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  1. I think passion is a 'danger word' used by people who get angry easily to excuse flying off the handle at short notice. I've used it in that capacity myself in the past. You go out of your way to highlight your passion/temper in your app, which is a good thing insofar as at least you're not either ignorant of it or trying to hide it. However, I have personal experience of your 'passion' being levelled at me both in the form of passive-aggressive OOC sniping in-game, and then again in the Relay discord to the point where you wound up being struck for it by Matt. I know you're conflict averse, to boot, and while I respect your right to dip out of bad or stressful rounds at a moment's notice when it comes to gameplay, I don't think it reflects well on your capacity to handle the same sorts of scenarios in an administrative capacity. I would personally feel immensely uncomfortable at the idea of you handling any ticket I might be involved in. I don't feel comfortable interacting with you outside of a wholly IC capacity as it is, which I think you know already. I'm not sure if I'm the only one who feels like this and I'm not presuming to speak for anyone else here, but I wouldn't describe you as approachable or amicable when your viewpoints are challenged -- more so quick to lose your temper and slow to move past it, and I would question your ability to look past your temper in the heat of the moment when handling a flurry of tickets. The one part of moderation duties I think you'd do well in is when handling newer players, because I think you're at the very least a capable mentor when it comes to new players. If Aurora had a mentor position, I'd say you were a shoe-in -- but to me, the positives I believe you'd show in that capacity don't outweigh your fiery and at times venomous attitude I see from you.
  2. BYOND Key: Omicega Discord Username: Omi#7267 Character Name: Suraya Al-Zahrani Item Names: velvet dice bag / blue adhomian die / green adhomian die Item Function(s): The velvet dice bag is a reskinned Adhomian dice bag, nothing fancy about it in terms of function. The blue and green Adhomian dice have a weighting to them, which can be toggled on and off. Unweighted, they're all fair dice; when weighted, the blue dice roll 1s a full 30% of the time, and the green dice roll 6s 30% of the time. Weighting or unweighting the dice shows a suspicious little emote in chat. Item Description: velvet dice bag : "A deep purple dice bag fashioned from Adhomian velvet, with two little drawstrings to tighten the neck closed." blue adhomian die: "A blue-and-gold wooden die with six sides, beautifully carved and delicately painted. The single dot on the number one side is, on closer inspection, a miniature image of the god Rredouane." green adhomian die: "A green-and-silver wooden die with six sides, beautifully carved and delicately painted. The single dot on the number one side is, on closer inspection, a miniature image of the god Rredouane." Why is your character bringing this item to work?: Suraya is a bit of a sleazy fast-talker -- she's always quick to haggle, she worked in a casino before coming to the Aurora, and gambling (primarily online, on the extranet) is one of her biggest hobbies. It's not uncommon for the crew to bring recreational items on board as it is, especially when it comes to Tajara and dice bags. How did your character obtain this item?: She brought them with her from Crevus when she came to Tau Ceti. It was gifted to her by a clever friend/associate who worked alongside her in the Minharrzka's Heart casino. What value does this item have to your character, and what story does it tell?: This is sort of re-treading ground here, but the dice and their associated bag are a memento of Suraya's time in Crevus, her home city. The corporate atmosphere of Tau Ceti is at times a world away from the omnipresent vice and decadence of Crevus itself, and having a set of tricky dice like these lets Suraya show off a bit of her background without simply narrating her backstory to anyone stuck listening. Their origin shines a bit of light on her own past association with the J'Shar crime family, and having loaded dice at all is a pretty pointed indicator that Suraya herself is a little bit disreputable and mischievous. Sprites: Additional Comments: Thanks to @MattAtlas for discussing the concept with me in detail and giving me some minor pointers on the code! The bag sprite is something I bashed together by myself; the dice sprites are edited versions of the basic d6 sprite that already exists. All the code for the functionality mentioned above is tested and working, as near as I can tell. suraya_dice.dmi
  3. See title. According to the current wiki chart, surgeons can't repair or basically in any way interact with a patient's prosthetic organs. It is so immensely stupid to have to headhunt a roboticist to smear nanopaste on these things -- robotics doesn't even have an official surgery theatre for operating on organic patients, either, since their only sterile room is specifically labelled as a cyborgification bay. You cannot tell me with a straight face that qualified surgeons in the twenty-fifth century aren't in any way trained in handling mechanical organs installed into organic personnel; not in an era where this kind of augmentation is commonplace. If anything, it's robotics that has way too wide of a scope compared to any mechanical job, now, since apparently every roboticist can (and should?) have a skillset ranging from constructing full-on exosuits, working with integrated circuitry, and then sticking their hands inside someone's chest cavity to work with mechanical organs. I really don't think it's out of the scope of acceptability to allow surgeons to work with mechanical lungs, hearts etc. in addition to what they currently do.
