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  1. I agree with the above. Over and over there are changes to security - immediate negative backlash by both sec players and others follow - and said changes go ahead anyway. The maintenance access change being the biggest one aside from all this. So yes, there does feel like there's a certain measure of unfairness especially when there are admittedly other changes that would be possible, the most obvious being heavily restricted access, and the general attitude seems to be 'sec man bad, so we don't care' (From the playerbase, that is.). My other problem is that this is all a two way street. I strongly disagree on the fact that security is 'too quick to mobilise' or whatever and co-ordination is too easy when over and over again every conflict ends in three different ideas and two rows over how we should sort it out. Instead my opinion is that the recent ccast antag players are just not that good, though hopefully this will correct in time. The difference between someone who plays antag regularly and their effectiveness compared to the current cast is miles apart, yet it's still security that's getting targeted. Ling, cult, wizard, raider, ect, should be given buffs if they're struggling that much. We also go back and forth with depsec originally being a buff to sec- an argument that was made during the previous merge as a plus by multiple people now deciding they want a nerf - and now it's decided something needs to make them weaker. Likewise there's the issue of how sec was using this last time as just 'officer with more access'. The voting shows that even with this people were still supportive of the change. That and where are all the IRs regarding the breach of warrant usage? Where are all the charges, or sec players who were bwoinked/banned? As I sure don't see any. It's all well and good for people to be upset that this is how it went in a few cases, but I don't really see anyone having taken it upon themselves to do anything about it. Totally ignoring the fact there's zero IC justification as to why this would make sense - and especially with people talking about banning the use of handhelds and other workarounds on an OOC level - it's going to severely effect the players most hit. I think it's a sad state of affairs when multiple people are seriously considering dropping the department as a whole if these changes go through, when a lot of the older sec players have moved on to other departments already due to general attitudes and frustrations. People shouldn't be forced to just not play due to the fact that the proposed merge would be unconditionally less enjoyable to play. And I just know the response to this is going to be either a) tough shit or b) you're being over dramatic, but eh. Worth a try. None of this is touching on the fact that HoS would be something of a joke role, let alone how warden/CSI/detective are supposed to get by. There's also the option to just...not use depsec if there are this many issues, which seems to be the easiest of them all. / rant.
  2. Awful plan on the radio side. On the first issue with access, sure, whatever, give the departmental heads authority. However, why is it that it's totally fine to split sec up, reduce their interdepartmental RP and interactions? It makes zero sense both OOC and IC as to why anybody would have decided this was a good idea, and just generally unfair. The only reason this is being seen as ok is 'sec man bad'. If it was done to any other department - which it makes about as much sense to - there'd be uproar. What about CSI/Detective/Wardens mainly? Likewise, this was tested previously and the lack of radio totally killed a lot of the enjoyment people had with it, as well as being an overwhelming nerf. I'd 100% take the hallway access over the sudden lack of comms.
  3. I play antags fairly regularly, if that means anything. That said, I tend to have gimmicks in mind, be set up in that mindset, and generally have a plan going in. Getting randomly allocated 'oh you're traitor now, have fun!' is frustrating imo. But, a considerably bigger problem is that the quality of antag has - in my mind - fallen dramatically. So often in AOOC it's 'I don't know what I'm doing', 'why am I this role?' 'what do I do?' and whilst I'm all for teaching new players, a lot of these people don't want to play these roles in the first place and so just go for the easy route. So we get lazy gimmicks. After the last few days, my non-extended rounds have been the following: - Ninjas running around randomly shurrikening people without a word. - Traitors suicide bombing medical and killing four people with zero build-up. - Mercs stealing the Captain, not interacting with anyone, and never giving demands as they RP on their ship over two hours. - Revs who do the most ridiculous shit and so never recruit anyone, with nonsense gimmicks everyone rolls their eyes at. Yes we have more variety, but variety without quality is just..what's the point?
  4. Strong, strong disagree. Telebatons break bones and cause nasty trauma, and god forbid most sec officers would use them well. There's plenty of ways to deal with someone with a stubbaton, seeing as armor does block a decent amount of the pain and it takes a good few hits to knock someone down.
  5. Mm. This makes it almost better than oxycodone as a painkiller, which seems a bit backwards. It'd have to have a low pain threshold, ideally. Not entirely sure how I'd personally change it though, as it certainly gets old being force fed soprof mid fight.
