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  1. Grey is without a doubt one of the best RP'er's I've seen in a while, they've put a ton of effort into making their char realistic and believable, seriously you should have seen some of the drafts they sent me for the records in Discord DM's, they were a work of art, so 1+
  2. Q1. There are numerous themes that permeate the Skrell but perhaps the most obvious is their psionics, this influences everything, from the way the interact with one another to the wake causing a schism within their species due to the differences between Listeners and Receivers that doesn't take the form of outright violence but instead in rebellions such as self-isolation or counterculture against the Federation's "Norm", their long age combined with their long memories meaning that Skrell and their descendants can fall victim to long-running political games with many young Skrell in the Federation trying to make their way could fall victim to age-old rivalries that could have been born from somthing as petty like because one of their ancestors may have copied the research of someone in a far higher position now, and their longer lives mean that their education, entertainment and even worries takes longer to be considered more "Worthwhile" with Skrell often not worrying about being socially rejected viewing it as something "Minor" but viewing existential threats as a major threat they may have to contend with, they also have a higher resistance to accumulating stress but once they get into a stressed state it becomes harder to relieve with many taking a year or two to take time off in relative isolation, and finally due to their longer lives and therefore longer education Skrell usually have more of a scholarly side, with their universities being some of the hardest to remain within such as the Gliutip’lyaz which excludes those who score below 70% on a applied knowledge exam or any other graded activity, meaning most tend to work within Medical or Science Departments on the Aurora Q2. To a Degree, yes, Vol has been heavily influenced by the teachings of their far older Caretaker in the Supernova Era not long after Glorsh has caused them to have this undeniable wish to protect the Federation and the people in it, hearing stories of Marauders and Rebellious individuals has moulded them and they've become concerned that these people might be leaving Skrell space to foster rebellion and other forms of dissent, and they worry about the rational law-abiding Skrell falling off the "Right Path" and this worries Vol, and while they may not be following the traditionally more intellectual path of the common Skrell, they view their job with a far more cerebral edge and use the same focus other Skrell would use when studying or doing Lab Work /creating Art rather than just brute strength which I think would be incredibly interesting to RP and work with the other members of the ISD, and their receiver tendencies still show even in this job, Vol far prefers to run their plans past the rest of the ISD rather than just acting by themselves and is prone to agreeing with the way command is handling the situation unless they see it as objectively awful and the rest of the ISD members are also against it. Q3.Alot of the reason I like Skrell are the same reasons I mentioned above about their core themes, I think the Psionics will be incredibly interesting to work with in an RP environment, how people may distrust my character as a result will be quite fun to experiment with, Also I believe there's a market for Skrell, there are a few in Medical, a couple in Research and I think a handful of Command members but there is a vacancy when it comes to Security and when the effort has been made to make a Federation Enforcement page, I think it wouldn't be too out of left field for one of their forces to end up on the Aurora especially after finding a terrorist cell on there with the events of Warbling: the Musical, and give a little bit of Jargon influence within it, which should be pretty fun. Q4. Due to their education it was pretty difficult to come up with a backstory that didn't lead to a Science or Medical member, and that remained internally consistent and relevant. But that's about it really.
  3. Apologies due to an Error I had to screenshot my reply instead of post it
  4. BYOND Key: Hawkington Character Names: Adrik Rrhakaslav, ISU-Char0n, Aztari Rezkathan, Laoz Koriakso, Sisksora Iosuru Species you are applying to play: Skrell What color do you plan on making your first alien character: Axiori Teal/Dark Blue Have you read our lore section's page on this species?: (Absolutely not) Of Course, Most if not all of them numerous times Character Name: Vol'quix Xrimquil Please provide well articulated answers to the following questions in a paragraph format. One paragraph minimum per question. Why do you wish to play this specific race: I just had an idea for making a Skrell character and as I began reading their lore I realized how interesting I found it, I'm particularly interested in how their long lifespans affect everything from their entertainment or their petty grudges, (Or the fact that they can spend a whole year vaporizing rocks to de-stress) then I began to remember all the interesting interactions I had with Skrell characters and I decided, "Hey why not?" Identify what makes role-playing this species different than role-playing