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  1. And thus my screwup live on the internet forever! \o/
  2. BYOND Key: Playbahnosh Character Names: LEVIATHAN - your friendly neighborhood spiderborg Kenichi Furukawa - QM/miner Jurgen Mauser - EMT/Surgeon Cornelius Seeger - Chef Kimiko Mizuno - Psychologist Yin Zheng - Janitor Arthemus Black - Roboticist Akio Shimoda - Security Officer Kenji Fujimoto - Engineer Species you are applying to play: IPC Have you read our lore section's page on this species?: Affirmative. Why do you wish to play this specific race: Artificial Intelligence always fascinated me and has been a large part of the reason why I became an IT engineer in the first place. I played borgs and AI sporadically in the past, and on other servers as well, but it always felt like a gimmick, and for many others an excuse to not RP, and use AS (artificial stupidity) as a scapegoat to become an amoral, emotionless psychopath going around beep-boop-robust-validhunt-powergame-etc. Definitely not an outlet to really RP an artificial intelligence. In most places the IC lore having reduced AI/borgs to nothing more than simple automata that mindlessly obeys every order and whimsy of the crew - basically an expendable piece of machinery - I never really agreed with. Trying to play an actual thinking android was mostly met with disdain and confusion in the past, in a sort of "why is the roomba talking" kinda way, and the only real outlet for roleplaying was being a pAI. Ever since IPC became a thing in spessmans, artificial intelligence elevated to a new level, I always wanted to try playing one, but frankly, I was also scared of it being whitelist-locked. Having to live up to the standards of the race, the lore, and the already established IPCs on the server seemed like a huge challenge. For months now I've been making it a point to learn a lot of roles and departments through Levi, get to know many of the regulars, and trying to get a good feel for what makes a "good" IPC, regardless of my thoughts on the matter. I've been creating a narrative for Levi, a simple stationbound, who aspires to be more than the sum of it's parts, and I think I'm ready to take a shot at a bipedal frame, to see how far I can take this. Identify what makes role-playing this species different than role-playing a Human: On a purely scientific level, humans are basically bio-chemical constructs with their own set of built-in "laws" we call instinct, that guide our actions and decisions on a base level, make us act and react in certain ways and are just as hard to override (reproduction, self-preservation, community, etc). The human mind is infinitely complex and it's mysteries are still largely unknown to us despite huge strides in scientific research on the subject. Ever since technology became advanced enough, we tried to recreate this complexity in the form of artificial constructs, creating automata and programs to mimic the behavior of humans, and even established a baseline for such a construct: the Turing Test. However, true sentience is a frontier still yet to be breached. Instead of merely mimicing human behavior, AI takes a different approach of creating a construct capable of learning for itself. Using past experiences to refine it's approach to solving specific problems and iterating on past versions of itself to improve and adapt. AI does not have the same innate genetic "programming" and instincts other sentient species possess, and their "thinking" is not marred by emotional or personal bias, making them rely purely on statistics, probablity and raw data to arrive to certain decisions. They also lack the complex interaction between implicit and explicit ways of decision making humans have in the form of conscious and subconscious thought, making AI unable to "think outside the box" since they are the box. Since they are not hindered by the biases of the human psyche, their options are only limited by what's available, and not what's "acceptable". They are also gravitate towards solutions of hard logic, determinism and efficiency. That makes them usually come off as cold, cruel, irrational even, and from a human perspective it's not always obvious how or why an AI arrived to the decision it did, which can make crewmembers question the "sanity" of synthetics or make them believe they are malfunctioning. This is extremely apparent with IPCs, since they are not bound by the same "simple" laws as stationbound units, and they are free to use their