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  1. Cool guy. Has no issues discussing his thoughts when folks disagree with him, which is honestly all it takes to sell me on it. +1
  2. Strongly depends on the character. All of my heads use the standard black uniform and armor. My officers tend to wear the uniform, but a jacket of some sort over the top.
  3. My only interaction with their characters was Sergio Stone screaming in sec comms about the authentication terminal, as a detective, somehow knowing the nuke exists. It's not a bad thing in of itself to be new, but I do worry given everything else. Not a plus or minus one given you have the trial and it would be cruel to say something when I've not been playing much recently, but perhaps something for others to look out for.
  4. I have no questions, just a query. Tajara characters deal with a lot of inter-character drama and hostility, sometimes to the point of exclusion and violence. The character you're applying with is a prime example of such, especially given the amalgamation of character and faction types. It's not OOCly guided of course, but something to expect. Are you comfortable with that? Your character could often be negatively targeted and face a lot of discrimination, after all.
  5. The events I'm going to describe happened on 28/08. I may have the wrong game ID, but I'm fairly sure I do not. It was a traitor round here, and this was the only one that I could find. Game ID: b8R-bmYp Over and over again, Luke Conan does the same gimmick - 'gimmick' being the kind word - and I believe this round showcased it. I want to point out that this was an early morning round by EU time, as to which there were something like 14 players, 4 of which were sec, 2 of which were traitors. A headache in the making, sure, but this turned into an absolute nightmare following Conan emptying the armory, stealing the spare ID, taking hostages and never giving any demands. This then condensed into murdering the other officer with me - an IPC - by instantly killing him with an ion rifle for no real reason or foresight. I'll ping @Valkrae given I'm fairly sure they'll remember this mess. They also stole the AI core - again, no demands - and hid it somewhere, then just went around killing security. Had this been a one off, sure, it would have been frustrating but not all too awful. However, this is their constant midset especially during lowpop. They take every advantage they possibly can, then proceed to do very little with it. It's one thing to cripple security/command, it's quite another to mess them up and then never actually contribute to the round. Their RP is non-existent, and the way they treat female characters is also worrying. I do not have logs for the latter, but constantly chasing after anyone feminine is, I think, a known issue when it comes to his 'character' (self-insert) and should have been documented already. I know some people have mentioned such in DMs to you in particular, Abo. I will not directly ping people involved here given I do not wish to force them to comment, but again, I'm fairly sure their identities are already known. Playing with them is straight up unenjoyable, and each time they get banned, they come back and behave for one or two rounds before regressing right back to their same old ways. If people are avoiding certain characters due to them tearing away the round's enjoyment, I think that's a problem.
  6. My only worry would be antags leaving at the drop of a hat. Eg. People doing a stealth objective then just gtfo an hour into the round, or leaving the second they run into conflict. It feels like a lot of antags at the moment have to 'win' at all costs, even if that means afking in a random maintenance locker for 30 minutes. I like the idea, but I think it needs to have a timer, and a way for the station to react. Even if it's just emanging the research shuttle console and getting an ERT-esque countdown. I also don't really think every antag needs the option. Vampire generally gets to the point it's impossible to 'beat' anyway, and ling is so desperately in need of a rework that it's entirely irrelevant. It'd be especially cool for ninja though, and could have some pretty darn interesting significance to borer as well. Raider/Merc obviously don't need it. Neither do burglars. I'd also argue that given cult has an end-game of summoning, they also do not need it. Would be nice if wizard could portal out somewhere. Maybe to the beach area? It's barely used, after all.
  7. Bumping this as it's been a bit and the restrictions are still in place. I may have missed changes regarding it though!
  8. I actually disagree. I only play security these days, with a large part of that as command staff. They give some weight to extended, allow for crew co-operation, and bring about some level of danger. The only two I dislike are basic (non-mass) carp invasions as they can, for whatever reason, stack - and sometimes are entirely irrelevant as fish get stuck on terrain - and the machine one. I don't see their removal doing anything other than just forcing' chairRP, bestRP' mentalities. Not everyone wants to sit around chatting, and these give opportunities to do otherwise.
  9. Still just as against them. As people have pointed out time and time again, people don't explore their environment with just their sight. I really don't think the indicaitors will make enough of a difference, and right now they're just annoying. I am, for the most part, struggling to see the benefit.
  10. Thanks for the help! It's very much appreciated. Edited in your suggestions - highlighted 'em for ease of viewing.
  11. This. It's fine it works against IPCs, but 10(?) sprayable, AOE shots that instantly end the IPC they hit is so silly.