a Human: Firstly, Skrell are telepathic due to the Zona Bovinae part of the brain, All of them have a general “thought field” called the Psionic Wake and as a result this means that they can influence each other's thoughts and this means popular thoughts tend to be echoed around alot, this commonly covers entire planets but it can't pass through space, these thoughts can be concentrated and this is how the Skrell form telepathic communication, there are also two types of psionic categories, Listeners and Receivers, Receivers are far more likely to be influenced by the Wake and common influences while Listeners are far more likely to rebel as they don't feel this pressure to fit in most still roughly attempt to conform in some way or another due to the intense psionic power of the Wake this usually happens in a ratio of 9:1 In Receivers favour, they also entered a shared Dream state called the Srom which means that interrupting a Skrell's sleep is a major faux-pass Secondly they live far longer than most other species and have difficulty with viewing events that take place over short timeframes things such as movies can be 8 hours long an Tv Series can be 40 seasons and as a result petty grudges can be passed down from Dynasties and their brains cyclically expand which means they experience mental "Growth spurts" marked by the individual suddenly feeling much more competent also while their intelligence increases so does their memory and this can be used to remember incredibly minor things for good and for bad They also lack gender, being hermaphroditic, but they have embraced gender roles from other cultures, their lack of facial muscles means they don't visibly emote as much in the same way humans do instead using their headtails, vocal cords, and while they do have nostril slits they do not have noses, however when interacting with other Skrell the tonal shifts in Nral'Malic and telepathy allow for such seamless conversation compared to other species Please provide a short backstory for this character Vol was born in 2383 in Crieq'Bruq on Qerrbalak their Qrri'Myaq was a former Tupkala and their Qraa'Myaq a conductor that had recently fallen in love with Human instruments. Their Qrri had the far larger influence on the tadpole, they admired the idea of protecting their people, ensuring their safety and while other subjects such as physics were intriguing to them, the stories or small mental exercises their Qrri had began to teach them stuck with them more, and while they toiled and studied as they grew, gaining an appreciation but their interest waning in subjects such as telescience, their mind occasionally drifted in class thinking about how they would protect all the entrance points in the room in case of emergency, and all the other students noticed how difficult it was to make Vol laugh at points and how their interest in Qeblak and many other subjects shifted depending on who they were talking to, being more open with others and using it to open up conversations or lowering it when dealing with Listeners almost designing a situation to put the person at ease to gain more information. Long After Vol was pursuing a degree in chemistry in all things believing the knowledge of any narcotics or explosive compounds would come in handy with the career they were attempting to pursue, whilst attempting to get Genetic Modification set up for after they graduate to get into Federation Enforcement, which had been their goal their whole life, eventually graduation and succeeded in getting enrolled, and after genetic treatment and years of training and public relations classes Vol was eventually assigned to the Nlomkala at 47, their ability to respond to situations quickly and efficiently being one of the major reasons for this, but the main reason was their ability to work with people and formulate plans incredibly quickly, even integrating more radical ideas as last ditch manoeuvres in dire situations Vol was eventually assigned to the NSV Aurora under contract with Nanotrasen as a bonding move between the Republic of Biesel and the Jargon Federation, Vol was to monitor the newly founded SCC and see if they were using or drawing in any Rebellious Skrell or using any highly advanced AI technology and bring back their findings to the Federation, and while Vol eventually wants to become a Tup they view this as a noble thing to do and thinks they are protecting not only the Federation, but Humanity from themselves What do you like about this character?: I Like how they tend to have very strong ties to the Jargon federation which could be used to stimulate interesting RP I would like to see a couple more Skrell in Sec and I hope this helps I also think it'll be interesting for other Skrell to meet someone so fixated on their military career and has built their life around it rather than the sciences which can lead to some interesting conversation How would you rate your role-playing ability?: 7/10 as always could be better could be worse