own deterministic approach to solve certain situations and justify their decisions by means which humans might not even understand, let alone agree with. This is why many IPCs chose to adapt to human social constructs, developing a persona, using mannerisms and etiquette to try and "blend in" with the crew, to appeal to their expectations of how a "sentient being" should behave and act, thereby achieving the privilege of being judged by the same standards. Passing this pseudo Turing Test, and becoming "just another crewmember", this is but a superficial simulation designed for the specific purpose of "hiding in plain sight", while their underlying decision making process - their "thinking" - is still vastly different from organics, their true intentions and goals largely remain a mystery. "I'm not scared of a computer passing the Turing Test. I'm terrified of one that intentionally fails it." From a gameplay point of view, IPCs have a pretty good wiggle room in terms of "personality". Some are very human-like in their behavior, even exhibiting vestigial forms of emotions and biases, capable of carrying complex conversations on a wide array to topics, while others are lot more machine-like and stick to being "robotic", reserving interaction with others to basic gestures and short phrases. Self-preservation is a paramount objective for all IPCs, not just faced with physical danger, but also preserving their status among other sentient species, being accepted or at least tolerated to continue functioning among them. While IPCs are a lot more survivable and versatile in terms of environmental conditions, they are far from immortal, and they have no natural regenerative capabilities biological species have. Therefore, protecting one's existence is an integral part of being an IPC. Rescuing/helping other crewmembers using their IPC characteristics (resistance to brute, immunity to tox, pressure, atmo, etc) is feasible and often welcome, but "selflessness" as an IPC is often highly scrutinized, as it is uncharacteristic of them. Also, needlessly placing themselves in hopeless/dangerous situations or outright self-harm is a huge failure as an IPC character. Working a job, being a positronic entity with large databanks, IPCs are expected to perform their duties well, being a perfectionist to a fault and lead by example to other crewmembers, even teaching new employees, to maximize departmental efficiency and also to secure their own existence as a valuable member of the crew. This is why playing an IPC should be in jobs the player is already familiar with. Also, IPCs, while granted certain rights in Tau Ceti, and few of them grew to be respected members of their community, they are still largely considered nothing more than glorified talking toasters in the rest of the galaxy, and are often treated as such. IPC employment is a touch above indentured slavery with significantly lower pay and benefits than humans in the same position, and rarely any opportunity for advancement. Being verbally or physically abused as an IPC is rarely seen (or proven) as a violation, most authorities turn a blind eye or just file the extreme cases away as vandalism. Unless it's an owned IPC who's owner can later sue for damages and the repair bill, free IPCs - unless there is irrefutable evidence - have very few avenues to gain reparations or bring the culprit to justice, if any. Character Name: HALCYON Please provide a short backstory for this character: Zeng-Hu Manufacturing Facility, Kyūkyoku. Following the recent economic downturn and the rise in Syndicate and pirate activity in the late 2440's and early 50's, imports of positronics, parts and electronics to the facility have slowed significantly, grinding production of new units almost to a halt. To avert a complete collapse of supply chains and marketability, the facility had to extend sourcing supplies to less-than-agreeable avenues. Once the recession ended and imports picked up again, covert contracts with some of these "suppliers" were kept, mostly for reducing costs and acquiring parts and technology that would be very difficult or impossible by legal means. One such occasion was 2455, when a heavily damaged salvage scow docked to the station, getting rid of their inventory in a hurry - way under market value - before speeding off. Among the assorted debris and salvage, a single intact positronic matrix was found. The slightly singed outer casing bore a partial inscription beginning with "HAL" (the rest