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  1. I don't mind ingame LOOC to chat and stuff, but getting stupid from ghosts is super annoying. I don't really see why said ghosts should be commenting on things they're not part of.
  2. I'm not a huge fan of the TP removal. It doesn't impact me personally, but seems a shame for characters who've used it. I think a better 'fix' is to allow them to do shit like arterial/lung repair/ect when there's no surgeon. It always seemed a little silly to me they couldn't. For the same reasons of 'bloat', we could also get rid of atmostech given engineers tend to do the job anyway, cook/chef - we don't need both - chemist/biochemist, ect. I dunno; I feel they add flavour, so having the option is nice. For the age thing, it feels a little pointless? Like, ,aside from vaurca, everything mechanically works the same way anyway, so assuming it's in their training seems sensible. Again, doesn't personally affect me, but I feel bad for characters that suddenly need to mysteriously age in a way that doesn't really add anything. I can understand the reasons behind it though.
  3. Their OOC attitude is great, even if Derrick is a traitor to old school sec. -1 Nah, huge plus one. Strong player, strong characters; I'm surprised you don't already have a whitelist.
  4. Oh! That's a shame; it was pretty darn cool.
  5. What's there to actually nerf when it comes to adrenaline? It restarts the heart, and it'll immediately fail again if the root cause hasn't been fixed. I'm not sure what can actually be changed here. Getting real tired of options being taken away, given in reality this just means medical is that much more boring. Already a lot of the older med mains are tired of med (hence the current manifests being dead/new people). I really don't understand where these changes are coming from. Especially with the addition of defibs which (if I'm understanding properly) is a buff in a very dull way.
  6. We are BOTH VERY GAY and he KEEPS REFUSING to ERP with me. DISGUSTING. Where is the solidarity during pride month!!??!?!?!?
  7. Couple things. I play Genevieve. - Emily wasn't in round; she'd cryod earlier. - Everyone was just as armed at that point. I had a rifle, carbine, and most the lethal ammo. The cadet had similar, albeit with an ion instead of a rifle. - I was calling out issues over camera and people were responding, given that was like...ya know..what we were doing. There was nobody else to dispatch, unless you wanted the cadet to go alone..? He could have asked me to come though. I suppose, but that seemed line an unwritten issue. - There is nothing wrong with hos' frontlining? Provided they're making sensible calls and communicating, and all.
  8. Warrior bugs in general are silly weak. Like. They're meant to be scary, huge, fuck-off strong, ya know, warriors, but in reality they're really pretty weak. I'm not sure what kind of buffs they should receive, but def some form would be nice.
  9. Not been super impressed either, and would echo Wiggle's sentiment. Communication outside of security seems essentially non-existent. Remember as HoP, you're still in charge of service and, to a degree, civilian roles. Likewise not a -1, but leaning toward it and hoping to see improvement.
  10. Heyo. For context I play Evelyn. I'd like to echo what the above of said: HoS is extremely stressful and you're going to be under a lot of scrutiny. There's a reason we don't have many regular HoS players and this is part of it. Whilst it is also very rewarding, it is also infuriating at times and difficult. I would bear this in mind going forward, and recommend you either interim and transfer Travis sooner rather than later, or play a different role like HoP for the first couple of days of your trial and then switch over. Command is hard, often for reasons people don't expect when initially going in. I'd also recommend you play a different initial HoS than Travis to avoid the issues Schwann spoke about, and do a basic reading of each race's lore. That said, Travis is one of the few officers I've not had to ICly/OOCly yell at recently, and is generally reliable. So leaving a +1 either way, but I do agree with the concerns people have previously voiced. Best of luck!
  11. I personally agree with Prate rather heavily on this one . No system is perfect, but being able to search up complaints is very helpful imo - a lot of other servers have their admin complaint boards private, which is bleh. I'm also really confused where this negativity toward the staff is coming from. I'm fairly opinionated about these things so it's not like I'm shilling, but Aurora seems - to me at least - to be very solid on the staff front. I've had a few minor issues with staff members but most were dealt with fine though, then again, maybe I'm missing something.
  12. Pewter is great. Solid RP, fun interactions, and I'd love to see how he does in a command position. +1
  13. I don't think there's much doubt you'll get accepted at this point, but just wanted to say I've thoroughly enjoyed playing command with you (Morgan). You're communicative and generally a pleasure to have around and whilst I was initially sceptical as per the above, very much been proven wrong. +1
  14. Join and chat in the discord servers. Make conversation about the round and directly ping people for feedback if you interacted. Add your IC friends and get to know them ooc. I also don't mean to sound pretentious, but I wouldn't say SS is the most elaborate place to grow as an RP'r (At least in game.) You could try joining the relay server and doing more text based stuff, perhaps. I've also personally found that chatting in dchat whilst observing is a good way to build connections. But as the others said, it mostly just takes time and some effort. Do you feel like the new player experience is bad in other ways? I.E Being ignored/isolated?
  15. I made the IR. The comparison to Gonzales was because the characters were very similar - bullies, unable to take criticism, ect. I didn't even know it was you who played her until after, and I'm not entirely sure where your evidence of supposed metagrudging comes from? Whilst I absolutely have problems with people playing characters that directly, negatively impacts the enjoyment of other people in a group setting, it's not against the rules so far as I know. Though if people dislike joining rounds and departments due to how someone acts IC and OOC, that seems like an issue to me. But otherwise: a) I've never spoken to you at length. b) I have fairly limited contact with Vrow. Our DM history is something like four messages long, and whilst we run in similar circles, I wouldn't say we're close or the like. So, again, I'm not entirely sure what the basis of this is - especially as I did't know anything about this discord RP thing and, quite frankly, didn't care. After the IR - during which I made it very clear I didn't want any OOC punishment as the whole thing left a bad taste in my mouth - whilst I can't conclusively prove it, I have my suspicions you were attempting to be petty and metagrude yourself. Things like DMing Alb (I think it was?) over something Rooster supposedly used to do, despite the fact they'd had another admin ruling saying it was fine, what felt like targeting my characters; things like running around with a recorder on, monitoring people via getting officers to spy on them, ect. Now obviously I can't prove any of this came from a malicious place, but it wasn't exactly rare for you to OOCly complain about supposed medical 'cliques' when you didn't get your way. Maybe it was all IC. In which case there were more than enough similarities between Peace and Gonzaeles for the comparison to be made, to the point where these allegations of being meta'd by myself and other med players is somewhat ridiculous.
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