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  1. +1 Definitely supports the character's perception on the lore's modern medicine. Prosthetic/bionic limbs are far too invasive for them, and reconstruction solutions likely too expensive. This is the kind of middle ground we'd see today, and unfortunately isn't an option to portray in game. With the updates to the investigations role this will definitely be something welcome to see.
  2. +1, definitely an interesting thing for Saanu, especially being a pretty engaging character to see on the manifest. Suppose it's just a neat space rag, but it seems definitely fitting for her field, not to mention endless ambition.
  3. Byond key: Veterangary Discord key: VeteranGary#5856 Character Name: Mahir Rrhamrare Item name: (if you are applying for multiple items, it should be made into a list with the description, name and appearance together): Hephaestus Auto-darkening welding glasses. Item function(s): I had two ideas for the function of the item; it's purely up to whatever is the easiest/most balanced and viable. #1, they function no different from normal welding goggles. Press the button on the top left to turn on and off. #2, automated activation, when a welding tool is activated inhand, the g
  4. Kind of interested to see someone eager to work on Skrell lore, since it's fairly difficult to form an opinion on something so big, that doesn't have much to offer. All I understand is their isolationism, but it is kind of strange to see their relative uninvolvement during very key arcs, such as the phoron scarcity. One of their allies got steamrolled, a planet burned up and they kind of just, watched, pointed guns, and slowly backed away. Meanwhile, they overinvolve themselves in xeno politics such as the Tajara, going as far as to start a whole council to ban nuclear weapons on Adhomai, only
  5. The issues I've notice with snipping the gloves is that it effectively ruins the gloves. Insulated gloves won't insulate, black gloves won't work with removing bulbs, and they will all leave fingerprints, so if you snip nitrile or latex, you are better off just throwing them away. It'd be interesting to see some sort of refit system in place, though it doesn't sound very viable. Guess you could make it so washing machines could refit them, this is the f u t u r e, afterall.
  6. +1 Cylean's been a pretty good sight to see, most of her characters and presence in the community as a whole. Pretty sure the first time around was their synthetic character, with a pretty amazing backstory behind it, as well as this character presented for this Command whitelist, I've glanced through their tajara app once it came out and have seen their scientist character around during several rounds; I've never really got to witness or interact with many of their escapades, but I've already had a pretty hectic round with them just recently. Hey, not everyone handles traumatic si
  7. This is fair, as long as it is counteractable by either a HoS, RD, or Captain. I can point out several individuals that abuse this, such as repeatedly crafting hazards and wearing them, even when security is intact. When I play robotics, I do assemble combat hardsuits when they are requested. Priority is to security, as my character isn't paid to get shot at, or willing to risk their life for their job. There is a threshold to this, however. If security is grossly understaffed, I'll go through the process of arming them, then arming myself. There are a handful of roboticists who fail at this,
  8. As a robotics main, I do see the issues with combat mechs in general. They are rather simple to make and don't always need combat armor to function. Hell, you can turn a powerloader into a pretty fucking scary combat mech, since the 'open' chassis blocks 90% of damage to the user. Effectively it is a second skin just as good as the most unbalanced hardsuit in the game, the Breacher hardsuit. However, I see better ways negating this. The new mech code by all means is still a WIP. Compared to the old-mech base, there were parts needed from RND just to make one mech, without it robotics was essen
  9. There is also the old ninja hardsuit in the code somewhere, I think pirates still spawn with it and cargo can roll it sometimes in the warehouse. Someone went and resprited it from the looks of it, works with human and tajara from ingame testing. It's better than the standard ninja hardsuit, since it doesn't have flashy lights all over it that sometimes just look out of place, for a stealth 'slipsuit' which is sometimes just covered in spikes and very non low-profile looking design choices. It is just a simple version of the ninja hardsuit, grey with NVG green eyes. It'd be a neat choice for a
  10. Fair enough. I've complied with the verdict since the warning, as I planned to appeal it. I have only entered the lab to divide materials, pick up items queued by qualified scientists, or recycle tools in the autolathe.
  11. From what I have got from the complaint, you were noting my use of the destructive analyzer and adding research to the server, but you did not elaborate that the entire RnD lab was off limits, and in this initial incident I got access through command staff. That is what made this very confusing to me. Icedcabbage entered a ticket with a very different perspective of the situation; one that I was not briefed or clarified with. With the round you bwoinked me, you specifically explained that the research alone was powergaming and I showed that I understood, and explained my reason for doing it, w
  12. BYOND Key: Veterangary Staff BYOND Key: ShesTrying Game ID: No, I didn't save the round ID. I do have a date and time, listed on the warning. https://i.gyazo.com/699b79b5ae4d5bcb9ac8d3515c521754.png Reason for complaint: This isn't to seek punishment against the admin in question, I simply believe the verdict is unfair and unregulated as I constantly see it being infringed. Icecabbage is the moderator who applied the warning, however they are no longer staff, and the reason this warning is applied was backed by ShesTrying, whom may have been over viewing the ticket, though I am
  13. Another one of my misconceptions, re-read where I got that idea from. This is in reference to the Second Civil War, starting in 2451, and by 2461 the PRA loses a significant amount of land and battles, combined with the loss of the Sol Alliance's support. This is where Aarif's motivation to leave comes from, as stated before he does not believe too much in pacts and agreements. The armistice place to end the war simply does not sit well with him, as it is only a temporary solution for a country nearing disarray.
  14. As for the discrepancies, I can adjust the background to fit the environment more seamlessly, as I can see how most of this would not make sense. I would have explained it with a 'nomadic' family, but then again this was conflicted by the harsh terrain of Adhomai, which would make it a less than favorable task to move as soon as something goes wrong. I will likely stick with the farmhand background. Aarif takes the interest of technology, brought on by the human patrons; against his family's will, thus being disowned for breaking tradition. Removing the factory background, as it does not make
  15. BYOND Key: Veterangary Character Names: Species you are applying to play: Tajara What color do you plan on making your first alien character: Beaver Brown Have you read our lore section's page on this species?: Yes Why do you wish to play this specific race: I never really had a direct interest in playing many species on this server, but I thought I might as well gather more options to play around with. The only other whitelist I have would be for IPCs, which is an interesting perspective from playing humans and offworlders for quite awhile. I be
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