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  1. BYOND Key: Peppermint96 Staff BYOND Key: ReadMePlz Game ID: The round after b4y-akXo, though not exactly relevant. Reason for complaint: This isn't entirely a complaint, but more a request for better clarification regarding certain rules. For a run down for what happened: A nations event was started by Read, with little spoken about expectations when it came to rules/goals. I was told during the ahelp that no rules are relaxed unless an admin states as such, but given the round type and what was already happening, I'm not entirely sure that was true. An announcement regarding (but not really clearing up) this was made whilst I was ahelped, but again it lacked any real info as to what was and wasn't okay. So as a sec member, I ended up leaving the sec 'nation' after ten minutes in, a gunfight and brawl broke out after someone committed the terrible crime of....sitting in the warden's chair. Seeing as I joined late and this is hardly normal, I assumed things were more relaxed. Anyhow. I went off to steal the spare as bargaining power to join another group, as seemed to be the sensible option. When I got there, it seemed other people had the same idea. I hacked into the bridge and got winded without a word. A few minutes pass and still nothing, after which an announcement follows up saying no powergaming/overt rule breaking. I then get messaged and we speak a bit, at which point I accepted all that was said and didn't make a fuss. I was then told I was getting temp banned for having a note regarding hacking into areas the week before. I assume I was banned over not playing a believable character, though I disagree with this. My problems in general are: - This was an entirely different character, and one I mean to eventually transfer into engineering as part of her story. I'm not sure why the ban states she's eighteen? - A temp ban when I have a single warning seems rather harsh, though I assume it's due to it being a repeat despite very different contexts. - I have seen multiple other people do things like this with no repercussions. From other sec officers routinely hacking into places without getting spoken to, to doctors claiming they have two doctorates and a masters so they can do any work. This is a pretty common thing yet enforcement varies wildly from person to person. - Very little was said about how the round type would work. Given the mayhem very early on, I feel this is a point in my favour. Depending on who had handled the ticket, I feel like the consequences could have varied wildly. Evidence/logs/etc: N/a Additional remarks: - I accept that I messed up, to a degree. However, I do feel like the cross-departmental rule needs better/further wording as it's very subjective. I feel like someone with an interest and some schooling in engineering being able to do the very simple task of opening doors to be fairly believable. Had I filled out employment records would that make it fine? And, if so, where is the line drawn? There seems to be a lot of room to abuse things there, as it does if people used the skill thingy. - Is there a way to see your note history? Decided I don't really care enough to follow-up. Can be locked/ignored.
  2. A big thanks to everyone who's commented, but as I DM'd Shadow, I''ll be withdrawing this. Not been enjoying the game as much recently and been rather burnt out. Thanks though ❤️
  3. You yelled 'I'm getting attacked by terrorists' over command channel without giving any location. Likewise I was in constant communication with the captain throughout the round, whilst dealing with multiple changlings, so I'm not entirely sure what this is based on. Your character spent the rest of the round angry that my team did not somehow immediately teleport to your location where you yourself - as consular - decided to wade into a fight and act as security despite it being out of your jurisdiction. You then shot two people rather than waiting for security to handle it. At no point did I attempt any kind of actual arrest, but instead wanted the captain to drop the immunity in case I had to . At no point did I make any choice, and instead left it all down to the captain whilst me and him were talking about it over the sec channel. A -1 over a single round where your biggest complaint is lack of communication with someone I was fairly sure had committed crimes - especially when the captain stepped in to deal with it - seems a bit much. Especially as this the only round we've interacted together on. As a side note, I've made a character complaint based on your conduct that round as a non-antagonist.
