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  1. @Desven Thank you so much for such an extended feedback, which I'll have to process and realize for a week at least! Be sure that the shift I shared with you as Chernikovskiy, my application and especially your review of all this just influenced and will influence my future decisions and the change in basic concept of my characters. My own thinks and some staff tips given pushed me to create few more characters, and not just loop on one of them. I didn't give up on Chernikovsky, but just temporarily stopped with him while developing several concepts for additional characters. Th
  2. Thank you for the feedback, I was told literally the same yesterday so I had to rethink the most of Moroz character😁 While I do actually try to get commanding initiative in most situations officers are involved, I'd however not say I do frequently argue with commanders above me. I do still understand Moroz is an officer, so he must subordinate heads, as he do. Regarding the situation of me telling HoS "going too far" as beating laying down guy, that is a part of Moroz soul «don't beat the laying», tho guess it can be considered as very much «arguing to head». I will keep it in mind!
  3. Hello, reader. Hopefully, you've got on this thread just after the shift and some RP with me, so you could've leave some feedback. I'm looking forward on posting a command whitelist application, but beforehand I'd just like to gather some comments regarding my character and advices, so please take this thread as it would be my actual HoS application! đŸ€— post.scriptum: I do appreciate all feedback, either would it be positive or negative, but what do I appreciate more is advices and tips. If I've done something wrong - I'd really like to know your position and your thinks about w
  4. A very pleasant and understanding character, with whom I got very pleasant to talk and carry out the shift. The head of personnel that everyone needs! +1
  5. So the one more excuse. Yes, the round was less than good, but there were reasons for this - delayed reaction. I became Interim HoS too late, once when the mercenaries landed and set part of the crew to their side. I honestly tried to convince them that it would end with blood and murder, that they would lose their jobs and would not be able to return to work in the same status. I also has been consulting with the acting captain all the time, but this is my application - so I will answer only for myself, and won't be justifying by the actions of other heads.
  6. Thank you for the feedback, after all, I have to gather all the comments, not just good ones. If you want any of justification mean, I'd say the shift was very specific and not that easily contolable. A crowd rushing for power - is a crowd rushing for power. I won't refute some of my own actions that might be taken too long and perhaps some incompetence in ~some~ matters, but I'd just say it been too late to take situation under control of what you're talking!
  7. I have not comletely think through the theory of switching from Zavodskoi to NanoTrasen, as I considered it... Not necessary enough, but in general I agree that it would look very weird, so I suppose, either I should agree and not promote Aleksander in place of the head and create a new - more reasonably suitable character. Or to justify Aleksander with another legalized reason of not seeing any further prospects as an employee of Zavodskoi and joining NanoTrasen. I'll leave that to the decision of staff.
  8. BYOND key: Tacaemarr Character names: Aleksander Chernikovskiy How long have you been playing on Aurora?: Since 2018 January (2018-01-30) Why do you wish to be on the whitelist?: What could be more delightful than commanding and then taking responsibility? Only commanding and taking responsibility in Space Station 13, where the commander's decision can mean whether the station will be blown up or the nukops will leave in peace! As a whitelisted commander I'm given an actual opportunity to influence rounds, and hopefully making it fun and remembering for others, who got th
  9. BYOND Key: Tacaemarr Total Ban Length: Permanent since 23rd May of 2019. Banning staff member's Key: Flimango Reason of Ban: Lack of roleplay as an Syndicate traitor. Sabotaged checkpoint and captured the shuttle without any previous preparations, neither hostages nor warnings to the crew. Reason for Appeal: A trivial and cliche phrase - I understood my mistake and got enough of punishment. Playing security made me understand how important it is to be a good antagonist and roleplaying with crew, not robust rush nor play for objectives. I want to return for antagonist roles
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