  5. 1) How does Aztari view the Hegemony and the traditionalists? How does he view the war? Aztari Originally viewed the Contact war from a very Izweski standpoint, from the Propaganda to The People around him, Aztari became swept up in the Idea that the Traditionalists wanted to destroy Modern Society. Acts such as Firing upon the Skrell Peace delegation only furthered his Belief that they were the ones refusing to compromise and killing civilians and that the Izweskian response was wholly justified. Finding out the Coalition dropped the bombs first was the final nail in the coffin, Aztrai began to look at every Traditionalist refugee from the Wastelands with disgust and barely treat them, until his father pointed out the radiation poisoning, the lost limbs, the dead family that had effected both sides, he made Aztari question how many of them would take that action back if they could, and if the Hegemony was just as Complicit for firing back. Aztari began working better with the Traditionalists albeit with an air of "I'm doing this because I'm so much more enlightened than you are" Finding out the Hegemony pays to send prospective healers to either the Republic of Biesel and learn under NanoTrasen also improved his views as he thinks they are doing a lot to help rectify the damage caused but still thinks about his Father's Question about firing back. 2) How was Aztari and his father's occupations in medicine viewed by other unathi? Some. Mostly from the Hegemony think it's a Noble Art, that Aztrai Was wise to follow in his fathers footsteps and that there should always be more Healers. His Fathers Peer's from the Skalamar University, often wonder why such a talented Healer would work in a backwater village tending to Traditionalists and why He would send his Son off to some Biesel School rather than the University on Moghes. On the Other hand the Traditionalists have a more varied view, Some are thankful for whatever help that they can get choosing to keep their heads low in an attempt to survive. However some are Resentful of Being helped by a Izweskian healer and view Aztari's obsession with Xeno technology to be a sign of everything wrong with the Hegemony, that even the healers are relying on Alien Tech, that the Older healing methods are being forgotten and soon the Unathi will have no say in their own health. One of Aztari's most notable memories was tending to a Huge One-Eyed Guwan that had come in from the wasteland, something had knocked them out, but near the end of the procedure they woke up and began to trash around, until they found their bearings and proceeded to pin Aztari against a wall, Asking him Questions about where he was, and who Aztari Was, Upon finding out he was in a Izweskian Village. Aztari was sure that the Guwan was going to kill him. Until his brother came in to check up on Aztari and dealt with the Guwan. To this day Aztari may "Lock Up" out of Nerves if he thinks a similar situation is about to happen. 3) A big part of the application process is showcasing character and personality. Could you tell me about one of Aztari's personality traits and how it may work to his benefit and detriment? Aztari prefers Books to people and this shows, he has read up on how to interact with other species but his attempts to smile come off as terrifying and he often tries to be overtly emotional to show his interest However he commonly resorts to more Unathi displays of emotion such stooping down to down to look at people directly in the eyes. However even his relation with other Unathi isn't great either, his lack of Physical Expertise means that the common shoulder checks and tail flicks come as more of a Surprise to him and have even knocked him to the floor in some extreme cases, this lack of Physical Prowess has become something of a sore spot for him especially when compared to his Brother, and as a result insulting Aztari's Intelligence which he thinks is the thing that redeems him, can lead to him acting huffy. He often wonders what he would have made of himself, if his Father wasn't a Healer and doesn't like thinking about it, often Burying himself in work or reading to avoid wondering.
  6. The Idea of becoming a Shaman was unappealing to him because no matter how much he thought it was a Noble Art, he saw how they were becoming hunted and Leaving Moghes: My Apologies, I've Removed that Part of the Statement, I was Referring to the Shamans Leaving Moghes at the End of the Contact War But I Understand that comment didn't bring it across as well as I had Hoped. It's Been edited out Through Some Gesturing and Fractured Basic, was able to Get some of the IAC's textbooks and History, and Became Enamoured with them: I Would assume that the IAC had brought some treatment Books that had been translated into Sinta'Unathi to allow those escaping from the wasteland ideas on how to spot Radiation Poisoning, ,Disinfect Cuts and Treat Burns using Advanced Trauma/Burn Kits which they assumed the common populous would be unfamiliar with. Or to help members of the House of Medicine realize utilize Health Scanners, Chemical Types and Other Technologies if they ever began to use them, As well as other Books Helping the Younger Unathi to learn Basic in the First Place. Aztari may have been more likely to trust the IAC but at that Early stage of his Life, But he assumed that they'd only Know their own language, as he doubted that any Unathi, would take the time out to Teach them how to speak or write Sinta and he didn't see any IAC Unathi when he was asking for a Textbook, and again assumed they would only Knew Basic. Leading to him mainly using Gestures in the "Conversation" which was fairly quick as Aztari mainly Pointed at a Textbook, Pointed at himself and said "Medical" and a Worker brought an Sinta Version to him, at Which Time Aztrai promptly Left.