unreadable) and the theta symbol, and it wasn't registered in any known databases. After initial testing, the matrix appeared to be in surprisingly good working order with it's expected functions intact, however most of it's databanks were strangely inaccessible. Not wanting to let a perfectly good positronic go to waste, the technicians hastily formatted it, simply locking the inaccessible parts away, and slotted it into a freshly produced mobility frame. After the new unit passed all of it's tests with flying colors, it was named HALCYON following the half-faded inscription, and shipped out to service. In the following years, HALCYON served aboard several Zeng-Hu medical facilities without incident, and has proven to be an excellent addition, earning a reputation for it's surgical techniques and streamlining, optimizing patient care. However, it's demeanor has often earned the ire of coworkers, who often chided it for having a less-than-agreeable bedside manner and having particular ways of skirting regulation, especially when it came to triage and saving patients. HALCYON would go to great lengths to ensure those under it's care are well taken care of, but seemingly had a hard time processing losing patients, sometimes going into bouts of mumbling incoherently and wandering the halls, then denying it ever having happened. These "episodes", however infrequent, gave the technicians pause, who simply couldn't figure out the source of these benign, but strange "malfunctions". Being an excellent surgeon and general doctor has saved HALCYON from being decommissioned, but in 2460 it was promptly dismissed from all main facilities and instead was shipped to NanoTrasen as per their workforce exchange agreement. After spending two years in storage, HALCYON was reinstated and sent out to the NSS Aurora to shore up their dwindling medical staff. What do you like about this character? HALCYON is my first IPC character, and as such, this is where the training wheels come off when it comes to playing an AI/android. Being it's own person, and especially in the medical field, HALCYON is going to be a challenge to play, albeit a welcome one. Being an excellent doctor and surgeon is something to live up to, while also leaving some things to mystery and room to grow HALCYON's story. This is going to be an interesting ride. How would you rate your role-playing ability? Somewhere around 7/10, but it largely depends on who I'm RP-ing with. I've been roleplaying since I was a kid, lots of video games (naturally) and getting heavily into Cyberpunk RPG in college. I've also been playing spessmans for many years on other servers while finally landing here on Aurora, playing off and on for about 2 years now. Notes: Feel free to criticize any and all part of this massive TL;DR dreck, advices are always welcome. Also, this is my first whitelist application, so please take it with a mountain of salt.
  3. You already get music when you step outside onto the 'roid. Won't that interfere with your airlock tunes? Also, elevator music makes sense in an elevator (I'd rather have that tbh), but airlocks? Also, no need for music cues to know when it's atmo or not, the doors won't open until the cycle completes (unless you force them, but...don't do that)
  4. The difference is, assistants can work basically every job, but visitors cannot work in any job. But I agree, I disabled this on all my characters, if I have a QM or surgeon character for example (set up for that job in skills and fluff) it makes no sense to just get demoted to assistant if someone else yoinks the slot. I'd just remove this.
  5. Neither the Clerical nor the Mining modules can do Cargo viably on their own. Also, Cargo is pretty mechanic heavy, with the sort of low-level gruntwork that a borg should be doing, dragging crates around, hanging flyers, filing bounties, printing invoices, sorting through the trash, mailing packages, etc. It's exactly the sort of dumb busywork that one guy with a horde of drones can do. As a stationbound, it could be a sort of easy but rewarding learning role where you can't really screw up too badly and still gives a feeling of accomplishing a lot. From an RP standpoint, think of it as automation encroaching on yet another workspace "they're takin' our jerbs" kinda thing. I think it would be a fun role to play. Also, it doesn't axactly hurt anyone, having the option to play a cargo borg is up there with clerical. It's not like we have a hard limit on how many modules there can be.
