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  1. >Bring back infections! Bring back hygiene! Yee. This'd be cool. Though do keep in mind verisimilitude. Most non-immune-compromised people in modern nations don't get random infections often, especially if they're younger/healthier. Though maybe spessmen are chronically immune-compromised, idk? But handling raw meat and unwashed produce, letting it sit out in warm temps, handling food while sick as a chef, getting oil and blood and ash and vomit all over you and not cleaning it off, small scrapes and cuts, etc... that's all stuff that should realistically cause infection. And he
  2. Here's some brainstorming that @Chada1 and I did last night: -Voluntary conversions should give some sort of cult telecrystals that can give you special stuff (like the bloodspike)? -Forced conversions hurt the converter? -Forced conversions gibs, or turns into ashes or remains, the resister after 3 "no"'s, and cultifies the area around the conversion? This way cult doesn't have to figure out what to do with a dirty resister, and the resister knows what will happen. No more "well... I guess we'll just... execute... you...?" -Forced conversions require the target to be res
  3. Yay! I have a bunch of stuff I need to put in here that I discussed with Chada as well. I'll... uh... do that when I get around to it > . >
  4. Riffing off of "give cult a Head Priest", what if summoning Nar'Sie was made more dramatic and involving? I'm pretty everyone has had Sudden Nar'Sie Syndrome happen to them - they're just toodling along, doing whatever it is they're doing, and suddenly NAR'SIE HAS RISEN and it's pretty frustrating, yeah? So since we were talking about this in the discord, I figured I'd make a forum post about it too. Here's a rough sketch of the ideas I have in mind (thanks to @canon35, @Happy_Fox, and @Arrow768): >The 9 cultists need x number of bodies to sacrifice (based on % of player
  5. Hmmm... Maybe if... ah. So, I have a PR out to make drawing runes happen with actual chalk, instead of a random dagger you never see. So what if we make the peace-conversion happen via a rune that the cultist guides the volunteer to draw around themselves, and once they finish, they activate it, and the rune disappears, and now they're a cultist?
  6. @Carver Neat, gotcha! Maybe like... a uh... crystal ball, or... something, that there can be only one of (or a few of) (to satisfy Coalf's stipulation i/r/t not simply spamming them)? I'm kinda partial to the kooky ritualistic thing. Obvious, and perhaps the runes disappear upon use, and one requiring the cooperation of the volunteer, but non-violent. Do you have any thoughts on candidates for what it may/should be? Or maybe like a prayer ritual... the cultist has to lead a chant at an altar, and the volunteer has to repeat the same things the cultist says? And the cultist can say an
  7. @Lemei I get what you mean about peacecult being kinda frustrating. You're just happily doing your job, no clue that something weird may be going on, and then suddenly, NAR'SIE HAS RISEN, is a pretty frustrating way to have your round end. I think it'd be cooler if like, cultists had to convert *everyone* on the station, or at least 80% of them, and die/kill them trying, not just have the cop-out of "o hay we have 9 people? let's do teh narsie thing". That sounds like a process that would be engaging and enjoyable for much more people, and which some fancy ritualistic peace-conversion woul
  8. Oh! And the Head Master Cultist should only be able to use their Special Powers while wearing their special robes!
  9. Ok so I actually I'm rethinking the "CODE IT RIGHT NOW" part b/c probably need a bit more feedback. /tg/station actually has this, called the Cult Master. https://tgstation13.org/wiki/Blood_Cult#The_Cult_Master_and_You Anyway, I think implementing both the High Priest thing and the peaceful conversion thing is awesome. However after discussing with @Coalf they brought up the following requirements they'd like to see in the peace-conversion method: 1) It should be less risky than a rune, but more risky than rev conversion. (For reference: cult conversion is writhing around on
  10. I LIED I won't code this right now BUT I MIGHT CODE IT IN ABOUT A DAY
  11. @ThelonTV I was told by Arrow that that was a bit too general for his liking, because what if people prefer rev and hate cult, for example? I do want to make a better voting system though.
  12. This sounds AWESOME! I kinda wanna code it right now! (after I get done coding what I'm doing right now)
  13. @[email protected] Maybe y'all are looking at two different ways of seeing roleplay? On the one hand, roleplay is - being given a role, and acting it out. Having a defined structure, a story, and a role, and you play that role. The roleplay is strict; you have a script; and there's not much deviance. Everyone knows what to expect, and you get to do things that people playing the "normal" roles don't get to. And that's fun for some people. On the other hand is - being given a toolkit, and told to make a story out of those tools. No role is made, no structure or flavor besides th
  14. In re: expectations... yeah, secret being a wildcard is part of the fun! But I wonder if it'd be a good idea to have more narrow wildcards? As it stands right now, there's basically too many things to vote for - unless a well-liked admin pushes for a particular round type in pre-round OOC, or people are joking so much about a round type that a high enough number explicitly votes for it for the memes, a vote for not-secret or not-extended is essentially a wasted vote, and so the practical choice boils down to "Do I want extended, or do I want the high possibility of some random antag I may or
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