  4. BYOND Key: Peppermint96 Game ID: b4n-aLCQ Player Byond Key/Character name: WigglesworthJones (I think) Staff involved: I didn't ahelp it at the time due to a busy round. Reason for complaint: They were playing their consular character and things started out fine. Eventually they started screaming over the radio that they were being attacked by two terrorists, so I sent some officers to deal with it. After spending the vast majority of the round trying to sort this mess out along with two changlings, they were somehow let off. Feel free to correct me, but my understanding of the events were as followed: - There was some political talk amongst a bunch of Tajara at cargo. - One of the cargo techs - Yahir - launched Wiggles' character out of cargo using an exosuit. Rather than waiting for security, Wiggles then returned to the scene. - Said conversation got heated, as these seem to always go, at which point a brawl broke out between some of the cargo techs. - To break up the fight, he then jumped over the cargo desk and began shooting as non-security, putting Yahir and another tech present into medical for the next 10-15 minutes. - Multiple attempts to ask questions were refused, up until the point where he sent a fax to get a representative aboard. My issue here is that he quite clearly - as a representative - put himself into danger to correct a brawl security was already on the way to deal with. He shot people with lethals as a non-antag, and turned the entire round into dealing with this mess despite the fact there were other antags that needed to be dealt with. Did you attempt to adminhelp the issue at the time? If so, what was the known action taken by administration/moderation? No. It was a messy round and I was busy elsewhere. Approximate Date/Time: 24/11/2019. The round started at 7:28am, and the whole issue kicked off a quarter of the way in or so.
  5. I wasn't going to reply to anything further, but looks like I kinda gotta. During your first example, you seem to be missing the part where I arrived late to a malf AI round where the SM ha degraded, all of security was dead, and there was a small army of borgs (As Captain). I got in and called the shuttle practically instantly as the crew made it very clear they were unable to handle the issue. I'm not exactly sure what type of co-ordination you wanted here, but there you have it. In the shuttle, you were dying from multiple injuries and told me to unwrench the oxygen canister and move it into the main area. Again, you told me to do this, which I did. You even threw me the darn wrench, so I'm unsure why you've written it out as if I swooped in and stole your thunder.. Which is..something I did, after putting you into cryo seeing as you had 120+ brute and something like 70+ hypoxia. I.E You were going to die anyway. I'd also note that we had exactly zero medical players this shift, presumably because they were dead. I made a mistake in not knowing the medical area was vented and fully admit to that, which I did multiple times in OOC with a whole host of apologies. As for the CMO round, the entire main level was vented and medical was a crater. I should have thought of maints/the elevator - which you and another said after - and grab/examine, which is something I'm aware of but didn't think about at the time. I admitted this fault and do take my share of the blame for that mess, but likewise the surgeon was as huge issue. As I detailed in death chat, I have the logs if you'd like. He only told me he was going AFK after I'd already stepped in as he'd been staring at you for the past five minutes whilst I was in/out of medical grabbing supplies. I made a bunch of assumptions that turned out to be wrong, which -again - I admitted to doing. For whatever reason, examine didn't show any arterial bleeding and neither did your sprite, so seeing as you'd arrived on 5% hp I assumed internal bleeding. When I first asked you what the problem was. you told me it was your head and only later mentioned your legs. I thought it was internal bleeding and set about fixing that, but then switched to fix the break seeing as it didn't take long and there was an incision already. Again, I freely admit to having fucked up, as I did so yesterday in death chat. I def think I've had a few bad rounds recently, but had a good start. Which is hopefully shown via the amount of positive feedback I got earlier on and throughout. But have made some pretty darn large errors recently too, so - if require - I'd like to request an extension to the trial.
  6. Shall we go into detail of what actually happened? Seeing as you made an admin ticket after all, which we both know was dismissed after holding the round up for twenty-five minutes, I think it's interesting you're now using the exact same thing as feedback despite nothing being found as wrong. I joined said 'fight' at the end when your paramedic was already restrained. Seeing as you were on crit, I patched you up as best I could whilst you constantly resist spammed. When you (obviously) got free, you attacked everyone nearby...got beaten down again..resist spammed again..and repeat. Which is interesting seeing as your complaint here is I didn't painRP. I spent the entire thing backed into a corner until you decided to attack me, at which point yes, I defended myself. I also didn't touch anybody else's department despite what you told the admin involved, aside from to teach the chemist viro when he said he didn't know how to make antibodies. During this, I told him the steps whilst he himself did the practical part. I'm sorry you feel this way and hopefully other rounds will change things. That said, I would like to highlight that the admin who looked into the ticket didn't find any fault with the above, so I'll be honest that I'm a tad confused why it's being used as feedback. I'll be DMing you for further information.