  12. Heyo! These were actually the passages I was a tad shaky on myself, so fair enough lol. 1 and 3 are kind of linked. Looking through the lore, I couldn't find anywhere that said they (the rock nomads) actually joined the war effort on the DPRA's side in an organised fashion, instead of just fighting the PRA on their own terms within their own caravans. So I kind of assumed they both had the same enemy, but didn't necessarily formally ally themselves to begin with. The section with the Mountain King specifically says he never really gave his support to either side, and instead just defended his home. Unless I'm missing something? Scrapping together the lore for the nomads was a pain, given it's kind of spread everywhere and there's only 3 or so small sections. So to clarify, she would have liked to join the DPRA in a more formal manner, signing on as a soldier instead of functionally acting as a raider. 2) Saffiya isn't necessarily super traditional by way that she believes what she's doing. It's all more an excuse for her to keep her family and friends around, to feel wanted and adored, and to have something that's 'hers'. Does that make sense? I'd argue nomads have a considerably better life compared to most Zhan, mostly because they keep somewhat separate. I disagree that she would approve of the caste system, and her issues with the PRA was more them grinding down her culture as opposed to wanting to be treated like a worker. If she'd gotten her way, she wouldn't have fought at all and would have been quite happy to let the rest of the Tajara scrap it out if her and her own were left alone. I very much don't think they either have to be against the caste system and approve of the PRA, or be against it and disapprove. Like, you can see this with the Indian caste system to a degree as well. People can enjoy the social bonds and stability it brings, whilst still despising being put in a single 'box' as it were. Plus the NKA kind of takes it to its extremes again, and her life there - whilst better than most Zhans - would hardly be as good as before the second rebellion imo. I would also argue that she's very young in many ways, as well as having dealt with the struggles of war. Objective thinking isn't very high on her list of priorities, and everyone likes someone to blame. Kind of rambled a bit, but that's kind of why she supported what the DPRA were doing. Allowing her people to keep their traditions, whilst having the option of being something more. Nobody likes having their freedom taken away.
  13. BYOND Key: Peppermint96 Character Names: Current. Mercy Loveday - Security Officer Evelyn Morgan - Head of Security Barely used. Nina Thompson - Surgeon Genevieve Francois - Security Officer Shelved / Unused Bethany Harper - HoS - Dead lol Hope - Security Officer - Under revision Felicity Larson - CMO Elizabeth Harrington - CMO Liberty - Security Officer Eden Moore - Security Officer Mei-Ling Mori - Lab Assistant Maya Kari - Miner Species you are applying to play: Tajara What color do you plan on making your first alien character: I’ll have to fiddle with the editor some, but grey-blue most likely. So, you know, Zhan. Have you read our lore section's page on this species?: Yes. God, there are so many, but yes. Please provide well articulated answers to the following questions in a paragraph format. One paragraph minimum per question. Why do you want to play this race? Tajara was supposed to be the first race I applied for, but ended up getting roped into other whitelists by friends who wanted to play together (RIP Lily ). Taj always looked fun and now I’ve finished uni, I have enough free time to play again and applying seems sensible. Identify what makes role-playing this species different than role-playing a human: Ignoring the cast system for a second, Tajara are, essentially OOC, cat people. They have thick fur to suit their homeland, and claws that demand certain changes in tool usage that would likely make adjusting to human/skrell dominated space that much harder. They also have distinct colouring to match their subspecies, with difference psychological builds between each one. Eg. Zhan being built bigger and better equipped for manual labour compared to their brothers and sisters. Going hand in hand with the above, keener senses also play a part, giving them better senses of smell, as well as better eyesight, compared to the human ‘norm’. Again, I can imagine this could also play havoc with newer Tajara just entering human cities and ports, given everything must be so darn overwhelming and new compared to home. Another issue to face alongside the discrimination born of human prejudices, in part likely due to being referred to as cats - a wonderful ,extra humiliation bonus to go along with the usual challenges immigrants face. Traditionalism and ‘natural order’ is deeply entrenched into their culture and social structure, to more or less degree depending on species/faction. This can bring up isolationist opinions as well as clashes with other races, humans and skrell especially, over their treatment of certain classes. So adjusting to their space and corporations is a struggle, especially so far from home. I imagine many would surfer in this regard, depending on where their family unit is. I’m not going to go hard on each subrace here, as otherwise the length will get a wee bit silly. Instead there’s the issue that deep-rooted segregation does some really nasty things to brain and social development, as well as create all sorts of horrific social norms in treatment toward other castes. This can lead to poor resource allocation of things like education and healthcare, even after the more archaic systems have been abolished. It can also be especially bad on literature and scientific development through the limiting of the ‘idea pool’ which may help to show why the DPRA especially are struggling to make technological headway. At least in part. Growing up in this kind of setting would be