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  1. Basic Information Byond Account: Peppermint96 Character Name(s): Mercy Loveday / Gabrielle Khalen are the ones I play the most right now. For the full list: AI Name(s): N/a Discord username + tag: Sophie#7605. Age: 25 on Sunday. Timezone: GMT+1. UK. When are you on Aurora?: I work full time so can only play in the evening. However, I do so from home with a fairly predictable schedule so would be able to leave the client running early in the morning and during early afternoon. Weekends are more variable given the whole pandemic thing, but tend to follow a s
  2. +1, Tish is fun and a good sport, plus seems to make sense for the character.
  3. Whilst I would personally like size mods in theory, in practice I feel this sets a poor precedent and would just lead toward everyone on the station being even more of a land of the giants than they already are. There's too much mechanical significance to playing a short character like this - plus most of it can be RP'd out anyway, aside from the blood thing. It would also be problematic to certain races like skrell and possibly m'sai, which isn't ideal imo.
  4. Heyo, I wanna make super, super clear this is not a complaint or a -1 or anything of that nature, and not at all meant to be taken in bad faith. Bear with me, please. In a not-so-distant round of hesit + burglar, medical was called to the brig to treat myself (a warden) and a downed raider. I was in a really bad way after being lit up with lasers in a vented area, so had severe blood loss, brain damage, and burns. The raider was also having a bad day and dealing with blood loss, but the extent of their injuries was much more stable. However, whilst they were wheeled off chatting happ
  5. I dunno. I was also going to say that I don't really see these being used for combat, but ran into it whilst playing engineer yesterday. I didn't know about the warden card either, which sounds like an issue waiting to happen lol. Might be best to just get them sorted before they become trashy?
  6. Mmm. Not sure how I feel about investigations and the arresting cadetship, as it's now two 'maybes' rather than one. Detective could previously throw down, but with the addition of an extra role, it seems like a bit too much temptation. Agree with Abo/Doxx it should probably be ired away from.
  7. Seems sensible. I like this idea, and agree with most. I have a few questions though, as don't understand sections and may just be lacking context. Why does security have minimal speech impediment, but first responder have speech impediment? They both need very clear lines of communication, and I'd argue that goes for the latter more so for the former. I'm also not sure about detective/FT being movement impaired, especially the former. FTs spend a lot of time scrambling around in nasty areas, whilst detectives still have officer powers even if they're a last resort. Chef being able
  8. Oh wow, these are super cool. Nice job ^^.
  9. I only generally see slugs ordered when security is having a hard time, so kind of disagree with this being needed. That said, I would be more okay with this if not for the fact that ordering stuff takes forever. Between getting confirmation, to finding a cargo tech who's actually willing to do their job (Seriously, why is it okay for this department to just do nothing all round?), sorting out funds and then getting the shuttle - which could be easily stopped with antags just waiting for it/cancelling it - chances are the problem has already resolved one way or another. This is also
  10. I like these changes, though I am sympathetic to those worried about how their own characters would slot in - I imagine there will be ways around that, so wouldn't worry too much too soon. The map changes are especially nice, if only to break up the department somewhat. Likewise it's fairly rare imo to come across an FT who can't do detective stuff and vice versa anyway, plus just because the title is more ambiguous does not mean character backstory would have to be limited somehow. If anything, it should offer more flexibility.
  11. This'll be my last post on it, until admins chime in. - You can quote the regulation at me, but that's exactly what we did. You were not arrested, not questioned, and not dealt with by command until we heard from CC as to what to do - something the entire command staff had agreed upon prior. When instructions were given, they were stuck to. From my perspective, this was not a minor thing. You can say you placed one bug, but how was I supposed to know that IC? All Evelyn is aware of is that someone outside of NT has come onto their station, bugged a public space to spy on folks - political
  12. I was the HoS. You're right I wasn't dealing with your characters problems, due to the fact I was also running around with the bugging investigation (how would I know it was a tile issue, whilst in game?) and multiple vampires on a crazy hectic round. I personally find your character's reactions rather unbelievable, especially given we did not get a single line of command dialogue up until a burst of complaints regarding Ana. I asked you to take your complaints to the existing HoP when you originally made them, and then Captain, due to the fact I was incredibly busy. The investigati
  13. I play mostly sec/command and so I am biased. Not touched antag for a while. I'm also likely to get crucified, but I think it's the antag side that are the bigger problem. I just got out of a borer round where I was bordered, not communicated with, taken over, and then they tried to flush me down disposals. This repeated three or four times until I got it out, and honestly isn't all that rare. Then you throw in things like wizards who spam spells on cooldown without a word, mercs who shoot you on sight, and cultists that gank you for wandering into your own maintenance. It is incred
  14. Early days, but having a lot of issues where it feels like the AI is distinctively going out of their way to frustrate people due to how often conflicts are arising. Not in a 'it won't let security hang, draw, and quarter the antags on the holodeck' but small things like not letting medical personnel in to save someone without paperwork being filled out, despite the fact they're in crit. I feel it'd be better if the spirit of the laws was more important than the exact wording, especially now that there's a whitelist process.
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