  7. My first post here was fairly positive, but I have issues over the last round or two. I had a captain round a little bit ago and asked for volunteers for HoS. You immediately offered despite the fact that your sec play is honestly rather poor (Which is a whole other complaint), most likely through inexperience (I've seen you commenting as such during OOC discussion, so hopefully this isn't overly cruel). To still step forward into a vital role is rather off. I think it's important people know their limitations, especially as getting on the whitelist opens up all command roles. It'd be really frustrating if you took the slot of a role you're not really ready for and had issues; I'm all for trials by fire, but there is a basic grounding that needs to be there first. During said round, you also decided downing a bottle of zoom pills was a good idea, and spent the rest of the round mentally retarded from the resulting OD. You claimed you didn't know what they did, but simple examine would have told you they cause brain damage. Bear in mind this was on a round where we were on blue alert less than twenty minutes in and needing command staff to baby you was a headache. I think you need to take roles more seriously as well as go in slow. If you don't know what you're doing as sec, join as a cadet. If you don't know what random pills do, ask medical. Accept your gaps in knowledge and work on them. Sorry, but changing to a -1.
  8. I'm sorry you feel that way. I disagree with a lot of what you said as huge amounts of context is missing (The fight in the rev round wasn't started by us, there was no command present to disobey anyway, ect) but I'm not looking to argue this, especially not here. Thank you for the feedback. If you have further issues, you're welcome to PM me for my discord, or talk to me through the forums to resolve it. Hopefully I'll be able to change your mind.
  9. I have exactly zero idea who you are. I assume you play the surgeon who arrived 20 minutes before the end of a round - whilst on red alert - and made a fuss about me not stopping a surgery in progress (whilst I was teaching an intern) and then decided to stand AFK in the middle of the OR hallway to sulk? If you have an issue, at least use examples so I know what you're talking about. Likewise I'm friends with most of the regular HoS players and I have no idea what you're referring to there; that's not a complaint I've dealt with before and, if anything, it's an IC issue and not at all relevant. I think this is especially questionable as the warden has no power to issue orders anyway, unless it's brig related. Likewise the issue of antags is flat out not true. I've not dealt with any antags recently as I've mostly played CMO/HoP and it's been ninja/wizard spam, neither of which I've made any effort to get in the way of. The one minor example I can think of is when I locked down medical during a merc round, but it wasn't as if we were being targeted - we were simply in the crossfire and it seemed sensible. So..again, examples please. Likewise, as you referenced the other person's issue, I took that on board and they since seem fine. This is all rather baseless. I'm happy to take on and work around criticism and issues, but they need to be specific and have some grounding to them.
  10. I'll bear that in mind moving forward. It wasn't intentional, but after half the medbay was blown up and I had two critical patients to deal with, I was in a bit of a panic OOC and rushed it all. Hopefully the next few rounds together will be better, as I see how this would have annoyed you ^^.
  11. Please remove them. Pretty please? Double pretty please? They make no sense and are super darn annoying.
  12. BYOND key: Peppermint96 Character names: In order of activity: Genevieve Francois London Werry Stephanie Yung Antag Name = Grace How long have you been playing on Aurora?: Twoish months? Perhaps less? I'm not entirely sure, as I've played previously but only more regularly over the last five to six weeks. Why do you wish to be on the whitelist?: I enjoy playing command roles elsewhere, plus I've started playing at odd hours where there are zero command roles active which makes life ten times harder. Why did you come to Aurora?: I write and RP a lot elsewhere, but took a rather long break. Aurora was supposed to just be a way to get back into it, but I ended up loving the community and sticking around. Have you read the Aurora wiki on the head roles and qualifications you plan on playing?: ✔ Have you received any administrative actions? And how serious were they? I've been informed of one note, though I'm not sure if I have more (For clarity, I probably do.). I have no warnings or bans. Please provide well articulated answers to the following questions in a paragraph each. Give a definition of what you think roleplay is, and should be about: I feel like it's just another medium of entertainment/storytelling/creativity, with the added bonus that it's done around other people. So there's plenty of reactive play that you do not get in a book, movie, or most video games. A lot of the excitement comes from the way people around you react, especially when it's in ways you don't expect. Which, in turn, drives creativity to further the main goal of story telling. And then, of course, escapism via 'being' in whatever genre of choice. What do you think the OOC purpose of a Head of Staff is, ingame?: Two main reasons, really. The first is to