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  1. Honestly, while the idea of specializing in a field is fun, and I've used it to great effect in the past, it doesn't really work for Robotics. You're right in that there definitely isn't enough for Robotics to do to justify it. There was also a large divide of players who either specialized in one thing or knew everything, and there was no official stance to say which was correct. This does away with all of that nicely, so it has my support.
  2. I was against this, since it would require me to learn something currently outside the scope of the role, and because I don't view Roboticists as being researchers, despite being in Research. However, I warily support this for the fact it removes one of Robotics' dependencies, and that R&D feels more like an engineering than a scientific thing to begin with. If it goes through, I hope it convinces some people who frequent R&D to try Robotics. Better Roboticists are sorely needed. Opinion redacted. Against the changes for the reasons Doxx described.
  3. I had a fun round teaching Robotics to their lab assistant -- although they already had a good idea of what they were doing so I hope to work alongside them in Robotics soon! +1
  4. I've had a good interaction with Young on one occasion, I believe during a merc round where I appointed him my secretary and we both got kidnapped unless I'm thinking of someone else, and I like Hayes' angle even though I haven't interacted with him much! +1
  5. Leudo's Consular Officer, Vizq, did a seminar in the Bar about Vaurca biology in a way that was both accurate and interesting to listen to. I think they represent the species and the Zo'ra hive quite well. +1
  6. As a CE, Val is still kind, helpful, easy to interact with. It's always great to see her taking Ginny wherever she goes, but I admit I've missed making hardsuits for her from Robotics. Overall, still a +1
  7. Wicked is probably one of the must fun people to talk to on a regular basis for me, and it has been this way for a good while now. Their character, Val, is also very approachable and easy to interact with, and has shown their colors with the recent Federation arc. Hard +1
  8. Expounding on my support from before the trial, Arhaziik is great fun to talk to, even as non-Unathi, and represents the ideals of the Hegemony and Unathi very well. Double +1!
  9. Lezakh is good company in Cargo. I remember him conspiracy theorizing all round once before taking the HoP hostage over the SAT. Was intense. The rest of the time, he's very friendly. +1
  10. I've known Restricted a good while over the years, and he's no slouch when it comes to roleplay or playing Unathi. His application has plenty of meat to it and I honestly don't tend to read over large character biographies, but I trust him wholly. +1
  11. Index is good company from what I've observed. She goes around and actually gets shit done (as much as is reasonable for the role itself). GERHARD was also fun to hang with as dual Bartenders. +1
  12. Waff is a good boy. It's always fun to hang with him as Mars the Moron in Robotics, or see what Duke Priceright is up to next. I would trust him with any whitelist. I'd love to see where he could take his character concept. +1
  13. BYOND key: Devildabeast Character names: How long have you been playing on Aurora?: A few months! I had a break last year, but have been playing consistently late last year throughout this year. Why do you wish to be on the whitelist?: I want more job-based opportunities for roleplay and interaction to be open to me, and what better way to do that than with the Representative role? Why did you come to Aurora?: I'm always seeking new venues for roleplay environments, and Aurora caught my eye when I was trying places other than Baystation. I've been very committed to it, only going back to Bay for a while last year, ever since. Have you read the Aurora wiki on the head roles and qualifications you plan on playing?: Yes! Have you received any administrative actions? And how serious were they? Nope! Please provide well articulated answers to the following questions in a paragraph each. Give a definition of what you think roleplay is, and should be about: Roleplaying is a system of entertainment and interaction between two or more parties. It's all about conveying something outside of yourself, and presenting it in a way that's enjoyable to others and to create a world and setting outside of our own. Of course, it takes a lot of creativity and inventiveness to make it work, not just from yourself, but from the people you're playing with. When done right, it takes you into something that you could never experience in day-to-day life otherwise, and lets you create a whole world that everyone involved contributes to. What do you think the OOC purpose of a Head of Staff is, ingame?: Heads of Staff are meant to delegate the responsibilities of their respective departments, acting as managers and even representatives for those departments. While it's important to know all the important components of your department, the main purpose certainly isn't to be a jack-of-all-trades or specialist, but to, again, be a leader to your department, trusted with all the extra duties and abilities that entails, including sending faxes and suspending employees. It's certainly not to be superior to anyone else or have more power. What do you think the OOC responsibilities of Whitelisted players are to other players, and how would you strive to uphold them?: While keeping the game progressing and being entrusted with additional responsibilities are certainly important things for any whitelistee to do, especically on other servers, I believe that first and foremost on Aurora, ensuring that a superior and interesting roleplay environment takes precedent. I see many people who take on SS13 for the "action" component, and while that is perfectly fine, I myself come to Aurora for a more "slice of life" approach (beyond every-round antaggery and special events, of course) where I can truly explore the nuance of a character and their environment, and Heads of Staff and aliens should both be there to expand on that possibility with career management and multiculturalism respectively. Could you give us the gist of what is currently happening in Tau Ceti and how it affected your character and their career? Among other things, Tau Ceti is still recovering from the aftermath of a hostile embargo from the Sol Alliance. Tensions are high, and the Coalition itself doesn't foster much respect for Sol after the Interstellar War. Lelise would be likely to expound on this, attempting to improve relations with the independence-valuing Republic however she can. The Federation attack on the Aurora is also likely to have left a sour taste in her mouth, leaving her unsupportive of the Skrell's (in her eyes) authoritarian government. She is more likely to be supportive of rebels, along with other alien employees. What roles do you plan on playing after the application is accepted? Most likely? Just the Representative role. I can't honestly foresee myself being any actual Heads of Staff down the line. Characters you intend to use for command or have created for command. Include the job they will be taking.: Lelise Marimo - Consular Officer How would you rate your own roleplaying?: As I've stated in my alien applications: Somewhere above average! I definitely try to put a lot of thought into the spirit of the game and my interaction with others, although my playstyle tends to be experiential, with ideas being solidified as things go along, rather than premeditated, with lots of background already packed in. I consider both styles to be good if done right! Do you understand your whitelist is not permanent, and may be stripped following continuous administrative action? I do. Have you familiarized yourself with the wiki pages for the command roles? Yes! Extra notes: None at this time.
  14. The Unathi gender mechanical imbalance already upsets me as-is. Give it to both or neither.
  15. Thank you for the input. I can make some adjustments to the character concept later tonight or tomorrow if the application hasn't been processed by then.
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