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  1. go ahead. call security. they can't unshit your floor

    1. Mofo1995


      It's all fun and games until someone shits in your pillowcase for revenge.

    2. Zelmana


      on some stations this is a possibility. im glad aurora is not one of them.

    3. Carver


      God-tier poo code has not existed for almost a decade. I truly miss old strip 'n' slip maneuvre.

  2. i don't feel like writing a long winded and boring character feedback post, quickly; how would you rate Oliver Kurtis as a character?

  3. le epicly makes 80% of mars inhospitable.


  4. I'm not at all against having it as a loadout option! It'd be great to have this as an addition, but I'd like to try harder on the object sprite as I had never planned for anyone else to see it. I have don't have any other options for custom items however, so I'd say this is closed. Where should I put the .dmi if I finish re-spriting?
  5. Would you have another suggestion for an item centred around Oliver? This is the best I could come up with.
  6. BYOND Key: BunkyB Discord Username: bunkyb#3168 Character Name: Oliver Kurtis Item Name: holo-watch Item Function: It is a reskinned watch, I intend it to function as one. Item Description: A sleek and stylish watch featuring Elyran holographic technology! Snazzy! Why is your character bringing this item to work?: Oliver strives to show off his wealth while also being a great employee and colleague, choosing to wear a fancy watch with all the doo-dads and woo-jickeys needed for daily life at work How did your character obtain this item?: Oliver's wife, Emillia Kurtis had this watch imported from Elyra for his previous Christmas present, the Kurtis family has never really been stingy with money and often splurged out huge swaths of cash for the littlest things, this watch included. What value does this item have to your character, and what story does it tell?: Oliver loved the gift as he'd been eyeing it for months and has been seen wearing it ever since. To Oliver, the watch symbolises how far he's come since his immigration to Biesel; the birth of his second child signalled to Oliver that he should start settling down, acquiring this watch so close to that event may be a coincidence, however to him, it's a way to assure himself that his life - and his families life - are no longer in jeopardy. Sprites: holowatch.dmi (includes mob sprites) Additional Comments: I couldn't achieve my original idea when using the dream maker sprite editor, this was the best I could do.
  7. repost this if you metagrudge all dominians

    1. goolie


      preach it brother! 


  8. I am going to metagrudge you.

    1. CampinKiller
    2. Butterrobber202


      noooooooooo don’t metagrudge me I’m just a wittle gawblinnn

  9. My favourite IC drama was when I was X and then Y happened because of character Z.

    Did I do it?

  10. TV head IPC's should be segregated more than any other species.

    1. Codename: Bear

      Codename: Bear

      Yeah to my bedroom

  11. Most, if not all, IPC's are constructed to augment and fill a workforce and are therefore given the directive to complete their assigned work; IPC's of varying complexity may complete their work in different ways however, it is important to the IPC to see the job done. Another one of most IPC's 'key directives' is to ensure their own safety, IPC's are expensive and almost every IPC is aware of their cost, regardless of if they are owned or not: A free IPC may be incredibly cautious around hazardous sites as they may not be able to afford their own repair, whilst an owned IPC, although still cautious, would divert less attention to the danger. The way an IPC thinks can greatly vary depending on the complexity and age of their positronic brain, an outrageously expensive IPC may be able to develop habits and complex memories while functioning in it's work, remembering and identifying their colleagues, superiors and subordinates different names, features and traits. Compared to the highly complex IPC's previously mentioned, lower-end IPC's may not be able to process all of the information to a standard that the higher-end IPC's can, often leading to said lower-end IPC's not being able to progress far in their line of work, if being able to at all. @The Stryker Is this enough, or should I expand more?
  12. Hi! Easter weekend has been eating up a lot of me freetime, I'll start expanding on how IPC's think now. If it's not done in 6-8 hours from now, please close the application, I'll recycle it at a later date.
  13. @niennab I've updated the role-playing section, it's not as good as I think it can be but I don't know what else to put in. I think I'm running out of time for this. I'll recycle this app at a later date if the question still isn't fleshed out enough.
  14. Yes, I'd just been waiting for some feedback on the updated backstory, seeing if it was what it needed it be. Will start expanding on the question, yes.
  15. Updated backstory, I'd love to hear feedback. I'll start fleshing out how IPC's differ from humans tomorrow if the backstory is all up to scratch.
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