help facilitate the stories other people want to tell, by helping to enable their plans. This is especially important when it comes to antag roles and trying to meet everyone halfway; offering an enjoyable narrative to both sides whilst trying to include as many people as possible. So, in other words, avoiding the trap I feel many people fall into and only having command/security deal with antags. A head should be helping to make sure everyone feels included. Then the second reason is to inject a little excitement or variety into the round if nothing else is going on, as well as to be a port of call for in-game guidance if they're a departmental head. What do you think the OOC responsibilities of Whitelisted players are to other players, and how would you strive to uphold them?: None that are any different to any one individual. I think people should, whilst of course finding their own fun, be conscience of the other people playing and go out of their way to ensure their stories also work. Could you give us the gist of what is currently happening in Tau ceti and how it affected your character and their career? Mostly (so far as I can see) increasing/decreasing racial tensions. IPCs, whilst still with plenty of stigma and hate, are becoming begrudgingly more accepted. Though the SLF actions may be hurting this progress, depending on personal belief toward violent protest. There as also been increased pressure on the Tajaran wars to find some form of agreement, with the formation of coalitions hardly seeming to help. Even NT has weighed in, whilst the Eridani contractors no longer see the fight as being worthwhile for their contracts. Due to said tensions and the likelihood of more, diplomatic characters are increasingly required. Especially on a station like the Aurora, with a whole host of different backgrounds working together. What roles do you plan on playing after the application is accepted? HoP/Captain for now. I like the thought of HoS, but I feel the role is bloated right now and enjoy the players as is. Likewise CMO would be fun, but I'm not entirely comfortable with it yet. Characters you intend to use for command or have created for command. Include the job they will be taking.: Felicity Larson - CMO Elora Roche - Captain/HoS Elizabeth Warren - HoP How would you rate your own roleplaying?: Like everyone else, it depends. I feel like my characterisation is pretty good, but still move toward reactivity rather than proactivity. Hence wanting to start as HoP and work upward from there to see what command is like on this server. Do you understand your whitelist is not permanent, and may be stripped following continuous administrative action? ✔ Have you familiarize yourself with the wiki pages for the command roles? ✔ Extra notes: Constructive feedback on the app itself would be nice. I'm not fully sure on the lore side especially; I may be missing things.
  13. I don't know much about the engineering side, so I can't really comment. Two things stick out to me though. The first is that your psych, James View, is one of the most annoying and frustrating characters to deal with, as is (was) the LOOC salt that tended to crop up. THAT SAID All the interactions I've had with your engineer have been wonderful, and I very much think you've improved hugely since starting here. Which is the most important thing, in my opinion. Neutral on a +1 seeing as I just don't know enough about the engineering department to comment there. That said, I would like to advocate on your behalf that despite a (really) rocky start, things have gotten considerably better.
  14. I was the warden in the above narrative. I'm not going to write out everything that happened given that Noir already has, but I was (and am) still extremely confused as to why any bans were handed out to begin with. Someone mentioned it was due to escalation, but there had been plenty . Likewise, the whole rev side was played out so terribly that nobody had any idea what was actually going on. My version of the events are as followed: A rather garbled message from centcom stated that all income was being reduced to 100%, as well as a bunch of random letters. Nobody had any idea what this was actually about and when I commented on it in general, I was bwoinked (still not entirely sure why). During the conversation I had with Sonic, even he said that he wasn't sure what the message was meant to mean and no direction was given. The AI told us that there were hostiles taking the CMO hostage. We reacted and armed up. There was no announcement forthcoming and we had no idea what was going on. Given that we were low on officers and had no HoS, I armed the cadets and detective too, given we thought we were about to deal with boarders. Whilst doing so, there was gunfire outside. We went to check and a bunch of mercs began threatening us whilst refusing to answer why they were there. Eventually they said it was to do with the pay cuts, but quoted a different number to what the fax had already said. Bear in mind that at this point, we'd had no messages by any heads as to what was going on. We had no HoS, so were not receiving the faxes and were running blind. Eventually the RD shows up and tells us to stand down. We do so and still get no news as to what the fuck is going on. Eventually the AI lets us know, whilst also saying that it would be hostile to anyone getting in the way of the mercs. We go back to sec and discuss what to do. At this point