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  1. I think the sprites should go back to how they looked like before. Mainly void-suits, weapons etc. I feel like they are starting to look weird and lose detail, compared to what they looked like. For example: Before After I gave this example but I feel the same about all the other sprites that were changed Am I the only one who thinks they looked better before?
  2. I would rate his command RP a 8/10 . He interacts with people in the department, so there is no problem regarding that and when it comes to role-play technicalities, he is good, proper grammar, spelling etc. ( He knows game mechanics well and he does know lore quite well too) Personality wise, I would say that Tavarr can be way too strict at times (in certain situations), as a research director, but he does show that he cares about the people in said department (Just loosen up a bit) and does what's best for said department (upgrades, RnD etc.) . If someone in his department is misinformed re
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