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  1. Drones events have potential to be neat little bits of busywork for Security, but they suffer from one major issue. No one actually knows where they are. All they do now is either sit and wait for some unfortunate janitor to walk down the wrong maintenance tunnel before ripping him to shreds, or they never get found and contribute nothing to the round at all and waste a random event. It'd help if roughly 10-15 minutes after they spawn another announcement is made with a general location for any who're left alive so that Security can move and do something about them.
  2. I can count on one hand the number of these I've actually replied to over the years. That being said, Augustus Wolf is a great Head of Security character. Hell - I'd even say he's one of the better (if not best) that I've seen. The player clearly puts in the effort in to keep interactions enjoyable for all parties involved and ensures that as much of the crew gets a chance to play as possible - as opposed to only Security. Whatever you're doing, please don't stop. My only concern with your play is that you're putting in so much work that you'll burn yourself out before long. I really hope you don't. +1
  3. There's a couple issues with the new kitchen just at a glance. The double airlock dividing the seating and ordering areas closes in the rooms. They're unnecessarily claustrophobic and it reintroduces a problem we remedied in the current kitchen - There's only room for three customers. The ordering area towards the bottom seems redundant and the little penalty box around it eats up valuable floor space in an already tiny area. On a more minor note it also force you walk away from the seating area and across the room to hit the drink taps. There's no tables directly beside the cooking appliances, meaning you'll have to walk across the room to grab ingredients you could otherwise set down right beside you. There's only one set of appliances. When we designed the kitchen we have now the goal was to have two symmetrical work stations with equipment so that both chefs could work on their projects independently without stepping on one another's toes. It'd be nice to have another oven and stovetop added to accommodate this. I can't think of anything else but as it stands now it seems frustrating to order from it let alone work in it, though I don't mean that in a rude way. I know all of this is heavily WIP and I look forward to seeing more.
  4. It's easy to miss when someone with a damaged lung starts to gasp over in the text window when you're distracted by other things. It'd be helpful if those sorts of emotes were shown overhead like regular messages to make them more visible.
  5. As written. It's pretty hard to keep track of things or people you're trying to move towards as a miner, EMT, engineer, etc. This includes yourself and your own position, of course. I wish we could just be able to hit a "TRACK" button on the far right of the window which brings the tracked signatures you need to the top and highlights them. Sort of like how GPS units work now, except without needing to de-list everything else in the process.
  6. As it is now you set the transfer rate on a roller bed's IV by adjusting your container directly before hanging it. You can use almost anything that houses reagents for these, including bluespace beakers which max out at a 300u per second transfer. It should go without saying that this lets you do some seriously game-y things like instantly pushing a pre-measured beaker of medications in a single second. Or an entire bag of blood in about seven seconds since their upper limit is 30u/s. If they functioned identically to regular stands it'd (probably) circumvent this jank.
  7. Cutting out this wall in the GTR would be an absolute godsend to open up the room more. We keep bumping shoulders trying to skirt around it.
  8. A lot of the mentality seems to stem from Security's natural appeal to certain players whose only real purpose is to kill valids, abuse crew, and exercise non-existent authority that they wouldn't have elsewhere. Power trippers. Like anything else in life while the majority of Security's playerbase doesn't fit these stereotypes the continued existence of a handful of problem officers has a way of souring the entire department's image. People have the tendency to better remember the negatives than the positives, meaning that while most people might not skirt the edge it unfortunately makes everyone else guilty by association in the minds of a few seriously pissed off people who don't who enjoy having their boats rocked. Not to mention the tendency for Security to dominate and shut down gimmicks for everyone besides themselves during rounds instead of just taking the back seat and letting others have fun too, within reason. No one expects to let armed pirates or a kill squad hang out in the bar. It's well and good that the department is meant to "protect the station from outside threats" but permabrigging the peace-wizard twenty minutes into the round to chair RP alone with them while the rest of the players stare at a wall is and always will be lame as shit. We all play this game to roleplay, it isn't selfish to want to be involved too. I don't think we should remove Security. My thoughts are that their "departmental culture" is busted. We have too many burned out, bitter players who've tried being Officer Friendly and gotten shafted for it so they move away from using words and run towards what they know for a fact works - Bullets. It's not just a Security problem, it's an antagonist problem too. We see people shutting down gimmicks before they even have a chance to get off the ground because they're tired of getting played by bad faith antags and fragbrains and it ruins the vibe for everyone caught in between. Inb4 "seethe cope seethe seethe shut up you don't know what you're talking about non-sec player go back to the kitchen"
  9. About a month ago I played this wild ass round in Medical where a super obviously new player came in to chat with us. He walked out of the bay after rambling for a bit about our gumballs or something stupid and sprinted back in about a minute or so later screaming for help. He was dying from MSOF at an absolutely breakneck pace because he'd bought a can of Phoron Punch from the vendor around the corner, chugged it, and then immediately dropped back into our laps when he started feeling symptoms. He was inside the GTR within 15 seconds, in cardiac arrest in 40, and brain dead by the minute and a half mark. This was with us using (and abusing) a mega-meta chemical mix that we rapidly slammed into his bloodstream with a roller bed IV to try and buy time for the surgeon. People just joining this server usually don't even know what Phoron even is, especially since most other servers call it Plasma. It's a pointlessly lethal newbie trap even with the label on the cans just because of the fact that no one bald enough to drink them bothers to read their labels until after the fact when their liver explodes.
  10. We could probably prevent 85% of the accidental phoron poisonings if we simply change the message that shows when you hover over Phoron Punch or K'ois bars in the snack machines that normally says this: to say "Phoron Punch! - (WARNING: Toxic to non-Vaurcae)" instead.
  11. +1 Research and Security are (accessibility-wise) the worst offenders in this regard and the best reasons to implement this. They routinely need paramedics and even though we usually give them forewarning that we're coming hardly anyone ever open the doors until their injured party is either dead or not far from it. Not that I blame them - it's difficult to keep track of these things in an emergency, but they shouldn't even have to. This should all be accounted for on a station with a winding history of workplace accidents and hostile takeovers. Some people would argue that it's necessary for interaction but I'd argue that it's an irritating, completely unnecessary step in what should be a seamless process. Halligan bars shouldn't be essential equipment for a rescue in your own house.
  12. I don't even think it does that much. If you try to crawl on a space lube'd floor you still go flying. You're able to crawl under impassable flaps with it but honestly how many times has anyone ever used that? I personally don't ever use crawling for anything other than RP when my characters are really hurt, trying to move away from something (or someone) dangerous, or are just clumsy idiots tumbling over tables. Ducking under countertops and crawling to cover in a firefight, crawling away from cultists and mercs, etc. It would be nice if we could cut the action timer down by a few seconds or at the very least made it dependent on how many limbs/fractures you have.
  13. Bump. This seems like a really cool idea that I like all around but I'd personally want to see it to be bigger than a regular pAI card when you fold it up, just so you can't stuff an entire medical cyborg-lite into your pockets. A normal-sized item would probably be good.
  14. Yes please. This is beyond annoying to play around and it's been happening really frequently recently.
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