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  1. Teasers seem to be slowing down, I hope this is indicative of NBT being close. The only thing I have to say for this weeks teaser is; the consoles should be a bit taller, they look very squat.
  2. Is this finalized? I find it incredibly hard to read, given time I suppose I'd be able to get used to it, but I currently see it as a downgrade from just porting the overmap. By this I mean; the icons are identifiable and easy to read, however the background is incredibly cluttered and I can't identify if the ship is surrounded by overmap hazards or if it's just artistic fluff. I'm in no way the majority and I haven't seen anyone else complain about it, but I'd suggest tweaking it slightly to improve readability. Could you possibly post a full sprite sheet of all overmap icons in next weeks teaser? Something I've been meaning to ask is if Research is divided between to z-levels. We seem to be keeping all of the same job titles: Is Research small enough to share a z-level with other departments? Does Research need to be split between two different z-levels, like our current map? Or does Research have it's own z-level, like Bays Engineering? This question could go both ways, does Engineering have it's own z-level?
  3. I don't believe this will exactly be the case, using an overmap shuttle to escape has large issues you cannot avoid. The only real viable way to recover the shuttle, if it has been abandoned, lost or stolen, it to teleport onto it and pilot it away. From the teasers we've been given, there isn't a teleport beacon visible but I doubt there won't be one in the final product. Bays overmap generation does not guarantee an exoplanet with a breathable atmosphere, unless we've changed the code drastically, I think our version of the overmap won't generate a breathable atmosphere 100% of the time. This won't stop people from stealing the shuttle, but it is still important to know when antagging.
  4. Not very revealing in this weeks teaser. How many new title screens will there be in total? Is there are a consular office too, or has that been dropped? Our current bridge is way too large for the amount of time spent in it. How large/small is the NBTs bridge, and how much do you predict it'll be used?
  5. Answered your own question, Dorviza, throughout her life, has experienced many raids from the Gawgaryn and often associates Guwans with being the same bandits that she's seen numerous times, sometimes being right on the dime. Dorviza has seen few Aut'akh during her time in the wastes, but has not treated them much differently despite warnings from her elders. Dorviza does not see Aut'akh as lesser in any way, but refuses to listen to their teachings. As mentioned in my previous post, Dorviza has been around the IAC and has therefore witnessed a variety of peoples she did not recognize, Dorviza did not interact with the IAC much as a hatchling, opting to instead follow the teachings of her elders; Dorviza recognizes Humans, Dionae and Skrell and has shown to work well with them during the time she has spent in Biesel, she would be less accepting of the more exotic races she may come across. It will take a while for Dorviza to accept working with and around synthetic life, she does not understand the concept and probably wont for a long while, possibly leading to some minor conflict, maybe a petty remark or two. I intended to touch on this in my previous post but forgot to. Like many of her clansmen, Dorviza firmly believes in the Th'akh faith and always tries her best to impress the spirits of her ancestors, following the teachings of her elders and working to mend the wounds of her clansmen. I plan to go into more depth with this once I better understand Th'akh, it's a wall of text and my ape brain cannot comprehend it all. I was waiting to make a decision, I've realized from the start that gender is important to Unathi, it is important to Dorviza as well due to her place in the wastes. I find it difficult to play female characters, but with the honour code I hope I'll be able to make a convincing female.
  6. Dorviza, like many others of their clan, is very traditional, this affects them in various ways such as their appearance, the way they present themselves or even how they perform their job. This could lead to conflict that Dorviza has to handle, they are an intern and it'd be a bad idea to talk back to the people training you. They have to choose between their life-long goal and upholding the lessons that have been handed down to them from generations past. Absolutely, Dorviza has witnessed the IAC doctors selflessly tend to their clansmen and aspires to one day do the same. Their time in Biesel and their work with modern medicine will eventually lead them to join the IAC with the hopes of returning home and helping their clansmen in the same way they helped them. Their time in Biesel won't strictly be 'work only' but Dorviza prioritizes their career and education above all else. As referenced in the first response, Dorviza has very traditional values, believing in the social importance of gender roles and hold animals and Dionae in a higher regard as compared to a Hegemony Unathi. Their knowledge of handling animals has come in handy in the wastes, but has only gotten them into trouble in Biesel, often being a little too rough with the animals that they've 'treated'. As referenced in the original post, I plan for Dorviza to have a Diona Nymph prosthetic when they get merged, Dorviza takes extreme care of their nymph, handling it safely and making sure it's able to learn what Dorviza is learning, Dorviza and their nymph have a relationship like no other and often have back-and-forths in Sinta'Unathi. Dorviza currently has not been written to accommodate a Nymph prosthetic for this whitelist, but will be re-written once the PR is merged.