  7. BYOND Key: Hawkington Character Names: Chance, Jacket, Trauma, Adrik Maa'zlouf, Spawn Of The Wind, Roach, Sharif Al-Kandari Species you are applying to play: Unathi What color do you plan on making your first alien character: Orange-Brown Have you read our lore section's page on this species?: Yes Please provide well articulated answers to the following questions in a paragraph format. One paragraph minimum per question. Why do you wish to play this specific race: Originally I began reading up on Unathi lore, Just to ask interesting Questions to Stimulate RP, But I never had any Real Interest in playing them Until Recently, Where I realized I really Enjoyed reading up on their Lore and found their Cultural Structure and Religions to be fascinating. Their upbringing shapes their personality and create a unique Ideology and Motives. They're a more honourable race and are much more likely to be fractured or set off because of recent events. They are new to dealing with neighbours and it shows. Identify what makes role-playing this species different than role-playing a Human: Mechanically: They're Cold Blooded and as a Result need to wear warm clothes on the Aurora, They have claws and Slash Instead of Punch, They are incapable of Digesting Ethanol but instead get Drunk off Butanol, Get no nutrients from eating fruits and vegetables, can safely eat carp and consume carpotoxin which combines well with their ability to devour monkeys, rats, spiders and Carp Finally They have the fastest Sprint available but their low stamina means that they can only run in Short Bursts. Lore-Wise: The Unathi have a Caste System on Moghes ranging from Peasants to Lords, yet the colony on Oueras is more of a democratic confederacy The Contact War has Left Moghes Shattered and all of their Religions are Major Points of Infighting, From the Widespread Th'akh to the Doomsday Cult Si'akh. They have a Stricter Idea of Gender Roles albeit with the Idea that a soul could have been given a body of the different sex and an Honour System that defines their actions meaning they would rather use their close combat skills than use ranged weapons, they can do it, but it would greatly hurt their pride if they were to do so. and are Generally more "Traditional" than any other Species, which can be an interesting point of Contention Character Name: Aztari Rezkathan Please provide a short backstory for this character Aztari was Born the Younger Brother of a Clutch of 2 Shortly after the Contact War began. His Father was a Graduate from the Skalamar University and had since moved to a much smaller Th'akh Village that was a Common Stop for Unathi trying to Escape the ever growing wastelands. Aztari Never knew his Mother, While His Older Brother was Faster and Much more Physically Capable than him, Looking up to the Guards and Knights as Inspirations. Aztari was Much smaller and was Comparatively Hopeless never fully understanding what he wanted to do with his Life, Wanting to Bring Honour to his name, yet seemingly Incapable. Eventually decided to try his Hand at his Father's Craft. And Aztari Excelled at it, Wondering why He didn't consider the Possibility Sooner, He Read All of His Father's old Books, Cover to Cover, Anything from Textbooks or Thesis, Aztari would be engrossed in, he Became his Father's assistant becoming well versed in the Various Herbal Treatments and Minor Surgeries His Father Performed. Yet The People of The Village Grew Wary of a New IAC Camp Nearby, Aztari Viewed it as an Opportunity, he had heard through Idle Chats that the Aliens had more advanced technology then the Unathi, and that would obviously meant their Medical care was up to a Higher standard. He Decided to see it for himself in the Small Hours of the Night, It was a Small Uneventful Trek. and the Camp Was Simultaneously Underwhelming and Amazing to him, What Little Technology there was, was Advanced, there were PDA's in place Of Textbooks and Chemicals in place or Herbal Remedies. and Through Some Gesturing and Fractured Basic, was able to Get some of the IAC's textbooks and History, and Became Enamoured with them, To Him they were as Noble as the Knights he had heard about, the way they Remained Stalwartly Remained neutral and Helped those in Need. Aztari became Obsessed with these Procedures how advanced they were and their Success rate. Then Pleaded with his Father and Shaman to let him go with the IAC, to bring Honour to his Clan's Name and to Even Possibly Bring Back some Credits to Help the Village through the Continually Worsening War and after a Plethora Of arguments, they Agreed, and Aztari Took his Place helping on IAC Camps and Ships around Moghes Learning Basic and Hearing of Medical Schools other than the Skalamar, Meeting Unathi From all walks of Life, and While Initially Finding the Idea of Helping Wayward Si'akh or Aut'akh abhorrent, He Attempted to Remain neutral no matter how much it Hurt His pride. and Eventually became more Rounded out to Other Religions, even if slightly Patronizing towards them. But still The Aut'akh Unsettle him no matter how much He Tries to Hide it. Eventually Being Convinced to try His Hand at the Biesel Institute of Medical Sciences, With Glowing Recommendations from the IAC, Aztari Applied, Took an Entrance Exam and Got in. Eventually Graduating and Moving Back onto IAC Ships, this time Performing More Complicated Procedures and Surgeries. And Occasionally Loaning Himself out to NT Stations to make Credits to Send back to his Village What do you like about this character?: My Two main medical Characters are IPC's and as a Result I can't really Play a Character who Truly "Cares About Doing the Right Thing" it's Just Programming. but with Aztari His View of Honour Means He Will try His Hardest to help the people under his Care How would you rate your role-playing ability?: Could be Better, Could Be Worse 7/10 Notes:
  8. (Sorry for the Late-ish Response I wanted to make sure I did this right) Atmospheric Technician New Kingdom: Adrik despises the caste system that means people would look down upon him and his family to him, it bars them from opportunity and leads to a spiral where they remain uneducated and unable to rise up, Which leads to contention with Rock-Nomads, who Adrik does view as Traitors and he vehemently denies the claims that all other Factions are illegitimate and that Bloodlines are somehow some indicator of Intelligence or Power and therefore thinks the New Kingdom is Doomed to repeat itself really, He thinks it's only a matter of time Until the Monarchy does something unwise that would upset their subjects or The Government and Military have a major disagreement leading to another revolution. He has also noticed that the Nobles don't have it that much better than the Common People despite the fancy titles. And He truly despises the House of Hamiyeh's Extortion Schemes and Protection Rackets mostly out of fear that one of his family members get involved and can't get out. DPRA: Adrik's Hatred for the DRPA Began with stories of the Firing Squads and Loss of Supplies, and That of Dictator Nated, and as a Result Adrik has never lost that mentality, still viewing the DPRA as Insurgents first and a Political movement last, Which was furthered by the Nated Supremacist Movement, and Incredibly confused him when the Man himself stopped it. Even then the Juntas are the "True DRPA" According to Adrik. And while the removal of the caste system is a Noble goal, The PRA has already done that. and the Megacorporation are not threats to the Tajaran Freedom. that is Simply the DRPA trying to shift the blame and Despite the Revolutionary Ideals Adrik has noticed that plenty of prejudice is still thriving within the DPRA. PRA: While not Perfect Adrik believes this is the best chance for Tajaran Reunification, Believing that their Technology, Prosperity and Stability is a sign of this, And Growing up on a small farm benefitting off the state means he had a very high view of the PRA Before he Left Adhomai. He thinks that they should tone down the level of Surveillance, but He would also argue that this was Necessary...for a time. Access to Biesel's Unrestricted Media allowed Adrik to see some of the More Authoritarian Practices that the Government decided to act upon, and as a result his Fervour for the PRA, While still there has dulled significantly. Most of his wages go to his Family to make sure they can Keep paying the Social Harmony Committee's Fees. Something he begrudgingly accepts he can do little about
  9. BYOND Key: Hawkington Character Names: Jacket, To Stab Individuals in a Healing Manner, V0x, Spawn of the Wind, Trace, Moss, Droz Species you are applying to play: Zhan-Khazan Tajara What colour do you plan on making your first alien character: Dark Grey (RGB 30, 30, 30) Have you read our lore section's page on this species?: Yup Please provide well articulated answers to the following questions in a paragraph format. One paragraph minimum per question. Why do you wish to play this specific race: The Tajaran Cold War is a Particularly interesting and In-Depth-Feature that seems incredibly fun to RP as it has left it's mark on Near-Every Tajara, Their Lore is Incredibly in Depth, The Caste system most of which have a Specific language which stimulates RP even further means that Each Tajara is Unique. And the Aurora seems like a fun Staging ground for them and the Close-Knit communities they form. Identify what makes role-playing this species different than role-playing a Human: Mechanically, Tajara Find the Station much warmer to an almost unberable degree, They Scratch instead of Punch, Tajara have a higher nutrition and hydration threshold and process reagents slightly slower. A Specialized set of Organs. And can see better in the Dark via Eye Dilation. They also Have to put their Voidsuits into a Suit Cycler, and Wear Specialized Gloves and Shoes. Tajara roll their Rs, and may speak Ceti Basic in a broken or slow manner. Lore-Wise: Unlike Humanity, Tajara are relatively new to Interstellar Travel, and their Whole Civilisation is a bit of a Powder Keg, Due to the wars between factions, assassinations of notable leaders, with the second revolution only having ended quite recently, Even Currently, Gangs in Little Adhomai are being funded by Political Parties. They also have an elongated sleep cycle. A Tajaran’s shift might consist of bursts of activity, followed by brief periods of rest. Tajara