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    following rules like the robot iam, attmet to learn how to hrp, play as small criminal while following the rule guidelines.
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  1. Well, there are only so many things that goes on in antag rounds... Wizard does his 3 tricks that are safe, Ressurect, plant trees and turn people into animals (erp), loop infinite. Heavely armed antag groups does their usuall robbery, usually a gimmik like robbing kitchen of all its supplies... running around til they get caught and it becomes a taco standoff or they are free to roam because security doesnt seem to be equipped most of the time to deal with them, and when there are head of staffs and enough people, they still do not try to stop them. So ERT's are the only thing
  2. What color do you plan on making your first alien character: Darker Blue Why do you wish to play this specific race: want to try and be them. Identify what makes role-playing this species different than role-playing a Human: They tend to just be ancient beings that hold grudges for a long time, which I think is fun, and psychic abilities. Other than that, nifty read
  3. Really good hop, he called people to do appropriate jobs, made sure everything was done correctly and by the book, not even a lrp player like me could mess it up.
  4. One of the best wardens iv seen during one of the worst rounds imaginable, hah
  5. After i stopped getting hurt in hackin related accidents for months, i havent seen much of medical anymore but i can only imagine your doing a good job, I miss Jose tho
  6. ah, thanks for the suggestion, but i love yellow tools, hah
  7. Yea, i guess it wont be permitted then, its fine, i dont really have any completely custom ideas, i prefer to work with what allready exist, im sorta a vanillaist. I read the other guys, with the dices, and thats sorta like the small item i had in mind, the multitool is sorta just something i try to allways carry.
  8. Well, Multitools are sorta common, sorta core aspect of my intent with the character, the coin is just trinkets that i like to carry so im trying to make it more of a signature, i flip them how most people flip lighters. Let me edit it a bit.
  9. Byond key: Eple Discord key: Cryptonym#4710 Character Name: Gina Valentine Item name: Multitool (With Initials) or Iron Coin (With Initials) Item function(s): Standard Functions Item description: It's just, regular, Multitool and\or Iron Coin; EXEPT has my Initials marked inn the items so easely identifyable as Gina's, in case i drop em off. Why is your character bringing this item to work?: Because she sometimes, occationally, depending on situation hack stuff, shes also a collector of those damn coins found everywhere. How did your character obtain this ite
  10. Somehow, i remember sombody named nikita that worked in bar alot couple of months back, i think im confuseing the characters.
  11. Have meet and communicated with alot, tho i usually play characters that doesnt care too much about dionas and spiders. other than that i wish you luck on your application
  12. One of the best doctors iv seen on the station, definitively a good RP'er
  13. Hmm, don't think i remember these characters, i usually do hang around the office. :X
  14. as a professional id cutterer, i agree, some places are super protected by turrets, like vault and the coms wich i dont understand why is one of the most protected place, same with AI, wich limits AI messing with unless one really knows how to get that far, meanwhile on most stations like donut, one has to get past command and a very trafic heavy center point to get to ai and command, that also has some protection around it, same with ai without going overboard, and the turrets can be defeated.
  15. a skirt option like on other stations would be nice, could even be a add\accessory. or even maybe the security could feature a jacket so one could wear anything under
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