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  1. BYOND key: TheDilShawn Character names: Shawn Dil; D-I-L; Dawning in Life; The Devotion of an Illusory Legion; Small Lights of the Distant Stars; Crimson of the Fallen Leaves. How long have you been playing on Aurora?: Over a year for sure. Maybe a year and a half? Why do you wish to be on the whitelist?: I wish to expand the utility of my character roster to include a character that is a Head of Personnel. Why did you come to Aurora?: Compared to the other servers that claim to have roleplay this is the only one I've experienced some sort of sense of humanity within the ch
  2. Would be cool to see someone sprinting around actually just bumping into people accidentally and knocking both back dropping whatever they had on their hand unless the one being bumped was on harm intent.
  3. You mightve misinterpeted me then as in the "get them" part. I never told you to attack anyone, until the situation at the end, just that we were capturing one alive. As you said, you didn't have much way of non lethal takedowns so shouldve been a dead giveaway that me saying "I want to capture one alive" would mean they wouldnt be harmed since they could bleed out along the way or have broken or fractured bones. Much less how much you harmed the first, although they did fire a laser rifle at you, I don't know what you did to to spark that and he had lost the rifle well before you
  4. My response to the Olivia shows I was wrong on the accuracy of my guess on how much she was injured. I only knew this after her post pointing it out. If there are things that was wrong in the original post it would be that surprisingly the jugg did a low ammount of damage even though still knocked her around, prompting me to think she was going to die but actually wasn't.
  5. Hey, you looked pretty beat up but then again I was not present for most of the fight to see what the jugg did to you and I based your damage over how slow you were moving and how little hits you needed to go down and also you had some blood on your sprite indicating damage. I wanted to make you a jugg because I thought it was too late for you and I wanted to give you something to do appart from just dying. I don't quite have much ability to see how injured you were but I did see you get hit a fair ammount of times by the jugg when I arrived late. I think you even scratched me first (unsu
  6. Also how does this work? I HAVE to ahelp to not be included in something I dont have much part in and that happened mostly off of my screen? I have to tell someone to stop when Im no longer with them and not knowing what is happening?
  7. If people didn't specify who was more agressive how do you know what Im at fault for instead of blanket over both of us of something I didn't do. The only time I harmed someone was already out of medical when the jugg already did enough damage to have them eventually die on their own. Furthermore, I was a ghost summon, I dont know how to react or if I have power of the juggs. Of course Im making it a point all over the post that I literally had no part in masacring people inside medical appart from just breaking a door open. The jugg was off my screen for most of the time. I h
  8. BYOND Key: TheDilShawn Staff BYOND Key: WitchBells Game ID: b7o-dnBF Reason for complaint: "headed a siege on medical with another cultist with very little provocation/interaction beforehand because they needed bodies. did not accept blame and continued to blame the other cultist for being at fault instead." I believe that being "equally at fault" to the juggernaut who did almost everything wrong and against what I said, is not fair. As stated, I did not accept blame and said the other one was at fault. Why? Well let me describe what happen: I got summoned again at the
  9. Yeah shotguns can one hit kill... if youre really really close.. and the target doesnt have much armor... and rng is in your side. Meanwhile the ion just effortlessly ends IPCs. Im not up for their removal but atleast balance out the ion to make it fair for IPCs instead of just an instant win. If you note, you dont see me complain about emp grenades, just the rifle.
  10. Get an anti materiel rifle appearing often (and readly available in the armoury), exploding on impact with a splash effect that would stun everyone in the room while having a better fire rate and the ability to recharge ammo and still permanently removing lives in 3 shots and you'd get the equivelent of what an Ion is for IPCs. Regardless of what you think about how durable (security) IPCs are, this is not balance. It is a problem. If the Ion truly balanced the IPCs you'd not see people complaining as they still are in this very thread. Some strategies do not work on certain species
  11. I teleported randomly with the fruit I had into the OR window. Also, the person operating (you) grabbed a circular saw and wanted to attack me with it, My intentions was to stop the engineers from living, hence I hacked the engineer up in the OR. I still had plenty of radium left at the end, they got me because of low light because the IPC sec was smart enough to break lights (would you look at that) Security could've still just got a flash and flashed me instead of harm batoning me by the way since that literally knocks Dionae down long enough.
  12. How about we would do it like other's do with the stationbound, where people can submit their own sprites (That they either made themselves or asked others to do for them) to give someone one custom sprite for dionae to use?
  13. Hello again. While I do accept those terms, I would like some confirmation over the contents of the warning like not enough escalation on the engineers to kill them for example, since it seems that there are mixed opinions over it from different staff. No doubt if I was deemed to have escalation to kill them, it would also affect the ganking part too. However I want to ask if I can still be unbanned from antag as you go confirm what was stated above as I really haven't played on the server since I made this post because of stress, I would connect, look at the BANNED role list and jus
  14. There was an engineer standing up (north eastern part of the room) who I talked to and threw my non-gas plant back at me and then proceeded to try and fight me after I threw gas at him and the person that was treating the engineer I dragged in said "Oh you're awake" so I assumed he was talking about the one I dragged in, didn't exactly check that for myself however so probably misunderstood it? Can confirm however I did not talk to medical appart from telling them to get the person I dragged in awake because we needed to talk. As for what Sonic said, I can confirm did target the med
  15. Hello again due to the newer reply I would like to make a few points. While the roleplay at medical with the engineers was minimal, there was extensive roleplay in their department to give out the escalation to kill them for revenge. The CMO would not know of this since he was not present. IC The Gestalt was pretty pissed, even warning the RD that they were going to pay for killing the nymph through science radio which the AI could also see. As for the severity of the engineers and others possibly sedated in medical, I would like to point out that it was near the round end that thes
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