are capable of using their appendages to express their emotions. Siik'maas also requires Certain inflections that Humans are incapable of. Character Name Adrik Maa'zlouf Please provide a short backstory for this character: Adrik was the Firstborn of a soon-to-be much larger Family. He was Born in a Small Farming Village in Adhomai in 2441. Quite aloof tinkering with small machines that never seemed to work the way he wanted them to. But always willing to stand up for his family when he Needed to. Adrik Never quite Understood what the PRA Was. Simply Noticing that there was a time where Everybody Crowded around the Radio, and that didn't particularly Interest him or His siblings. Until 2450. When He suddenly was Told to pack up and to Help his siblings do the Same by His mother. He Noticed the Radio was Now talking about something called the "New Kingdom of Adhomai" which Confused Him. Surely the Monarchies were bad right? If they weren't why were they Overthrown? Why would People want them back? Didn't Ma'ta'ke teach reunification? He Didn't have time To Question these. As his Father stayed Behind for the Village, Which Confuses Adrik to this day. And he had to help his Mother Deal with his four younger Siblings on the Hike to Nal'tor He barely Remembers Nal'tor though he loved the lights and the amount of how many different people there was, They had no time to enjoy it though as they had to go somewhere called Biesel to get away from the Bright Lights and loud noises in the Horizon. Caused By these Rebels. He didn't like the Pilot of the ship. Or how Cramped it was with Destitute Faces. Or the Gunshots he swore he heard, and had to drown out with talk of Trading cards and Comrade Rafama. And he Didn't care for This "District Six" Either, It was far too small for the amount of People in it and the "Social Harmony Committee" never felt as welcoming as it made itself out to be despite some of his siblings Interests in it . And Years Went By as He worked Washing Dishes for Shady Bars seeing the fallout of the Second Revolution, until He began to Fight Tooth and Nail to get into this "Hongsun Park Engineering Institute" at 16 years old. Barely Balancing Studying and working which Lead to long Periods of a Disturbed Sleep Cycle, Which caused The Siblings to grow apart slightly. Eventually He got in, and Began to study until (Quite literally sometimes) he would Drop, eventually Graduating With an Engineering degree with a Specialization in Atmospherics. He Needed to get a Job offer as soon as possible, And Nanotransen Noticed This. Offering Him residence at The NTCC ODIN and a Job Offer for the Aurora. While he spent a lot on himself in the first couple of weeks with his suddenly much larger wages as an Apprentice. It never felt right, And each Email felt like a knife to him, Until he was Donating large portions of his Money on His Family and Buying himself the Cheapest Lunches Credits would Buy. And while Some of his Siblings Made Things of Themselves. Others Didn't (The Hell is a Greaser and what is Dimo'chka doing with them?) and as a Result. Adrik feels Guilty about only sending Money to them. And has attempted to Re-integrate himself with the Others and get them Rooms on the Odin Because now These Gangs are Getting Goddamned backed by the Governments? Some Results have Been more Successful than others. Adrik would be PRA Leaning most of the Time, He has a disdain for the "New Kingdom of Adhomai" as he heard the stories about how is People were Looked down upon Before the First Revolution. He has a Dislike for the DRPA, But he only Truly hates the Liberators. What do you like about this character?: Adrik has a Large Investment outside the Aurora which I think would be very Fun to RP. He has made Mistakes and Still has Regrets. How would you rate your role-playing ability?: 6-7/10 Alright. It could always be better
  10. Spawn Has what some people would call a "Closet" In in an Hept Orbital Station that orbits around Biesel, it's absolutely covered in vines, bulbs and other organic matter, and the Janitors try to stay away from it. Spawn has Visited Mendell Numerous times and has had many encounters with the Choir, Spawn appreciates the architecture of the Eternal Temple and thinks the transmitter is a wonder of technology and understands their patriotism towards the Republic (While not sharing it), but has never managed to get close to it (Not for lack of trying) and will typically use their Hydroponics bay for serious Injuries. Spawn empathises with Choirs attempt to stamp out the Songless and will report members of this group if it thinks its found them. Spawn has only heard prayers from the Viscerabelt, and very early on in it's career, gained a Snapshot of a worker who felt the Blood Eternal were "Creepy as all Hell" and therefore Spawn avoids them, usually using this exact wording when Describing them. Spawn swears it saw a Wild One whilst on the Exploration Pod (It was probably a piece of scrap metal) . Upon meeting another member of "The Narrows" Both Dionae have been observed to, "Stare at each other as if waiting for something" then moving on after a minute or two. Spawn has never met any Jargon or Titan Dionae but would be eager to.
