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  1. BYOND Key:TheAbsoluteMadMan Total Ban Length:Perm Banning staff member's Key:Aboshehab Reason of Ban:If you cannot play a round, do not ready up and immediately enter storage. You effectively took the slot from other people that wanted it. Reason for Appeal:Talked with Aboshehab in private regarding the situation. Basically had connection issues, went to cyro at round start due to high ping/ unplayablity.
  2. BYOND Key: TheAbsoluteMadMan Staff BYOND Key: Yonnimer/HouseofSynth Game ID: b23-cyle Reason for complaint: A permaban on antagonist is unjustified for this situation. I was under orders from my master intelligence to terminate the two individuals I did, First being, the captain, and than Adrien Major after they got caught with me in an elevator after I had been EMPed and was trying to escape. He ended up dying from an explosion of unknown origin (Maybe from when security officers EMPed me) Evidence/logs/etc: I'll just post the conversation I had with HouseOfSynth to give you an idea. [18:39:52] houseofsynth -> theabsolutemadman: Yo my dude, got a sec? [18:39:57] theabsolutemadman -> houseofsynth: Whats up? [18:40:13] houseofsynth -> theabsolutemadman: Mind running me through what happened between you and Adrien Major? [18:40:39] theabsolutemadman -> houseofsynth: I was ordered to go up the elevator and terminate hostiles, so I went up, attempted to grab Thea, Major ended up in the elevator with me, and I proceeded to basically thrash him. Ended up exploding somehow. [18:41:54] houseofsynth -> theabsolutemadman: Right, only thing is you didn't really RP with Major at all before killing them. [18:42:36] theabsolutemadman -> houseofsynth: There was a wizard with EMPs, I was planning to drag either one of them down, and than talk a bit before they got their death on, but than I got EMPed, and I was pressed for time before I lost all power and was vulnerable to scrapping. [18:44:01] houseofsynth -> theabsolutemadman: I get that you were under pressure. Buuut you did still gank the dude [18:45:13] theabsolutemadman -> houseofsynth: I'll be honest with you here bud, I don't know why the AI was having me just murder people, nothing about our laws really state we needed to do so, but yeah, I went up the elevator, I wanted to kidnap Thea, ended up with Major and we were dueling it out, he had a flash, and than I got EMPed, I was on like, two percent charge when we got downstairs, so I just acted really fast to try and save my skin. Like I said, I wanted to talk with him, give him the rundown, but I was really pressed for time. [18:55:30] theabsolutemadman -> houseofsynth: Hey just checkin' u[p [18:56:02] houseofsynth -> theabsolutemadman: Sorry, I won't be a moment. Just checking something with the other staff [18:58:16] houseofsynth -> theabsolutemadman: As far as I can tell, the AI's fine to go with that gimmick. I told 'em earlier to make sure they escalate and such and I've heard no reports that they haven't. My only issue is that you kinda just attacked major without any prior interaction. I understand you were pressured for time and that these kind of situations can be overwhelming. But you still broke the rules on escalation and roleplaying with your victims. I've noticed you were also unbanned from a perma-antag ban for failing to escalate and follow the rules regarding antagonists. Due to this, I'm going to be re-applying a perma antag ban. If you disagree with my decision feel free to file a staff complaint on the forums. [18:58:55] theabsolutemadman -> houseofsynth: Buddy, thats pretty harsh, and I think it takes the piss out on the situation. [18:59:48] theabsolutemadman -> houseofsynth: And its like I said, I wasn't trying to outright fight him, I wanted to drag Thea, not him, he just got in the way, and we got trapped together in an elevator in a death royale. Its not what I wanted at all. [19:00:41] theabsolutemadman -> houseofsynth: And I didn't even kill him, there was some random explosion that sent him off. I had nothing to do with it (Unless an EMP just outright blew me to hell) [19:00:48] houseofsynth -> theabsolutemadman: As I said, if you disagree, feel free to open a staff complaint. I double checked my reasoning for reapplying the ban with Yonnimer and he also agrees. You're still supposed to follow the rules in these situations [19:01:02] theabsolutemadman -> houseofsynth: Staff complaint it is. [19:02:10] houseofsynth -> theabsolutemadman: Alright, that's all from me. Have a nice day. Additional remarks: Despite our law 0. only stating "Only Observer is crew." The AI fealt the need to have me, Nanny-Bot, go around and terminate crew. I highly recommend a dig through the logs.
  3. Joseph Lock is a good person to play with, heres to seeing them do good in command positions +1
  4. "1. Your notes, which you have already had the chance to look over and understand." Very few of my notes partain to poor roleplay as an antagonist, so I cannot see such a leap being justified. "2. Your gameplay as an antag earlier in the day. Two changeling rounds, in which you failed to RP with crew while extracting DNA. It was to the point that you were extracting from SSD crew and people just coming out of cyrotubes in medical. Literally. The first instance Drago, the mod had stated they talked to you. And then I had spoke to you on the next instance. " Most of the individuals I extracted DNA from where engaged with discussion, and roleplay, apologies for extracting DNA from individuals in medical, that is shit of me. "3. The collective opinions of at least four other currently active staff on the server at the time. I do not issue permabans lightly. They're a means to an end most of the time. I try to avoid doing so unless I have a very good reason to do so." As stated previously, few notes state anything on poor antagonist roleplay. "4. The actions taken in the round. There we are least two to three ahelps concerning your RP and drive of story. After investigating the round and doing some digging, the ahelps were valid." Every individual I converted was engaged in IC discussion, and lured to the conversion spot to engage in the conversion, which interaction during the conversion process it's self. I asked Skull for his opinion, and he stated he could not see it being ban worthy, however, to be complete, he did state as he did not have the complete picture, his opinion was murky at best (Paraphrasing.) So I'll leave this here, and see what other individuals would like to chip in.
