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  1. Was like on my second computer at the barracks, wasn't able to play anything really besides byond, so I made my mistakes of trying to get in.
  2. Desperate attempts to log in to the server, when I realize I can't join the server ever again. But I know that it was not right to do so. This was also last year.
  3. BYOND Key: RealSync Total Ban Length: Permanent Banning staff member's Key: snakebittenn Reason of Ban: Reason for Appeal: It's been a while since my ban, so I would like to be able to play on the server again. I already made an appeal last year, so if someone is invested in knowing my last explanation in why I went this far, can go read it in the archive. In short I said "I was really tired, tried to get myself hurt to be moved to the medical station to escape as a cultist, but ended up dying and said finally I am dead, since I was being kept there for a long time." Today I unde
  4. BYOND Key: RealSync Total Ban Length: Permanent Banning staff member's Key: snakebittenn Reason of Ban: Reason for Appeal: I am applying to play again simply, it has been a long month for me since I got banned and I been pretty scared to appeal on the forum since, I had my chance and i wasted it. Even if my ban was deserved I would still like to play again. My suicide in that round didn't affect anyones roleplay, infact it was just me sitting in a cell the entire round trying to get into the hospital somehow for me to escape. I even used the holo call inside my solitary cell to co
  5. During your another example I simply gave you a excuse why I was not responding to the communication, because I was a antag during that round and I was doing antag stuff when I was called over communication, the money came from the operation funding that you can buy for two teleport crystals. Also that suspicious briefcase is simply a codelock briefcase. I do agree with the rest though. Thats why I should take a break from the server, I am clearly out of good ideas. Also that someone don't want to join the round simply because they see a character of mine is already extreme and I should really
  6. And I should have went to cyro first before writing this. I might use this as a chance to even take a longer break, since I am not really welcome on the server currently.
  7. I do try to create roleplay for the players, but it becomes quite hard when other players responses are mostly aggresive. Like yesterday four other antags and me had the gimmick that we are Syndicate Special Forces who's plan is to claim research equipment, we all agreed to this gimmick. We had two really new antags, so it took 1 hour already to just prepare, one of the new players disconnected and never showed up after we docked the station. We all moved in to the surface area of the station. We asked a assistant to follow us which we found on the surface, since we needed a hostage so the se
  8. BYOND Key: RealSync Total Ban Length: Permanent Banning staff member's Key: TG_Griffin Reason of Ban: Reason for Appeal: I had two warnings and a ban before. First warning was for me not knowing that a ninja energy sword actually kill people quickly, I have killed a warden, I wanted to use rather as a bait, ruined his rp, really was not my intention. Second warning was from me attacking a SSD person as a vampire after getting chased by security, my vampire was in rage, cause he needed blood, I assumed the person who is sitting on the chair was not SSD, cause I saw him sit the
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