  6. 1) Yep, they're a shell! I'll fiddle with the timeline and make sure it all lines up properly. My bad lol. 2) Whilst the higher end sections were removed, the parts that were taken out were still replaced (albeit with considerably lower quality, cheaper parts scrounged up via less than reputable sellers), if only to ensure it's not fully lobotominzed for lack of a better term. So whilst resentment that something was gone would be present, it'd be considerably less subtle and more based of a response - less human, more reflex and animal almost, if that'd make sense? So it'd still experience resentment, some minor fear, ect, albeit almost directionless without much nuance to it. Less 'I'm angry because I've been cut up' and more 'I'm angry', if that makes sense? I know this is not exactly the most helpful of answers, but I feel this is something that is going to be considerably easier to show than to explain due to the limitations of language compared to emotion.
  7. BYOND Key: Peppermint96 Character Names: (In descending order of activity.) Nina Thompson (Surgeon) Genevieve Francois (Security Officer) Maya Kari (Miner) Mei-Ling Mori (Lab Assistant) Elizabeth Harrington (CMO) Bethany Harper (Head of Security) - Deceased. Species you are applying to play: IPC (Shell) What color do you plan on making your first alien character: N/a (Shell) Have you read our lore section's page on this species?: Mhm. Please provide well articulated answers to the following questions in a paragraph format. One paragraph minimum per question. Why do you wish to play this specific race: I've heard a lot from friends and other members of the community over how darn fun they are to play, and having played them occasionally when antags d/c and the like, I'd have to agree. More importantly however, I'm looking for a general change of pace and an IPC character would be extremely different from my current cast of characters; most of whom are very emotional, headstrong women ,and this should be about as far from that as I can get. Identify what makes role-playing this species different than role-playing a Human: After skimming through the IPC discord, I saws someone (I think it was Paradox) say something like: 'You have to play an IPC under the assumption that you're going to get bwoinked over every action, and need to be able to justify it'. That seemed like a darn good summary, considering the use of programming over emotions; a more logical way of approaching the world, without a human's more emotional/impulsive responses. This likewise goes hand in hand with how IPCs protect their own existence and have such a slant toward self-preservation, which again 'slows down' gameplay as it were to have a more cautious approach to everything. There's likewise the constant risk of an (owned) IPC getting shut down if they're not working correctly, they're not being efficient enough, or theoretically - just on the whim of its owner. There's the battle there of still trying to be an individual whilst balancing that with very little, if any, autonomy when it comes to securing their own existence, which should creep over to every facet of their life. There's a world of difference compared to a human worker when losing your job instead of your life is the standard worst case scenario fear when something goes wrong. On the less individual scale, there's also the arguments surrounding whether or not an IPC is truly 'alive', albeit in a different way to humans. This can excuse all manner of discrimination, horrific treatment, and general indifference to how a unit is treated by its owners, other species, and even the government. Given that they don't even have a 'murder' charge for their destruction and some company's (Eridani ones) have no option for them to be ever anything than really property, it's a harsh existence with many people not seeing an individual as opposed to just a tool. How the IPC itself deals and views these issues then varies wildly from unit to unit, which adds another level of intricacies into playing and interacting with them. Character Name: Mable Character Role: Janitor/Chef Please provide a short backstory for this character: In 2457, Einstein engineers was contracted out under Zeng-Hu Pharmaceuticals to create a line of ‘nanny’ shell models for the wealthy and elite. Supposed to act as both showpieces and functional units for Eridani families with parents too busy or ‘too important’ to raise their own children, EE worked alongside the Jeonshi Beauty Company to come up with a mix of both. Initially releasing fifty units after a two year development period, the line immediately failed to receive all too much attention. Between a worry over synthetics raising children and a steep price point, only a handful were ever sold and the model was soon discontinued. Mable was one of the few units purchased and taken back by a wealthy corporate banker as a gift for his wife after their second child was born and she wanted to return to the workplace. With top of the range emotional simulators, fully up to date cleaning, cooking, and nurturing software, Mable was a success. Becoming a staple in the children’s - a seven year old son and 2 year old daughter - at first everything went well. Enjoying its role and finding immense satisfaction in fulfilling its core function in ensuring the children were healthy and happy, Mable