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  1. While I do not support this suggestion at all, I'd like to point out that this post was made during said round with the roundstart traitor AI, instead of immediately following the round. The rules state that players must "avoid discussing events of the current round in OOC", and while the round has long since passed, the presence of a traitor AI was an event in the round, and this forum is an OOC means of public communication.
  2. Pretty neat idea, scarcity and limitations keep some semblance of balance, but honestly, I just really like anything to do with offworlders.
  3. -1 across the board, including removal for ghosts. I see no reason everyone should get a potentially useful tool removed because a few easily dealt with people clog it up, especially since the two other methods of reaching out to a player out of character, those being Global OOC and Discord, are unreliable for different reasons.
  4. This still neglects the four other methods I mentioned besides TTS circuits. Almost every room in science has paper and writing utensils, everyone has a PDA, anyone who designs a mute character properly gives them sign language, heck, even multiple characters who can speak know sign as well. Robotics is a very safe job compared to their bretheren in the rest of the department finding new and innovative ways to burn the entire station down. Situations where they would have to call out an emergency by speaking over the radio usually only ever happen during Secret, with threats that NT couldn't p
  5. Not sure how I feel about the speech requirement in Science. On this server, we have multiple alternatives to speaking, including, but not limited to: Writing PDA messages Integrated Electronics Emotes for more basic things Two sign languages I personally believe a scientist or roboticist character could get away with some of the more severe levels if they knew what they were doing.
  6. Wait, I'm confused. Don't voidsuits get in the way of hardhats?
  7. Throwing in my support for this one, too. Would make it easier for antags who'd like to do something based on exploitables but don't want to spend however many minutes sifting through blank after blank.
  8. Pic tangentially related. Context: This was Bughunt. Borer took up residence in Safaa and was willing to leave in exchange for someone else volunteering to take it in.
  9. This is a rather irritating problem that I've seen crop up again and again. Most of the time, when a camera receives actual damage, it will send out a camera alarm. This is good, it lets you know where there's a problem. The issue is that even when you repair the camera, the alarm won't clear. And some, like the one in the bomb testing range, can't be accessed easily. As a result, you now have a red light on the alarm console that will never go away. To alleviate this problem, I suggest that engineers should be given the ability to clear a camera alarm from the alarm console.
  10. Alright, second try! So, as said before, I really like how "industrial" the hazard and EVA suits look(I especially like how the visor thing looks on the former), this very clearly is some top-notch work. I think the CE's suit needs a bit of touching up, though. I get that it's supposed to be the more high-tech option, naturally, has all the fancy gear and such to make you feel like an engineering god. However, with its current color, it gets really close to the regular engineering suit in appearance. With the current sprites, you see the white hardsuit in a low-light environment(like half the
  11. Alright, so I don't exactly know where to give feedback on the current hardsuit sprite PR that's open, but it seems the topic is gearing towards it, so here goes. I really like the new engineering and hazard suits. There's little details that make them feel really industrial, which is a style I like seeing on this server. These suits look like they were designed to get stuff done, and keep the inhabitants protected from the elements while at it. Other than a bit of over-reliance on one specific color on the hazard suit, I have no serious complaints. The Chief Engineer's suit, on the other
  12. I don't know, have a hard time believing that people would actually drink something that has the word "Phoron" in it.
  13. I will say that I'm usually not really a fan of this aesthetic in general. That's not to say this is bad, on the contrary, I think these are well-done, it's just that the "everything is an Apple product in the future" ranks near the top of my least favorite sci-fi aesthetics list. That isn't to say that these new sprites have some...interesting implications. Simply put, these look like they're not designed to be put through battle after battle. Of course not, this is a security department for a rather insignificant space station, after all! These weapons look like they were designed to look fa
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