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  1. hey wait; I don't think(?) security is allowed to just tell Cargo Techs to do this. just saying.
  2. No objections here. I'll just reinforce the point about antag interference with my case handler and hopefully just handle it today. Again, I just wanna stress, not trying to spy on the company, as that's a bit in antag territory, I was watching to see if people were acting against the state.
  3. Not being purposefully informed about something and going to fax central, instead of resolving it on station with the character is a poor play on the Command Staffs part and I suppose you as well. Having a shoot first and ask questions later approach only makes things worse, this is why your expected to communicate. If there is a merc and you see them and they have one small thing sketchy about them, would you shoot them? No, it's an improper act of escalation, this is why this complaint is also against members of the command staff as well. You would've and I wouldn't have contested the bug
  4. Back so I'll respond; Oh, okay, that makes more sense, see my complaint here was more so; Hey, the situation was resolved, now I'm asking for you to go to people because, as mentioned earlier, antag influences preventing others from offering a testimony to you, that's why I asked for you to talk to them or at least organize someone to talk to them because I had the HoP straight up walk away and seemingly avoid me after I tried talking to them, they were told they were "busy" with, from what I was told after talking to CCIA who answered the fax, faxing central, again, about me, or get
  5. As explained to Abo, being aware that there was a celebration, my character wanted to see if they was anyone not upholding Al'mariist views/acting against the state. Moving on that I know, if I said he was, I was confusing myself and I apologize. I had vividly remembered placing the bug on the table, and me, being aware how.. Buggy, they are, even emoted them being placed under there should, for whatever reason, should one want to contest it was just "found on table," Leaving bugs and the such out in the open isn't something my character would realistically even do, also co
  6. BYOND Key: Dantzy Game ID: caT-dozT Player Byond Key/Character name: Cnyam Staff involved: Alberyk though only in passing, I asked about the bug being found and he couldn't do much as it was too late by then Reason for complaint: My main reason for the complaint is that I feel there was a bit of bad faith involved in this scenario. I will say that originally, I did not care for the IR, save for the bug somehow being exposed though after dwelling on it, I feel there was some foul play involving Cnaym's character causing the incident that he used to add/create an IR.
  7. I don't like playing antag purely because the fact that you have the entire server/deadchat watching you and constantly making snide/hostile remarks to both sec players and you which is then followed up by you getting immediately ahelped over a simple mistake over something very subjective because people have a certain view on antagonist RP/behavior. as @VeteranGaryonce put it, it's like stepping on a dozen egg shells at once and it's just not fun
  8. Title: Changeling Gameplay What is this request about?: Request, though big, a rework on changeling to give it diversity. How would this effect the server?: For one, I feel the big thing about changeling is how restrictive it is. To "progress" or drive a gimmick, you sort of need to kill and devour others and, while yes, there have been one off cases where changelings are decapping others 7 into the rounds, restricting people to horror form or blade arm is very boring for everyone for everyone involved, this is why this thread will be advocating for diversity. T
  9. I can personally vouch for Carpe here because after my remark on McRibs deputy application, Carpe themselves, went into my dms and tried explaining the whole thing, with why x and y was done, allowing me to appreciate the concept of a Skrell much more than before and it's because of that, that I'm making a Skrell character now. Carpe didn't have to dm me but they did. Often or not, I expect hostile responses and doubling down and, instead, they communicated with me about their issues with my post and we reached an agreement and honestly, I never see that anymore. In fact, I recentl
  10. As I said on the other thread, Ninja and Wiz are generally the main game modes that enable people to go hehe you can't find me and no one enjoys it though that's really one of the ways to remain alive when your dealing with them. I recently, as did @limette, had a round where a wizard wordlessly threw stuff around and was just being a shitter, I asked for someone to do something and no one did. I've seen some really silly wizard name/gimmicks and they completely take me out of the experience. And don't say I don't try out gimmicks because I most certainly do, I've done some interesting w
  11. Greater beings through augmentation, yes, through embracing technology. The DPRA clearly doesn't, that's why, to appeal to the common folk, he wants to issues subsidize the education and research fields through grants and the growth of corporations, he is effectively appealing to the downtrodden and humbly requesting that by opening the markets to a contained degree, the DPRA would benefit, which is what I mean by xenophilia, perhaps, having the word xenophilia was a bad choice and more so integration is much better. In regards to the cultural aspect, it was more so, through using the cultu
  12. So I have a few questions here; I'm a regular who wants to make a skrell character but I'm finding a few issues here which have just driven me away. One thing that has always felt very off is the whole weird dimorphism thing and pronoun use, as well as the whole polygamy thing that goes with it. It was really just jarring and not really something I expected from a race of frog people? It kind of reminds me of old vaurca lore with the iron cages which just.. Grossed me out, the vaurca, iron cages, I mean, not the poly/binary stuff. I see your responding to the relevancy which, is cool
  13. I'll rewrite the one with Orthodox Al'mariism then in a few hours.
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