  4. I'm pretty impressed with Mahara now that I've had more of a chance to interact with her. I'd like to get the chance to see you in a busier round, but in all honesty I don't play much medical, so it's not surprising that I haven't been able to. What I have seen, though, is a cool character who exerts her authority in a realistic and overall positive manner, and I've enjoyed my rounds with her. You already had my support, but bumping into your character more directly only helps solidify it. I'd like to see her as a CMO going into the long term!
  5. Hello, I played security in the round in question and I am visible in the clips above. I'm going to keep my contribution somewhat brief, since I largely agree with the summings-up given above. That said, I disagree fundamentally on a number of issues here: You can see in the clip that Cybs is being lit up by two weapons simultaneously right from the beginning. I don't really buy that this was an aim intent issue, since only one person admitted to an aim intent oopsie here, so at least one other person was full sending it from the moment they sprinted on-screen. The rifle drop thing is so obviously painshock that I cannot believe anyone with any experience in security (which Peppermint has in spades) would believe it was an intentional attempt at surrender, false or otherwise. Personally, I'd expect to see someone go prone or type something more so than just dropping their weapon. On almost the same frame as Cybs picks up the weapon again after being forced to drop it, he's being drilled with bullets and lasers again. It's either some pretty quick target-switching, or they were advancing towards him with intent to keep shooting someone on the ground anyway, once they made sure the rest of us were out of the picture. Executing downed combatants is something I don't think I've ever seen going unpunished outside of extremely niche scenarios on Aurora, and while I didn't see the execution in question I'm pretty confused as to why this case is any different, considering it very much seems to have happened. On top of that, I just have a couple more things to say even in the brief time this complaint has been up. I find Peppermint's defensive and at times passive-aggressive attitude when putting her points forward here pretty uncalled for, even as someone only peripherally involved in this whole thing. I also find a lot of the justification for this to be skirting the main issue at hand of an execution right then and there at the scene. I don't think anyone was asking for a retelling of events here -- if you think it was justified, that's all you had to say, and in a far more neutral tone than you're putting your points across so far. It's like you're trying to provoke people into disagreeing with you, and I personally think the way in which you're defending your POV in this complaint should be taken into account. As far as I'm concerned, I'm amazed this made it past ahelps during the round itself, because to me it seems pretty open and shut when you have antags deleting security and putting them straight into dchat when the other 99% of the time, medical is at least allowed to get a word in edgeways. If these kinds of executions are in fact allowed on security or the antag's part, then I'll certainly be keeping that in mind going forwards with my own gameplay. The rest of this round seemed from my POV to be your typical standard merc round bullshit, complete with aim intent bugging everything out into a firefight way quicker than anticipated, but since the only issue that's really being debated here is whether or not a merc was justified in executing a security officer, then all I can say is that I don't see how it's up for debate at all. I myself have been bwoinked and had to open a staff complaint for a far less egregious issue -- this is even worse than the thing I was initially punished for, but somehow when staff are involved on both sides instead of just one it has to go to the forums for further review.