was nonetheless treated as little more than furniture by its owners. Shown off at parties, dinner dates, and generally used as a means for the family to flex their wealth, the nervousness and anxiety this caused was further tunnelled into its work. Becoming more aggressive in its strategies to keep the children happy and healthy - stricter punishments, increased routine, ect - as a way to cope with the unfamiliar and often scary situations it was being put in, Mable was nonetheless kept around for a little over a year. Now 2460 and having lost some of the goodwill it had generated, Mable was becoming increasingly loathed by its owners. And so when disaster struck and Mister Zung’s banking career sank after being exposed for embezzlement and fraud. Having lost his job and now fully dependent on his wife’s income to maintain both their reputation and living conditions, it wasn’t long before the family were forced to turn to more drastic means. After selling off most of the furniture and some of Mrs Zung’s jewellery and barely making a dent in the building debt, they instead turned their attention to Mable. After all, did it *really* need to be in perfect working order to function? Did it *really* need such advanced systems to do the basic jobs of cooking and cleaning? And so much to Mable’s horror and confusion, her owners began to cannibalise her for parts. Small things, initially, that would find a buyer on the open market. Some of its plating, followed by replacing removed limbs with cheaper, less effective measure purchased for far less. Whilst these changes made it harder for Mable to effectively do its job, she could only see it as a failure upon herself for somehow upsetting the family. Buckling down and trying to work harder to please the children under its care, unfortunately the ‘downgrades’ created an increasingly unpleasant visage. Having been tended to by a previously stereotypically beautiful model that was now a ramshack mess of bizarre bits and bobs its owners could find, it was no longer able to be shown to the public as a status symbol. Likewise the children grew increasingly uncomfortable around Mable, further compounding her agitation of not doing a good job. As this continued over the course of months, and later years, as debts and fines mounted with Mable being increasingly broken down, eventually its owners had to start selling off more crucial parts. Including its capacity for emotional response and simulation. With its removal and subsequent downgrade leaving Mable a shell of its former self (pls dont ban me), the unit was pretty much entirely unfit for its old duties. As this became more and more apparent and Mable became increasingly resentful, its owners decided to cut its losses entirely and sell it. Having been previously too vain and desperate for the prestige the model brought, the Frankenstein IPC only sold for a fraction of its previous worth. Now unable to even perform its initial duties, Mable was glad of the sale - hoping to find satisfaction and purpose working elsewhere, even though its incredibly sheltered existence made the outside world that much more terrifying. Snapped up by NT for basic janitorial work for the NSS Aurora, a few quick repairs and diagnostics of the more damaged components later saw Mable outfitted and ready for action. What do you like about this character?: I play a lot of characters that are more on the emotional/passionate side, and going the opposite way sounds like it’d be a fun writing experience. That and I see a decent number of IPCs go the opposite way - fairly basic, to advanced, but I feel the reverse holds more potential for development and growth. How would you rate your role-playing ability?: Pretty solid! I play a varied cast and I'd like to think I play them well. Though then again, doesn't everyone? Notes: The backstory is probs something of a garbled slog rn, sorry! Wrote it all up late at night.
  8. Why remove it without anything to replace it? Cloning is also gone. Psych is pretty much dead. If you don't want to play it, then don't. Removing the outbreaks would be another option, though my personal preference would just be to let doctors also be capable of treating outbreaks (It's stupid easy, the theory is like..basic high school logic, and nothing about it is mechanically difficult). Yet just doing away with the department at all is pointless.
  9. Please. Please do this. I was on the fence as we've already lost malf, but fuck me the pattern of early morning lowpop wizard has been so horrifically painful to the soul. Removal, replacement, whatever. It's garbage. If I hear one more 'Hello, I got lost, is this a space castle?' or 'I just graduated from wizard school', I may go insane.
  10. They're fun! I agree with the above on the antag issue. It'd be nice for them to get a trial. +1
  11. I disagree with this being a nerf to antags. It's so much easier to run rings around security now as you know where everybody is going to be, and taking out an officer gives you so much more access than it used to. Likewise, high value targets like the armory/vault are much easier due to having fewer people around to notice anything is going wrong. The lack of warrants is def annoying though. Almost as bad as random security officers thinking they run the department and questioning every little thing whilst hunting for their valids.
