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  1. Let's just have fun compare and share. To give people ideas for their own!
  2. Amen to that. Guy is dedicated and is quite a fair person in general. No idea about how the team feels about it. But, as a player, I wouldn't be afraid to have him on "overwatch".
  3. They don't need to be nerfed. What needs to be done is that those roleplaying them MUST understand that these are not expendable being. That they are kill machines isn't an issue on its own. Nature has knack of making the breeder the dominant. Think praying mantis. The thing is, a vaurca breeder should use aggression ONLY in last resort scenarios and when every other option failed. It should try to escape or talk its way out of it and only attack if backed in a corner to protect itself. The fact that they are mecanically OP can easily be offset and manged if we make sure the people roleplaying them understands that. Breeders are NOT expendables and should be roleplayed as such.
  4. Quoting myself because I feel I need to clarify something. When I speak of forcepikes, it was a weapon in Jedi Academy ForceMod I had to ban. It was OP not because it was strong but because it was mecanically broken. Was the weapon used by the Royal Guard class ingame. Problem was unlike lightsaber, physical weapons in JKA caused knockbacks. That alone was not an issue. But, the royal guard combat style ingame was Ataru (AKA Cyan) wich was the cause of all the issues. That stance allowed for continuous left-right short swings. With a lightsaber it worked alright since they had no knockback. But due to the knockback it made players "bounce" on the blade continuously if somebody did that... stacking up hits to a very broken and unrealistic level. In other words, a collision related issue. This is literally the ONLY major gear ban I ever made on JKA and it was due to an impossible to fix mechanical issue. (Didn't have the know-how to fix that.) The class itself wasn't banned because players could trigger a glitch unique to ForceMod3 that allowed them to use any "lightsaber styles" so those that wanted royal guard had to glitch to use a different stand. People using cyan recieved a 3 days ban on first offense with a single verbal warning beforehand. Mandalorians were fucking OP against Jedi. And, a single one could easily handle 2-3 Jedi if they were not VERY good with forcepowers. But, on the RP side of thing it made sense so I never changed it. Mandalorians are trained to jedi-killer levels. So it was OP in the scope of a game but it was required to keep the lore coherent. Otherwise having a Padawan ending EASILY a good mandalorian player would have been bad. If you are a padawan and are being attacked by a mandalorian..... RUN. Do not fight, RUN! Get at least a Jedi Knight involved so you have someone with a good knowledge of the force that can beat a flying mandalorian who uses flamethrowers, missles and dual laser pistols. Being attacked by a droideka? (Yes, those were a thing.) Get soldiers in with emps and explosives. Don't bother suicide rush it with your lightsaber unless you can catch it with it's shield down. Fighting a wookie? For Christ sake don't let it get its hands on you or youre dead, it's gonna rip your arms off and beat you senseless with them. What I learned from managing a roleplay server is that you cannot always balance gameplay. Lore and common sense is usually more important. Balance should be applied with common sense in mind and removing options should be a last resort. Keep in mind winning is not the priority here. The priority is RP. I might have gone a bit overboard with the explanations but I still hope some of you will appreciate this insight in balancing within a roleplay context.
  5. Good, then they are going to hate them more. It's actually wonderful. Really I hardly see the issue at all with that. I have no idea why people would go "lowest common denominator"? Because they feel its unfair? Bring our the tears and get the baby food because really it is an RP server and in the grand scheme of things that kind of scummyness is more than common even in real life. A low life criminal will not play fair. Perhaps it all makes sense to you but I literally cannot comprehend something I never had a problem with. EXCEPT with forcepikes... but those things we're actually broken on a mechanical level so that's another thing. Feel free to balance your game as you want. But I still feel that logic is greatly flawed.
  6. Who said they needed elaborate clothing? Their size is one of the aspect with them I love the most. They are so huge anybody who never one has to react and that creates a nice dynamic. Keep em large. We got enough species with interchangable clothing already... Even if it can be argued that there shouldnt be a whole lot of people playing those and thus the need for clothing aint, again, extensive.
  7. I'm exagerrating here. But, people can do stuff that are arguably about the same level of dumb but less obvious.
  8. What I mean is. There is war on the station? No worries! In 2 hours it will be wiped from history! Your character died? QUICK clone him and live without consequences! Everybody and their mom saw X being replaced by a clone and nobody seem to care about it. There is a legit lack of consequences and that we want it or not it DOES affect the roleplay to a fundamental level. It does so a lot of people are compelled to do completely illogical thing that they wouldnt do if their character didnt have factual immortality. While little can be done in the case of antags. (Because people would probably cry their heart out. Wich I can somewhat understand.) We could do something for cloning. Why is it so that NT would even bother cloning a cook who set himself on fire? Why would they bother? To me cloning should be something reserved to the elite and leading group on the station. Would make people actually act like they care so they dont do stupid shit like slamming themselves in the head with a crowbar because they got arrested for being drunk. Also, actually follow safety protocols. Another bonus is that it would create a feeling of being non-essential. Just a cog in the machine. A lot of great dynamic could come out of it when it comes to internal conflicts. Just saying there is absolutely ZERO consequences for acting dumb. None, nada. And it does affect roleplaying a lot that we want it or not. I'd love to roleplay a situation where the stakes are high and my character is at risk. But there is none... Just like a prequel movie. You cant be arsed to care about the action scene as much because you know the hero survives since he is in the other movie.
  9. I personally love them. The people who roleplay them do an excellent job so far. Feel out of place? Perfect... These people knows what "alien" mean now.
  10. While I agree to some degree. Your logic behind removing the gloves is flawed in my opinion. I get the whole "Makes killing noobs easy" thing but they are still useful against any type of players. While RP should always be the priority, if you start removing threatening gear from antag. How are they supposed to be threatening in the first place? I personally believe it is better to encourage people to use the gear responsibly than to remove it. An antag, by design or at the very least in spirit, is in a one vs "all" situation. Or at the very lease they ain't favorised by many factor. (One being they often have to fight both security and the AI trying to slow their progress.) You cannot expect a guy like that to fight without using every tricks to his disposition. The guy is going to abuse every single advantage he has and the very fact he can is the reason why an antag is threatening to begin with. You are free to do as you wish. But, to me, removing should always be the absolute last resort in any kind of situation with any given item. And I feel there is better options.
  11. Well. There was a power blockout. Elevators didn't work. Since I saw the elevator was all the way down. I looked at the other one. The airlocks were open. Most likely forced open. So I figured somebody wanted out and opened them so the platform was there. So, I went through it and since it was dark I never noticed it wasnt there. WAAAAAAA BAM! Fun fact is.... right before that I told the guy waiting for the other elevator with me "Fuck this, taking the other one!." I dont even want to imagine how hard the guy was laughing.
  12. Disclaimer: My character is DNC and all those incidents are actually CANON. Keep that in mind. Also it only includes accidents and work related hazards. Does not include other stuff... Or that list would be long. This is the betting thread... When and how do you think her luck is gonna run out? Here is the complete "resume" of her luck so far. "Vicki's ridiculous strike of luck. July 18. Falls down the shaft of main elevator number 2. No helmet. Slight bruises. August 11. Falls off into a hole while helping miners during EVA. Just a scratch. September 14. Fall down the shaft of number 2 again. ( What luck!) Has my helmet on. Nothing... appearantly my jacket is bulletproof. Just a good scare. September 14. 2nd Shift. I get sick and somehow miraculously cure out of the blue. September 14. 3rd Shift. Got splashed by radioactive gas while standing right over the scrubber. Minor poisoning only. Guy on the edge of it lost his hairs. Starting to believe God himself is joking about my name."
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