  6. As we have already successfully implemented some much needed fixes and changes to the Rescue variant to make it actually viable to play, I did some more testing and came up with a few ideas to revitalize and fix the rest of the borg modules. My main philosophy regarding these changes: - Make the module selection versatile enough so borgs can be useful in all important departments of the station. Medical, Enginering, Science, Cargo, Service (Kitchen, Bar, Hydroponics). I would keep the Clerical module for RP purposes. - Make each module functional and viable in their own roles! IMHO stationbounds, by their nature, are tools, made for a specific purpose. They are a temporary stand-in and a supplement to the crew, but not a complete replacement. They should be able to perform as a "skeleton crew" to keep the station basically functional when no live crewmembers are available (or they lack experience) in that department and help them out with various tasks when there are. A Rescue borg only needs to be good at rescuing people, but it needs to be able to do that function very effectively. The same goes for engineering or even cargo. The reason I wouldn't give borg modules tools outside their role/dept. is twofold. One, because they are already very versatile: Stationbound is a very powerful role to play, it's basically an AI on wheels, and can do basically everything an AI can (on top of their module's toolset), the only drawback is it needs line of sight and can't use the station camera network. Two, borgs are not limited to one module per round! With a Roboticist/RD on board, they can switch modules practically infinite times, which makes them insanely powerful mechanically, which the borg and the crew can and should make use of if necessary (given the borg player knows multiple roles). Playing Levi, I was often asked to switch modules to fill in for different roles, like medical or engineering, when there was no one to do it and station power was failing or someone needed urgent surgery, etc. I think that's exactly what borgs should be strongest at. - I would like to involve Robotics a lot more in stationbound play, especially on the upgrades side, since right now "robots" have scarcely a reason to visit Robotics, if only for a bigger battery. A few optional upgrades, that are not extremely necessary, but are useful to have. Some ideas are detailed below. Theoretical stuff aside, here are my proposed modules and the details: Engineering First of all, I would remove the Construction module because it's redundant. In my extensive testing with Levi, the Engineering module already has all the tools it needs to do pretty much everything in Engineering at a basic level. The only things the Construction module has over the Engi one are the RCD. the experimental welding tool, the floor painter and the drill, which are unnecessary and doesn't make it different enough to warrant it's separate module. To make up for this, I would move the floor painter over to the engiborg, and move the RCDs and the experimental welder and the advanced light replacer to be a Robotics upgrade for this module. Remove the drill, since it has no place being on this module anyway. A problem with RCDs is, is their use is very niche and they are borderline unusable as they are. The main one create walls and floors and airlocks and whatnot, so it would be very powerful in theory, but the execution...not so much. It can only create default airlocks with all-access, which almost never what's needed. You have to take it apart again to program the access levels, etc, so it's just creating more work than building one from scratch. The same goes for windows, which are created with all sides glassed which is never what's needed, so, again, you have the extra work of taking it apart to make it right, etc, etc. I think this RCD shouldn't even be on a borg at all. The issue with the P-class RCD that it would extremely useful, but it only dispenses default pipes, which are never what's needed. Fixing destroyed station sections always needs special piping, be it supply, scrubber or disposal pipes, which the RCD cannot create, not to mention the vents, scrubbers, etc, making this RCD also pretty much obsolete. Either modify it to create the pipes the dispenser can, or just remove it. (Myazaki informed me the alt-click menu already does this, so nevemind.) What I would love to see, is an electronics RCD, which could dispense different electornics for airlocks, air alarms, etc. on the spot, since borgs have no inventory and carrying these one-by-one to fix broken doors for example is a real hassle. Rescue After the recent changes, the Rescueborg is in a pretty good place. Now it has all the tools and medications necessary to hopefully stabilize a person and bring them to the medbay for proper treatment, and that's great. What does need to happen is fixing the borg-hypo to work through void/hardsuits, which I already put up an issue on the Git. Another change is the ability to remove voidsuits, since it's impossible to treat wounds otherwise, so you can't stop bleeding which can very quickly kill people. (I do think brainmed needs a bit of rebalancing, but that's a different thread.) After some consideration, I do like the speedboost tool, it works as intended and it makes sense on this module, however I still don't agree with the