  6. I meant to check in a couple days earlier about this, but kept having it slip my mind. Following Kaizr's reply here and a brief exchange on Discord I'm satisfied that a large part of my concerns, at least, was just down to miscommunication and misunderstanding rather than anything I'd actually want to stick against them. With those aside I don't see any reason why they shouldn't get their hands on a trial. +1 and good luck!
  7. YD's commitment to a high level of roleplay is instantly recognisable when you bump into his characters in game. Even though I only saw him around towards the tail end of his lifespan on the Aurora, Locke remains one of my favourite IPC characters I've ever run into. I don't think he'll have any issues translating that to command level positions. It's an easy +1 from me, for what it's worth. He's being cynical about it, but it is a stupid question that more often than not gets meaningless answers. Everyone else treats it as a speedbump, and frankly put at least his answer is more interesting than most others. Take a quick glance through old species apps or whitelist apps and tell me how many people actually put any thought into the question and don't essentially dress up saying "about seven or eight out of ten" because they're too timid to self-criticise too harshly but also too afraid of putting a big number on their score and looking arrogant. Let's not pretend like this question is the lynchpin of anyone else's app, and it feels wrong to tear into someone for providing an alternative -- if cynical and harsh -- answer to it, when everyone else just drops a glorified "8/10 I think" and moves on.
  8. I tried rewording bits of the app, cutting bits out, editing the tail end of the questionnaire into the post and nothing worked, so I'm just defaulting to the Pastebin. Sorry for the inconvenience, but the forum literally will not let me post the app without butchering it and I can't even tell which parts it's rejecting.
  9. BYOND Key: Omicega Character Names: Alicia Parker -- Security Guard IRU-Joyeuse -- Investigator Yingmei -- Bartender There are more, but these are probably my three best known (right now, anyway). Species you are applying to play: Tajara What color do you plan on making your first alien character: A silvery-white M'sai. Have you read our lore section's page on this species? I have read most of them. There is a lot of relevant lore, so I'm not gonna say I've read all of them. Please provide well articulated answers to the following questions in a paragraph format. One paragraph minimum per question. The forums keep giving me the stupid error 500 post filter thing that's all over the Aurora Discord as a complaint people are having. I'm going to just try dropping a Pastebin here containing the rest of the app and see if that works because after wrestling with it and deleting bits of the message for like an hour now I'm sick of this: https://pastebin.com/wDzSwGDf
  10. I'm just going to preface this by saying that I've had good interactions with at least one of Kaizr's characters -- Adriana -- but that I'm concerned how some of their recent gameplay habits might factor into a command position. I have two major complaints to level here, although unfortunately I didn't have the forethought to actually document the more egregious one. Your IPC paramedic backchats and snipes at security in the middle of ongoing tense IC events, which honestly struck me as a little odd. I was informed it didn't actually break any rules, but it still raises a question for me whether that's an accurate depiction of the paramedic character you want to play or whether it's OOC thoughts on the scenario shining through. I'll leave my deeper thoughts on the character to one side and focus mainly on that issue, because it left a negative impression as a whole that only compounds my general view. The second issue is the one I wish I'd documented more. I'm not gonna break it down into excruciating detail, but I know that on a burglar round yesterday where you were effectively cornered by security you dipped into LOOC to explain that you didn't have much time left/had to go soon (I forget the exact wording) in the middle of being told to surrender/disarm et cetera, then used the break in IC interaction to abruptly jaunt through into an adjacent room and start going gamer mode with every bit of weaponry you had. I know for a fact you stuck around until the end of the round, too, because you never dropped off the Who list and you called the crew transfer complete with some OOC chatter as the shuttle docked, so the question that was always in the back of my mind is why exactly we had the LOOC break at all, and whether it was for any purpose other than to momentarily hit a pause button so you could take up the round again on your own terms to collect frags. I hope you can understand why I have some concerns here about how the approach to gameplay you're conveying to me in recent rounds might not translate to command play that's enjoyable for other people one way or another, considering that by and large I view those roles as being responsible for the enjoyment of the station/playerbase as a whole, not just the individual's own experience.
