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  1. Well, being on more LRP servers have given me an appreciation for the rules of this server, considering I don’t get killed by some random greytider on this server. I also believe I can hold myself up to a higher standard
  2. BYOND Key: sgtmind Total Ban Length: permanent Banning staff member's Key: Alberyk (This is the staff member's BYOND key/Ckey who placed the ban) Reason of Ban: (You can see this when you attempt to log in to the server) Asking in LOOC to be manifested as a cultist. You have had many chances Reason for Appeal: Well, I know I have done a lot wrong, mainly things involving IC in OOC, Powergaming, and logging off at shit times, I do understand what I have done wrong. I do believe I can hold myself to a higher standard, and become better, and I have been religiously reviewing the rules.
  3. BYOND Key: sgtmind Total Ban Length: permanent Banning staff member's Key: Alberyk Reason of Ban: Still bringing up IC in OOC after being told on ahelp that it is an IC issue. You have a lot of notes already Reason for Appeal: I am sorry for what happened with my tickets, I will make sure that it does not happen again. I do try to ask questions to make sure that certain things are allowed, and when doing something would be a stupid idea. When I got banned, I was not in the best of mind. However I wish to also defend myself on the notes, most notably speaking me logging out or ghosting during my time as an antags, I generally have a hectic schedule, and I’ll have to get off suddenly, I will however try to inform admins quicker before I leave
  4. Hello I am not sure how to say this without sounding like an asshole, and I will address each of them. powergaming: I’ll be completely honest, i am playing here first and foremost to have fun, I have been trying to reduce the powergaming but half the fun of R&D is having tons of overpowered equipment. Metagaming: I am going to try to work on reducing this Poor RPing: I have been trying for a while to work on this character more and at least make him less trigger happy, I did not however know that it was this bad, I genuinely thought I was improving. i will speak on this more later, sorry for the poor grammar, writing this on a phone.
  5. I think it should be for the illegal upgrade that it isn’t combat, it is a specialty mech, more improvised weapons
  6. If we’re talking sub machine guns, they’ll need three parts to work, a bolt, a barrel and a receiver. Without those three parts, you ain’t gonna have a gun. I say an extra part you should have to find is a bolt, to balance the gun.
  7. I have a couple questions regarding weapons and he ones still used even to this day. Would the TCFL or even the Solarian Army still use guns like the M2HB? Also, what type of weapons are used by the factions now?
  8. Could be interesting, though, realistically, there should be a chance to have a runaway fire. Also, kind of related, I’ve been trying to make a pistol, but I keep making a shotgun, what I am doing wrong?
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