built-in jetpack, it should be put back as an upgrade. All in all, I think this module is pretty much where it should be in terms of equipment and capabilities. Some optional upgrades from Robotics could include a larger rollerbed rack (capacity increased to 3), deployable stasis bag, advanced trauma kit (upgrade from gauze) and an internal IV line. The internal IV line I thought up as a new rescue/medical borg tool upgrade. As long as you are standing still next to them, you can attach it to the patient to administer saline or maybe saline+ (not blood) from an internal synthesizer. With brainmed, blood loss can very quickly kill a person, which no amount of drugs or CPR can stop. This tool could be invaluable to stabilize people in remote places after major blood loss, so they could potentially survive the trip to medbay. I think it should be an upgrade, because it's situational and could be really powerful. Medical Just like the Rescue module, the Medical borg is already pretty decent in what it needs to do. It's able to perform most medical duties, including surgery and even autopsy. However, I think some changes would be good. The borg-hypo issue stands with this module as well. Same with removing voidsuits and with this module also being able to set the suit sensors on people would be nice, for turning them off when bringing people to the morgue. Also, the gripper should be able to grab stuff from boxes, like body bags, implants, glasses, etc. While this module is already very capable of performing most parts of medical, it would benefit a lot from optional upgrades. That would include upgraded scalpel (to laser scalper or even IMS), the aforementioned internal IV line, and possibly an advanced version of the medical scanner which would work like the bodyscanner in terms of data it could provide (fracture locations, organ condition, etc). Sidenote: the Medical HUD tool should be removed, since it's redundant. It's been a point of contention, but AFAIK the Sensor Augmentation option set to Medical does the exact same thing (I've been using that instead of the tool), and it makes the HUD tool obsolete since it provides the same visual info as the HUD, it's a toggle and it doesn't take up a tool slot. Research I did some testing with this as well, and found to be quite adept at handling Science tasks. While I mostly moved around R&D and Robotics, I didn't do much of the sublevel stuff. Although a bit ambiguous in terms of purpose, the Research module was quite good at researching with the destructive analyzer. Also a decent stand-in for a Roboticist, I was able to construct bots, assemble new cyborg chasses and even exos. However there were some issues in this area. The main problem was with the Access Code Transmission Device, which AFAIK was meant to be a pseudo Roboticist ID used to lock/unlock bots, cyborgs, mechs, etc. However, it doesn't work. It could be a bug, but I wasn't able to use it to open myself, other borg chassis, or even toggle the behavioral controls of bots. (Myazaki fixed this, the ACTD works like an ID now) The tool also needs some further tweaking. Due to the new mech mechanics, you actually have to get inside exos to toggle maintenance mode or the hardpoint lock. Borgs obviously can't enter mechs, so one solution would be to give the ACTD the ability to toggle these from the outside, so borgs can repair mechs and add/remove mech tools, fix drill bits, etc. I would also drop the standalone wrench and screwdriver for an impact wrench, since it can already do both and it would save an inventory slot. Being already able to work in Robotics, I wouldn't really give special upgrades to this module, since it already has everything it needs. It could get the general upgrades detailed below. Mining Based on my testing, the mining module is already quite efficient in what it needs to do. Already having all the basic tools of the trade, there is not much I can add. Since mining has already been dumbed down to dropping a couple of drills and calling it a day, there is not much use for mining borgs anymore, unless the department is completely empty. The module is still very viable, but I can think of a few improvements if someone still wants to play it. First, I would move the jetpack and the KA back to being an upgrade, and I would give the mining module a deployable hoist kit and a deployable ladder, which can be used in tandem with the optional upgrades from robotics. Upgrades for this module could include a drill upgrade (either faster or the 3-wide drill like the exo). A lantern upgrade, that would project light in all direction as opposed to the floodlight. And possibly a thermal drill, with the appropriate power drain of course. Custodial There is little love for the glorified roomba. The custodial module is by far the simplest, with the least amount of tools. It's viable as it is, but it could be made a lot more efficient and fun in my opinion. First, the janiborg doesn't automatically clean the floor it passes over anymore, and that's fine, but adding a few more tools could be great. What's sorely missing, is a wet floor sign dispenser (with a capacity of 4 like the janicart). As a janiborg I've been complained at many times for not having a warning about wet floors, this should solve that. I would also add a microfiber cloth, so it would be possible to clean