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  1. I know an am sorry for this sarcastic commentary. It's just the fact that this request is open for 48 hours and instead what would most people consider a clear case of (first) second chance am getting the whole admin staff jumping here. Also am being called shit friend so there is that : )
  2. All I see is too much drama for a minor offense and one minor provoked rant. Must be a tough rulling this one - I think trully deserving that 24 hour consideration by a 3 staff committee
  3. Also it goes without saying that there are places like this one where I am located right now where I only ever connected from single PC and one notebook. Now all pcs are banned which is fine I guess even thought it's not kinda fair I get it why because this prevents ban evades. Maybe it's not strictly legal as there is IP stored permanently of a business that never gave consent + it's literally a internet coffee so a case can be made but as I said I don't contest this. What I find very odd is that I went to visit a friend showed him some ss13 action on my notebook in his home - clicked on Aurora as well when browsing - still banned ofc - played on some other servers and that was it. Weeks pass - I get a call - he plays ss13 for fee days and wants to try aurora and his home is banned - and i ever only connected once from my notebook with my banned Id. We still talking about a ban for jumping down disposals btw. As I said in OP it seems like a little overkill that's it. I never ment to elaborate on it - I don't know why you guys took upon yourself to investigate and smear this comment but I really wanna play the game and not do drama, why not give me a chance?
  4. It's obviously more complicated then that, involves multiple friends over different time periods, some of them with previous ss13 experience some of them without. Anyway, it was never me trying to evade ban otherwise I would use proven methods and I didn't visited aurora since ban those are facts. Also - who are you? As far as I know you can't lift this ban and you are in no way connected to my case up until this point so are you here just to piss on me or what's the point of this? Is this still unban request or interrogation?
  5. Hey lads i really appreciate the fact that you've been here 5 minutes after me posting this request - despite you only coming here to try to incriminate me and then calling me shit i really apreciate your professional approach and it's really hard for me to imagine how someone would get triggered dealing with you lot
  6. Can you just drop the offensiveness for a moment Skull please? I'am trully sorry for my one post here on the forums - i was really frustrated by the whole ordeal going on for almost a year for a minor offense. Not only that maybe i was also frustrated by your open hostility towards me besides just shittalk you perma banned me from the discord with no explanation (expost i was informed it was for "whining" even thought only evidence of that you presented was me saying bye and litterely leaving the conversation - thats december 2019) . Your, what i view as, unjust discord perma ban was the trigger for the forum post yet im still sorry for making it. I just want to play the game and b cool with you all.
  7. Are you suggesting i was ban evading besides being offensive and calling me shit friend for referring my friend to the server?
  8. Not at all, i think you just read it wrong. It's not ban evading when a friend is connecting on his computer with his id on the server from a place we both visit, obviously i just wanted to show him the best spacestation 13 experience as he is an avid ss13 player too
  9. Obviously no, that would require me to install linux, changing ip and connecting to VPN. Not asking my friend to join a server : )
  10. BYOND Key: ketiw2 Total Ban Length: Permaban Banning staff member's Key: Alberyk Reason of Ban: Jumping down disposals and lying to staff Reason for Appeal: Am not sure about the second part but i did jump down the disposal system. 2019-04-09 - 9 months and 1 emotional outburst later am still banned for such a minor offense i dont even comprehend how i could get perma in the first place. And not only banned - am litterely infected with ban virus because whereever i go - ban hammer follows. Whatever mcDonalds, internet coffe, library i visit - i bring the ban plague with me and then, noone can join aurora station - tested on 3 completely blank - never before connected PCs with my friends beyond keys at 3 different locations i frequnted a 9 months ago when played last time. That's a bit overkill for jumping down disposals 9 months ago
  11. Make a final decision i just want to play the game. I didn't know you would take it so seriously since obviously i am a fucken nerd too arguing about space station 13. I am sorry
  12. wow bad words, am offering peacefull resolution of 8 months old case, ive got my time served anyway we can all just forget about it. Also you bringing up my forum post in relation to game ban is quite out of place anyway as it is a separate medium completely.
  13. Anyway how do i proceed when i got no conclusion?
  14. that is so out of context i cant even react to it and obviously was a joke, anyway discord perma ban for moaning is highly unusuaI i couldn't possibly know about it.
  15. BYOND Key:ketiw2 Total Ban Length: permanent Banning staff member's Key: Alb Reason of Ban: Jumping into disposals with and lying to staff. Appeal: I am reasonable man so it really pisses me when i see people with authority to do unreasonable actions and i witness quite few from some members of the staff. Starting with me getting perma perma ban as first punishment for relatively minor offense. That's april 2019 After waiting for 4 months i made my first appeal on discord - to my surprise i was denied despite talking with the man responsible for unbans directly. This unnecessary buroracy is really something i hate but i confirm for the sake of the archive. A known person makes appeal on the forum in my name but it's yet again denied based on never disclosed rule only applied once in history and that's in my case. I wait another 3 months before coming back to discord and asking about the ban again. After about 20 minutes am PERMA banned from the discord without explanation. I want to add that the main reason for me to not make appeal personally on the forum was my disgust for forum dramas etc. and any outside RP interactions. Best case scenario i get unbanned and i never have to make a single post ever in my life. No hard feelings - Let's bury the war axe
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