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    following rules like the robot iam, attmet to learn how to hrp, play as small criminal while following the rule guidelines.
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  1. Couldnt find or see any application regarding this position, iv worked in this position many times as Gina Valentine as Assistant and sometimes even been assigned by hop with the limited access to the one door button in the office. Wasnt any forms that seemed to fit it but here goes something. ---- BYOND Key: Eple Character Names: Gina Valentine, Rin Kawakaze, Primm Kameoka, Ayla Leonberger, Fahna Lu, Arca9D Job you are applying to play: Diplomatic Reception Application What color do you plan on making your first alien character: Probebly regular skincolor Have you
  2. Reporting Personnel: Ayla Leonberger Job Title of Reporting Personnel: Cargo Tech Game ID: b0A-bLPg Personnel Involved: - Burt Muldoon, Chef: Witness (Also signed my report ingame) - Choir Of A Dying Star, Bartender: Possible Witness - Cygnus Rey, Chief Engineer: Offender Time of Incident: No specific time can be provided. Real Time: 2:00 PM, 13/12/2020 Location of Incident: Holo and cargo Nature of Incident: [ ] - Workplace Hazard [ ] - Accident/Injury [ X ] - Destruction of Property [ X ] - Neglect of Duty [ X ] - Harassment [ ] - Assault [ X ] - M
  3. As for the powergameing standpoint, that is still bit unclear to me as the term is broader than daylight as it doesnt seem to adress the booze i intended to smuggle as that was more towards just figureing out the id wire, so then i guess the last post kind of covers that with that authorization from ce is probebly something everyone should at least require, if ce isnt just telling it from blueprints, i mean i like rp'ing with the different ce's But just to be safe, ill quit criminal activity, seeing that its not possible anyway, hah
  4. hmm seems like different admins have different opinions and this leads to confusion, its the reson why i included Gina as a example. ---- Hopefully i got this right: Maint can be considered completely off limits for anyone not a <engineer with a reson to go there, fix hullbreach ect> (exeption: radiation storm, or against ones own will (antag at gunpoint ect) Does that sum up that part correctly. Hacking doors is just the means to get there, so in my case it would be a non factor in the above statement as if maint is unaccessable, learning to hack doors kind of b
  5. Oh sorry, should i make a new post or will this be enough. BYOND Key: Eple Staff BYOND Key: Game ID: Reason for complaint: Banned unjustly Evidence/logs/etc: No reson to check for ID wires as cargo tech. Additional remarks: Character has background in engineering, character is a small time criminal
  6. goodamnit, i wrote the end like it sounds like iv setup the sm alone by myself, this is why its so problematic as i have to correct myself, iv had multiple CE's teach the character spesific .. err now im gona second doupt myself and have to read over it...
  7. Banned by host: Reason: You or another you of this computer or connection (eple) is banned from playing here. The ban reson is: Cross department knowledge/powergaming, no reson to check for ID wires as cargo tech. ---- As far as iv been told or as far as i remember (iv had alot of talks), ShesTrying ones caught me setting up engine (sm) as apprentice engineer, where i didnt have engine skillset, and i was told to not do it or adjust my skills accordingly, wich i promptly did. (i do see other aprentices do it, especially rounds that are as skeleton crew as that round). Also same
  8. Well, there are only so many things that goes on in antag rounds... Wizard does his 3 tricks that are safe, Ressurect, plant trees and turn people into animals (erp), loop infinite. Heavely armed antag groups does their usuall robbery, usually a gimmik like robbing kitchen of all its supplies... running around til they get caught and it becomes a taco standoff or they are free to roam because security doesnt seem to be equipped most of the time to deal with them, and when there are head of staffs and enough people, they still do not try to stop them. So ERT's are the only thing
  9. What color do you plan on making your first alien character: Darker Blue Why do you wish to play this specific race: want to try and be them. Identify what makes role-playing this species different than role-playing a Human: They tend to just be ancient beings that hold grudges for a long time, which I think is fun, and psychic abilities. Other than that, nifty read
  10. Really good hop, he called people to do appropriate jobs, made sure everything was done correctly and by the book, not even a lrp player like me could mess it up.
  11. One of the best wardens iv seen during one of the worst rounds imaginable, hah
  12. After i stopped getting hurt in hackin related accidents for months, i havent seen much of medical anymore but i can only imagine your doing a good job, I miss Jose tho
  13. ah, thanks for the suggestion, but i love yellow tools, hah
  14. Yea, i guess it wont be permitted then, its fine, i dont really have any completely custom ideas, i prefer to work with what allready exist, im sorta a vanillaist. I read the other guys, with the dices, and thats sorta like the small item i had in mind, the multitool is sorta just something i try to allways carry.
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