  11. BYOND Key: Hawkington Character Names: Trace, V0x, Blue, Droz, Nathaniel Greer. Species you are applying to play: Dionae Have you read our lore section's page on this species?: Yes Please provide well articulated answers to the following questions in a paragraph format. One paragraph minimum per question. Why do you wish to play this specific race: I love how Different the Dionae are, from their Multiple Nymphs and the Snapshots of the Nervous system, the fear of losing memory and Experiences, to their Radiation "Diet" and all the different Cultures and religions that they and other species have formed, I Particularly like their Pacifistic nature which means that you have to try and De-Escalate situations and every single conversation that I've had with a Dionae on Aurora was Distinctly unique. Identify what makes role-playing this species different than role-playing a Human: A Dionae is not a singular being, It is made up of Multiple Nymphs and therefore this can lead to strange behaviour, such as the Dionae talking to itself or only having one of it's Nymphs rotate to face a person, Instead of fearing pain They Fear Losing Memories and Experience and this leads to them Avoiding areas that lack Light, as They need Radiation to sustain themselves, When they speak, usually either one Nymph Speaks for the Gestalt, Usually leading to pauses in-between words as the Nymphs decide what to say next, or Multiple nymphs speak at once which can still lead to the aforementioned pauses, Dionae may also Develop "Cognitive Obstacles" which are Similar to Mental Illnesses in Other Species. Character Name: Spawn of the Forgotten Wind Please provide a short backstory for this character: Spawn was Born on the Narrows in roughly 2412 and worked in Engineering under the watchful eye of the Overseers, They Quickly learned how to Fix the Malfunctioning Electronics, Numerous Breaches and Most Importantly Listen to their Superiors, They began to work with the rest of their team for 45 years, Until they found an Decrepit Hephaestus Exploration drone that had been Brought back onto the Prison years beforehand, Spawn Immediately began to fix said Pod attaching Bulbs to the Pod all the while, Until they got it working again, Hephaestus were Obviously Intrigued by this Pod being Re-Activated and Began to recall it......Whilst Spawn was still Attached. Eventually the Pod arrived at H-K-227 A Hephaestus Research Base that recently suffered some damage from Asteroids. The Pod was covered in...Strange Organic Lights. Hept Poked at Prodded at the Pod for a Solid day Unknown to them Some of Spawn's Nymph entered the Ventilation and Upon discovering a Breach in the Hangar bay, The Nymphs Coagulated, Dropped out of the Vents, and Formed a Gestalt to Help Cover up the breach. Which was Of course, Met with Raised Eyebrows. Upon Realising that Spawn had no Previous Contact, Employee's came forth and Allowed Spawn to take a Snapshot, With one Employee calling the Pod "The Long forgotten Spawn of a Longer forgotten Wind" which lead to Spawn Gaining an Appreciation for The Strong Bonds the Employees had with one another and Spawn wanted to create it's own. Spawn was Quickly Hired by Hept, and One day, was Transferred to the Aurora. Spawn has Very Limited Knowledge on species other than Unathi or Humans, They are eager to Learn more about these species. Spawn has No Citizenship, However, there is a workers pass Hept will give out to Spawn if they need to move somewhere, They have No Particularly Strong feelings towards any Dionea Group besides the The Emperor's Royal Garden mainly due to the fact that they despise IPC's and Spawn has Gained a Love for G1 2 and Xion Models and they themselves would very much not like to be eaten (That would be TERRIBLE for Productivity) They Understand the Need for Religion however they themselves are Agnostic, mainly due to the Confusion of so many Snapshots with so many Differing Beliefs What do you like about this character? I really like the Idea of a Dionae, Working to the best of it's ability help the station and Bond with it's Crew members, No strings attached. How would you rate your role-playing ability:? Medium. Not Great, but could be far worse
  12. How about? IO Shell Engineers were A Series Commissioned by Nanotransen to be made By Zeng-Hu Pharmaceuticals in 2455 CE. Both Companies would be Able to Use these units However they Were Mainly Made for Nanotransen installations, Zeng-Hu being Happy with their Bishop Accessory Models . However The Credits and Allure of Zeng-Hu Personnel finding Some Secrets within The Nanotransen Robotics Team, The IO Series were Set to be Built in Mendell City leading To IO units Typically using Biesellite Accents. Unless One of the Units Thought it would be "Better" To Speak With Another Accent. Trace Only Knows to be Owned, Being the Creation of Two Cutthroat Megacorporations, and Spending Most of their time On Nanotransen Stations has Dulled their Idea of being Self-Owned as They're so Used to Faking and changing Emotions, Trace may Find it impossible to even Comprehend their own Feelings Towards Being Self-Owned as They're used to being on "Both-Sides" of the Debate. However they tend to lean towards staying owned. Earlier in testing, When Trace was Only Exposed to Very Few Individuals who Were strictly told to Avoid Discussing this to See how the IPC's Would "Organically Approach the Subject" Trace claimed to view Self-Ownership as "Impractical" citing Areas such as District 14 and the Discrimination found wherein as Reasons Against Self-Ownership claiming it "Increases Conflict and reduces Productivity. " Glad you like it!