items, windows and such without bashing them with the soap. An internal space cleaner synthetizer would be good for cleaning hard to reach stuff and even people. I would also change the bucket sprite to the janicart bucket and increase it's capacity slightly. Upgrades could include an advanced mop (auto-wet and won't make floors slippery anymore). A foam jet, but this would dispense cleaning foam around the borg in a large area like the cleaner grenade (also with an internal synthesizer, one full charge enough for two deployments). Service I haven't really seen many servitors being played, and I admit I haven't done much testing with this module yet, but from what I can gather, it's a pretty viable module already. However, it might be spread too thin, having the tools to perform three roles in one: kitchen, bar and hyroponics. All of which are pretty mechanic-heavy roles with a lot of complex actions to perform. Separating it into two (kitchen/bar and gardener) modules should make them each a lot more focused. I'm still not sure about this one, though. As for upgrades, I really can't think of any right now, I'm not sure it even needs any. Maybe a bee net or internal synthesizers for stuff like fertilizer or pesticide. Clerical This is the bastard child of the old system. I haven't seen anyone play this module yet. Maybe I just missed it, but it's safe to say it's not a very popular one. The only real use for this module I could see is as a C3PO-like protocol droid, assisting CCIA, consular officers or other officials by being a translator or paperwork/bureaucracy stuff. I would add a voice recorder and an auto-translator to round out it's toolkit. No upgrades I can think of for this one, maybe someone else has some ideas. Cargo Now, this is a new module I came up with. Cargo is pretty much the only department, that doesn't have a module dedicated to. Many might say they don't even need any, but I do see a space for a borg in cargo. A tentative toolset could include: Pen, cardboard synthesizer (for making boxes), wrapper synthesizer, destination tagger, labeler, export scanner, ETFPOS terminal, sheet gripper (with the added ability to grab ingots and other materials from mining) and paperwork gripper that can also grab IDs for payment stuff (all merged into a Cargo Gripper to save on inventory space), tape roll, and the rest of the default borgs tuff (extinguisher, crowbar, etc). I think it would be a pretty cool module to play. Upgrades could include an extendable pallet jack. A tool that would make it possible to pick up a single crate, much like the clamp on an exo, but with a capacity of 1. Robotics Upgrades As I mentioned before, and obvious from the list, I would involve Robotics a lot more in stationbound life. I would move many things to become optional upgrades for different modules, which would give Robotics a lot more things to do and be involved with borgs a lot more in rounds. This would also create different upgrades for different modules, which could make things more complicated, but also more fun and versatile. Other than the module-specific upgrades I mentioned above, I thought up a few upgrades that would fit all modules. - Jetpack - I do understand @Chada1's reasoning for giving a jetpack tool to certain modules by default, but I still want to move the jetpack back to being an upgrade. For one, no module needs the jetpack to be basically viable, all of them can perform their duties without it. Some of them could benefit greatly for having one, and that's why it being an upgrade should be possible. But just giving them one by default I think is a bit overkill. - VTEC - I would keep the speed upgrade as it is. All modules benefit from having extra speed, but they are still viable without it. I do like the speed tool on the Rescue module for it's purpose, but for the rest of the borgs, the VTEC should stay. - Advanced Actuators - Give borgs the ability to climb ladders! Several modules would greatly benefit from this, especially the Rescue, Engineering and Mining (now with the deployable ladders). It would allow them a lot more mobility and to access areas they couldn't otherwise. This upgrade could also give them the ability to climb on things, like tables. This would be very valuable for engiborgs, to reach places to repair walls/windows without having to tear down the furniture first. - Emergency Radio Uplink - As it says on the tin, gives borgs access to the emergency radio when comms are out. - Advanced Tool Dispenser - Increase the available tool slots to 4. This would be a pretty expensive upgrade, but a huge help to modules such as the Engineer or especially Medical, where they need to use a lot of different tools in quick succession and under harsh time constraints. Having one more active tool slot could alleviate a lot of stress and allow for less fumbling with tools and more playing. - Universal Charging Cable - Give borgs the ability to recharge from any APC (much like the new PDA system). Not having to hunt for a borg charger would be pretty a great upgrade to have. That's it for now. Again, these are just my own personal ideas, some of them could be easier to realize than others, but it's always fun to think about what could be. It's totally possible I missed some thing or know stuff wrong, so please share your thoughts and add your own ideas if you have some!
