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  1. As many know by this point, I play Breacher G-031. My memory on the entire matter is hazy. I can say with confidence that the captain acted in the best interest of the crew during fighting by the chapel. From my memory they also didn't really interfere in the diona takedown. I wasn't present for anything else. I was involved in a long duel with an apparition and its summoner. One officer was already maimed and the warden was coming with the cadet. I eventually got EMP'd through a wall and was making a slow and tedious fighring withdrawal when the cadet turned on us. The warden and myself were very injured and the captain shot with impunity through a window. They only entered when the baddies were dead. As for the brig, Shurik and I killed the Diona and the cap ordered the nymphs dead. We eventually gave up because it was taking forever and I locked them in a locker and took them to xenbio with help of RD. I don't recall the cap actually being there in the brig, but they may just be because they were not in my way. I will say again that memory of the incident is hazy but I've answered to the best of my ability.
  2. If there was protection against Ion weapons killing me almost immediately, this thread wouldn't exist. Irrelevant, No one here that agrees me believes the Ion Rifle should be removed. We're asking for it to be updated and more in line with the combat changes that have occurred over the past few years. Many counter arguments have been others telling me and people in support of this suggestion that we're powergamers and/or bad. Others are saying that because X and Y can't kill you easily, Z should kill you instantly, which is not a productive train of thought. I would not even consider the changes offered as a nerf, just a change in its purpose from an all-in-one synthetic deleter to a tool in successfully engaging an IPC. The same way that Flashbangs or tranquilizers are treated against organics.
  3. Please, your sarcasm and hostility is not productive to this type of discussion.
  4. Thank you for your post and thoughts. Yea this is specifically an Ion Rifle adjustment, Cult EMPs and grenades dont bother me at all really. Thank you for your post. Thank you for your post, went agree on many accounts.
  5. I repeat AGAIN that my request for changes is not the removal of EMPs or the Ion Rifle. It merely for a less uninteresting counter that offer little chance of survival or counterplay. There are alternatives to countering outside of blatantly killing them from across the screen with no chance of survival. Flashbangs play a much more important role in combat than most weapons. Stuns are much more interesting than overwhelming damage, teamwork or smart strategy can counter the power of flashbang grenades but failure to account for them can easily result in capture or death. The ion rifle and EMP grenades replicating this sort of gameplay would be much more fair and balanced than Ion Rifle go pew, even if the stun was increased to well in excess of 2 or 3 seconds and upwards of 4 or 5. Thank you for your post. Interesting post, thank you.
  6. This rationale is why the ion rifle should be a stunning and disabling weapon, right now its trivial for mercs and smart traitors to kill and IPC in two seconds with little chance for counterplay. If the ion rifle was to, for example, eliminate the charge of a battery or literally cause a stun, you'd have the "stun to win" system back in play. IPCs could be knocked out for 5 seconds for example, if they are alone you have 5 seconds to cuff and beat or just plain smack with any weapon. On the flipside, this would permit allies to pull them back to safety. In this case the Ion Rifle is still a counter but is no longer an instant win. I, in no way, want the ion rifle removed or flatly weakened just so I can valid more. I want a dynamic setup where a smart player can survive and ion rifle just like smart organics can survive AM rifles, SMGs, or lasers. Right now that is not possible. Ion rifles exist as an instant kill hard counter in a place where that type of thing is nerfed or heavily limited and counterable. Thank you for your comment.
  7. Critical hits and random chance effects do not occur everytime, the same effects can happen to IPCs. Many people have seen my G2 get its leg shot out in 1 or 2 laser shots. Random chance is random and not certain. A laser could deal arterial damage, could just burn you, could damage an organ. It's random. Again, thank you for your post.
  8. I will not continue to debate as we will end up in circles on the topic. An Ion Rifle Kill shot to an IPC causes enough damage to deal damage to every location on an IPC and its internals. A single shot from most weapons does nothing permanent and can be healed by a bandage or ointment. I find your statement incorrect. Thank you for commenting.