  13. BYOND Key: Hawkington Character Names: H.E.L.I.X, M.E.X, Jason Murawaska, Nathan Decker, Connor O'Donnell Species you are applying to play: IPC - Shell Model Have you read our lore section's page on this species?: Numerous Times Before and During Writing this Application Why do you wish to play this specific race: Artificial Intelligence has always been my favourite part of Sci-Fi, I Love Playing as Synthetics on Multiple Servers and I Particularly enjoy the specific way they are portrayed in Aurora (e.g. Being Owned or The difference in Model Types), some of my Best roleplaying experiences, have happened while Playing as an IPC, Bound Synthetic or Malfunctioning AI, The Question of their Rights and their place within Society has always lead to interesting Conversations, and I believe The Human-like shell Models will particularly Stimulate this area of RP. Identify what makes role-playing this species different than role-playing a Human: IPCs Are Machines, an artificial creation of a team of engineers and designers, attempting to simulate organic life. Inevitably, they will overlook details or fail to account for errors, creating something either too perfect or within the uncanny valley of design. which can lead to them acting completely Alien to Organics as they Cannot even empathise with the Feelings of Sadness or Joy, making every decision absolutely based off of cause and effect, their expressions are simply mimicry designed to make the client and fellow human workers more comfortable with their mechanical peers, this can lead to Marginalisation compared to Other Species, Which Can be seen in the way People are Charged For Damaging an Owned IPC, Instead of Assault, it is Considered Vandalism, Completely Destroying the IPC is Actually Sabotage. Their inability to feel pain instead relying on a Self-Preservation Directive, which can manifest Differently Depending on the IPC and can even lead to them switching jobs from their Designated purpose. However mostly they are set on thinking in predictable, materialistic ways, further Separating them from Organic Species. Mechanically, IPCs have to use a Cooling unit rather than an Oxygen tank, and Charge instead of eat or sleep, they are vulnerable to Ion/Laser weaponry + EMPs, and repair via Nanopaste/ Welder + Wire Character Name: Trace (IO-13) Please provide a short backstory for this character: Trace was the 13th "IO Shell Engineer" Model Created by Nanotransen in 2455, designed for seamless interaction and Reduce the risk of harm to the Organic members of the Engineering Teams present On Nanotransen Stations. To Further this each IO Unit is equipped with a Series of 3 Protocols, Preserve, Prevent and Personalize, The First Two protocols. Mean the IO unit Must Preserve itself. Prevent damage to any Nanotransen Property/Personnel, While the Third Protocol Ensures that the IO Unit will attempt to Fully Integrate itself with the Crew of the ship where Possible remembering details such as Favourite Drinks each IO Is also Equipped with a Number of "Selected Quirks" Allowing them to pass as More human, For Example, Shuffling a Deck of Cards Or Flipping a Coin When Idle. However, While well Attuned to Humans, IO Unit knowledge of other Species Leaves something to be Desired, Knowing only basic Amounts on Skrell, Unathi and the Tajaran, And Next to Nothing on Vaucra or Dionae IO-13 or "Trace"(A Nickname Given by the Roboticists who built it given it's tendencies to "Trace" the Personalities around it) has been programmed with the Quirks- "Love of Piano Music", "Coin Tricks" and "EVA Travel"(Trace does not truly "Love" these things they are simply to Help Uphold Protocol 3). At First It tends to Monitor the Crew it is Working with, And will adjust it's Personality accordingly even attempting to make jokes in some cases or Accompany employees to the Bar/Canteen, however this had lead to certain employees stating that Trace Feels "Off" Presumably as Trace attempts to Find a "Middle-Ground" Personality Built around all the Members Of the Engineering Crew and therefore may Follow around Certain Members of the Team if it thinks that it "Hasn't Fully Understood their Personality yet" often without saying anything unless prompted it should be noted that if a Member/Members of the Crew have a distaste for IPCs, Trace will Actively attempt to Limit contact with them to "Reduce Feelings of Conflict" What do you like about this character?: Trace Allows me to Live on the Uncanny Valley which I think will lead to many interesting RP Moments. How would you rate your role-playing ability?: 7/10 Fairly Average, I've been Playing on HRP Servers for a while now Notes:
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