  7. Three scanners, three sleepers, blessed. This table in the EMT room is steel, intentional?
  8. hmmmm.... today i am going to be xenophobic on the NSS Aurora

  9. BYOND Key: bunkyb Character Names: Oliver Kurtis, Lazarus So-Jal Species you are applying to play: Unathi What color do you plan on making your first alien character: Sandy-Brown Have you read our lore section's page on this species?: Of course. Why do you wish to play this specific race: When looking for a new race to apply for, I was looking for a species that has ties to the departments I play/want to play whilst allowing me to create varied characters that fit the roles I wish to play them in, Unathi seemed to be the best fit, it's easier for me to understand as compared to the other complex species, Tajara and Skrell - although not to sound derogatory at all, I'd say Unathi is the entry-level species of the 'big three'. I'm interested in playing Unathi especially for their varied and unique regions, allowing for plenty of character concepts. I eventually wish to play a Ouerean alongside the character concept at the end of this application. Identify what makes role-playing this species different than role-playing a Human: Unathi have a long history of struggle, be it from their feudal system of clan-ship or long and egregious wars with extreme consequences that can still be seen and felt by Unathi the spur over. From the feudal systems of the Izweski Nation to the raiders, scavs and ranchers found deep within the wastes, you can conceive hundreds of characters with different religions, ideologies, goals and values that all work towards creating a more enjoyable roleplay experience. The Unathi have a distinct code of honor, even those not bound by feudalism often find themselves looking up to the elders who have taught them, kept them safe and fed. Their honor system complements the gender roles that many Unathi follow; women having a much different lifestyle when compared to the man, each gender having their own code of honor, often influencing how you play the character. Character Name: Skaxa Dorviza Please provide a short backstory for this character Skaxa Dorviza was born to the Dorviza clan, at a young age they learned the basics of how to handle medicinal herbs and started to work alongside other clansmen as well as Dionae in a role that could be comparable to a nurse, they pursued traditional education by speaking with elders, eventually earning permission to operate as a healer in the clan. Despite working an honorable trade, Skaxa aspired for more, they applied for a Biesillian work visa and before long they started doing internships at small clinics for about a year and a half. Money was not the goal for Skaxa, they were working for the opportunity that the Izweski guilds would call a 'masterpiece' and Skaxa's masterpiece was right around the corner. In their D15 apartment, Skaxa awoke to a handful of extranet-mails congratulating them on successfully getting hired - Your NanoTrasen Job Application Has Been Accepted - this was the break Skaxa was working towards and they had finally made it. The spirits have graced me with good luck, how else would I have been accepted? Skaxa thought to themselves, either way they needed to get ready for their internship. What do you like about this character? This character allows me to develop my understanding of Unathi using a bit of lore I've already got down, I've contemplated making wasteland Dionae in the past but I couldn't ever commit, with this character I'm able to utelise the things I know about the wasteland before dipping my toes into the deep end of Unathi lore. This character allows me to develop my mechanical skills as they will initially be a medical intern, this serves two purposes as learning medical with entice me to play the character more, potentially avoiding a problem I had with my IPC and Dionae whitelist characters. While having a pretty solid backstory, this character still allows me to re-write it, I plan for them to have a Diona Nymph prosthetic when that eventually gets merged. How would you rate your role-playing ability? I'm not the best at roleplay, I'd give myself a 6/10, I tend to prioritize gameplay over roleplay and I think that wont change if I intend to play this character in a learner role.
  10. What is this rooms purpose and why does it have a plant infront of the door? Why is there a window to space in the shitter? I enjoy how compact medical is now compared to the Auroras medical, but I do feel like it could get a bit hectic if it gets too full. I'm not a big fan of the positions of the full body scanners, they seem a bit out of place. Chemistry is shown here as not having reinforced walls to protect it, are the regular walls just placeholder, or are we moving forward with a less protected chem lab? I feel that how lofty and airy medical is may be detrimental on some roundtypes, These three shutters are all that is protecting the scanners and cryo cells from a breach, since there is no floor on the medical upper level, if a breach occurs it will most likely make all of medical uninhabitable as our emergency shutters aren't 100% efficient and don't always activate when they need to. If it gets vented, the surgery tables aren't accessible and I don't see any spare surgery tools available for ghetto surgery. One last thing for medical; where is the morgue? Having the radiation equipment inside the airlock can present a few problems, Would it be possible to move them out and have them against the wall? Which pipe goes to the radiators? Red or Blue? And what is the purpose of this pipe?
  11. Is the custodial closet shown in the final image the primary one? Or is it a secondary for use on the sublevel? Another thing; will the hull walls have the same strength as reinforced plasteel, or are they stronger? Are they destructible? How do we replace them if they are?
  12. I've been complaining about how the current Pilot Helmet sprite looks too much like a pair of NVGs. I want this to change, I've re-coloured a couple sprites and I to create a discussion about them, piloting will be an important part of the NBT and I want the pilots to get the freshest looking kit they can. This is the current Pilot Helmet Sprite (not including TCFL helmet) This is what it looks like on a Human/Taj/Unathi Races with abnormal head shapes or snouts don't look the greatest while wearing these helmets. We need a helmet sprite that fits the heads of most races while preferably not looking like NVGs. So I re-coloured a helmet I saw in head.dmi. This is a re-coloured version of chelm_mesons which can be found in head.dmi I have not re-coloured it to fit the basic helmet as that is what I used for the comparison. This is how the helmet looks on Human/Taj/Unathi/Baseline I am not a good spriter, but I'm willing to attempt making a new pilot helmet if this re-colour doesn't fit. pilot_helmets.dmi This is the .dmi where you can find both versions of the helmet.
  13. @MattAtlas Been a couple days since my trial ended, I haven't played in command roles since, just pinging in case you've forgotten.
  14. I have a handful of character concepts I play for one or two rounds and never touch again, I've had Kurtis for like two years between Bay and Aurora and is the only character I play consistently, they have the most writing and thought put into them. I'm confident at making concepts for characters but fitting them into the Aurora and actually playing them is something I struggle with. I'm not so sure about making a second command character as I have very little experience outside of playing security; I'm decent at engineering but not on a level to where I'd pick CE, the same goes for the rest of the departments, except for like, HoP?
  15. While I do agree with you about my communication, I'd like you to give an example for me, I'm confused as to what you mean by 'playing from the front' as I've never done such in the rounds I've played, half of them are composed of me sitting in the lobby catting idly. I'd like to see where this is coming from.
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