  11. I made the ahelp that spawned this complaint. I'm going to keep my contribution here brief, blunt, and to the point. I am aware that the player of the cyborg in question has at least one OOC friend in security who plays investigations. I hadn't really been playing much at all for a solid month prior to coming back to Aurora again maybe two weeks ago, but even so it was pretty clear to me that this relationship was in place, from observations I made both in-game and elsewhere. I understand that FROST had probably become accustomed to helping their security pals out without specifically being asked to do so, as well as extending this behaviour elsewhere across the station. Frankly put, I neither wanted nor asked for any help in investigations in the round in question. When I actually manage to win a hotly-contested job roll (seriously, try it) I'd like to actually be able to perform the job in question without feeling shut out by an established player with a lot of time on their hands rolling the same job constantly round-the-clock, this time accompanied their cyborg friend 'just trying to help' and with both of them looking over my shoulder the whole time, hovering in place while I try to figure out the ins and outs of a job that's new to me. It's a behaviour pattern I noticed before, hence why I mentioned it in the ahelp, but that I never really had grounds to address until it affected me directly. I appreciate that other people in this friend are happy to have help offered to them by this cyborg in particular. Unfortunately, any attempt to help me out specifically came across very much as almost cliquey job monopolisation, and I wasn't really in the mood to gently clarify this given the insistence with which every other party involved approached it. I hope this provides some context to the decision-making behind the ahelp in the first place. If I could have expanded the ahelp to cover the broader issue, I would, but I suspect a large portion of my complaints are just player-based without specifically venturing into areas that infringe rules. Having a research cyborg flit around everywhere I went because it was laser-focused on a security issue, though, pushed my buttons enough that I threw it up to staff for them to figure out.
  12. I'm going to jump on the train while it's still in the station and also add that my thoughts from Boggle's application for synth maintainer apply broadly here as well. He easily has my support.
  13. All the questions I'd have wanted to ask have more than been covered already, but I wanted to echo what people have said already about your answers. I'm a fan of essentially every answer you've given, both regarding where you'd like to take IPCs and especially on your views regarding more Alien-series-esque 'biosynthetics'. I don't think your lack of experience should be held against you either, personally -- you've already mentioned you're more than willing to (correctly, IMO) defer to your more experienced deputies where appropriate, which I think is definitely the right move here. I particularly like how you're focusing not just on the more nebulous lore side of things, but also how you can make mechanical improvements to the in-game IPC experience, as well as how any new or improved-upon lore concepts will translate to the in-game side of things as well.
  14. I meant to get around to replying to this a while ago, but it's taken the 'last chance to give feedback!' post to push me into action. I wasn't really sure how I'd go about putting it all into words, either, and some of it has been said already, but better to speak now than forever keep quiet, right? Interacting with you in any capacity whatsoever has steadily become more and more unpleasant over the past months since I first joined Aurora. I'm not going to speculate as to the hows and whys, but to me it speaks volumes that you can't even keep a lid on the more abrasive aspects of your personality long enough to coast through your application thread cleanly. Your replies to Nienna are more than a little brusque and dismissive, which mirrors my recent experiences regarding your overall attitude both in-game and out of it. Frankly, for me this overrides basically anything else I'd be worried about or interested in regarding your application -- you could have Nobel-prize winning ideas and themes up your sleeve and I still wouldn't be interested if you can't put them across even halfway neutrally. I have no doubt that you're passionate about IPC development, and I have no doubts about your ability to write and develop IPC lore in a coherent manner of sufficient quality from this point onwards if you get the position. I would, however, prefer not to work with you compared to the other two applicants currently outstanding. Like I said regarding myself in my own lore app, 'passionate' gets used as a buzzword for people to cloak almost aggressive behaviour behind at times, so I'm going to take that adjective with a grain of salt.
  15. I'm not a fan of this at all, having seen both the previews and how it looks in the actual game itself on Baystation. Thin characters look especially weird, but even the height variations end up making characters look weirdly stretched or squished.
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