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  1. Paramedics can no longer get to the blood stores thanks to its new position. While minor, it is something paramedics should be able to have access to. They could also be used as a nurse equivalent for surgeons when they are operating to open up more options.
  2. People are complaining that security can abuse it because they are not whitelisted. Antag roles are not whitelisted either. Appropriate punishment is necessary and warranted but energy pistols for security whether they be in the armory or in the sec officer locker seems like a reasonable and fair proposal for at least a trial period. If an individual blasts someone with an energy pistol then they should be hit with a warning or what not. It's no different from an antag ninja dicing the first person they see for no reason.
  3. another option is to weaken blast but keep it instant, blowing a leg or arm off the surrounding personnel, maybe taking eyes or givingn conussion gives more RP opportunities than 'ninja dead,sec dead, please restart'.
  4. Game balance > realism is preferred for antag stuff. I agree with this. Used to want the tazer to stun in one shot with a reload like modern ones but balance i find preferable. Instant death things are meh. Whether its cyanide injection, instant bombing, etc. Officers should close to arrest or subdue the ninja, so to make doing their job almost assuredly lethal with no warning is not satisfying. This a game, sometimes you lose but it should always be fun!
  5. BYOND Key: Haveatya Character name: Breacher G-031 Item name: Loyalty Implant Why is your character carrying said item to work? He has been implanted, the IPC possess a very weak personality and was designed for security work and little else. It was given a loyalty implant to ensure proper behavior and prevent manipulation. Item function(s): Breacher will be loyal Item description: Ensures loyalty to glorious NT Item appearance: a blinking green dot on my HuD? How will you use this to better interact with crew and/or stimulate RP? It suits Breacher and its story. Given to NT as a demonstration for loyal, lean, but effective private security. Breacher was Implanted to prevent any 'misgivings' Additional comments: NA
  6. The Captain cannot spawn with a Security HuD, unsure about other HuDs, I believe that should be changed. Captains are captains afterall. Is there a serious reason this is not permitted? Captains being able to see arrest status and pull up information seems like a normal thing that should be permitted.
  7. (Also it's weird this is 18+ for me since im in the states. But if you insist i will tell my younger buddies)
  8. The engineering one is a fast track to destination fucked. Medical's is prone for a violent death of the player. Sec's slows me down, idk how people do that sober.
  9. If a guy keeps trying to taze you and you have the opportunity to take the tazer you do. A bit less extreme than eyes but gets the point across. I honestly find most sec players im familiar with dont like to do this sorta thing, medical and research just wants to be involved and show horns in reasons. Sec likes the fights and the hunts, why would we want you to be a useless husk of your antag glory? Your valid score drops dramatically!
  10. AI is meant to to streamline and aid gameplay for crew. It does this. AI and borgs are meant to be a firstline response team which it does. A whitelist seems well enough appropriate but what prerequisites are you going to look for? Cyborg? Head?
  11. If I'm not mistaken, Vox can pry open any door. Hard pass thank you. Their alternative gas for respiration is also a pain. On ERP, sure. But make it well known if you're working and are caught you can expect a demotion or to have that character fired.
  12. Armor gloves and feet please. It's annoying that everyone just tries shooting other peoples' hands off with machine guns or laser rifles.
  13. I see it as a balance thing, I don't think we should get more stuff when it can be argued IPCs are over powered. Aesthetic changes are more fair versus mechanic buffs, which is arguably your idea.
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