  5. BYOND Key: TheAbsoluteMadMan Total Ban Length: Antag-Ban Banning staff member's Key: Shadow7889 Reason of Ban: Failure to adhere to the rules of antags in general. I.E. Driving a story/Obeying proper escalation rules considering antags. Reason for Appeal: To give you a rundown on the events of the round, I was a cultist, in security. I started off by starting a conversion rune in the construction level, in the aft room. I first lured a security officer, using IC discussion, and converted him, rinse and repeat, a few conversions later, we lured a medical intern to the conversion chamber, stating we required their input on an odd case we were working on, we lured them up there, and proceeded to attempt to convert her, despite all multiple tries, and informing the intern to simply give in, they refused, which resulted in their death, and soul-sharding into a construct. This is when I got bwoinked regarding a "lack of roleplay." To continue on, we ended up with three individuals in the construction level, surrounded by cult, after playing ignorant, myself, and the many cultists with me than stunned the three individuals with us, which we successfully converted two, the other dying to an injury from a non-cultist in their axe-swinging(I think the conversion rune didn't help either.) anyways, fast forward, we ended up assaulting the medical bay, and taking the CMO into our custody. Another cultists took them off, and I presume they were killed. Anyways, to summarize, I do not have a clear, exact reason to dispute as to why I was antag banned, so I will leave this here, and allow the banning moderator to post their evidence, so I may counterpoint and reply as needed. Thanks.
  6. I was Nanny-Bot that round, I was with Eric Bayer in robotics, fighting the ninja, ended up getting scrapped to hell when Eric Bayer and I, along with the ninja, went ka-boom. After that, the ERT ended up killing a few security officers, and it was up to me, and FREN, as the remaining security to handle them at the bridge. The captain was willing to make amends, and settle the situation, as soon as the captain moved to get away from the situation, they were aimed apoun by the TCFL. I protected the captain with my body, and took aim at the TCFL with my tazer. This resulted in a gun fight, in which I managed to kill one, while the other escaped into maintenance, where I was scrapped again. Just putting the situation here for anyone to read.
  7. Really enjoyed working with their character in the command department, quite competent, capable, and a great asset to have when shit hits the proverbial fan. +1
  8. BYOND key:TheAbsoluteMadMan Character names:Martin Braun How long have you been playing on Aurora? About six months? Why do you wish to be on the whitelist? I wish to be on the whitelist so I can facilitate an optimal environment for the server and it's players, and assist new security players. Why did you come to Aurora?: While I do enjoy the chaos of low-med RP, there are a lot of elements missing, and HighRP provides what low-med RP lacks. Have you read the Aurora wiki on the head roles and qualifications you plan on playing?: Yes, I have read the forum. My character sheet reflects the qualifications to be appointed to the position. Have you received any administrative actions? And how serious were they? Two warnings, "Fairly minor" is how'd I'd rate them. Give a definition of what you think roleplay is, and should be about: Roleplay is all about the character, and their choices. The who, the what, why. You create your character with those questions in mind, and it will practically write its self. What do you think the OOC purpose of a Head of Staff is, ingame?: To be a leader and facilitate a healthy relationship with all your fellow players. You ensure that your department acts accordingly to the standards set by their peers and the staff. Command staff also can make, or break the game for new players, or new individuals in a department, as your conduct will either capture their attention, and want them to come back for more, or make them leave. What do you think the OOC responsibilities of Whitelisted players are to other players, and how would you strive to uphold them?: whitelisted Individuals are there to set an example for new, and old players alike. With a good grasp of roleplay, and the mechanics of their department, with a knowledge of rules and the regulations that come with the department. Individuals in command are in a great position to assist new players through IC, or LOOC. Could you give us the gist of what is currently happening in Tau ceti and how it affected your character and their career? Originally hailing from Sol, their core loyalties and family remain in the Sol Alliance. Due to their employment at Nanotrasen, they moved to Tau Ceti for convenience of travel. What roles do you plan on playing after the application is accepted? Head of Security, Security Officer, and Warden - for Martin Braun's Character. Characters you intend to use for command or have created for command. Include the job they will be taking.: Martin Braun - Head of Security. How would you rate your own roleplaying?: Do you understand your whitelist is not permanent, and may be stripped following continuous administrative action? I'd rate my roleplay at a solid seven or eight, even with a decade of playing this game, there is always new things to improve on, and old things to reflect on, and fix or change. Have you familiarize yourself with the wiki pages for the command roles? Yes Extra notes: I understand my application was rather thin on the verbiage, I often lack the words to convey myself properly, especially when constrained to a format. If you have any questions, please let me know. Thanks for reading folks.
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