extremely deliberating for all individuals, even if it’s not necessarily in the same way. Nonetheless, discrimination is deeply entrenched in Tajara ‘culture’, and a leading element of the race. Tajara also have a naturally lessened life span compared to the other galactic races, which is only going to be made worse given their history of warfare and all that comes from that. Whilst this would also mess with their perceptions of time, more importantly, it’s likely to become increasingly relevant as the race integrates with others. Existential crisis galore, I’d imagine, though that would not necessarily be relevant to playing IC. Just something interesting! There’s also stuff like the specifics of sexual dimorphism sleep cycles, and early history, but getting onto those topics would just push the length even further. I’ve read the wiki plenty though, and have these elements - especially the third - in mind. Character Specifics Character Name: Saffiya Emani Character Job: Apprentice Engineer Background Early Childhood: Saffiya was born to a rock nomad family around 2438 (Making her 24 in the ‘present’ timeline) in the Harr’masir area. Whilst her life contained the bitter struggle of growing up, to the outside world at least, as a Zhan, for the most part her early life was a pleasant one. Despite the harsh treatment, suspicion, and btterness cast to the caravan by the non-Rhazar'Hrujmagh they came into contact with, it was, in many ways, still better than the alternative. Born to two loving parents whom had previously supported the rebellion before returning home and hoping for a better life, Saffiya grew up alongside a childhood rich in story telling, music, and warmth. Like her siblings and peers, she was quickly taught in the arts of riding, herding, and weaponry, though could never quite shake the fascination she held in the ideas of cities, and spacecraft. Adolescence: After 2448 as increased pressure from the Haidii family began to try and settle the nomads, Saffiya’s way of life came under threat. Whilst the years before had seen increased resentment toward the rebelion’s ‘saviors’ as Tajara culture was slowly homogenised and their traditions stripped away, much of this was seen second hand. Either through the places the family visited or through conversations with - for the most part - other Zhan, Saff’s suspicion toward the regime only grew. Less so for political reasons and more so just for the love of her family, as the pressures increased, so too did her hate. Made worse by an injured Father and bereaved mother whom had both fought alongside Haidii in the previous wars the unfairness of how her and her people were treated by their supposed allies was made all the worse by a teenager’s passion. As the tensions grew into the culmination of agents such as Harmaliik being sent to her home in a bid to, as she saw it, strip away their individuality and spirit, Saffiya joined the war effort in trying to keep hold of their homeland. This put a pause on many of the things she’d looked forward to, ranging from her elevation to adulthood and the end to an arranged marriage she’d approved of to the son of one of the other caravan families. War and Rebellion: For the most part, at the start of the New Kingdom’s split, Saffiya was too young to see much active combat. Instead she ran minor errands for the caravans as her mother and father joined the resistance effort more directly, though did her best to sneak away with the raiding parties when able. For the most part however, in the years leading up to the formation of the ALA, Saffiya’s bitterness continued to grow. The long nights of fire side music and familial warmth felt like they were in the distant past, ruined by the Haidii and their lies. This likewise grew more zealous as older members of her social circle began laying the blame with NanoTransen, detailing all they’d done to take her mother and father away. As resistance continued and Saffiya grew older, she started to take more active roles in the fighting. First as a messenger, then later as a scout, though this was short lived following the inevitable death of her Father on a PRA raid gone wrong. Heartbroken, only her mother’s insistence she stay with the clan following Nated’s coup kept her at home. Yet as more of her friends were killed and she herself received minor injuries, Saffiya came to resent that choice. Running around as little more than a mercenary, feeling as if she was not truly contributing, began to wear on her. Especially as her age and anger were becoming increasingly under question by her family unit, leading to further withdrawal from the front. 'Freedom fighter': Following her mother’s increasing deterioration and as the reality of war set in, Saffiya’s previous days dreaming of glory and righteousness were long gone. Instead leaving a young woman stripped of the childhood she’d adored was left anxious and confused; a prime recruit for the most extremist of the 'freedom fighters'. Running away from her caravan as soon as she had she had the chance, Saffiya - to begin with - felt she’d finally found people who thought as she did. An ALA terrorist cell that practically lapped up the woman's ideologies and hate, using her thoroughly even if she was entirely unaware she was being exploited. In many ways, it was the best and worst of her life. She was surrounded by young men and women who felt as she did, were of her people, and provided a wonderful buffet to her declining mental health. Yet on the other side of things, she missed her family and was increasingly struggling with homesickness, whilst trying to justify the 'acceptable losses' of her work . Yet as time went on an 2461 rolled around, Saffiya was once again left feeling betrayed. Harmaliik’s pledge to the NKA - and the caste system it upheld - was something she could not abide by. It felt like everything she’d fought for had come undone as one of her people's heroes cast their lot in with the enemy, even if in reality