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  1. Were a discord centric community. If say, we had TS and never used discord then yeah, we'd post here.
  2. uhmmmmm


    mic drop

    mic drop


    happy birthday

  3. I know I already gave you a +1 but I'm going to double down and say that one raider round where you held the fort till I could come on and help you was done extremely well in keeping me informed and ensuring everything was passed along and mind you, this was your first few days as a command whitelist holder so, yeah no. Good work.
  4. Also, the Njarir worship sects, I haven't forgotten them, they'll be posted on a separate page given how critical it is to early Tajara lore.
  5. Type (e.g. Planet, Faction, System): Faction & Cultural Norms Describe this proposal in a single sentence (12 word maximum): Give people a brief overview of a nation state through song. Expand on Partisan organizations that weren't straight up armies. How will this be reflected on-station? It is through music that has served as a unifying voice throughout most societies and with that in mind, having songs that Tajara can speak would serve to provide passive and memorable moments. I for one, a long time ago, was once on a 40K RP and we started to chant one of the songs
  6. Oh yeah no, cult, it certainly makes sense, given well, that is outwardly supernatural, but a vampire healing their wounds or teleporting could be chalked up to augmentations or something similar. And Wiz too but Wiz is.. It's own beast.
  7. Implying they are supernatural instead of using logic to rationalize it doesn't quite make sense and might get you bwoinked depending on what's said/done. sadly no one really plays a chaplain save for me every so often.
  8. Why haven't you applied sooner. such a good spirit. +1
  9. Hey so that was my first round as HoS ever so I'll clear up some misconceptions; The Changeling in question has shown violent tendencies in numerous instances. Leaving a psychiatrist alone with someone who was violent isn't a risk and the entirety of security agreed that was not a good idea. In regards to the code, we were busy ensuring someone who was violent and almost killed the Warden was not able to escape. The threat was subdued so there was no possible threat, if they escaped then yes, sure. I was also there communicating with the CMO who echoed similar sentiments
  10. Hey so, I'll explain all of this in a brief excerpt That round was.. One massive mess, I was doing my best to act in accordance with my character as he did have a mental breakdown at one point but I will say though that a code red is martial law and, I mentioned the head count because there was someone in science getting lab coats and stealing equipment though I don't blame you for missing it. Sorry for the round being as hectic as it was though, not really in my hands there all of that was.
  11. I feel having a favorite Tajara faction is a bit of a biased thing to have, even more so as a Deputy because you aren't just influencing the lore but rather, your influencing other players and their backstories/applications I would say though, I like the aspects of the following factions for the following reasons; The PRA The PRA is an interesting case study for when a civilization is given it's own "intergalactic shock" modifier in the sense that, it's a new society that was met with great change but still coping with it's original ideas in freedom against the masters yet, they t
  12. So, I thought I'd include some fictional songs that are certainly inspired by IRL ones (e.g Das Einheitsfrontlied and March of the Siberian Riflemen) with a PRA song that'll be posted later. ..... I'll probably post more later once I get some more inspiration.
  13. Never really had any issues with Catsin and they've definitely gone up and beyond what's expected with an HoP with interaction and the such.
  14. What the title says here, my ideas go as followed; Allow xenobiologists to have the ability to stun/dissect changelings, allow them to do autopsy scans and provide them research too, allowing xenobios to put like bomb collars on said changelings so they can scan and research the effects of changeling stings for more research points would be really neat, made primarily, to combat changelings being locked in xenobio with nothing to do except just try to make small talk. Extending this to giving research a shuttle to Upsilon and or having an Upsilon area on the Odin that they can s
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