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  1. Whitelisted command players are, by definition, surely trusted to call ERT when it is required. Likewise, maybe one day people will accept playing antag comes with repercussions and consequences that go above and beyond playing out power fantasies at the expense of everyone else. I'm sorry, but good antags - offstation ones, given the onstation ones are so fundermentally flawed they're pointless to discuss - will beat station security each and every time. Likewise, NT ERT really isn't that strong after the armor nerfs and if having full auto ballistics is such a problem, maybe - just maybe - i
  2. I have no idea what the above person said but, then again, I'm not sure anyone does. Backstory seems fine. +1
  3. My worry with a peaceful conversion option would be...why in the world would anyone not use it, if it's an option? Has all the advantages of converting someone, with none of the downsides - being violent, scary, ect - so would have to be balanced around that. Personal bias maybe, but I feel that peace cult is..not at all enjoyable. It's entirely fine for some round types to be more bloody/violent than others, given if people are voting for an antagonist gamemode, they should expect to be, you know, antagonized. Especially given a whole bunch of folks peace converted into a classic two hour sum
  4. More a question than a suggestion. The private booths have both doors and curtains, with the buttom assumedly bolting the door? What's the point of that if the curtain can just be removed? My other question is what's happening with the southern side of the main level, as well as maintenance, as curious over where the free space has gone.
  5. Oh, I reaalllyyy like these changes. They look super cool.
  6. Cool guy. Has no issues discussing his thoughts when folks disagree with him, which is honestly all it takes to sell me on it. +1
  7. Strongly depends on the character. All of my heads use the standard black uniform and armor. My officers tend to wear the uniform, but a jacket of some sort over the top.
  8. My only interaction with their characters was Sergio Stone screaming in sec comms about the authentication terminal, as a detective, somehow knowing the nuke exists. It's not a bad thing in of itself to be new, but I do worry given everything else. Not a plus or minus one given you have the trial and it would be cruel to say something when I've not been playing much recently, but perhaps something for others to look out for.
  9. I have no questions, just a query. Tajara characters deal with a lot of inter-character drama and hostility, sometimes to the point of exclusion and violence. The character you're applying with is a prime example of such, especially given the amalgamation of character and faction types. It's not OOCly guided of course, but something to expect. Are you comfortable with that? Your character could often be negatively targeted and face a lot of discrimination, after all.
  10. The events I'm going to describe happened on 28/08. I may have the wrong game ID, but I'm fairly sure I do not. It was a traitor round here, and this was the only one that I could find. Game ID: b8R-bmYp Over and over again, Luke Conan does the same gimmick - 'gimmick' being the kind word - and I believe this round showcased it. I want to point out that this was an early morning round by EU time, as to which there were something like 14 players, 4 of which were sec, 2 of which were traitors. A headache in the making, sure, but this turned into an absolute nightmare following
  11. My only worry would be antags leaving at the drop of a hat. Eg. People doing a stealth objective then just gtfo an hour into the round, or leaving the second they run into conflict. It feels like a lot of antags at the moment have to 'win' at all costs, even if that means afking in a random maintenance locker for 30 minutes. I like the idea, but I think it needs to have a timer, and a way for the station to react. Even if it's just emanging the research shuttle console and getting an ERT-esque countdown. I also don't really think every antag needs the option. Vampire generally gets to the
  12. Bumping this as it's been a bit and the restrictions are still in place. I may have missed changes regarding it though!
  13. I actually disagree. I only play security these days, with a large part of that as command staff. They give some weight to extended, allow for crew co-operation, and bring about some level of danger. The only two I dislike are basic (non-mass) carp invasions as they can, for whatever reason, stack - and sometimes are entirely irrelevant as fish get stuck on terrain - and the machine one. I don't see their removal doing anything other than just forcing' chairRP, bestRP' mentalities. Not everyone wants to sit around chatting, and these give opportunities to do otherwise.
  14. Still just as against them. As people have pointed out time and time again, people don't explore their environment with just their sight. I really don't think the indicaitors will make enough of a difference, and right now they're just annoying. I am, for the most part, struggling to see the benefit.
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