following questions. Character name: Camryn Hujsak Character age: 30 (Had this character for awhile, not sure if age updates automatically) Please provide a short biography of this character (approx 2 paragraphs): Born into the glory days of his own kind, the late 2420s Camryn Hujsak had firstly been set on an unfortunate path, evident from his family name. Although, along this path hadn’t set him any deeper than a few inches into the ground, still enough to wiggle his toes as he move onward with his life. All he had learned throughout his childhood seemed like a incoherent mess of non-sense, as the world around him had advanced greatly with his absence, however his path hadn’t destined him to be nowhere. However, as his cyphered mind comes towards decryption, entering his adultery years was no help to him, as the sense of false hope, and doubt had simply blurred that from his mind, leaving him in the stereotypical situation of being lost. At the end of his highschool years, he had lost the path almost entirely, and the assistive breadcrumb trail had gone silent. Entering late adulthood wasn’t as tough as Camryn visualized, from his own perspective at least. Instead, for him it was a giant leap of faith as he threw himself at at something he’d never imagine doing. He had never thrown himself into unknown grounds, but he had done it. What was the worst that could happen? Throwing himself could not be a better way to describe the situation he had put him in, since he still hasn’t left the dreaded rock, during a thriving space age, but instead landed him into seeking conflict. The ‘New Seoul Combat Training Centre’, where he ended up spending five years, being fortunate enough to pass the complete course. However, despite passing the few years, his path still had some tricks along the way ready for him. Starting with the loss of his hand, his right to be specific, which caused many complications for his future plans. With a tight budget, he couldn’t afford any cutting edge prosthetics, basically his unofficial discharge from any service position in his interest. However, eventually upon his searches for work, he found a job that could possibly work out for him, just happening to be the same company he still works at to this date, NanoTrasen. What do you like about this character?: Mostly the nostalgic feeling of this character, after it being one of my first characters. But aside that, personality would be one of the traits I like. What do you dislike about this character?: The unfortunate name. What do you think makes this character fit to be a head of staff?: From the way I had intentioned him to be, was someone who’d be able to understand both sides, and be able to put themself into the standpoint of others. He’s played in a way that I feel is flexible, and realistic. One of the things I had done to ensure the enjoyability of roleplay, especially due to the common and maybe excessive, antagonist rounds and even some events that happen canonically during extended rounds. But, however from an IC standpoint, he’s also one of those people who doesn’t like to ask for things, but be given them instead, which seems a bit random for a choice to put here, but it sorta makes sense. Please provide well articulated answers to the following questions. How would you rate your own roleplaying?: Probably, an 7/10, if I were milking it. 6/10 to be honest, but 6 just looks lame. But entirely, I don’t really use emotes that often, relying more on ingame mechanics. That part never stuck with my habits, unfortunately. Even though I played other games using similar mechanics, just never liked nor stuck with it. Extra notes: Apologies if the education part doesn’t quite make sense. From what I could find, most of the educations for the staff position in question are a bit vague in terms of outcome, or focus. Also, I’m horrible at biographies, so mine’s a bit corny.
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