  9. As expressed in the post, the ion rifle should remain a counter. That is not the concern. However, the nature of how it counters IPCs is undesirable from a gameplay standpoint. I agree that things like stun batons and tasers should have an effect on IPCs for the sake of gameplay, that does not mean that IPCs one easy counter is an instant kill, hyper accurate, long range, AOE, recharging, rapid fire, rifle until alternatives are in place. Thank you for the reply.
  10. Thank you for the comment and support. I believe energy weapons should be available to antags, yes. emp weapons are more prevalent than energy weapons to antags in my experience. In fact EMP grenades can be acquired by traitors straight up. The IPCs can either soak 20 shots and still work or be out of commission from 1 crit. It's very randomized, which is not ideal to me but is the case. Adding the energy pistol or carbine to the uplink should be easy enough but does come with other problems. However, the use of an ion rifle in any form that has been suggested would give an antag time to escape, cuff, or even just straight up kill an IPC. This limits the suffering of the lack of easily acquired energy weapons.
  11. These seem interesting, as an extremely novice coder, this looks like it'd be much complicated than I would hope. However, thank you for your input! I don't think I've seen any energy weapon 3 shot anyone. Even if it did, the damage would be localized to burn, three chems later and burn patches (2 minutes) fixes you up. This may just be my experience however. In regards to energy crits, yes they CAN occur but that is a rare spike of probability. Ion weapons ALWAYS end an IPC's round in 2/3 hits. Thank you for your input! Thank you for input, we agree on many points!
  12. Bottom Line: The Ion Rifle is extremely potent towards anything that is mechanical. It can have a splash effect, it has a high rate of fire, it does immense damage. The weapon is "anti-fun" when deployed against IPCs and Stationbounds. There is no counter against it available to anyone but a handful of antags despite its lethality and availability. --------------------------- I will begin this by saying that "Yes, I play IPCs extensively. My G2, Breacher G-031, is played extremely frequently". I say this because it surely means I hold some bias on the matter. G2s can sometimes take hits like nobody else and carry on their merry way. Sometimes only though. I've gotten in many gunfights where two or three rifle shots blow off my leg and I am effectively dead without having any real chance to do anything. On the inverse I've absorbed a magazine worth of 7.62 and still "win" the fight. Regarding lasers and brute weapons, IPCs frequently shrug off the damage that would severely harm organic species. At the same time, they can suffer crits and go down just like anyone else. Why do I say this? Synths are NOT immune to conventional weapons or intelligent use of combat mechanics. Lets look at how the ion rifle behaves in game and how it effects the gameplay of synthetics. The Ion Rifle is a rapid fire, rechargeable weapon with a weapon that does not pass through walls. It deals damage to the entirety of the chassis of the thing it hits and it can depletes the charge of any energy weapons also on the target. How do you, then, effectively counter the Ion Rifle? Hide behind windows and shoot through with actual energy weapons OR be organic. So in summary, what does the Ion Rifle create? A rock-paper-scissor environment in a game that is built on flexibility, creativity, and even luck. In summary, The Ion Rifle is hyper focused and is an instant win or instant fail tool, inspiring uncreative and lackluster experiences. -------------------------- "You just want to buff your Security Officer for Validhunting" - No, I don't. People already watch IPC Sec with an eagle eye. I believe the ion rifle should be a credible threat to IPCs. IPCs are machines and the ion rifle is essentially an EMP projector. It makes sense to be the best weapon to counter them, however, name another weapon that can double tap in under a second and kill anyone in the game? Antimaterial rifles can gib limbs but are extremely rare and ammo intensive. Shotguns are close range and slow firing, etc... "Then don't play a Sec IPC" - This, at its root, is a game about being something else than what you are and having some laughs. To disregard a very frequent Sci-Fi trope due to unfair mechanics is UNFAIR to the players that want to engage in that role. -------------------------- My suggestions 1. Localized damage. A shot to the chest with an ion rifle on kill maims most limbs on an IPC. Even surviving that one shot leaves you crippled for a half hour under the best care of a talented roboticist. Localized damage can let a Kill shot destroy an arm or a leg without immediately destroying everything connected to the IPC. 2. Increased Recharge. Today, in fact, I got into a gunfight with a merc. They pulled out the gun, wielded it, and double tapped me, killing me, in under 2 seconds from across the screen. I was down after one shot, unable to even react. A weapon so lethal does not need to be able to follow up shots so quickly. 