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  1. I love these, awesome work.
  2. BYOND Key: RealSync Total Ban Length: Permanent Banning staff member's Key: snakebittenn Reason of Ban: Reason for Appeal: I am applying to play again simply, it has been a long month for me since I got banned and I been pretty scared to appeal on the forum since, I had my chance and i wasted it. Even if my ban was deserved I would still like to play again. My suicide in that round didn't affect anyones roleplay, infact it was just me sitting in a cell the entire round trying to get into the hospital somehow for me to escape. I even used the holo call inside my solitary cell to contact people so they would come to the cell after I hurt myself. Some people would say "Why would you hurt yourself that much?" Simply because a cultist might not be alright in the head and it was in my opinion the only way to escape, nobody was coming for me and cared enough for me with simple injuries. I died to my wounds in the cell, which is pretty suprising since I remember only using a metal ring to hurt myself, this might even show how long I was stuck in that cell. After I died I said something like "Finally I died" in the chat and logged off since I think it was like 3-4 am in Germany during that time and I was just really tired. I apologize for my actions. I have been distracting myself somehow since I got banned with singleplayer games and such, I tried to join other ss13 servers just to somehow get over the ban since I didn't have much hopes for making a appeal around that time on the Aurora forum, but the server experience didn't get close to Aurora at all and it made me even more sad. I would not say that my roleplay on Aurora was bad, infact I tried my best to always involve the whole crew and even do passive antagonist RP. People got upset about me using the same characters often and mixing my main character with antagonist roleplay. Examples for my Antagonist RPs: Blondie and Luke which was a couple who robbed a station by kidnapping the captain with EVERYONE involved from robotics to security, the convention where me and couple other antagonists made a fake convention to rob peoples clothing(don't remember why that was a thing) with us confusing a officer with the line "CALM DOWN SIR."(you get it if you were involved) and so on. Of course I cant make it right for everyone whenever I played antagonist, thats why I even had started to ask LOOC if the person want to get involved everytime, since I wanted to prevent people from complaining about them getting turned to a cultist and similiar. I hope I can get back into Aurora so I can enjoy my night after work again with fun RP and friends.
  3. During your another example I simply gave you a excuse why I was not responding to the communication, because I was a antag during that round and I was doing antag stuff when I was called over communication, the money came from the operation funding that you can buy for two teleport crystals. Also that suspicious briefcase is simply a codelock briefcase. I do agree with the rest though. Thats why I should take a break from the server, I am clearly out of good ideas. Also that someone don't want to join the round simply because they see a character of mine is already extreme and I should really just leave. I don't know if this complaint at the end is to get me banned or not, but I will take a break myself and come back better hopefully.
  4. And I should have went to cyro first before writing this. I might use this as a chance to even take a longer break, since I am not really welcome on the server currently.
  5. I do try to create roleplay for the players, but it becomes quite hard when other players responses are mostly aggresive. Like yesterday four other antags and me had the gimmick that we are Syndicate Special Forces who's plan is to claim research equipment, we all agreed to this gimmick. We had two really new antags, so it took 1 hour already to just prepare, one of the new players disconnected and never showed up after we docked the station. We all moved in to the surface area of the station. We asked a assistant to follow us which we found on the surface, since we needed a hostage so the security does not fire at us directly. We took the hostage and moved her down the robotics. When we arrived robotics there were three others already inside, which we all told to lay down in the back area on the floor, one of them was quite new to the server so we told him LOOC how to lay on the floor, he couldn't figure it out so we let him stay up, one of the mercs pushed him down, after the new player requested it. So we had four hostages, we welded two doors shut and then the security arrived, we told them that we have hostages. Me as the captain told one of the officers to "Shut it and get me the commander, so we can talk" after they told us to get down or something similiar, I think one of them asked shortly what we wanted, but not sure. Officers all of a sudden started shooting out of nowhere, even though we had four hostages, I hold one by the neck and told them again to not try cause we have hostages, but they kept shooting and finally after the other antags escaped behind me with another hostage a officer shot a ION at the door behind me which lead to me defending myself against four officers that stormed robotics. They killed one of the hostages which I had in neckgrab cause they try to shoot me down. I finally got knocked down and they moved me out of robotics, I told them that I still have hostages, which were with the others, their respond was "Yeah yeah and I am the pope" which lead to me not even try to talk to them until I was moved in the medbay and I started complaining about the horrible pain. I attempted to escape and ran off to my ship but was stopped by officers and dragged back into the medbay. Three or two antags that have escaped try to rescue me from the medbay. One of the antags were pretty new and didn't know that he had a lethal grenade loaded in his grenade launcher and shot it next to my position, which lead to me suffer even more wounds. I was laying on the hospital bed the whole time and all I saw was how a officers were shooting my body while I was only laying on the bed multiple times with a 45 pistol. At the end its a big sigh. I wish the other antags from that round would also tell what happened here. The GAME ID was b8Z-dCqb I do also play passive antags, even as a changeling, I have created RP for the crew without attacking anyone. I am playing mostly security, just cause I enjoy it and I always have antag on, which leads to people saying I become a officer antag so I have it easier, I still kinda agree with their point though, since I could simply just make another character for antag and if I don't become antag, I just could play that character for diversity. I also agree on that I use the name Luke a lot, I mean I can simply just stop doing that if that is so annoying.
  6. BYOND Key: RealSync Total Ban Length: Permanent Banning staff member's Key: TG_Griffin Reason of Ban: Reason for Appeal: I had two warnings and a ban before. First warning was for me not knowing that a ninja energy sword actually kill people quickly, I have killed a warden, I wanted to use rather as a bait, ruined his rp, really was not my intention. Second warning was from me attacking a SSD person as a vampire after getting chased by security, my vampire was in rage, cause he needed blood, I assumed the person who is sitting on the chair was not SSD, cause I saw him sit there by himself before, still I didn't perform any kind of chat before I attacked him, not giving him a chance. My first 24 hour ban was when I blew up the shuttle, after I try to assassinate the person who has killed my characaters friend, I was a antag during that time, it never accured to my mind that the shuttle would actually break from a frag grenade. All these warnings and bans were justified, cause they would have been easily prevented if I had read the rules though like I was advised. The admins and moderators had good patients with me as a new player, I really enjoy playing on the server so to my appeal. I got banned on 2020-08-28 23:40:46 by TG_Griffin for disconnecting after I was taken down by a EMT. Well the reason why I did that would be better explain if I tell what happened IC. Me and the rest of the mercenaries were trying to get on the shuttle, one of the mercenaries was starting to hit open the glass, so we can get to the airlock and access the ship, a EMT team has arrived and decided to shoot the glass between us and space, which made us get vented, I walked in, with my smg, started shooting at the EMT, I was flashbanged, shot with bullets and I walked to space, at this point I assumed I was gonna die, looked at the time, which was for me 2 am and thought to myself, well I guess I go to sleep. When I come back to computer to shut it off, I had in mind that I wanted to talk OOCly about the round inside the game, before the next round starts before I log off. I was suprised with the ban, I never expected that to happen. I might had a misunderstanding with my characters current situation before I logged off, if I was still not about to die, I am sorry. Again, I really like playing on the server. I am not a troll or any kind of toxic player. All I just want is to be able to play on the server again, I apologies to all the staff members who were bothered by my mistakes, I promise I will now always inform a admin team before I do such actions, like disconnecting.
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