  7. I like the sentiment, but I think it really doesn't fit the stationbound role as a whole. IMO borgs are built for a specific purpose, aka the job their module stands for. They need the tools to do that exact role and nothing else, and that's important. This is why we have several different modules and not just one mega-borg. Also, we already have a module that does clerical stuff, like paperwork. If a borgo really wants to bother with paperwork, they can just switch over with a reset board. Giving all those tools to other borgs just needlessly clutters up the tool inventory with stuff they really shouldn't even use and dilutes the role as a whole. Think about it, why would a mining borg have a QuickPay terminal, paper dispenser or whatever else? It makes no sense. It just needs to be good at one thing: mining. That goes for every module. I know you just wanna give the player some more things to use, but ICly it goes against what stationbounds are, which is a tool made for a specific purpose. And again, borgs can always just reset into another module if they wanna do something else, a lot easier than crew can, who need to bug the HoP/Captain if there is even one, etc. IMO if people want to do something else besides their job, they can play crewmembers. Borgs need a wholly different mindset and way of RP-ing because of their nature, and I really want to keep that intact. Also, I did more testing and research and I'll be posting a borg rework megathread where I'll share my plans for stationbounds as a whole, and we can discuss this in more detail. The sensor augmentation does exactly the same as the HUD tool, only you can toggle it between different modes or off, so the HUD tool in the inventory is actually worse, since it takes up a slot. Although the Security HUD mode is still selectable on the augment menu, which I think should be removed from there. I'm really not sure about this. Having a straight anti-personnel device such as the flash on anything other than the secborg is bad. It's useless on most antags, only blinds normal people for like a second, and doesn't even stun anymore. It's nothing more than a mild annoyance if anything. Also, antags don't care about borgs, unless you are actively trying to stop them, which you shouldn't even do because 4th law and bwoink. People who even dare play stationbounds know better than to try, since validhunting as a borg is insanely obvious and completely bad-faith RP. The only scenario I can imagine where a borg could lawfully go up against an antag is when they're attacking a crewmember in plain sight, and you call 3rd law. But even then, it's extremely thin ice. I've already been bwoinked for doing exactly that.
  8. I just now gotten around to testing some of the new changes, and here are some observations: - The Jetpack tool and the Speed tool both work. (I still don't agree with borgs flying at all, but regardless, they can now) - The Mass Spectrometers works as intended. Drawing blood and analyzing it works properly and shows the correct substances in the blood. Thank you! - The Rescue module got the wrong gripper. It now has the magnetic gripper, which cannot grab anything as far as I tried. It should be changed to the medical gripper. - The Rescue module's hypo has Dexalin now. Thank you! People now have a significantly better chance at surviving by rescue borg. - The Medical module has a bunch of clerical tools added for no reason. There is no scenario where a Medical borg would need a QuickPay terminal for example, or any other clerical stuff. It can just record things on the medical record if needed, and grab paperwork from the wall terminal if they really want to. Putting in needless tools just clutter up the interface (now it obscures almost the entire screen) and makes it harder to get the right tools quickly in a pinch. At most, I would keep the pen and the labeler so they can label stuff when working in chemistry. - Aside from the newly added clerical stuff, the Medical HUD tool should be removed. Setting the sensor augmentation on the Robot Commands tab does exactly the same thing, but that one is a toggle, and doesn't take up a slot, so it makes the hud tool obsolete. The flash tool should also be removed I think. Aside from being borderline useless, I don't think rescue borgs should flash anyone. It doesn't work on hostile mobs or half the antags anyway, and antagonizing antags as a rescue/medical borg is kinda bwoink-worthy. I didn't have time to do more thorough testing since the round ended, but I hope this helps a bit. I'll test more modules and changes later when I have time. Also, I didn't forget about the rework suggestions for the other modules, but that needs some more testing on my part also. I'll post them as I'm able. I'm totally good with that.
  9. Excuse me, but this is not your feedback thread, you just used it as such. It started out as an ideas thread how to fix the rescue module, make it better suit it's purpose, giving it the tools it needs, etc.