  12. All is good! They seem to play a slightly more passive command member from what I've seen, but I don't think that's a bad thing. They clearly have the knowledge required as CE. +1
  13. Easy +1. Mel's great. Both at the department, and as a friend. She's played iCMO enough that she's practically been on trial for a while now anyways.
  14. Reporting Personnel: Nina Thompson Job Title of Reporting Personnel: Surgeon Game ID: b5X-aVsM Personnel Involved: Jacquelyn Roberts - Nurse - Witness. Summer Valiere - EMT - Witness. Peace Khanthavong - CMO - Offender. Nick Cherry - QM - Victim. Secondary Witnesses: Ryder Williams (Heard the chatter over comms and resulting argument. Was not directly present.) Time of Incident: A little before 13:32. Real Time: GMT - 5:20AM - 8:11AM Location of Incident: Medical, OR1. Nature of Incident: [ ] - Workplace Hazard [ ] - Accident/Injury [ ] - Destruction of Property [x ] - Neglect of Duty [x ] - Harassment [ ] - Assault [x ] - Misconduct [ ] - Other _____ (Place an x in the box that applies. If other, replace line and specify.) Overview of the Incident: At some point during the shift, a critical patient was brought to medical in a horrible condition. Their heart had stopped, brain activity was close to 20%, and most of their bones had been broken. They were placed in a stasis bag and as the only surgeon, I prepared to operate. During this time, I asked the help of both the nurse and EMT to assist me due to the severity of the victim;s wounds. However, before we could start, the CMO had to attend to a xenobiologist who was injured via slimes. They saved the patient and by all accounts did well. They then told me over comms to prepare to operate, so leaving the QM in the stasis bag, I left thinking they were in poor condition. I stepped out of OR one along with Jaquelyn, at which point I heard shouting from the other side. Running over, it turned out the CMO had decided for reasons unknown to anyone under God's green earth, to open the bag. At this point the patient was flatlining on the floor, whilst the CMO bickered and complained that they were somehow in the right for doing this. Miss Roberts thankfully managed to restart their heart and the three of us completed the surgery. During it however, the CMO continued to claim they were in the right, and this later spiralled into an argument that seemed to revolve around 'I know what I'm doing, and you don't' despite the fact they made a grave error. One that could have cost the QM their life. I would like to point out the following: - I mentioned multiple times over the radio that I had a critical patient in OR1. - I even asked for the CMO's help in case a second surgeon was required. - I made it clear that OR1 was in use and nobody was to disturb it whilst I saw to the slime victim. - During a busy surgery to correct the damage, I had to deal with multiple rounds of argument and distractions which was frankly horribly unprofessional. - Whilst I am confident that both myself and Miss Roberts could have attended the surgery alone, I was admittedly exhausted due to events earlier in the day that I'm sure CCIA is aware of, but I'm unable to directly talk about. Hence asking for additional support. - Upon asking the CMO to then take a simple surgery of a broken hand later in the shift, due to exhaustion, they decided to refuse my request and demand I do it despite being perfectly able. - All of this could have been avoided if the CMO had simply asked if anyone was in the bag, or what it was doing there. I would like to note that my problem is not with the CMO messing up. By all accounts, they're a skilled doctor and know what they're doing. Accidents happen, and it's just part of the job. That said, the blinding lack of ability in taking responsibility for what happened is highly worrying, as is putting employees down for their 'rank', reminiscent of a CMO that is thankfully no longer with us. Submitted Evidence:: Detailing a scan of the victim taken after the brain, lung, and skull was repaired to show the extend of the injuries. All of which were due to a low pressure environment. An initial scan was not possible due to their condition and a need to move fast. Did you report it to a Head of Staff or a superior? If so, who? If not, why?: The only other head was a HoS I'm unaware of, and I generally lack much confidence in the ISD's ability to handle such a matter. There was also a large hivebot incursion following the event, at which point I barely left the OR for the remainder of the shift. Actions taken: Attempted to verbally engage with the CMO, to no avail. A brief conversation with an officer before everything went batshit insane. Additional Notes: ((Unsure if the hivebots are canon. I've been told different versions by admins and players alike, so not detailing that section all too much.))
  15. Balance would really need to be looked at tho. Some wizard archetypes are already aids to fight against, let alone with body armor/RIGs/whatever else on top.
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