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  1. Not much to say other than Hiccup's a great player, and April herself is a really good character. Big +1
  2. Yes and no, I think there are a few locations per level they can spawn at, but there's only a small chance they actually will. And yeah the metagaming reason is fair, but I still think it should be bumped up a little bit, especially now that mesons have been removed. Or maybe make the actually powerful ones spawn less, while the rest spawn more? I don't know if it's just the size of it making it easy to find, but the Sol outpost seems to spawn way too much.
  3. I don't understand one thing, if it was mostly engineers abusing it then why not just remove them from engineering and maint?
  4. Well, it's been a good while. Does anyone have anything against this?
  5. Hey. I have no fucking clue how to use these forums. uhhh have some art Random priest woman Car Dušan of Serbia Rat. The funny Irish xenoarcheologist Yea that's about all for today, hope ya like it
  6. Right, after asking for a few weeks if the spawn rates for structures on the asteroid, derelict ships and such, have been lessened, mattatlas finally responded and said they were. I can't quite find if the reasoning for this was explained anywhere, but I honestly see no real purpose for this. The structures were never really too overpowered, it was mostly just something to do on the side to break up the monotony of EVA jobs. Even before the change, it was pretty hard to find anything worthwhile, but now it's just nigh impossible. Please link me if this was talked about anywhere, I don't use the forums much so it's very likely I missed something.
  7. Right, I like the idea from the mining side, but for xenoarchs who usually have to both work alone and travel around the asteroid more than miners, and also have no long range weapons or armor this just seems like a death sentence or a massive setback, especially if it spawns near an anomaly. And yeah, it's a HRP server, but a single bluespace crystal that you could already find in dungeons or crates is just a really boring reward.
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