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  1. Lemei

    Remove Cargonia

    Mining itself just isn't that interesting of a role. And that's fine. In the same vein that people are saying there are plenty of other options, the existence of KAs being a thing doesn't prevent that. If people want to use them and delve deeper (heh) into the more mechanical side, that's fine. But people who aren't as interested in doing so shouldn't have their own preference changed.
  2. Lemei

    Remove Cargonia

    - I don't like the idea of removing weapons from cargo, namely as sec then gets royally fucked when ninjas/mercs empty the armory, which is honestly laughably easy to do. If at that point there's no option to order weapons, there's really nothing you can do for the rest of the round and will bring back the checklist meta of 'captain's office, voidsuits, armory' that has thankfully been less of a thing recently. Right now it's a pain, but it doesn't entirely end the round. - Along with the above, locking weapons behind impossible to break crates really just doesn't seem that realistic. I'm not entirely sure what could be done here though. At the very least, emitters should still work. - As I touched on earlier, I don't think KAs should be changed at all. I can't recall the last time I saw them being used as a weapon in atmos and you tend to get them an hour or so in anyway. The base ones (and the ones in the mining machine) suck, whilst it's so darn satisfying to back out onto the rock fully suited up for 10k+ points a trip. - Extra time gating for QM seems sensible. It shouldn't be whitelisted given the difference in responsibilities being huge and, imo at least, QM is likely to give bad habits if people are using it to springboard into command. Another option would be to perhaps move it away from having any form of command capabilities at all, and instead just a co-ordination role between mining and the techs.
  3. Raiders not spawning with bags is one of the reasons I have the pref turned off tbh.
  4. Lemei

    Remove Cargonia

    I don't agree with a lot of it, (especially the removal of KAs, please don't suck all the fun out of mining) but I am 100% on the same page with the QM role. It really feels like what people go to if they don't have a whitelist and want to cause trouble. Cargo arming themselves if there's a legit threat is fine by me, but some of the QMs really take this to new levels to be shitters. Which is a shame, as two very good ones come to mind too (Nat and Mackenzie). Sick of dealing with 'oh, the QM is ordering guns' every time certain other ones are in control.
  5. I really don't see how this adds anything. It's just taking away and causing issues. The current medbay 'pool' is pretty low rn, and adding more limits seems counter-intuitive.
  6. I don't think people should be forced into playing borer host. At least with cult, you have the option of dying/being constructed if you don't want to play regular cult. For borer, there is no such option. Whilst I had an absolute blast in my last borer round (as a host), the rounds I've tried before that was garbo. Was was a friend of mine's borer - in the same round - instantly going full retard and then ghosting, which left her stuck until an admin removed it. There should always be some choice over how you wanna play your round.
  7. Aww x.x That means a lot from both of y'all, especially due to the issues of last time. Thanks ❤️
  8. I agree with toxins being utterly ridiculous. Especially on ling rounds and that necrotic organ repair can act a 'lil funny. But at the same, it's considerably easier to die at medical right now. I'd like there to be shrapnel changes so it actually does something, and increased damage of ballistic weapons to the body. I don't think the damage of low blood needs to be increased though. Especially with things like vampire.
  9. I think it's okay provided we also make more distinction of what each brand of doctor can do. According to the wiki, EPs can't do arterial bleeds which seems...really silly. The same for shit like lung damage where without a chemist, they are going to die, and you kinda just wait there whilst it happens. A big reason myself and others stick with surgeon (at least imo) is due to how you can do literally anything, rather than being 'lol joke, I know how to fix this person but I'm not allowed to' RP, which is pretty darn sucky.
  10. ..shit! Wrong person! I'll edit my thingy accordingly, sorry ^^.
  11. Sorry! Totally wrong person, I got you confused for someone else. No opinion either way, thanks for pointing it out.
  12. I personally don't like them, but I think people should style their characters however they want. If they don't mind their character looking silly..then..whatever?
  13. Eh? Who cares about processing? I've never known anyone to complain about it. I think a decent part of this also comes down to who is playing sec at the time. Extended tends to draw a very different crowd to secret, who are more likely to RP and less likely to just slam every charge they can 'just cause'.
  14. A decently fitted skirt really isn't that movement restricting. Please make them pretty though! The feminine clothing options are pretty ick for anything outside of the fancy dresses.
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