3. Reduced Range. Energy swords, armblades, cult blades, and all manner of melee weapons are exceedingly capable of inflicting critical damage on people. Reducing the range of the Ion Rifle to only a few squares would make the weapon much easier to counterplay against. There have been many times where someone steps from offscreen and instantly guns down a borg or IPC with an Ion, atleast reduced range gives a chance for synths to avoid their destruction. --------------------- The Flash and Taser Comparison The Flash used to be an immediate knockdown stun. It was countered by sunglasses and many visors, an easily acquired item for some roles but difficult for others. Most antags could get them easily and crew could be given them by security. What happened? The flash was considered unfun and too easily able to kneecap an antag for the remainder of the game. To differentiate however, the flash is much more commonly available. The taser on Aurora is not like most other stations. MRP and LRP servers with tasers frequently have them be one hit stunlocks. An individual can get hit once and dropped long enough to be gunned down by an antag or tied and stripped. Why is this not on our HRP server when literal modern tasers perform much closer to the L/MRP ones? Counterplay. Landing 5 shots with the taser is not easy, and even then it cant still not be enough to KO a target. Combat on Aurora is methodical and tactical, the ability to TKO someone in one shot is heavily frowned upon and as such the taser is drastically unrealistic and weak compared to many other servers and reality. ---------------------- The Syringe Gun and Hypospray Comparison Tranq / Chloral Hydrate Darts are the closest synonym to an ion bolt. If you get hit by, you will be knocked unconcious for a least a few seconds with little chance to fight it. It is a dangerous tool. The tranq rifle is restricted to the HoS and Chloral Hydrate can only be created by only a handful of individuals. I'd say Chloral Hydrate / Tranq Darts are MORE restricted than the ion rifle that is easily accessible by anyone with access at the drop of the hat. Darts, despite their restricted availability, also have weaknesses. Delayed effect and inability to pierce armor makes the tranq dart extremely niche in its deployment yet its potency. Hypospray Chloral Hydrate was a frequent tool for eliminating someone quickly. Many CMOs would carry it around. Instant deployment of 15cc of CH absolutely ruined a person's chance to do anything and put them at the mercy of the hypospray user. Hypospray, as many know, has been nerfed since. This abuse of them being cited in the rationale. "So what?" - Immediate incapacitation of organics is extremely limited in scope and availability, it also has potential counterplay. Ion rifles, on the other hand, have only one counterplay despite their availability: Don't be in line of sight. ------------------- Anyways, thank you for coming to my TED Talk on the state of the Ion Rifle and why I believe it should be adjusted. I will leave you with my feed from last round, it resulted in my death and appeared within 1 second.
  13. I frequently only see 2 officers respond to things unless there's weapons involved. I see WAY more Miners and Engineers try to get involved in an tag stuff than Sec Goons 3 and 4. People play this game to have fun and Antag interaction is where most get it. Whether they are paramedics that stand next to Officers holding someone at tazer point and suggest using a tranq dart or miners and engineers insisting on fighting hivebots with welders and KA..... You cant really stop it without widespread changes, I dont think this is a Sec problem.
  14. Is the intention for all character to be remade or will it be the deal where your character can move to the ship?
  15. I was surprised that this server doesn't have this. Many other servers have this so it shouldn't be difficult to port. It'd save some time for things like loading shotguns and picking up shell casings. I'd like it.
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