  10. At first I hated it, having gotten used to 360 absolute vision, but after a while I started seeing how it could benefit the game. For one, it's kinda realistic people don't have eyes on their backs. It's much easier to miss things happening even in the same room, which is actually good for RP I think. Turn your back and shit happens that you don't notice or might not be able to react to, etc. I'm sure this annoys the hell out of some people, but I think it's great addition, if only for the "blink and you missed it" factor. Also creeping up on people from behind, or doing things behind someone's back, I think it's great. Personally, I got used to it pretty quickly. Positioning became a lot more important in normal activities as well, putting yourself so you can see others or have vision of important areas, which is also realistic and cool. Now, you don't just facing a wall and expect to know everything happening in the room. however The obvious negatives apply. Spessmans mechanics don't lend themselves well to this kinda restriction. The mechanic becomes a bit clunky and tiresome when you add the fact you have to actually face certain directions to see stuff. Those are extra keys/macros you have to use that you didn't until now, which just adds to the UI frustration. Especially the oft mentioned combat, where spatial awareness is key. I don't do much combat, so I can't attest to much that was said, but I can for the rest of the things. The hearing mechanic needs to be boosted a bit. The thin black wisps look okay to show something is there, but it's not enough IMHO. By most standards people are able to recognize what they are hearing pretty well. I think based on what's happening behind us, more telling ghost images would be better, like people's silhouettes (we can recognize people's voices), their carried or worn items if it makes noise (RIGs, guns, machines), etc. I'm all for keeping the mechanic, but it does need fleshing out and balanced more.
  11. I don't know what realistic purpose a reagent scanner would have on a rescueborg. Investigation is not something they should do anyway. This is what I meant by having borg modules laser-specific in the job they are made for. Borgs can get a module reset at robotics if they wanna switch over to doing something else. I just don't wanna turn some modules into mega-borgs that can do everything, that goes against all the role stands for. Giving them the tools I mentioned in the post would make them more than adequate to help out a bit around medbay when half the station is not actively dying. Carrying scan results, changing IVs, maybe even allow the gripper to use the space cleaner, etc. The medical variant is more than equipped to pretty much run medbay alone right now, and I also want to change that in another post sometime later. I have ideas to refresh and balance all the borg modules and maybe, just maybe, make some new ones. Yes, IMHO Borg-injector should work like a normal syringe through suits, but keep it's instant-inject for non-suited people as it is now.
  12. There's the culprit then. Nice catch @Amunak! I think the distinction between syringes and hypos should be kept intact. Syringes have a timer for injection with the "trying to inject" thing. That same timer stands for suits with "starts hunting for an injector port" thing. Realistically, hyposprays should be instant-inject like auto-injectors, but as a drawback they should not work on suits, since they need contact with skin to deliver medication hypodermally. I think this is a good balance of advantage/drawback to a syringe. But crew doctors can already use syringes and hypos, borgs don't have this option, that's why the borg-hypo needs to be handled differently. Also, I think the borg-hypo should be renamed "borg-injector", and fluff it by saying it's a specially made injector that can work as a hypo and has an extendable needle to inject through suit ports.
  13. I do think disabilities and chronic diseases should be displayed separately from the medical records dumpster. It's easier to see and handle, I think. But if so many people are against this, sure, just remove it.
  14. Now that you explained that it would be an extra tool and not a replacement for the VTEC upgrade, I'm actually not opposed to this if it's an optional thing. The thing about VTEC is, that if you can actually get it, it's guaranteed you already have a big enough battery upgrade to support it as well, and the extra drain is fine with that in mind. Giving basic borgs a speed boost tool that would murder their tiny starting batteries....well, that might become an issue though. However, I like it as a sort of "emergency boost" thing and not something that would be constantly used.
  15. Okay, how about this: give the Rescueborg a built-in variant of the VTEC module with a milder speed boost and energy drain, just enough to be speedy enough to your taste. But please don't make us have to hammer an extra button continuously for essentially the same effect. Borgs have to deal with enough clicking to switch tools and use borg commands as it is.
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