she could see the sense of it. Doubly so as the guilt began to catch up, made all the worse as the Adhomai she'd wanted was looking increasingly impossible. Yet after losing her Father, her mother ,and - to a degree - herself, Saffiya withdrew from the ALA and tried to find her way back home. Partly for herself, and partly for the need for a mother's love. Crevuce: Upon returning to her old caravan, Saffiya found it changed. Many of her childhood friends had since passed away, or saw her as a zealot who should never have left her family. Worse, in many ways, was her mother. Relieved to have her daughter back despite their disagreements, Saffiya still couldn’t quite bring herself to forgive her for their rows and frustration leading up to her leaving. In her own mind with her own now twisted logic, Saffiya couldn't shake the thought that her father might have been alive if they'd pledged to - and had the resources of - the DPRA without just being convenient soldiers - paid for a service she wished they'd offered freely. Even if the reality of staying behind would have been non too different, she herself didn't see that; too wrapped up in hurt feelings and the blooming effects of PTSD. As such, her homecoming was short lived. Unable to rectify between the home she’d left and the one she’d wanted, Saffiya left and wandered. For the next few months she dotted from place to place, looking for meaning that always resulted in conversations surrounded Crevus. Whilst many of those she met painted the city out as some bastion for all Tajara, Saffiya remained sceptical. Yet with no where else to go and unable to face the shame of a second homecoming, she set out for the city and meaning. Her time there was brief, and mixed. Whilst on one hand she found fellow Zhan from all walks of life by which to bond with - even if she herself did not truly see them as being of the same race - the mix of factions and the strangeness of living in a city left her frazzled and anxious. Once again a prime target for extortion and harassment due to her isolated nature, large parts of the time she was in the city were spent being homeless. Chance eventually led her to a handful of the NanoTransen offices within the city. At first, to try and scope out the ‘evil’ she blamed, in part, for the destruction of her homeland, and later for the promises of adventure. Or, more exactly, for escape. NanoTransen and Biesel: Becoming increasingly desperate and poor, alongside sickened at the city she’d found herself in and the lack of traditional values, Saffiya eventually let herself be spoken into an NT contract. Whilst this was firstly a post in the security services given her experiences and need to boost their ‘equality’ demographics, eventually she talked the representatives into her allowing her to sign up as an engineering apprentice - hoping to at least gain back some small slither of that childish excitement that started it all to begin with. For the next few months, she learnt to read and speak basic, doing so by taking jobs as a bouncer for the casinos an shops - occupations she hated, but saw as a necessary evil. Eventually getting her proficiency up just enough to pass the tests, she was shipped out under the direction of the same representative and made her way to Tau Ceti. And, ultimately, the Aurora. < Religion stuff would go here if the length wasn’t already a tad dumb - she follows the Ma’ta’ke religion as per her parents. It's more a way of life to her/philosophical and 'what Tajara's do' type of traditionalist, as opposed to the deity side. > What do you like about this character?: I play a lot of ‘normal’, intelligent characters with basic human backstories. Doing something new with a more physically intensive character seemed fun. Likewise I’ve not really seen many rock nomad characters, and I like the clash they have in finding a place amidst the culture of their peers. Secondly, I really should just learn how the darn engineering department works and this seemed like a fun way to get involved. Mostly as even if the department turns out to be mechanically uninteresting, there’s plenty to do RP-wise to keep me playing the character. Unlike, say, my skrell/IPC applicants that ,whilst being good ideas (If I do say so myself), ultimately were not appropriate for an SS-style game. . How would you rate your role-playing ability?: I don’t really like this question as it’s so subjective. Especially as SS is fairly constraining in many ways, so a ‘good’ character is more limited than other mediums. I feel my characters are very distinct from one another, and feel ‘real’ - they all have their own goals and wants, pluses and drawbacks, though how well they’re enjoyed by other people is not something I’m aware of. I also play very strong-willed and emotional characters, which can often rub people the wrong way and lead to OOC issues. 1/10. Notes: I played volunteer kitty roles during the event. The first was the lead singer for bloodstorm (the one that got into all the bar fights) and the second was the Amohda swordswoman with the cool bullet splitting mechanic. So, I’ve played the race before to a degree (Not counting the away site.), even if I was shaky on the lore and needed a ‘lil guidance. Autocorrect kinda messed me up a little. Forgive name issues, please! Thank you to Bear for proofreading it and checking it over + to the others in the relay I’ve been asking questions to as of late.
  14. Given how ''''certain''' people were constantly metagaming their locations and running there on round start, all I can say is thank god they've been reduced. Shit was frustrating af.
  15. Just want to point out that this is something Esto has spoken about a number of times in OOC, before the topic of meson removal even came up due to the event shenanigans. So, is totes a thing and not just an excuse to have an advantage (Not that I imagine many people think that, but juustt in case.)
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