I would like to point out that sec was split down the middle over our allegiances. Some of us were willing to support CC, whilst others were opposed. Overall this seemed like an interesting introduction to a rev round. The general consensus is to stay in the brig, but protect the crew should it come to it. But..then things get messy. Eventually one of the revheads is arrested and apparently they're to be turned into a cyborg. Again, sec is still mostly split on who will and who will not support CC. Some of us were fine with a mutineer getting executed, whilst others were not. Some time goes by and the captain (Ex-RD) comes back to tell us that mutineers will be 'put on their knees' and the penalty for mutiny is now cyborgification. Again, some of us are okay with this. Noir then proceeds to go through the regulations and point out that this is illegal. The captain promises to have him borged. It's at this point that loyalty shifts and all of sec are now on side with turning against the mercs, especially given the downright insane way the RD acts. There's talk of how sec is planning to mutiny. At this point, we weren't. We were simply going to oppose the mercs should they begin to harm the crew. The mercs come back and demand we disarm, whilst throwing around threats. Some have weapons out, despite the fact that none of us do. They were told to back off multiple times, whilst likewise insisting we comply or they'd use force. Given we are seriously outgunned, eventually - after a while of talking, I might add - we open fire and kill one merc. I would like to note that as soon as the others backed off, nobody went to hunt the others down or the like. We simply stayed put whilst deciding how the fuck we were going to weather the fallout. Or so we tried. Which brings us on to issue number two. I'm a firm believer that there was plenty of escalation here, yet the scene stopped as Garn announced over LOOC that he was going to enjoy handling the request. He then made comments about how there was 'one down, one to go' or the like, at which point Brett fell SSD. At this point, the arguments began. Firstly over the fact that we were well within our rights to open fire for a variety of reasons, - with support from observers - , then secondly over what the next move was. Given that we'd just lost two members and the merc had been revived, the odds were now ridiculously unfair. Either way, there was a heated discussion whilst waiting for at least some form of guidance over what the plan was, and I very much hope someone else has screenshots/logs of it all. Eventually a fight started, though I'm not entirely sure why, at which point another merc was killed. Given that at this point every ounce of momentum has died, none of us are really acting IC and most are plain confused, the rest of the round is a painful slog of nobody having any idea over how to play the rest of it out. My issue with the whole thing is that it felt rather obvious that Garn had no real idea what was going on in the round, as well as how the general rev issues were handled. I feel we were justified in the attack, given that we'd been provoked and left in the dark. This is due to: Confusing messages from CC. An overwhelming lack of clear communication. Mercs showing up with IPCs. Mercs firing upon the crew. The mercs dragging a diona off and throwing them into maints, at which point they almost die. The breaking of regulations to cyborg a crew member. The mercs refusing to work with us or communicate in any meaningful way. The pressure to disarm despite clearly hostile elements on board The AI telling us it would take action if we did not disarm, whilst also bolting down doors. The threats from command combined with the threats of the mercs. I'm not sure how it can be argued that, IC, the members of sec didn't have very real reason to fear for their lives and those of the crew. I am also doubly confused over the argument that 'It's from CC, you have to follow it', despite the fact that no rev round I've been a part of has ever played out like that before. None of us were loyalty implanted and those likely to have qualms over going against CC both voiced and acted upon them, until things heated up and one of our own was threatened for questioning orders. That said, Garn did make it clear that he felt the ban on Brett was too harsh, and made clear efforts to try and inform her that it was lifted. I have no issue on that side of things, as he very much forthcoming in having messed up. Buutt..the ban on Noir seems odd to me, as does the fact that there was any intervention at all. But perhaps I'm missing something?
  15. Heyo. Not sure if I'm meant to comment on this, but doing so to try and explain my side of the story. I played the vampire you turned, Genevieve. So, err, firstly it was actually me and Adelina who attacked you, not Summer. I'm not sure if the in-game ability thing has this description, but the wiki does make it clear that vampires have no allegiance to whoever turned them. Likewise, I attacked you for two big reasons. Firstly it was due to you forcing me to kill the HoS earlier on into the round, then again for thralling Klaus, who's a friend of Gennie. During the actual fight, Summer never touched you (so far as I know), and we actually gave you a whole host of warnings to surrender peacefully. I only went for you once you started yelling at your thrall to kill us.
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